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Nov. 18- Nov. 20th, 2023, Journal


due to that Bible Studies-- I was in garage then ended up in this guest room fell asleep on carpet about 3am-



-I sent RR message no visit...he did not get message..he showed up 8am

with my breakfast- a pomegranate and Distilled water and a scratch of LUCKY 7s and I won $3 so Nick got me some when he went to store with the winning ticket..

walked my backyard:

ate a piece of salmon for brunch:

afternoon tea:

I am still clammy feeling:

Tree is not up--- technically---just how it is stored in the garage :)

WFF is benched in 2023 ---

if Burk was not "benched" 2023- his ornament went here: (soft smiles)

Lois Weaver (RiP 2010- 80) my Bible Studies women were Lois Weaver from 2005-2010 then 2010-2018 was Lois Porowski (RiP 98)

God always provided to me God faith women.

I was working on the 10 and 18 has been since the Spring 2023 that I wrote them out:

ate tuna sandwich at 4:44pm. watching a movie with a new Bible Study and online Red Barn Church 6pm AZ time - I am dedicating 333 visits to see if I want to be a part of this MISSION of theirs- Jesus Doers - Jesus Doers, We Are Jesus Doers - --- anyone is welcome to watch the film. See you there. I watched the fillum before the wrath and a little fellowship and crashed appx 9pm. I got up a little after 4am...unusual for me. Usually earlier.

November 19-

huge believer in this product:

I am the FIRST to admit if my bible is dusty- my life is rusty. :)

that is funny- they shadow banned me for this post: ?????

the more people in these social media spots shadow ban me--- go look at metadata and analytics- I still outshine the topics who consider themselves my competition or whatever they think or do to cause distractions...

archiving from FB:

Church 12pm AZ time until almost 3 for me---I left during trivia ---

November 20- slept ok- I really like the go to sleep sounds:

talk to FJS- no way am I making that call --- say W H A T E V E R all day long --- spoke to RR and Sonny will be over at 10am to noon on some pending stuff he has going on.

what is that white thing flying in air by Sonny/I:

Thank you Kim, Igor, Chenoa, Alice...I sent you Kim- a Holiday card explaining areas ... I am LISTENING to your YouTube materials and tools...I am organizing medical documents for an upcoming appointment. I will get to this studying this week...

I wrote down what you want us to study without Googling...

  • Pentateuch

  • 6th-12th books of concern?

  • OT Wisdom Literature

  • major prophets

  • minor prophets I am more than likely going to listen to the YouTube videos of Kim's that is out as a product to the Public at Large at no cost to us the world yet due to finances and the main factor I really lay what I do here and I do not want to interact with LIFE online where others who have hurt or harmed me can see me out there publicly interacting with the online section of interacting at Jesus Doers yet I do like the concept of focusing my days to my relationship to Jesus.


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