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November 16 through November 20, 2023, Journal

November 16: I awoke at 4am to PC hacking issues. I will be closing accounts- I looked at the analytics so for today LINKEDIN will be closed and possibly Instagram. I was blocked out of my email accounts.


Fall 23'. In below average health. Focused to health. Willing to do local contacts only. Student: Joy A. Collura (housewife hiker, fuel abatement barter/trade contracts, "student of fire", cert PIO - Social Media, cert Wildland FF I & II, cert WUI S-215, US Hotshots Lifetime Member #33 special belt buckle assigned to me. IAWF Member (18-21’) After COVID phase paused, California Interagency Wildland Fire Risk Management Member 18-23', Southern California Association of Foresters and Fire Wardens Member 18-23, International Assoc of Fire Chiefs Early Bird / National Fallen Firefighters - Everyone Goes Home in the Wildland Conference member, Little Venus Staff Ride participant, Wildland Fire Origin and Cause Determination FI-210, RT130 19-23', cert S-230 Crew Boss, cert Single Resource Engine Boss S231 (audit because S-290 cancelled – not enough students), cert M-410 Facilitator Instructor, SME / Co-Instructing at Payson Campus College, 20’ Sheff LLC Field Work Courses and Staff Rides, Signed up for 2021 S-236 Heavy Equipment Boss and certified 22', Private Sector Burn Assessments, Forensic Weather Researcher, American Meteorological Society Member-Washington DC YHF Presenter, Study/Researcher- Satellite Water Vapor imagery / origin / progression / burn scars of Wildland Fires over 500 degrees), Wildland Firefighter Foundation Lifetime Member; resigned July 18, 2022 needed to see records that there was zero incoming outgoing involvement with any slurry retardant entities plus something imbalance happened because it reflected in our knowing SB. I ceased promoting for WFF yet they are in my prayers 🙏 and thoughts and hope they comprehend I cannot be associated to any entity tied to slurry industries. Fire and 2021 Life Safety Educator I Student / Arizona Fire School / 2023 RT-130. In 2024, I will reevaluate but in 2023 healing from brutal assault and major vehicle collision. Wednesday, November 1st, 2023 at 12:58 PM Registration Confirmed - 2024 Arizona Wildfire and Incident Management Academy: RT-130A, Leadership Seminar —Leadership in History, Talk to Me - Understanding Comms. "REMOTE JOBS" are in my search daily with health benefits. Part time leading into Full Time. Health Insurance is important to me.

Wildfire Tragedy. Granite Mountain Hotshots. Yarnell Hill Fire. Joy A Collura. YHF. GMHS.

closing Instagram due to hack:

closing Twitter due to hack:

Clearing pics off my hubby's cell:

today is the OMNA Yarnell Staff Ride:

Neat pic:

Congress Sunset:


Hair finally growing out

what the heck is this---I awoke with these

burn marks---do I have a parasite???

Congress Cattle Pond:

walked and watched and spent time listening to this and the barn talk:

I am asleep when they are actively doing this:

I went to bed with listening to this video because it was on the sideline of my YouTube:

this morning I noted this was playing in my ear as I was asleep:

who is this lady?

Only one other time I ever heard the name "H E L L F I R E" as she just stated in video and it was GMHS Donut's mother's old roommate's daughter who spent time with Dr Ted, FJS and me in Pine, AZ in 2019...

this is the post that has me shadow banned after it was professionally examined so moving it to here. then delete over there:

that is me with the elk scratching it's nose as it came up to me as I was in the backyard in Pine, AZ:

who are the two men in yellow? I know the middle person.

Dr Ted, Polo, Me, and Fred...came on Polo and my remember when pics:

good talking with you Polo just now-- (w/ FJS)

My YouTube is HIGH RISK- Shadow Banned:

Heavenly Father, thank You for all the blessings You give me. During this Thanksgiving season, as I look at all You have done for me, I am overwhelmed. Most of all, I thank You for sending Your only Son to die for me. Thank You for raising Him from the dead and that He now is seated with You in heaven. Thank You for the gift of Your Holy Spirit, whereby I can feel Your presence. May I always hunger to spend time with You. In Jesus' Name, Amen. -

my view of the backyard I emailed Aussie/Ozzie- Igor:

left tonsil:

right tonsil:

back of throat:

6:30pm caught up with Honee Heart in CO.

November 17:

drinking plenty of garlic and ginger water and all these weeks later, still white patches and red:

right ear:

left ear:

I am cancelling all online social media areas, online Republican/Democrat/Independent sites, and LinkedIN except the professional tools for security and shadow banning software and the video analytics.


Some upsell items I like on Amazon-- recommended items I have used:

walked for a good bit- played with pets- spoke with Longknife and FJS about the 80's. Lost in 2 games of Chess but won one.

this is the first night my evening was DIFFERENT -- I was on this call with almost 40 folks and it was a good fellowship of prayer and bible studies and prayer and fellowship until just now --- 5 hours --- 6pm until 11:07pm. 7:49-8:15 I fell asleep, but prayer awoke 9:52pm I was in the garage listening in until almost the end. I am so awake. I will see them all again Sunday and Wednesday, yet I have to stick to our regimen here so no Fridays again like today and no Saturdays...I reckon I will stay up as much as I can...and sleep 3am to 11am...been awhile since I was up late...usually asleep by 6-7pm.


due to that Bible Studies-- I was in garage then ended up in this guest room fell asleep on carpet about 3am-



-I sent RR message no visit...he did not get message..he showed up 8am

with my breakfast- a pomegranate and Distilled water and a scratch of LUCKY 7s and I won $3 so Nick got me some when he went to store with the winning ticket..

walked my backyard:

ate a piece of salmon for brunch:

afternoon tea:

I am still clammy feeling:

Tree is not up--- technically---just how it is stored in the garage :)

WFF is benched in 2023 ---