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Page 9- These are my City of Prescott Public Records Requests- (descending order)(Jeff Archer)B

Author- Joy A. Collura


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0060_Sender_Sventek,Jaimie - FirstRecipient_Fletcher - Subject_IAP GMIHC Memorial Events June 2014 - 06-26-2014 - 0060_Sender_Sventek,Jaimie - FirstRecipient_Fletcher - Subject_IAP GMIHC Memorial Events June 2014 - 06-26-2014:


0061_Sender_Light,Dennis - Tuesday Presentation - 03-15-2016 - Fire Services Discussion on Models - Final Revision 311 2016.pptx.pdf:

Fire Services Discussion on Models - Final Revision is 32 pages and I will just name the topics since it has nothing to do with YHF / GMHS.

Fire Services Discussion on Models - Final Revision - March 15, 2016

- Fire Dept. Historical Perspective - 1960's - current. Fire Service Revolution. System Reliability within City of Prescott.


0062_Sender_Sventek,Jaimie FW_ Staff Meeting Agenda - 11-09-2015 - Planning Meeting Agenda 11-10-2015 Revised.pdf:

PRESCOTT FIRE DEPARTMENT PLANNING MEETING Date 11/10/15, Time 0815-0915 Location: Station 71 Chiefs Report: City Business New Business: 1) Purge electronic files 2) EMS QA/QI 3) Budget Planning 4) Group Homes Discussion 5) Employee Recognition SOG 6) Kudos Open Forum Follow- Up Items.


0063_Sender_Archer,Jeffrey - FirstRecipient_Moore - Subject_Wildland Quals - 01-15-2018 - qualification flowchart.pdf (seen this exact one twice already)


0064_Sender_Archer,Jeffrey FW_ CFRA and Amendment - 03-23-2015 - 1206 fire line medic policy.pdf - FIRELINE PARAMEDICINE.pdf - Inventory.xlsx.dat - Prescott FD 2014 - 2016.pdf:

1206.4 Fireline Paramedics The Prescott Fire Department has an agreement with the Prescott National Forest to provide ACLS capable personnel and equipment as an immediate need on wildland fires within PNF jurisdiction. The intent of the fireline medic program is to provide a resource available within the Prescott area. Fireline medics will not be dispatched outside of the Prescott area. Minimum Requirements 2 Redcarded personnel One of which must be a paramedic Both must meet tier 1 or 2 physical test requirements. Transportation Polaris Ranger 6x6, department pickup, wildland Polaris Ranger, or a rental vehicle may be used. EMS Equipment BLS & ALS packs stored on Battalion 1 apparatus Rubbermaid tote stored in upstairs closet at Station 71 Prescott Basin Mobilization Procedure 1. Forest Service IC will order medics through THEIR dispatch. 2. Forest Service Dispatch will contact PRCC to fill the order. 3. PRCC will consult their T-card System on the wall just as they would for an engine assignment. 4. If Prescott Fire Department is up on the rotation, PRCC will contact Battalion 1. 5. Battalion 1 will fill the order with on-duty personnel and page out for backfill. 6. If the incident goes longer than the end of your normal shift, the medic team must notify B-1 and he will coordinate relief for the team. Administration  Resource orders must meet the following criteria. o An “E” number for: 1 ALS KIT o Another “E” number for: 1 BLS KIT o An “O” number for the Paramedic o An “O” number for the other person  CTR's must be filled out for the personnel.  A Shift Ticket must be filled out for each “E” number. Patient Care Providing patient care in the wildland fire environment yields itself to a whole new set of challenges apart from the types of emergency calls we encounter on a daily basis. All patient care will follow PFD, YRMC, and State DHS guidelines and policies for EMS care providers. YRMC will be the base hospital and the source for online medical direction. All equipment restock will follow same protocol as normal daily operations. Eg… IV equipment & drugs will be restocked at YRMC, soft supplies & C-Spine will be restocked in house. All fireline medic equipment will be rehabbed and put back into service prior to personnel leaving the station. All paperwork must be submitted to the secretary responsible for wildland billing.

Backcountry, TRT, & Special Events • Packs will be stored on BC Rig. • Can be used for any type of emergency call or special event. Fireline Medics • This program is at the request of the PNF to provide rapid ACLS treatment for their personnel on scene of their fires. • ANYONE who is tier 1 or 2 on the floor could be utilized as we are all redcarded. • 2 people will respond (at least one will be a Medic). • One of the UTVs or a PFD pick-up may be used. Business • CTR's must be filled out for the personnel. • Shift Tickets must be filled out for the EMS equipment & the vehicle you take. • WE WILL NOT GET PAID IF RESOURCE ORDER DOES NOT MEET THE FOLLOWING CRITERIA: – 1 ALS KIT, 1 Operator, 1 Vehicle – 1 BLS KIT, 1 Operator, 1 Vehicle. Mobilization 1. Forest Service IC determines if incident is expected to take more than a few hours. If so, they will order medics through THEIR dispatch. 2. Forest Service Dispatch will contact PRCC to fill the order. 3. PRCC will consult their T-card System on the wall just as they would for an engine assignment. 4. If Prescott Fire Department is up on the rotation, PRCC will contact Battalion 1. 5. Battalion 1 will fill the order with on-duty personnel or fill based on the wildland signup list. 6. If the incident goes longer than the end of your normal shift, the medic team must notify B-1 and he will coordinate relief for the team. Equipment Restock • Our contract is a “wet contract”, meaning we are responsible for all disposable items. • All medications will follow same procedure for restock @YRMC. • All other EMS supplies will be restocked in house. • Upon return from fire, EMS Standby, or TRT call, inventory will be taken and equipment will be restocked. • Any equipment needs that cannot be met, forward to SARGE & ARCHER.The “Dutch Creek” Incident • Fatality Incident • Changed many medical standards for wildland incidents. • Dictated the addition of pages 108 & 109 in the new IRPG. • Click HERE for Dutch Creek Video.

Basics Of “Dirt Medicine” • Move with the crews throughout the shift. • Remember the resources you have at your disposal. Be SPECIFIC with your resource requests. – Order a ground ambulance immediately and consider launching a helicopter. – DPS Ranger Helicopter for Patients needing short haul or technical rescue capabilities. – Medical helicopters with night vision capabilities. Basics Of “Dirt Medicine” • Limited resources & tools, get creative. • Constantly play out “what if” scenarios in your head. Plan for the worst. • Keep in mind how you’re going to get the patient out if something happens. • The gear is heavy! Move slow, watch your footing, and stay hydrated. Our Equipment • 2 Packs – No PEDIATRIC GEAR – Limited Drugs – Enough Equipment to handle one critical patient (trauma, cardiac, respiratory, heat injury, seizure, diabetic). • Overstock Box – Clip Board with PCR’s and all necessary paperwork. – Extra equipment including excess drugs (dopamine, thiamine, oxytocin, etc…) • See inventory sheet for complete list of equipment. New Gear • ZOLL Defibrillator W/Lead II capability • If you want AED mode (for a code) plug in defib pads before turning on. • If you want Monitor mode (asses rhythm) plug 3 lead cable in before turning on. • Israeli Combat Dressing • C-A-T Tourniquet • Collapsible Traction Splint.


break - 8/3/20 4:20 PM


0066_Sender_Archer,Jeffrey - FW_ Yavapai County Overdose Fatality Review Board Meeting October 24 - Unintentional Drug Overdoses -- FINAL DRAFT.PDF (already saw this one earlier- repeat)


0067_Sender_Archer,Jeffrey - FirstRecipient_Cooley - Subject_Wildland Mentorship Stuff - 01-15-2018 - Wildland Quals.pdf (again the Quals- repeat)


0068_Sender_Sventek,Jaimiemarsha.collier@prescott-az.govStaff Meeting Agenda - 11-16-2016 - Planning Meeting Agenda 11-17-2016.pdf:

PRESCOTT FIRE DEPARTMENT PLANNING MEETING Date 11/17/16, Time 0815-0915 Location: Station 71 Chiefs Report: City Business New Business: 1) Auxiliary Fire Corps 2) ITS/Communications Issues 3) Firefighter Core Temperature’s During Fire Suppression Scientific Study – Dr. Donald Shaw, Franklin Pierce University 4) PFD Christmas Party Scheduled – December 4th , Station 71 @ 1600 5) Zelms’ Farewell – November 17th, Transfer Station @ 1100-1330 6) Kudos Open Forum Follow- Up Items 1) Remembrance Rescue Project 2) Lexipol – Updating Policy Manual. Facilitator: Jaimie Sventek Recorder: Chief Essex


0069_Sender_Light,Dennis Bi-Weekly Update - 05-29-2015 - (photos only):


I want to NOTE- many wanted me to "live" show you the records which takes longer in my way of thinking - you are learning what? Probably nothing. That is truly how it has been for seven plus years for me. I go through tens of thousands of records as you see now - I call it FLUFF.

Then all of sudden I do find a golden piece to the puzzle. That is "how" it works when you do this. So really I have not been impressed in any of these lately and they have been a waste of my time and monies. Yet you just do not know until you look. But I did fulfill your wish and that was to do it "live" so you can see how long it takes my PC to upload and do this all- very slow. But here I am.



0070_Sender_Sventek,Jaimie Reminder FW_ PFD Christmas Party - December 4th - 11-22-2016 - Prescott Fire Department Christmas Party 2016.pdf:

Prescott Fire Department Christmas Party Sunday, December 4th @ 4PM Fire Station 71 It’s a potluck party. Please bring a dish to share! Santa will be there to see the kids! Please bring a wrapped gift ($10 or less) for your children with their name on it, from Santa, for Santa to give to them. You may drop gifts off at station 71 in the Battalion Chief’s office any time prior to the party or bring with you the day of. Santa provides his services by donation only. Please bring some donations! Please RSVP to Jaimie Sventek at 928-777-1766 by 5PM on November 29th with the number of children attending.


0071_Sender_Lucas,Ralph _RE_ Training Request Chainsaw Refresher - 01-21-2019 - Archer TRF for Chainsaw Refresher.pdf: PRESCOTT FIRE DEPARTMENT TRAINING REQUEST FORM


0072_Sender_Lucas,Ralph - Radio Frequency Charts - 05-16-2018 - 2018 Radio Groups 1 and 2 and 3.docx.pdf: I will give snippet but not giving out radio frequencies-


0073_Sender_Sventek,Jaimie - Planning Meeting Minutes - 10-14-2016 - Planning Meeting Minutes 10-11-2016.pdf:

PRESCOTT FIRE DEPARTMENT PLANNING MEETING Minutes Date 10/11/16, Time 0820-0910 Location: Station 71 Present: Chief Light, Cory Moser, Dave Essex, Ralph Lucas, Don Devendorf, Dan Morgan, Nate Keegan, Jaimie Sventek Recorder: Cory Moser Chiefs Report: New City Manager Lamar was sworn in. Thanks to the Honor Guard for their participation. New Business: 1. Auxiliary Fire Corps Of 6 people scheduled for interviews, 5 have completed the Chief’s interview process. A 7th person is yet to be scheduled. The next step in the process is for orientation, tentatively scheduled for November 7th and 8th. Uniform sizes were obtained during the Chief’s interviews and will be forwarded to Pluimer for ordering. Ralph Lucas will be the program manager, overseeing the budget and other issues as they arise. Anticipate a 4-8 hour per week commitment per volunteer. Will need to schedule another meeting during the last week in October to finalize the process. The Geo Tracker will be their assigned vehicle. 2. ITS/Communications Issues Smoke Tree Station. Do we want to make CAD changes for response while the street repairs are being completed in front of Smoke Tree? Consensus among staff is that we do not want to change CAD for the duration of the repair work. Chief Light stated that if 74 is dispatched to a call, they are to respond to it immediately and address any coverage or dispatch issues after their dispatch. Station 71 WiFi. IT will be installing it this week. Station 71 Dispatching. During crew displacement, a conduit can be run out to the RV to allow for dispatching. MDT Monitors. Do not wipe clean with any liquid. Use a microfiber cloth for cleaning of the screens. E71 screen is to be replaced. 3. Badge Pinning / Promotional Ceremony Scheduled – October 14th, Station 71 @ 1330 All promotions have been made prior to the pinning, and will be recognized at the ceremony. Still may need to deconflict this event with Chief Emery’s memorial- more information when the memorial date is confirmed. In the meantime, continue as planned for the 14th. A local media release regarding the pinning will be sent. Morgan and Lucas to coordinate the preparation work for the event. 4. Kudos Multiple- see emails. Also, while discussing the Trump rally, Chief Light reminded the BCs that he is supportive of up-staffing engines for events, as necessary. Open Forum Following the internal investigation, PFD will look at internal processes in order to identify how to avoid any future incidents with ladder operations. Several ideas discussed, including footing procedures, number of personnel needed on roof, and retraining department-wide. Morgan to follow up with Luedeman to research improvements to ladders, including rubber feet. Recent Accident at PHS During construction at station 71, do not use the restroom in the RV. Use the restroom in the apparatus bay. Floor work begins on October 24th. All staff members to get physicals and blood work as well, including CRR and office personnel. Any expectations of SCBA use requires PT monitoring, including CRR. ePCR update- classes still on track for October 24, 26, 27. New tablets are in and in the BCs office. 4 trainers have volunteered for the 3 shifts. Follow- Up Items Meeting adjourned at 9:10AM.


0073_Sender_Sventek,Jaimie -Prescott Fire Christmas Party - December 7 - 11-06-2014 - Prescott Fire Department Christmas Party 2014.pdf: (Repeat seen earlier)


Good Night- Movie Night. Have a nice evening. (8/3/20 6:30 PM)


I began to watch some Noah's Ark Documentary but I got real ill as I was eating Boar's Head hummus...dropped to a fetus position. I really do not think it was the food and that I am just really ill. The nausea and vomiting sucks. I showered and put fresh layer of Save the Baby on. I kept also thinking to Harwood. I did not realize earlier this week I did pull a request but I also want to see what Bill Boyd has for an update to so I emailed him just now-

Here is a pitiful current selfie from just now- you can see the swelling went down in the bridge between my eyes and its draining spot (red spot in center of bridge) but the lids still semi swollen- I just wish the nausea / vomiting part would cease- sucks!

Back to the PRR and sharing them to you- it is 8-4-20 3:53 AM but been here since 2:38 AM- just feel so yuk so on here as a distraction since I am unable to sleep even with melatonin. Yesterday at 8:59 AM you could see the full moon so pretty and right now at 4:15 AM it is 99%.

By 8-4-20 6 AM I was full blown projectile vomiting for eleven minutes. This is rough. I am so tired of the numerous times of vomiting. My poor chest wall and throat. I have a lot of health areas of concern so I need to speak up and tell you areas about the Yarnell Hill Fire and its aftermath just in case my time is coming to an end- and when you feel this yuk, it feels like I do not even see that little light I usually see when feeling ugh. Called hope. I just do not see it. And I am the one that would even pretend to see the light until I did and I just am not seeing it. I am ill. I have been saying I am ill on and off over time but none feels this yuk since my MRSA phase.

If you are a snowflake or easily offended or sensitive to YHF information, please exit the page right now- that is my disclaimer so I can freely speak below.


Remember when Harwood did that podcast with Pfingston - over time I have requested in many possible ways and never yet have that record sitting with me even though ever since the podcast came out I asked as direct and indirect for Harwood's G-time record for June 30, 2013 and July 1, 2013 (or was he assigned off that day too like McCarty ???) (tied to a Historical Significant Fire- Permanent Record- should be there or a transfer of it or a destruction form- something versus nada-nothing) to fact check and verify.

Why did I do that- pull those specific records? It never felt quite right to me. Here we had the Family time at the Prescott Library to go over the SAIT SAIR so besides being a GMHS Alumni - why was he that tall guy in the corner in that library meant for just Family? I mean besides working Station 74 in Prescott as a FF yet on the podcast he only says he is GMHS Alumni or FF but fails to say a Prescott FF in Episodes one and two when formally introducing himself to us the World . Was he delegated to be there at the library? Personally? Professionally? Both? We know that Station 74 in the Media had McCarty coming home early for a vacation but do you know as well I also requested his G-time records and not yet seen it. I heard Willis and Steinbrink's good friend full moment of sharing and due to that sharing- Station 71 thru 75 have been a focus of mine to gather their documented whereabouts on June 30, 2013 to July 1st, 2013 and I begin to release the PRRs you will see a very weird pattern if you watch on those Stations. Especially now you are seeing all the fluff here but if there is a gem that happens, I will know it.

Anyways, think about this World. Doug Harwood. Why would the City of Prescott who has this "Prescott Way" allow or enable this podcast when they are all about protecting their interests and Harwood is a PFD Station 74 FF? Why would they let it happen? Especially if you pull PRRS and see the emails where they do their best to make sure people did not speak in regards to YHF that was tied to them. ???

Think back to Pfingston talking about the "tension" in that library. Who were the people who early on made it to Media as people who showed intense emotions. Marcia McKee; they did her wrong. A woman who comes from another State to learn her son died in a fire and be in this foreign environment and no matter "how" she reacted- I always felt she was not shown the proper way. I never met her nor spoke to her so this is not a biased feel. Yet if they could paper trail (cause concern) towards her maybe she would avoid coming to Prescott or feel not welcomed there.

Then there was Pfingston and Marsh defending Juliann at the court house steps to that reporter, remember- was it Tom Steele that spoke his question (August 7, 2013) That intense moment.

(16:40/18:38 marker of the video). Which both ladies were unaware but at that moment some locally knew some "behind the scenes" dirt about what was happening with Juliann and her personal life. I will not share it here because she is a mother. I respect that but it was very unkind stuff happening. I think it has created walls so badly since for many and I pray all the time on that area the walls end and people are together again.

I really do not know who was in Juliann's ear so early on but by Feb 2014 it was led back to me this lady Juliann did not like the Yarnell hikers who she never met or spoke with and by the time Ered Matthew did The Fence play which had many layers about the Yarnell Hikers and we had no clue- just so you know- at that time we had been interviewed by so many that we had no idea the play would involve us so heavily- yet Ered did note in all Wildland Fire Fatalities there was never Eye-witnesses like us so we were like okay- I was awkward. Allie Kate Elliot played me well. (July 2014) (*F&__fns&hash=Ac0QzQot5XhtH6vC) This was a photo of the lady playing me in the play:

and Juliann was there and her friend (Kelsey Diefendorf ) was in the cast which was also told to me that Kelsey who never met me did not like me and I felt it as a guest that night- I had already all that data I knew already so I "got" the odd mannerisms and as the Cast said go introduce myself to her and her friend / nanny and I was like what for - they had no clue what was being fed to me about Julianne so I just went over shared my moment I saw GMHS and cordially left because remember I heard very negative feedback so why would I want to keep it going. I am not fake. I felt their dislikes towards me. The only person that I knew publicly that knew her was Holly Henderson Snider Neill so then after what Moses said December 2013 I just ruled it that it possibly was Neill but who knows.

When the podcast came out I called Pfingston and left voicemail and emailed but they never replied. I felt it was a good time to bridge because she states she wants to know but then I wonder does she when she never replies?

Let us take a moment of silence and listen to songs tied to YHF- GMHS

songs about Yarnell Hill Fire / GMHS:

(RiP -Lou Roggio - - Lou, too many died of pancreatic cancer in our Community after YHF...I will always stay the course to get the truths out and thank you Denise for having Faith and staying strong- )

these songs reminds me of the GMHS and many I lost in my Community after the YHF:



First off I am okay to see and sit with anyone- ANYONE. Even if you do not like me. I always said that and I always showed that. Hiked anyone who had asked.

Back to what I was you see how Tom Steele (journalist) asked questions and how quick Pfingston and Marsh jumped in then the lawyer...

Watch the Harwood journey on Social Media or your Google Alerts or GTS (Google that Shit). Which includes Jessica Harwood who has been Eric Marsh Foundation "all time favorite human being" and Doug Harwood's wife.

Why do I have a focus to them on Google Alerts? Because Doug Harwood's G-time records have not been produced and I have someone out in the world placing Prescott Firefighters on the YHF that neither Investigation reports ever spoke about nor the Media who Pete the Miner told me Media was present in that specific area.

I am suspicious that there is no documented record that the City of Prescott failed to stop Harwood from doing the podcast. Seems like a conflict of interest or something to participate in such. I have looked and I have asked for those records.

Than I get that he is a GMHS Alumni until you meet some of these Alumnis and hear their stories then the puzzle gets stranger because even they found it odd what Doug was doing-

Then it got even more strange when here you had Doug from day one in Pfingston's path showing the path of fusees and lab reports with Sinclair and Neill and Willis. Why focus there? Versus the phone records and GPS Units that those GPS units laid hidden for HOW LONG????

The GPS UNITS---remember---by none other who logged it in but Harwood's Fire Station 74- right???? I find it odd. Like a diversion. Why not look at those Google History Locations of those on June 30, 2013- all involved in the last 18 minutes not just the GMHS.

Then you have Marsh who wants us all to remember the GMHS only in kind manners and do not think to research it out...anyone who is anyone who has been in the Deployment Zone or up on the Ridge know there is omissions and lies in the aftermath of the YHF and the Investigation Reports.

Why is it the Harwoods are like glue to the most publicized "Public Figures" in the aftermath of the YHF? I don't know but they are. Sure I think they genuinely care yet I want to know where was Station 74 staff on June 30, 2013? Were you the ones out where Wasson spoke about? I would like to know finally. Could be just a local support thing but from an outsider looking in- and the whole GPS thing- gotta wonder...

You have a mother who wants all the answers but will not sit down with me to bridge some areas and yet sits warmly with Harwood talking fusees and lab reports and not real time key points and then you have a widow who wants to remember it all the way she needs to - but I get Neill sending texts to me that Marsh is at peace with me then I saw what I saw at the Academy- ??? Not nice at all. Then the Social Media ugliness. Then to see Doug who is "digging" is graciously given the freedom to dig for answers and his wife is besties with Marsh but I am ???? - I just do not get it. ??? Why...

Fair Use Rules could apply but I am not gonna plaster the pic here on my blog- called avoidability but if you go here to April 2019 - or here are snippets that can lead you to the photos:


I never publicly much talked about the above because I saw this tight knit local support the Harwoods had but I am not a believer in the 'we want to help'--- remember --- it was your own Fire Station Harwood that logged and stored those GPS Units but never been much talked about until my blog---so yeah...I am willing to sit down and talk with either one of you because my gut says you were not on the fire but since then you had to have learned about the GPS units that were inventoried by our own Department...Show me the records you were not on the YHF in any fashion so the World can see it too. I think because I feel so ill I just did not want that information to go with me...if I never make it out of this bullshit symptoms- it sucks. I want to see where the Prescott Fire Department Stations were all at on June 30, 2013 and explain why on the GPS Units never being handled properly? We can still pull the data today so why won't you? Why does it take me to publicly share it for us to even note the GPS Units topic...why Mayhew?

World, look at the kind of support locally shown - pretty powerful, eh:

Oh Carl, how I miss our meet and greets at Waffle & More...RiP Clayton:

And to another family I feel was mistreated after the YHF was David Turbyfill - RiP Travis -



0074_Sender_Moser,Cory - Subject_Tritech CAD Mobile Rollout and Training - 01-29-2018 -Tritech Rollout Teleconfrence Links.docx.pdf:

Tritech Rollout Teleconfrence Dates/Times/Links February 1, 2018: 0900 February 1, 2018: 1300 February 6, 2018: 0900 February 6, 2018: 1300 February 7, 2018: 0900 February 7, 2018: 1300


0075_Sender_Sventek,Jaimie -Subject_Staff Meeting Agenda - 02-16-2018 - Planning Meeting Agenda 2-20-2018.pdf:

PRESCOTT FIRE DEPARTMENT PLANNING MEETING Date 2/20/18, Time 0815-0915 Location: Station 71 Chiefs Report: City Business New Business: 1) ITS/Communications Issues 2) PRCC Updates 3) Building Safety Updates 4) Citizen’s Fire Academy 5) Inspection Information for Responders 6) Southwest Incident Management Conference Update 7) GMIHC 5-Year Memorial Planning Needs 8) Building Safety Inspectors/Permit Techs – Ride a longs 9) Educational Requirements for APPER book and Promotion 10) Turnout Helmet Safety 11) Kudos Open Forum Follow- Up Items 1) Community Paramedicine. Facilitator: Chief Lucas Recorder: Chief Devendorf.


0076_Sender_Kriwer,Eric - FirstRecipient_Kriwer - Subject_RE_ A-Shift News and Notes - 06-20-2014 - News and Notes A-Shift 2014 Tour June 26-July 2.docx.pdf:


0077_Sender_Light,Dennis - FirstRecipient_Lucas - Subject_FW_ Basin Ops Plan - 12-31-2018 -

2018 Prescott Basin Ops Plan_.docx.pdf: It is 24 pages "Incident Management in the Prescott Basin" - not going to put it on here- it is the Goodwin Fire stuff.


0078_Sender_Ben Roche - FirstRecipient_Aaron Hulburd - Subject_Prescott Basin Meeting - 03-21-2019 - image001.jpg:

No email thread just an image:


0079_Sender_Sventek,Jaimie - Retirement BBQ - Mecca - April 28th - 04-10-2017 - Dave Mecca Retirement April 2017.pdf:

After years of hard work and dedication, it’s time to take a permanent vacation! Please join us in celebrating the retirement of Dave Mecca! Friday, April 28th, 2017 12:00pm Prescott Fire Station 71 Hamburgers and Hot Dogs to enjoy!


0082_Sender_Archer,Jeffrey - FirstRecipient_Reese - Subject_FW_ Wildland Quals - 01-15-2018 - Wildland Quals.pdf: (repeat from earlier)


0083_Sender_Light,Dennis Subject_FW_ Citizen's Academy March 14-May 2 - 01-10-2019 - Citizens Academy Agenda 04112019.docx.pdf -Schedule.docx.pdf:

PRESCOTT FIRE DEPARTMENT Citizen’s Academy Agenda April 11, 2019 1730-1745 Dinner and Socializing All 1745-1805hrs Department Overview/What’s Important Chief Light 1805-1830hrs Department History Eng. Jackson 1830-1840 Convenience break 1840-1910hrs EMS Cardiac Demonstration DC Moser 1910-2000 Break Out Sessions/Five Stations (5-6 person groups) FD Staff (Engine Co., Truck Co., TRT, HM, Wildland) *All times are approximations

Spring Citizen’s Academy Schedule 5:30-8:00pm Class Title Location Date Class #1 Council Welcome, Introductions & Overview, City Manager Centennial Center 3/14 Class #2 Finance & Budget/Legal/Clerk Centennial Center 3/21 Class #3 Recreation Services & Library Library Founder’s Suite 3/28 Class #4 Police Department Police Department Training Room 4/4 Class #5 Fire Department Station 71 4/11 Class #6 Public Works & Water Resources Centennial Center 4/18 Class #7 Airport Terminal/Centennial Center 4/25 Class #8 Community Development / Communications, Economic Development & Tourism Centennial Center 5/2 Ceremony Graduation City Council Chambers (3pm) 5/14.


0083_Sender_Sventek,Jaimie - Subject_Planning Meeting Minutes - 05-25-2017 - Planning Meeting Minutes 5-9-2017.pdf:

PRESCOTT FIRE DEPARTMENT PLANNING MEETING Date 5/09/17, Time 0815-0915 Location: Station 71 Attending: Chief Light, Chief Lucas, Chief Moser, A/BC Morgan, Chief Luedeman, Chief Devendorf, Jaimie Sventek Recorder: Scott Luedeman Chiefs Report: City Business There is not much new to report. We are working on the transition plan for Fire Prevention section in the Community Risk Reduction Division to be moved to the building department within the city. Chief Devendorf met with CRR personnel last week to discuss needs. New Business: 1) ITS/Communications Issues This item was not discussed due to no presence of IT personnel. 2) Citizen’s Fire Academy Chief Light is going through the Citizens Police Academy and would like to implement a Citizens Fire Academy before the middle of July. Dates chosen for the academy are June 22, 29 and July 6, 13. Each session will be a 2 hours with an agenda to be developed soon. We are looking at a maximum of 14 students, with the hopes of getting a broad spectrum of City of Prescott Citizens. 3) Ed Leave Policy The ed-leave policy (430.2 note 4) currently states that for periods less than 24 hours the BC will grant leave, and periods of 24 hours the Training Chief will grant leave. This will be changed to all ed-leave will be vetted through your Battalion chief. 4) Fire Administrative Phone Coverage With the move of Elisabeth to the building department, phone calls will go to Admin, with Marsha and Karen answering the main phone line from their work stations if the call isn’t picked up after 3-4 rings. The phones should not go to voicemail for any more than a couple of hours during normal business hours. Jaimie will work with Teresa and the Auxiliary Fire Corps for office coverage if she’s gone for the day. However, in the event that coverage cannot be obtained, Chief Light expects that Marsha or Karen will make a presence at the Administration office. 5) EMS Proclamation reading today @ 1500 @ City Council Chambers E72 will be at the City Council meeting today as well as Chiefs Light, Devendorf, and Moser 6) Salute to Hero’s Event - May 13th @ 0800 PV Event Center In years past, we have failed to attend this event. This is an important event to get us into the community and interact. Engine 75 will be at the event and will be last out for calls. 7) Carry the Load National Relay Walk– Memorial Event – May 15th @ station 71 Anyone that wants to participate in the Prescott leg of the walk should be at station 71 by 0745. The walk will leave from station 71 at 0800 and go to Lowes on Highway 69. 8) YCCA Home and Garden Show – May 19-21 @ PV Event Center Prescott Fire Department will have a booth at the Home and Garden Show. We are asking Volunteers to sit at the booth each day. Acting Chief Morgan has the 20th covered. If you are willing to spend some time out there, please contact Chief Devendorf for scheduling. 9) Badge Pinning / Promotional Ceremony – May 26th, Station 71 @ 1330 All are encouraged to attend this event. This is an important tradition of our department and we would love your support. This is open to employees and families. Mayor Oberg, City Manager Lamar, Councilwoman Orr, and Councilwoman Wilcox will be attending. PHS ROTC will be posting the colors and Prescott resident Kiona Bell will be singing the National Anthem. 10) Kudos See emails from Jaimie Sventek Follow- Up Items 1) Firefighter Core Temperature’s During Fire Suppression Scientific Study – Dr. Donald Shaw, Franklin Pierce University This is going good. A and B shifts are complete and C shift will be participating in the near future. Open Forum Acting Chief MorganThe Alarcon Street construction has given some minor tactical challenges. There is now a median down the center. If you are in the area, please look at it and do some pre-planning. Acting Chief Morgan is following up on the completion of heart saver tones for all calls. Chief LuedemanOur annual FAA inspection is coming up May 17-19 There will be a large-scale airport drill in August. Planning is starting this week. Chief DevendorfIf we have a bird start a fire from arching with power lines, Chief would like us to notify him before a press release goes out. APS has national guidelines to follow when this occurs and they would like a heads-up prior to the article hitting the paper. We currently have only 2 fire inspectors for our department. If the origin is simple and known, we are asking the engine company officers to make the determination and not call an investigator. If you need an investigator though, please call us. Jaimie SventekChief Morgan is taking over wellness and wanted to make sure he knew about money in next year’s budget for maintaining PT equipment. Anyone managing a budget for their program is encouraged to meet with Jaimie to go through budget training. Please schedule this through Jaimie. Chief LightFor the persons checking out the Haz-Mat gear and monitors at station 75, please make certain we are completing and documenting the checks. This is an OSHA requirement. Chief LucasThe emergency generator will be replaced at 71 in the near future Support 74 is OOS. At this time, it is unknown when it will be completed. If we need a TRT vehicle, we will need to special request CAFMA’s. Chief MoserFacilities will be placing an electrical connection on the north end of the ramp at station 75 so LLA can plug in their ambulances. The bay that used to house the ambulance will now be ours to store equipment. Discussion is underway to determine its use. The Special Olympics walk went good; hopefully next year we can have more of a presence. The engineer academy will be in August and dates will be out soon. This month was busy for training. Thank you all for remaining flexible. MCS testing will be starting in June. Each shift will have 2 days a month scheduled and it will be up to the BC’s to schedule their engines. We are looking at the requirements currently in the engineers APPER books. One question is what will be allowed for a hydraulics class. One thing discussed was coming up with an in-house hydraulics class. More discussion will take place. *** 974 is still in phoenix. There is a delay in the pump rebuild with Rosenbauer. There is no completion date as of yet.


0084_Sender_Kriwer,Eric -Subject_FW_ Leadership Series - 04-30-2015 - Leadership I 2015Flyer.pdf - Leadership II 2015 Flyer.pdf - Leadership III Flyer 2015.pdf:


Here is Arizona State Forestry's reply in regards to Yarnell - AFUE:


0084_Sender_Sventek,Jaimie - Subject_Staff Meeting Agenda - 06-13-2018 - Planning Meeting Agenda 6-14-2018.pdf:

PRESCOTT FIRE DEPARTMENT PLANNING MEETING Date 06/14/18, Time 0815-0915 Location: Station 71 Chiefs Report: City Business New Business: 1) ITS/Communications Issues 2) PRCC Updates 3) Development Updates 4) Partners Academy 5) GMIHC 5-Year Memorial Planning Needs 6) Active 911 and Text Alerts 7) Trench and Dive Rescue Procedures 8) Bee Calls 9) Update on City of Prescott Academy 10) Kudos Open Forum Follow- Up Items 1) Community Paramedicine 2) Building Safety Inspectors/Permit Techs – Ride a longs 3) Turnout Helmet Safety 4) Citizen’s Fire Academy 5) Garbage In/Garbage Out RMS Needs. Facilitator: Chief Luedeman Recorder: Chief Morgan


0085_Sender_Sventek,Jaimie - Subject_Staff Meeting Agenda - 01-13-2016 - Planning Meeting Agenda 1-14-2016.pdf:

PRESCOTT FIRE DEPARTMENT PLANNING MEETING Date 1/14/16, Time 0815-0915 Location: Station 71 Chiefs Report: City Business New Business: 1) Station Brown Outs 2) Citizens in Care Homes calling 911 3) Active Shooter Protocol 4) Kudos * Items 2-4 may be tabled for a future meeting if the conversation/discussion about station brown outs continues beyond 45 minutes. Open Forum Follow- Up Items.


0086_Sender_Sventek,Jaimie - Subject_FW_ Staff Meeting Agenda - 03-20-2017 - Planning Meeting Agenda 3-21-2017.pdf - Proposed Leave Policy Changes March 2017.pdf:

PRESCOTT FIRE DEPARTMENT PLANNING MEETING Date 3/21/17, Time 0815-0915 Location: Station 71 Chiefs Report: City Business New Business: 1) ITS/Communications Issues 2) Fleet a. Foam 731 b. Patrol Locations - Summer 3) Leave Policy Discussion 4) Ed Leave 5) Bid Process 6) Probationary Books 7) Van Safety Training 8) Incomplete Reports – ADSi 9) Smoke Detector Installation 10) Program Management Identification 11) Badge Pinning / Promotional Ceremony Scheduled – May 26th, Station 71 @ 1330 12) Kudos Open Forum Follow- Up Items 1) Remembrance Rescue Project 2) Lexipol – Updating Policy Manual 3) Firefighter Core Temperature’s During Fire Suppression Scientific Study – Dr. Donald Shaw, Franklin Pierce University 4) Auxiliary Fire Corps. Facilitator: Chief Devendorf Recorder: Chief Lucas.

Proposed Policy Changes: Current: 604.4 Known overtime vacancies will be filled no more than 10 calendar days in advance. The only exception would be for special assignments and Holidays. Battalion Chiefs should send out an e-mail of notification, prior to events and Holidays, to give ample time for employees to sign up. 612.1 Unreserved leave periods of less than 12 hours duration may be requested within 72 hours of the requested leave period. (Note: Less than 12 hours unreserved leave cannot be requested prior to 72 hours). 612.1 Cancellations of unreserved leave can be made by contacting the Battalion Chief anytime prior to the scheduled date of leave. The on-duty Battalion Chief may or may not approve the cancellation at his discretion. Proposed: 604.4 Known overtime vacancies will be filled no more than 14 calendar days in advance. The only exception would be for special assignments and Holidays. Battalion Chiefs should send out an e-mail of notification, prior to events and Holidays, to give ample time for employees to sign up. 612.1 Unreserved leave periods of less than 12 hours duration may be requested within 14 calendar days of the requested leave period. (Note: Less than 12 hours unreserved leave cannot be requested prior to 14 calendar days). 612.1 Cancellations of unreserved leave can be made by contacting the Battalion Chief 14 calendar days prior to the scheduled date of leave. The on-duty Battalion Chief may or may not approve the cancellation at his discretion.


0086_Sender_Sventek,Jaimie - Subject_Staff Meeting Agenda - 12-04-2017 - Planning Meeting Agenda 12-5-17.pdf:

PRESCOTT FIRE DEPARTMENT PLANNING MEETING Date 12/5/17, Time 0815-0915 Location: Station 71 Chiefs Report: City Business New Business: 1) ITS/Communications Issues 2) Department Photo Possiblity 3) RED Friday’s Consideration – Support US Military 4) Apparatus Cell Phone Needs 5) Kudos Follow- Up Items 1) Leave Policy 2) Storage within the department 3) Structure for light duty personnel and who they report to Open Forum.


0088_Kriwer,Eric GMIHS Tribute Hike Narrative & Draft Tribute Hike Guide - 05-23-2014 - Anniversary Trail Program.docx.pdf:


0089_DLegge-CAFMA-FirstRecipient_Archer,Jeffrey-RE_ Prescott Basin Drill - 04-02-2019 - image005.jpg: (missing email thread just shows this image):


0089_Sender_Sventek,Jaimie -Subject_Staff Meeting Agenda - 06-23-2014 - Planning Meeting Agenda 6-24-2014.pdf:

PRESCOTT FIRE DEPARTMENT PLANNING MEETING Date 6/24/14, Time 0815-0915 Location: Station 71 Chiefs Report: City Business New Business: 1) Review IAP 1-Yr. GMIHC Memorial events 2) Kudos 3) Gold Badge Meeting today 0915-0930 Open Forum Follow- Up Items.


0090_Sender_Light,Dennis -FW_ UCYC _The Springs_ Structure Protection Plan - 05-07-2018 - The Springs STRUCTURE PROTECTION PLAN.pdf:

STRUCTURE PROTECTION PLAN UPDATED: 5/2018 United Christian Youth Camp “The Springs” Prescott Fire Department Camp Description Location UCYC “The Springs” is located approximately 5 miles up Copper Basin Rd from White Spar Rd in Prescott Arizona. 2600 S Cold Springs Rd Prescott, AZ 86305 N 34 30.2506 W 112 32.5607 Fuel Type The Springs is primarily dominated by a Ponderosa Pine fuel type with interspersed Manzanita and Oak brush. There is some Gamble and Emory Oak. Fuels Mitigation The Springs has contracted through a grant, to have all dead and down as well as some live standing Ponderosa removed. This project is scheduled to take place during the Spring/Summer of 2018. Upon completion of this project, the camp will be much more defendable and safer for firefighters. This plan has been written based on the assumption of this project being complete. The Forest Service has also preformed prescribed burning and thinning projects on the federal land adjacent to the camp. Construction Type At the time this plan was created, UCYC has been in the process of converting the buildings to having more firewise construction materials. The ultimate goal is to have all buildings have firewise roof material and siding. As of March 2018, many of the buildings still have wood shake siding, and structure protection tactics should be adjusted accordingly if this siding is replaced.

It is 10 pages but that is what it is about (above)


0090_Sender_Sventek,Jaimie -Subject_Staff Meeting Agenda - 10-10-2016 -Planning Meeting Agenda 10-11-2016.pdf:

PRESCOTT FIRE DEPARTMENT PLANNING MEETING Date 10/11/16, Time 0815-0915 Location: Station 71 Chiefs Report: City Business New Business: 1) Auxiliary Fire Corps 2) ITS/Communications Issues 3) Badge Pinning / Promotional Ceremony Scheduled -- October 14th , Station 71 @ 1330 4) Kudos Open Forum Follow- Up Items. Facilitator: Chief Devendorf Recorder: Chief Moser.


0091_Sender_Light,Dennis Chief's Annual Facility and Apparatus' Inspection Findings - 12-14-2016 - Chief's Facilities & Apparatus Inspections December2016.docx.pdf:

Fire Station 7 Inspection Findings On Friday, December 9, 2016 an inspection took place of the facility at Fire Station 7. Chief Light in the presence of Fuels Reduction Technicians Isiah Keeme and Matt Neal conducted the inspection. The following are the items requiring attention: 1. Light switch cover in front office is missing and needs replaced 2. Exit signage needed in exit access door leading into the workshop area. Paper signage is okay. 3. Weight room lights need to be replaced with higher energy efficiency lighting and restraining of the tubes is necessary 4. Refrigerator needs to be cleaned and products with questionable “use by dates” disposed of. 5. Storage area of buggies needs to be cleaned up. The ceiling insulation needs to be removed and replaced. 6. Check the need to maintain the two welders, drill press, and other associated tools. Look towards need elsewhere in department or city; otherwise consider surplus actions. 7. Clear cut areas adjacent to buildings in order to effect needed weed abatement The station was rated satisfactory in regards to this year’s inspection.


0092_Sender_Sventek,Jaimie - Subject_Planning Meeting Minutes - 06-23-2015 - Planning Meeting Minutes 5-12-2015.pdf - Planning Meeting Minutes 6-9-15.pdf:

PRESCOTT FIRE DEPARTMENT PLANNING MEETING Minutes Date 05/12/15, Time 0815-0940 Location: Station 71 Present: Chief Light, Cory Moser, Dave Essex, Ralph Lucas, Eric Kriwer, Tony Sciacca, Don Devendorf, Jaimie Sventek, Dave Peterson, Matt Fifield, Dan Bauman, Chad Dougan, Lance Mills, James Baker, Allen Snyder, Anthony Benitez, Christie Anderson, Rebekah Haywood Recorder: Jaimie Sventek Chiefs Report: None New Business: 1. Peer Support Program Dave Peterson and Eric Kriwer provided and overview of the Peer Support program. Prescott Fire is one of eight departments in the state to be a part of Firestrong Peer Support program. The Firestrong website is a resource for several items including financial planning and family support. Currently the program is a volunteer run program. The vision is to expand the program to become regional. 2. Acceptance of Gifts and Gratuities The fuels management and others have received monetary gifts and physical gifts from the community members. Please review the City and department policy on gift acceptance. There has been nothing inappropriate to date as to what has been done with those gifts received, but we need to remain cautious as such acceptance often is in direct conflict to our policy. Be cautious, sensitive, and aware when using Prescott Fire name to endorse any sort of products or services, as words can become law and it can become problematic for future purchase arrangements. 3. Pack Test Clarification The department has received a letter from the state clarifying the requirements. The Pack Test is the only nationally accepted test for off-district resources. The department will still provide mutual aid. Mr. Sciacca’s recommendation is that if an employee plans to go on off-district assignments, then they need to participate in the Pack Test. The Chief has the administrative privilege to determine who will need to take the test. 4. EMS Week Overview Beyea, Heartisan, and Taucher will be in attendance at the Council meeting today at 3PM to accept the Proclamation for EMS Week. There have been radio and television public service announcements created. A BBQ will be held on May 20th for the area agencies. An open house will be held at station 71 on May 23rd and May 24th from 1000-1500 each day. 5. Travel Provide advanced notice if traveling. There have been a lot of last minute requested. If travel requests are not submitted in a timely manner, the employee will not go. 6. Supervisor Training Kennedy and Moffitt will be attending the supervisor training in June. 7. Kudos Fuels Management Crew – chipping Nate Seets – Structure Fire Tri-City Prep – Every 15 Minutes Campaign Open Forum Mr. Sciacca stated that Engine Bosses will need to complete performance evaluations after each assignment. No more hours. The red cards will be signed off by Mr. Sciacca for Prescott Fire employees. Chief Lucas can initiate task books up to the Operations Section Chief. Chief Essex stated that he’s been working to resolve the bee issue at station 71. A beekeeper will be tending to the situation in the near future. Chief Moser received a text message with a photo of the new hazardous response vehicle being fabricated. The top half of the cab is black, with a black stripe, and an American flag on the grill. The design is unique since the apparatus will be shared between entities. Chief Moser stated that Life Line Ambulance is still having issues going code 3 on private calls without dispatching Prescott Fire units. If employees continue to encounter these issues, please email Chief Moser with the details and he will follow-up. Chief Kriwer stated that the FAA is conducting inspections at station 73 this week. Follow- Up Items Meeting adjourned at 9:40AM.

“Economy is the method by which we prepare today to afford the improvements of tomorrow” – Calvin Coolidge PRESCOTT FIRE DEPARTMENT PLANNING MEETING Date 6-9-2015, Time 0815-0930 Location: Station 71 In Attendance: Chief Light, Chief Essex, Chief Kriwer, Bret Lucas, Jaimie Sventek, Chief Lucas, Chief Moser, various engine companies, C-Shift. Chiefs Report: City Business. Chief Light reported that we pretty much got what we asked for on this upcoming fiscal year budget. However we did get a little less. We may have to adjust our budget midyear in the event that the upcoming ballot measure does not pass. Chief Light also stated that relationships and the tempo downtown at City Hall are very good. Chief Light has been going to many groups to express information about the upcoming ballot measure. Those agencies include PAWUIC, Kiwanis’s, and others. New Business: - Cancer Preventative Measures Executive Summary: There was a recent presentation about cancer prevention given from a Peoria Fire member. Chief Essex and Chief Light were in attendance and said it was a pretty compelling presentation and brings forward many considerations that we as an organization need to embrace. In the future we will be utilizing Target Safety to track fires that folks have been on and we currently use ADSI as well. The discussion also brought forth a number of facts and practices that we as firefighters can utilize to minimize our risk. It was stated that as your body temperature rises five degrees, your pores open up 400% allowing the byproducts of a fire to enter into your body. A change in culture and processes is needed. Here are some other factors to be aware of: -Cross contamination. Bringing your dirty turnouts and equipment into the station. -Not cleaning your turnouts after every structure fire and then putting them in the engine with you. -The importance of taking a shower after every fire and putting a fresh uniform on. -Keeping your full SCBA on during overhaul of a fire. -Keeping your flash hood on at all times, washing it or replacing it after a fire. Much absorption takes place in the area of the neck. - Exhaust Fans In Stations: Chief Essex stated that the exhaust fans that are being installed in each station will begin soon. In addition to new exhaust fans being installed in each of the bays, they will be scrubbing the old exhaust stains and such off of the walls and repainting the bays. This will require help from the crews in that we will have to remove some of the belongings so that they can do so. - Annual Physicals Chief Essex reported that annual physicals are budgeted for. - Bid Policy Has been in place now for 7 or 8 months and working well. Engineer McElwee reported that it seems to work and they have had very minor issues with implementation. Chief Light commented on considering company officers going to a new shift to get a fresh new perspective from their previous shift. Chief Moser commented that at times it can hinder the ability for the Battalion Chiefs to make decisions based on organizational need. The consensus was to bring back some ideas that might work to address some of these issues in hopes of a win/win outcome. - Fire Alarm Intrusion The Prescott Fire Department received a bill for too many burglar alarm responses at our 215 McCormick property. If using this facility, please make sure you know the code to get in and how to utilize the alarm system. - Target Solutions Personnel, their company officer, and the Battalion Chiefs are to be accountable for completing Target Solutions on a monthly basis. Chief Light requested that all personnel get caught up. Chief Light also requested to receive a monthly report from the program manager from here on out. - Use of PFD Gyms Due to the nature of how we acquired much of the equipment in the gyms through the grant process and to allow maximum access to members, consensus was drawn that outside of fire department members, their families, the USFS, police department officers, and PRCC employees, no others shall utilize the gym equipment. Those current city employees that may be using the facility may continue to do so but that number will not be expanded upon. - SOG’s Any member interested in taking on our Standard Operating Guidelines is welcome. With accreditation coming forward, this will be important. We would also like to look at blending our SOG’s with our partner agencies of CYFD and CVFD. - Ballot Measure Fact sheets have been given to all engine companies and stations. We are encouraged to share those fact sheets, but to be sensible about it. It is important that we get the message out by July 27th. We are allowed to talk about what is on the fact sheets only. Division/Battalion Reports: -Bret Lucas presented on behalf of Prevention. He stated that the new McDonald’s on HWY 69 at Frontier Village has been receiving prank calls, one of which had an employee pull the Ansul system and another prank call from someone claiming to be a member of the Prescott Fire Department. These incidents are under investigation. The Prevention division will also be doing occupancy checks on some of the bars downtown soon. -Chief Kriwer reported that Engineer Randy Stazenski will be retiring at the end of the month. He also stated that Firestrong is going well and to please visit the website. He wanted to thank all of those that went to the ARFF training in San Bernardino. There are also still openings for the Arizona State Fire School, so if you are interested, please submit the appropriate paperwork to your supervisor. -Ms. Jaimie Sventek reported that end of year results and outcomes will be coming due and she will send out an e-mail in these regards. -Chief Moser reported that the new heart monitors are very accurate and if the readout states a specific heart problem, it is most likely the case. This is very important information to be utilize and send to YRMC as well. -Chief Essex reported that Ms. Karen Cannizarro submitted a grant for new air packs for the Prescott Fire Department and we were awarded the grant for $450,000 dollars. Great job Karen. Meeting Adjourned at 09:30.


0093_Sender_Sventek,Jaimie - Subject_Staff Meeting Agenda - 05-09-2016 - Planning Meeting Agenda 5-10-2016.pdf:

PRESCOTT FIRE DEPARTMENT PLANNING MEETING Date 5/10/16, Time 0815-0915 Location: Station 71 Chiefs Report: City Business New Business: 1) June 30th Anniversary – Event(s) 2) Budget 3) Badge Pinning / Promotional Ceremony - May 12th 4) Kudos Open Forum Follow- Up Items


0094_Sender_Sventek,Jaimie - Subject_Staff Meeting Agenda - 01-17-2018 - Planning Meeting Agenda 1-18-2018.pdf:

PRESCOTT FIRE DEPARTMENT PLANNING MEETING Date 1/18/17, Time 0815-0915 Location: Station 71 Chiefs Report: City Business New Business: 1) Big Brothers Big Sisters Presentation 2) ITS/Communications Issues 3) 2-3 Year Fire Chief Vision 4) GMIHC 5-Year Memorial Planning Needs 5) AFG and Other Grant Opportunities Priorities 6) Community Paramedicine 7) Kudos Open Forum Follow- Up Items 1) 2)


0095_Sender_Archer,Jeffrey - Subject_Fireline Medics - 01-04-2015 -1206 fire line medic policy.docx.pdf - FIRELINE PARAMEDICINE.ppt - Inventory.xlsx.dat - PFD Wildland Equipment Contract.pdf: (repeat)


0098_Sender_McElwee,Travis - FirstRecipient_Moser - Subject_Multiple bids open - 02-04-2017

02-04-2017 PFD Station Assignments copy copy.xlsx.dat


0099_Sender_Sventek,Jaimie - Subject_Staff Meeting Agenda - 01-09-2017 - Planning Meeting Agenda 1-10-2017.pdf:

PRESCOTT FIRE DEPARTMENT PLANNING MEETING Date 1/10/17, Time 0815-0915 Location: Station 71 Chiefs Report: City Business New Business: 1) ITS/Communications Issues 2) Seamless Docs (PDF documents to Web-based forms) 3) Kudos Open Forum Follow- Up Items 1) Remembrance Rescue Project 2) Lexipol – Updating Policy Manual 3) Firefighter Core Temperature’s During Fire Suppression Scientific Study – Dr. Donald Shaw, Franklin Pierce University 4) Auxiliary Fire Corps


0100_Sender_Patrick Mason - fire shelter order - 08-10-2018

finally I am sleepy- good night - 3:33 PM 8/4/20- I tried to stay up but I am heavy-lidded faded out. Have a good night. Be safe.

19 hours, 38 minutes and 38 seconds...81.85% of a 24 hour day, I slept on the couch. Never once awaking to start the day but I did drink aloe / celery /cucumber slosh then use bathroom then drink then back to sleep heavily in that almost 20 hours drank a gallon and a half so 'hydrated' but I am in 'sleep potion' mode.

I checked and answered some City of Prescott PRRs which are two weeks to being completed on many. I had to share where I reside currently and we all know from the blog I went from doing the Payson College Instructor to then more Instructor Classes then the COVID 19 Phase with Dude Fire Interviews and minimal public outings except the Embassy for my Bday July 1st and the normal Houston restaurant for dinner ( it is like visiting ol' friends when I get to go there ) and visited with Beale Monday

( NIMO Operations Section Chief ) at the Embassy lounge on my birthday all grunge and feeling ugh and drank a Ginger Ale.

I have not left the property since my Birthday here trying to get well but it has really been tough. I was planning to go out of state not too far away and that may be cancelled. I really want to be well for a few weeks after before I see anyone or go anywhere. And well, I am in pain. Sleep helps to not be awake with pain. I am forcing myself up right now as my hubby sent this to me saying like this:

Yes, like that.

It is 8-5-20 1:45 PM and I am going to have some trader joe tuna in water - 2 pinches with nothing but diced cucumbers to see if it stays down. (Happy 1st Bdays this week and today to some) Let me pause and get my Vitamin C with rose hips and Zinc and such going then be back here.

just went back to sleep at 1:45 PM and just got up at 3:33 PM and now eat the tuna with cucumber, celery, slice of tomato and avocado that someone else told me he was doing but he went out and never came back. Oh well. I can make it. Maybe they forgot. ???


0100_Sender_Patrick Mason - fire shelter order - 08-10-2018 - WILDLAND Products Flyer 2010.pdf: 2010 Fire Line Gear Flyer

Weckworth Manufacturing, Inc. 800-533-8368 Call TODAY!


0100_Sender_Sventek,Jaimie -Subject_Staff Meeting Agenda July 29 - 07-28-2014 - Planning Meeting Agenda 7-29-2014.pdf:

PRESCOTT FIRE DEPARTMENT PLANNING MEETING Date 7/29/14, Time 0815-0915 Location: Station 71 Chiefs Report: City Business New Business: 1) Reserve Type I Engine Storage Options 2) Flag Donations – Fire Stations and Engines 3) Memorial Attendance – Colorado Springs, CO & Emmitsburg, MD 4) ARFF Meeting 5) Kudos Open Forum Follow- Up Items


0101_Sender_Archer,Jeffrey - FirstRecipient_Beyea - Subject_Wildland Quals - 01-15-2018 - qualification flowchart.pdf: (already on here)


0101_Sender_Sventek,Jaimie - Subject_Staff Meeting Minutes - 10-20-2014 - Planning Meeting Minutes 10-14-2014.pdf:


PLANNING MEETING Date 10/14/14, Time 0815-0900

Location: Station 71

Present: Dennis Light, Dave Essex, Don Devendorf, Eric Kriwer, Ted Ralston, Dan Morgan, Dan Bauman, Matt

Dorner, Travis Epperson, Jaimie Sventek.

Recorder: Ted Ralston

Chiefs Report: Chief Light met with the area chiefs regarding ADSi/Records Management and PRCC.

The Department needs to have good representation from B shift on the benefits focus group.

Special Presentation: City Manager McConnell discussed the FY15 budget and the general fund challenges. It is

anticipated that there will be a combined $300,000 loss to the general fund. The City Manager wants to get back to

careers, not just jobs, with a 10-year vision on positions. The City Manager stressed that the pension issues are not

our fault.

The employee turnover rate is at 16% over the last year.

The City Manager stated that sales tax is the only way to increase the revenue for the general fund. An educational

push is needed to get public support for a tax initiative.

Human Resources Director Mary Jacobsen spoke about the Time/Attendance system. Due to the Affordable Care Act

(ACA), there needs to be a system that will account for employees’ hours, hour by hour. The ACA will affect part-time

employees. The system will possibly be up and running next year.

Educational assistance is anticipated in next year’s budget.

New Business:

1. Ebola Precautions

The item is tabled until the next staff meeting.

2. Fireline/Back Country Packs

The item is tabled until the next staff meeting.

3. Kudos

The item is tabled until the next staff meeting.

Open Forum


Follow- Up Items

None at the time

Meeting adjourned at 9:00AM


0102_Sender_Sventek,Jaimie - Subject_Planning Meeting Minutes - 11-13-2015 - Planning Meeting Minutes 11-10-2015.pdf:

PRESCOTT FIRE DEPARTMENT PLANNING MEETING Minutes Date 11/10/15, Time 0815-0915 Location: Station 71 In Attendance: Chief Light, Cory Moser, Don Devendorf, Ralph Lucas, Scott Leudeman, Jaimie Sventek, Dave Essex, Dan Bauman, Tim Herrington, Conrad Jackson, Adam Julien Chiefs Report: Report from IT is that our ‘R’ drive on the computer is running out of space and they have requested that we try and remove files that we can. All personnel should move personal files on the R drive to their personal Q drive. When using the ‘Q’ drive you must log on to computer as yourself. It is the only way to access that drive and is also better protected. New Business: EMS QA/QI – EMS reports are being looked at for trends, notes need to be legible and medics should always document ALS calls. Medications need to be documented fully; who gave them, what dose, time, route, evaluation after giving meds (what affect did the meds have on the patient), AND reassessment of patient condition. Budget Planning – City council decision of freezing 3 FF positions is likely. Council’s intent is to look at compensation study in January. We should start looking at Capital needs for the next fiscal year. Group Homes – City council priority to continue to document accurately contacts connected to group homes. Employee Recognition – Captain Bauman submitted written policy to be placed into policy manual after it has been reviewed by Staff. Open Forum Base Hospital doubling costs of drug boxes. EMS agencies are also being charged for drugs dispensed to patients in the field. ARFF Engineer requirements were brought up and are to be reviewed by staff. Sta. 73 staffing of ARFF certified Engineers only and FF also an acting Engineer were some of the items brought up. Fire Station rehab moving forward with COP Facilities division. New flooring, Kitchen cabinets at Sta. 71 are in the immediate plans. Sta. 71 Truck co. bay concrete to be replaced (with floor drain), beginning soon, December 7th start date for the concrete project. During that time, T71 will be moved to Sta. 75 while Haz Mat rig will be housed at Sta. 58. New Haz Mat rig is on schedule to be delivered in April. Fire Dept. physicals budget request will go before City Council November 24th. If approved, tentative start date for physicals will be sometime in January. Follow- Up Items


0103_Sender_Light,Dennis - Subject_Fuels Reduction Presentation to Mayor and Council - 03-26-2015 - Community Wildfire Fuels Reduction - March 26 2015 -FINAL.pptx.pdf:

Fuels Reduction in the Wildland-Urban Interface to Enhance Firewise Community Safety Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Workshop #2 March 26, 2015

37 pages pdf - pull your own PRR to read it.


0103_Sender_Sventek,Jaimie-Subject_GMIHC Ceremony of Remembrance Invitation June 30th 05-30-2018 - GMIHC Ceremony of Remembrance Invitation 2018.pdf:

In honor of e Granite Mountain Hotshots, the United Yavapai Fireghters Local 3066 is holding a Ceremony of Remembrance. Commencing at 9:00am Saturday, June 30th, 2018 Arizona Pioneers’ Home Cemetery 1300 Iron Springs Road Prescott, Arizona 86301 We hope you can attend. Please park at Walmart parking lot on Gail Gardner – Free shuttle available starting at 8AM.


0104_Sender_McElwee,Travis - FirstRecipient_Archer - Subject_All Current Bids Closed - 11-30-2015 - Copy of 11-30-2015 PFD Station Assignments.pdf:

Please "pay attention" to above image - has names right- but the 2013 one they not only redacted it all except Troy's name and I asked for it unredacted, appealed it, closed then started a new PRR to have it closed so if some of you who has 2013 list- please share it to me, it matters. This is one area that will be outlined wit the Arizona State Ombudsman, Garone. See:


0105_Sender_Archer,Jeffrey -Subject_RE_ Peter Piper Pizza Summer kids Days - 05-05-2014 - Peter Piper.docx.pdf:

Special Event Notification Peter Piper Kids Day EVENT REQUEST DETAILS PFD PERSONNEL One Engine – Pub Ed SHIFT C DATE 6/10/2014 TIME 1000-1100 LOCATION Peter Piper Pizza – Frontier Village


0105_Sender_Light,Dennis FW_ 2018 Prescott Basin Operations Plan-Agency Approval Request - 12-20-2018 - 2018 Basin Ops Front Page.pdf - 2018 Prescott Basin Ops Plan_.docx.pdf - Basin Ops Record of Changes.docx.pdf:

24 pages it is- pull your own PRR- here is first page:


0106_Sender_Moser,Cory - Subject_Engineer Testing - 09-20-2017 - Engineer Test Announcement Oct 2017.pdf:

ANNOUNCEMENT OF PROMOTIONAL OPPORTUNITY FIRE ENGINEER - IN HOUSE Pay Range: 71 Pay Range: $18.04 - $25.25 per hour plus benefits FLSA Status: Non exempt – eligible for overtime (56 Hour Work Week) Qualifications, Training & Experience: Successful completion of probation as full-time Prescott Firefighter and 1.5 years of service, Must have completed both the Acting Engineer section and Promotional section of the Prescott Fire Department Engineer Position Task Book by the promotional application due date. Special Requirements: Must fulfill the requirements for the position of Firefighter. All Prescott Fire Department Engineers will maintain the qualifications of ARFF Engineer. This will include the assigned 40-hour Prescott Fire Department ARFF Training Modules or equivalent and associated live fire training as required by local, state, and federal law. All Engineers will be required to maintain ARFF qualifications and be ready to work as the ARFF Engineer as needed. Essential Duties: Assigned to Engine or Ladder Companies. Responsible for the safe and efficient operation of assigned apparatus. Shall be skilled in the application of the principals of hydraulics for the provision of adequate water supplies at appropriate pressures at the fire scene and shall maintain proficiency in the operation of all fire department apparatus. Responsible for maintaining the operating condition of all assigned apparatus and equipment as assigned. Work requires the exercise of initiative and independent judgment in the operation and care of equipment and in the performance of firefighting and rescue activities. Tasks: Follow Administrative and Operating Procedures. Effectively operate apparatus at an emergency scene. Inspect assigned apparatus and equipment for proper operation. Assist in the cleaning of the station, grounds and equipment. Keep own assigned apparatus clean and maintained in good operating order. Make minor repairs to equipment on apparatus as needed. Help in any specific projects in and around the station. Keep records and logs as required; record in logbook appropriate information as described by Fire Department procedures. Under emergency response conditions, demonstrate the legal and safe driving, positioning and operation of assigned fire apparatus. Interact with the public in a positive manner that exemplifies the Fire Department’s mission. Perform the duties of a Firefighter. Provide Fire Engineer training to other personnel. Knowledge, Skills, and Other Characteristics: Comprehensive knowledge of: fire service hydraulics and pump theory, size of mains, hydrant locations and available fire flows; all state laws pertaining to the operation of emergency vehicles; the geography of the City and Fire District streets, hydrants and other alternative water supplies; equipment carried on apparatus in the department. Skill in: making minor repairs and adjustments to equipment; identifying the common causes of routine vehicle and engine failure and to demonstrate preventive measures for such failures; operating all apparatus in a safe and efficient manner; reading and interpreting documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals; writing routine reports and correspondence; speaking effectively before groups of customers or employees of organizations; calculating figures and amounts such as proportions, area, circumference and volume; applying concepts of basic algebra and geometry; applying common sense understanding to carry out instructions furnished in written, oral or diagram form; dealing with problems involving several concrete variables in standardized situations. Physical ability: sufficient to meet the qualifications of N.F.P.A. 1002. Selection Process: Practical Test: October 23 & 24, 2017 Practical test may include a Driving Test, Vehicle Check Exercise, and a Pumping evolution exercise. Candidates who successfully complete the practical and driving test will be invited to an oral board. Oral Board Examination: October 26, 2017 Candidates who successfully complete the testing process will be placed on a promotional eligibility list. Chief’s Final Interview: October 30, 2017 Candidates deemed promotable upon completion of Oral Boards will be invited to this phase. The Promotional list will be good for at least 1 year. If at any time the list is dissolved prior to the 1 year period; we will conduct promotional testing. Deadline: Resumes must be received by 5:00 PM October 13, 2017 To apply, please visit the Job Postings link under the HR and Benefits section on the Employee Portal. Email: Posted: September 20, 2017 For additional information contact Division Chief Cory Moser at 928-777


0107_Sender_Ben Roche - FirstRecipient_Aaron Hulburd - Subject_2_4_19 Meeting - 01-30-2019 - 1_9_19 Meeting_Minutes.docx.pdf - 12_6_18_Meeting_Minutes.docx.pdf - image001.jpg -:

Prescott Basin Minutes 1.9.2019 1300 PRCC Prescott Basin Ops Group Prescott Basin Ops Plan Discussion Reviewed current plan submitted by tiffany. A few clerical errors being corrected. Discussion about Response Model and past problems of Type 6 Engines being called Patrols. Also discussion about the Group 3 Channel 8 process. A third process needs to be developed for areas of response that Channel 8 may not work. Conclusions Patrols are a local reference and should be communicated to other agencies as a Type 6 Engine. Incoming detailers should be briefed that our Patrols are T6 Engines. Action Items Person Deadline County Plan Wording Radio Map Overlay Jeff Archer Dave Legge TBD View Point Fire Review Discussion Review of View Point Fire. Communications on “Basin Group” went very well. Conclusions Identified some training issues with Point Protection. Will be trained on during quarterly training. Action Items Person Deadline None Prescott Basin Minutes Basin Geographical Definition Discussion Need to Identify a rough boundary of what the Basin is and where the Basin Group Frequencies work. Have a plan of other frequencies and or groups that will be used in areas outside of the determined Basin. Conclusions Jeff Archer will work on county plan wording Dave Legge will work on map overlay of coverage Action Items Person Deadline See Conclusions Communications Update Discussion Discussion of Prescott Basin Group Frequencies. Conclusions State fire would like to use their TAC 2 instead of their TAC 1. Awaiting any other frequency changes to determine if reprograming is necessary. Action Items Person Deadline None Prescott Basin Minutes 2019 Drill Discussion Possible dates. 1st Pick April 4&5 2nd Pick April 11&12 3rd Pick March 28&29 Conclusions Trainee Positions- Cooperators have priority Will provide lunches Drill will consist of: Briefing Dispatching of Fire Live Drill Mock MIR Action Items Person Deadline None Prescott Basin Minutes Prescott Basin Dispatch Group Review of Agency’s Participation Discussion General discussion on which agencies will be part of the rotation for off district assignments through AIDC. Conclusions Agencies participating: Mayer Prescott CAFMA Groom Creek Action Items Person Deadline Submit number of each resource for rotations. All 3/1/19 Issues between AZ Dispatch & PRCC Discussion Discussion of ordering process from AIDC to PRCC. Conclusions ADFFM has a 30-minute limit to have an order filled. BC’s need to give an immediate reply for requests, ultimately whatever is listed with PRCC as available for off district assignments should be a true number. AIDC is requesting that we have a reportable number daily. Action Items Person Deadline Create new Google Sheet for Draw Down Levels Prescott Basin Minutes Next Meeting 2/4/19 1300hrs PRCC / Attendees Name: Agency: Ben Roché Central AZ Fire Jake Guadiana AZ DFFM Tiffany Chiaravallaoti YC Emergency Management Jonah Van Tuyl Central AZ Fire Tony Frazier Central AZ Fire Roger Nusbaum Walker Fire Dave Legge Central AZ Fire Hugh Valley YC Emergency Management Tom Haney MFD Jeff Archer PFD Matt Alexander AZ DFFM Walter Rosas AZ DFFM Billie Denike PRCC Carrie Zanbierno PRCC

Prescott Basin Minutes 12.6.2018 1300 Prescott Fire Center Prescott Basin Ops Group PNF Update on Positions Discussion • Jeff Andrews- R3 Detail • Aaron Hulburd- Depute Fire Staff • Alanna English- FMO Prescott Also updated contact list for entire group. Action Items Person Deadline None 2018 Drill Review & 2019 Planning Discussion General consensus was drill went well and would like to repeat a similar drill for 2019 Conclusions • County has budgeted money for lunches, needs a head count 30 days prior • Date for the drill? Possibly earlier in the year before seasonal employees are hired • Pairing FS with VFD • All dispatches involved • Incident within incident- 9 Line demonstration • Alternates for positions • LEO direct involvement Action Items Person Deadline None Prescott Basin Minutes Agenda Topic Discussion Conclusions Action Items Person Deadline Prescott Basin Minutes Prescott Basin Dispatch Group Review of 2018 Season Discussion Needed general discussion of how the season and rotation procedure went with the covered agencies. No members present from PRCC to discuss with. Will bring to next meeting. Items to Discuss: • Review of 2018 • Needs • Issues and areas of improvement • Identify Members and Departments Involved Conclusions None Action Items Person Deadline Table for next meeting Attendees Name: Agency: Ben Roché Central AZ Fire Jake Guadiana AZ DFFM Josh Nuttall PNF Mike Wallace PNF Tiffany Chiaravallaoti YC Emergency Management Jonah Van Tuyl Central AZ Fire Tony Frazier Central AZ Fire Roger Nusbaum Walker Fire Dave Legge Central AZ Fire Hugh Valley YC Emergency Management Aaron Hulburd PNF Tom Haney MFD Jeff Archer PFD

And again the redundant image:


0110_Sender_Light,Dennis -FW_ 2018 Prescott Basin Operations Plan-Agency Approval Request - 12-11-2018 - 2018 Basin Ops Front Page.pdf - 2018 Prescott Basin Ops Plan_.docx.pdf - Basin Ops Record of Changes.docx.pdf (repeat- shown earlier)


00110_Sender_Sventek,Jaimie Subject_Planning Meeting Minutes - 09-17-2014 - Staff Meeting Minutes 9-16-14.docx.dat:


0112_Sender_Microsoft Outlook Subject_Undeliverable_ Active911 Shift Changes - 02-24-2020 - Active911 Shift Changes.pdf - Attach 1:


8:26 PM 8-5-20 I am going to eat some cucumbers and watch some raw footage of a shark attack so come back on later - pause - publish


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