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August 15: Unwell, slept most of today.

4:19pm- ate brisket and talked with FJS in regard to EE. 4:31pm working on Wix with fjs via zoom and helped him handle a Wix issue-- he was appreciative to learn he is capable to do it himself.

City of Prescott PRR:

cut 4-6 inches off hair with clippers tonight in hopes to help the head pain...

Plaintiff: Alvin Ray Yount Defendant: Yavapai County Sheriff's Office, Yavapai, County of, Central Arizona Fire & Medical Authority and Arizona, State of Case Number:3:2023cv08526Filed: August 8, 2023Court:US District Court for the District of Arizona Presiding Judge: Michael T Morrissey Nature of Suit: Civil Rights: Other Cause of Action:42 U.S.C. § 1983 Civil Rights Act Jury Demanded By: None

Docket Report

This docket was last retrieved on August 8, 2023. A more recent docket listing may be available from PACER.

Date Filed Document Text August 8, 2023Filing 6 Summons Issued as to All Defendants and mailed to plaintiff. (BAS)August 8, 2023Filing 5 NOTICE TO SELF-REPRESENTED LITIGANT re informational documents attached: (1) Notice to Self-Represented Litigant, (2) Federal Court Self-Service Clinic Flyer, (3) Fed. R. Civ. P. 5.2, and (4) Notice and Request re Electronic Noticing. (BAS)August 8, 2023Filing 4 Filing fee paid, receipt number 138428. This case has been assigned to the Honorable Michael T Morrissey. All future pleadings or documents should bear the correct case number: CV23-08526-PCT-MTM. Magistrate Election form attached. (Attachments: #1 instructions) (BAS)August 8, 2023Filing 3 SUMMONS Submitted by Alvin Ray Yount. (BAS)August 8, 2023Filing 2 MOTION to Allow Electronic Filing by a Party Appearing Without an Attorney by Alvin Ray Yount. (BAS)August 8, 2023Filing 1 COMPLAINT AND REQUEST FOR INJUNCTION. Filing fee received: $ 402.00, receipt number 138428 filed by Alvin Ray Yount. (BAS)

I was not notified some of these were closed...

August 16: I had a nice dream of AMBL and her mom at some event and her mom gave me some arrowhead rocks in a box...but at first she was not nice but after I showed he what I own it was like all this time they thought I didn't have anything and they changed immediately.

They asked me recently if I was interested in 2023 contest --- I said "yes" but I probably won't be picked because I don't do social media...

August 17:

FJS/TT on call---call dropped. 10:30ish.

August 18:

August 19 was very ill

August 20 was very ill

August 21was very ill

August 22was very ill mailed this to someone:

August 23was very ill

August 24was very ill

August 25was very ill

August 26 in new post

August 27 in new post

August 28 in new post

August 29 in new post

August 30 in new post

August 31 in new post


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