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Summer Journal - June 2023

I am posting it after the 2 Summer Journals dated 5-15 and 6-1 so this will be 6-2-23...

June 18: RR called me at 7:32am, "HAPPY FATHERS DAY" - Patton stopped by with RR ---[eeek...the Mae's leash ended up with them so he is coming back, and I made them a corned beef sandwich to take with and he brought a turtle cream choc. pie and I gave him the wrong portion back, but it was funny] Thank you for the compliment on my generosity and who ya think I am because many misjudge for their own brain-dead minds --- or their agendas or they were lied to and believed it and carried it forward the lies even more so. I just take a leap and keep going knowing it is a learning journey for us all and I keep being mindful.

June 19: downtown prayer request --- ***

when I saw the heart comment from JK- this song came in my head...I had to laugh hard---

Bobby Brown...funny.

the Holy Spirit is working on someone because I miss Whitney Houston (RiP) and I always felt with all their monies---why didn't they just get it vs. thinking the worst...and took it for granted...and I know this---loads of healings happening...abundance of healings...

I found it strange that last week, ____ said he had his ____for the week and all I saw was a _____ but no conversation with _____---that was odd and tomorrow ends that week...odd. Organizing kinda day- rescheduled with BEGINS WITHIN...and then you tell me things did not ___ft. ??? right. Something ain't adding up. working on placing records on right date files.

June 20: help KP 9am Toni's after to workout. We swam...thanks for the sandwich and juicy peach, TG. Toni won "S*it" twice. Home by 3pm. Placing files in right files.

June 21:

SS 915am interview

I am in solo mode in 2023--- so that never took place....meeting up

June 22: packing day--- 11:11am done packing--- sort through emails and images kinda day---bed early---


thank you fjs-

I got #33 locker- right on:

locker #33----checking in 33 after 8 :)

Ill and hard to walk---but "present" and "staying the course" to get the documented facts out to the Public at Large:

thank you FJS for making it all go so smooth for LAPR week for me to gather the rest of the documents that LAPR owns for the fire I almost died on but 19 did. Now I can say DFFM must have records possibly stored elsewhere ...otherwise an audit must be done on YHF13' plus other fires. Or give me an outline what DFFM considers to be deemed as permanent records besides scratch notes of PIO Bri Pettit. I mean I can go on how ridiculous on what SHOULD be here but it ain't, folks.

Those records should be there for those families especially when they turn of age.

ugh- with my tummy swelled up with all that fluid/gas...and I went from 222-24- range in June 2023and nowadays during this trip to records---in one week gained 34 pounds on scale ) fluids-stress) SIGH! I worked out and swam for hours too...big sigh. I am asking God PLEASE...I am made up to be tops "STOUT" but not like this---please help me is terrible. I was to have the room alone and have rides, but it did not pan out that way--- it was far from what was the first intents for the trip. I was just let's get the week done with...but we ran into Brit Rosso at the hotel which we were to stay at the Embassy Biltmore but because of me wanting to be close to library we ended up here.

Thank you WG for the recommendation to Oven and Vine---I will be back again...Yummy...

Highly recommend Green Chili Pork:

we split it: was plenty...



-Australian Girl [Sydney] I swam with the first night 6-23-23--- her tooth finally fell out and the next day the "Tooth Fairy" gave her $2.00 bill.

off to LAPR: (after a night of feeling yuk)

We went to Walmart to buy Barbies but it was crazy high priced so we went to Scottsdale Goodwill and I was swimming for over five hours and was gonna give the Barbies to the Australian girl as we talked about the Summer movie...but she showed up 10 minutes after I left...there was soooo many kids swimming that day/night.

I suggested the funny 2 guys on comment wall for BM:


I met Brit Rosso for 2nd time at this hotel this day.

my sleeping chair:

thanks Sheff- split Corned Beef/Cabbage meal:

yummy whiskey cake:

Highly recommend:


maybe the records are in this truck:


I ate one meatball and little of the pasta:

alot of #s...111, 222, 333, 444 ...



spent time talking to these officers:

Year 2022: For Pick Up: January 11, 2022:

well, her van, his car and now it's in the truck?

I would throw it away. Seems to be weird---

my opinion...

AZSAL- my apologies because FJS has done so much for me to be there this past week -- I did message the above image, but I do not meet with legal team until tomorrow to find out about our contract. I am watching what I do now that I read the contract but when it was handed to me, I thought I was signing off that I received the CDs was all...but read it

7-2-23. I am all about integrity and respect so if I made an err- it was quite minimal and still unsure if I did anything wrong yet. I am doing my best to take all I copied to get the message out on what crucial information is missing as I went through all the DFFM boxes stored at AZSAL. I can guarantee there are missing documents. This is also my Declaration that AZSAL presented to Fred J. Schoeffler and I "sealed" boxes when we went the first time.

Besides the Arizona State Archive Library- LAPR, where would permanent records be stored for Significant Historically Wildland Fires/Fatalities for any fire / aviation records that would be in the State of Arizona's jurisdiction. Also, LAPR offers a guideline what is to be perm. records but what do you have for DFFM as guidelines and protocols because for years I asked that both in Public records request and Emails and they have yet to answer/fulfill it. A Chart showing what records the jurisdiction must keep. Department of Forestry and Fire Management (DFFM) states everything is at LAPR yet that is untrue. I would like the State of Arizona to do an audit for the following fires in no specific order:

Cedar Fire Shelter Deployments (2016)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 06/28/2016 [Incident Type]: Entrapment

Hochderffer Hills Entrapment (1996)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 06/21/1996 [Incident Type]: Entrapment

Coyote Prescribed Fire Entrapment (2017)

​[State]: Arizona [Date]: 10/26/2017 [Incident Type]: Entrapment

​Sawtooth Rx Entrapment Fatality (2003)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 05/14/2003 [Incident Type]: Entrapment

Bull Fire Entrapment FLA (2011)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 04/29/2011 [Incident Type]: Entrapment

Dude Fire Entrapment Fatalities (1990)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 06/26/1990 [Incident Type]: Entrapment

A-Bar (2003)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 05/11/2003 [Incident Type]: Entrapment

Yarnell Hill Fire Entrapment Fatalities (2013)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 06/30/2013 [Incident Type]: Fatalities

Mackenzie Fire Entrapment (1994)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 06/01/1994 [Incident Type]: Entrapment

Smoke Grenade (2013)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 10/14/2013 [Incident Type]: Entrapment

Shultz Fire (2010)

San Juan Fire Fuel Treatment Effectiveness Report (2014)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 06/26/2014 [Incident Type]: Large Fire

Bowie Fire Radio Cloning Issues (2017)

​[State]: Arizona [Date]: 06/10/2017 [Incident Type]: Large Fire

Cherry Escaped RX Fire Review (2003)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 07/17/2003 [Incident Type]: Escaped Prescribed Fire

Mitchell and Hot Air (2004)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 05/18/2004 [Incident Type]: Escaped Prescribed Fire

Nugget Prescribed Fire (2009)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 05/04/2009 [Incident Type]: Escaped Prescribed Fire

Greer Escaped RX Review (2010)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 12/07/2010 [Incident Type]: Escaped Prescribed Fire

Frye / Whitmire Escaped RX (2008)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 04/01/2008 [Incident Type]: Escaped Prescribed Fire

Twin Prescribed Fire (2009)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 11/16/2009 [Incident Type]: Escaped Prescribed Fire

Island Lake Escaped RX Burn (2004)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 02/04/2004 [Incident Type]: Escaped Prescribed Fire

Long Jim III Escaped Prescribed Fire (2004)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 05/05/2004 [Incident Type]: Escaped Prescribed Fire​

EB-3 Escaped Prescribed Fire (2000)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 04/13/2000 [Incident Type]: Escaped Prescribed Fire

Chitty Prescribed Fire (2008)

Agua Fria Grassland Rx (1994)

Noon Fire Hit by Lightning (2004)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 06/24/2004 [Incident Type]: Hit by Lightning​​

Clark Peak Fire Safety Concern (1996)

[State]: Arizona [Date]: 05/03/1996 [Incident Type]: Firing Operation


I was hurting this day so I barely ate---

and sat in truck ...

fires currently alerted my cell:

feeling like going home...and cutting trip short...tummy hurts and head hurts bad


???????????????????????????? why ??????????

in pain but showed up to keep documenting...

another full day:

how about WFF getting the R E S P E C T on these YHF13' files---

I hope people begin to see the dates that WFF began to be disrespected as I saw as I was living the aftermath. Much is owed to WFF and number one is R E S P E C T.

To any GMHS family members, reach me, because even though I resigned with WFF as a Lifetime Member- that was not for the hard workers who pull it all together--- for me, it was faces on the board member meeting wall.

I am still in support of the many efforts done...was disappointed in Carol was disregarded...I just never understood...but ya move on and let it be...they may have a system I don't know how it all works just knew she was stranded. She finally made it to Idaho...