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Joy A. Collura's - Summer 2022 Recap - Part 7

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Abbreviations used: Wildland Firefighters (WFs) - Firefighters (FFs).


this month currently health areas working on with medical team with PCP and as well working with my derm. / ENT / heart / GI specialist:

8-27-22 FaceBook - Donna Gordon was struck by law enforcement 8-26-22; fatal accident.

weird---I just gave Fred a role for his area so "who" is on my area that I got this message, hmmm:,,,

Media - go look at all I requested --- or maybe you all are still staying low key --- I asked for records to 'rule out'

I deleted it because Parnau questioned if I was offended and then he went into offense mode calling me a victim so I just deleted it--- I went to speak truths --- he did not want it tied to his area it appeared, so I removed it --- I have zero time for rubbish. I speak facts. However, I did note someone removes comments over there anyways as I read all the comments.

105 comments vanished already, and some were from eyewitness accounts---I am placing them on my post here.

so, the comments keep being taken down people, see: