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June 30, 2013, RG247-2 Non-Commercial Research Intent Only. "209s" - Disc Two

  • ALL The Polly Rosenbaum State Archives and History building's Reading Room YHF13 records are for this personal use only blog- InvestigativeMEDIA (John Dogherty) and Scott E Briggs must sign a different sheet for their educational purposes with the Arizona States Archive Library - AZSAL- you may redirect people with a link to my site. That is how my contract I signed was written. No copies are to be made just online for my personal reference for my personal blog.

I paid for the CDs --- with the records as a non-commercial purpose.

Legal team suggested to just place "draft" areas into published stating "work in progress" and just fill in the documents as I go through my files in 2024.

I am off organizing my emails in 2023.

The documents are under strict order that it is for my personal use only [ not yours ] on my personal YHF13' educational purpose non-commercial purpose testimony blog which provides my Yarnell Hill Fire 2013 Testimony and Documentation in a research style to get documents to lead to a proper assessment / conclusion not like what we have seen for a decade from the Media and the Investigative folks out there.

I have always been non-commercial for educational purposes to see how come Sonny and I almost died June 30, 2013, but 19 did..

I always state on the Disclaimer and throughout my posts refrain from copying any of my materials just link the web address only.

My blog is set up to document everyone who arrives here and reads the content. I have a video how long you stay on each area of the posts and who you are and what you copy/save. I made sure to create my blog to protect me from the ill-mannered folks.

So, please respect / follow the disclaimers, law and rules.

Mostly, because I sign papers like this above, so I have zero concern doing this record gathering and sharing for my own personal use but if any of it circulates external from the blog- you are not allowed by law.

Get your own records as I always state.

We all matter!

I am unafraid of the politics in all this.

Look how many times I go to get situated to get records out then the external serious distractions.

I will document what I do see, and these links will later be placed into the proper box number.

My curiosity to see what was on the discs and jump drive which then took priority over doing box one.

I requested the metadata of the CDs and here is that:

I want to place the documents [AZSAL-temp. location; not yet processed] with 'keeping in mind' that these records were gathered this week ( June 23, 2013 through June 30, 2013/prior appts ) at the Arizona State Archives Library- AZSAL by researcher, JOY A COLLURA.

I want to properly document the journey.

All documents were once were in the custodianship of State Forestry now Department of Forestry - DFFM.

DFFM, Bill Boyd, has yet to provide me, JOY A COLLURA, the transfer form records from when it went from their place to ???? but I can provide once AZSAL picked the eight boxes up from DFFM.

There are crucial documents missing from the boxes

and I requested a formal audit at the start of this year.

No status has been shown my way on that.

When the F B I reaches me about another issue - then I will let them know my concern as well with how the current permanent records look at this date. Incomplete.

Again, Bill Boyd during COVID 19 stated IRON MOUNTAIN stored DFFM documents and IRON MOUNTAIN has been helpful but limited, yet I still have not seen any transfer forms to and from IRON MOUNTAIN or from DFFM to AZSAL as I have requested all these forms from DFFM.

Zero Media / Reporters / Authors / Journalists saw these eight boxes.

So much for them doing research, eh.

None even asked to see them at AZSAL on the tenth remembrance anniversary.


I have heard that from time to time from entities that I am the only one who has delved as dip as I have...

and gathered as much as I have...

seems everyone accepted the redundant sounds bites that have been woven year after year and now I can say for a decade from Media.


Fred John Schoeffler and Joy A. Collura watched the eight boxes be unsealed for the first time in our presence along with lead staff member.

So, understand my frustrations when I hear Investigative reporter interviewing people who have caused me harm ill manners - that interview Ryman did with the Helm couple using my image without courtesy photo credit. ??? Really? Total lack of understanding what we all know back channel and we search for the documents that still remain missing a decade later.

What kind of Media are running the show here.?

Original Custodian: Arizona State Forestry (2013)

The office of the State Forester was established in 1966. Originally part of the State Land Department, the State Forester was established as a separate position in 2004. In 2016, the State Fire Marshal was placed under the authority and direction of the State Forester. Statutes were reorganized as the Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management (DFFM) and may be found at A.R.S. §§37-1301 through 37-1426.


Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management- DFFM


Researcher JOY A COLLURA reviewed/copied in full all eight boxes in

chronological order from June 23-30, 2023, and prior research appointment dates

which was gathered as a non-commercial purpose for the Public at Large so we all can make

a proper assessment of the June 28-July10, 2013 Yarnell Hill Fire 2013.

All documents I gathered in the ten years was for research for the Public at Large.

Very costly journey. I will never do a book or movie and only

InvestigativeMEDIA (John Dougherty) and Scott E Briggs have permission to use

my research for educational purposes only my blog content exempts ALL The Polly Rosenbaum State Archives and History building's Reading Room YHF13 records. They have to go get their own and sign a paper like I did.

Everyone else must "link" to Yarnell Hill Fire Revelations to review the material-

I give zero permission to copy / save any areas,

but those two men named above except the AZSAL files.

If I grant any permissions further, I must get a certified notarized "letter of intent" for my files exempt the AZSAL files.

Zero incoming technology communications are acceptable.


[Dennis Welch, they gave you misinformation --- see this record shows as you requested that week- they show on the 209 and Resource Orders --- Federal employees were present.]

[See, Dennis you requested all records between 6-28-13 thru 7-1-13 and the document is from July 1, 2013]



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