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little more delving... part two.

Let us look and see who owns in 2023 the TRADE NAME - Granite Mountain Hotshots.

and if this widow is okay to speak about others, let's see how things are looking from the source asking us to do the following - let's turn it around back to her and see how things are looking for this year.

Sorry you saw what you did ... rise above it ...

I stand with you. You were just doing a service for the tenth anniversary ... that was great.

All the proceeds were going to the learning center. Sad to see 'control and divide' is still happening in the ten years --- look how far we came.

Same ol', same ol'.



A widow's request:

Who does, right now, have legal authority over the trade name GRANITE MOUNTAIN HOTSHOTS???...

Let's go take a look ...


I called to ask if it says INACTIVE, does it mean anyone can take over the TRADE NAME? This is that call ...don't bother playing --- endless loop:

so many GMHS names are inactive in 2023.

How unprofessional to have the Agent to this entity publicly state this versus being professional and handling this all-back channel vs. public:

I am sorry to anyone who is honoring the men as a limited amount of gear made up for the 10th Anniversary and giving proceeds to the center to be treated so unprofessionally as we publicly saw this week.

It is horrible because people wrote I won't shop at that place based on these public areas of these comments.

This all should have been handled back channel.

Such a disrespect to the hard working folks at the GMIHC Learning Center.

Also, to lose Jane (RiP) is plenty enough (she is missed)

but to have this chaos done publicly is wrong

and I want the Public at Large to see I cannot take it personally what was done to me from this entity because it happens to others as well...

In my humble opinion, it is a 'control and divide' thing. The public records show INACTIVE for the TRADE NAME

so I do not want to hear the entitlement that someone wanted to help make a limited number of items to help out and give the proceeds to see all this rubbish come their way.

Very unprofessional in my opinion.

Alan, really? Do you remember our talk? That shocked me to see you listed here ... Dirch Foreman is the one in my Fireline Technology course who said who needs the "10 and 18" when you have your handy pocket size IRPG --- really... funny... Yvonne was the sweet professional lady from UNITED WAY after the YHF13' ...Jake is that forestry tech guy ... I am not wasting energy learning the other names below --- but "friendly reminder" your stuff was due in April 2023... but then again wouldn't be your first time ...right?

I know Tom Haney is tied to another board member area...

let's analytically figure what the public records show as a possible when the ABOUT US last was updated so we can calculate was that since 2014 that $95,000 until this time?:

No...I delved deeper and it was less funds in 2020, see:

the $63,000 is from May 18, 2020, so from 5-18-20 until whenever the total was placed it went up $32,000 to $95,000...

Fred is working on his letter of intent for these TRADE NAMES:

Thank you for the update ...



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