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I live in a ghost town called Congress, Arizona and people reach me when they see "smoke" in area-

So, I am going to make this my local page for Congress residents on all I receive when it comes to local fire data for Fire Season 2023--

Some areas I will keep "back channel" if it is something I am focused on for "other" research importance.

One has to understand I learned what happened on Yarnell Hill Fire 2013 ( heart wrenching )

and a lot we as citizens are unable to view because some are considered exempt, but I still know due to documented "Human Factors" -

So, to respect my research toolbox, some data I keep behind the scenes.

I refuse to be fully transparent and will offer the Public at Large general information.

I am watching Fire Season 2023 on any fire over 500 degrees and I am watching the Master Records and Red Card Qualification System and so on.

I will do my best to document any fires in our ghost town. I always will be proactive to reduce what we saw in 2013.

I also have enough in town who know what I know, and they also will document from Hillside to the desert that meets the mountain breezes...they know what to watch out for.

I can state in 2023, be mindful that two male lions were killed and that's their way of doing it (not my way) --- but I am seeing the female lion's scat more and more so be cautious out there on your trail walks.

I am stating in 2023, DFFM and State Forestry vehicles have been in town - no biggie --- just building a solid beginning paper trail to watch how Fire Season 2023 unfolds here --

Here are the records I requested in 2023 for my area here:


apologies on my penmanship- arthritic troubles:










I do not have Social Media so this is what appears for people unable to Log IN yet it seems it is very current and up-to-date:



I got this reply for every PRR so taking it to the online portal system now:

Quick recap:

I read:

Public Records Fees

As permitted by A.R.S. § 39-121.01(D) (1), DFFM charges a fee to cover administrative costs and the costs of reproduction and postage for hard copies of records being requested for non-commercial purposes.

In person review: No charge; however, an appointment must be made with the agency to review records. Walk-in requests without an appointment will not be honored.


Pursuant to Attorney General's Opinion No. 86-090, dated August 25, 1986, an agency may charge any fee, not established by Statute, it deems appropriate for copying records, including a reasonable fee for cost of time, equipment and personnel in producing copies of records subject to public disclosure, but not the actual cost of staff time to search for the records.

The following establishes rates for copies of documents, records, etc., not established by Statute:

Reproduction charges: Electronic Copies

No charge if the documents are already in electronic form. If a request requires the agency to convert hard copies into electronic copies, .50 cents per page fee will be charged.

DFFM will make every effort to provide access to and/or copies of public records in a reasonable amount of time. If a request is expected to require a period of more than 5 business days, DFFM will notify the requester in writing. Delays may be caused by the amount of staff time necessary to handle large volumes of records or, if due to the age of the records, the records require off-site retrieval from the Arizona State Library and Public Records (ASLPR) facility.

When requesting large volumes of records, it is suggested that the requester make an appointment to view the records in person, if possible, prior to requesting copies. In many cases, requests for public records (and thus fees charged) can be substantially reduced if the requester has a chance to review the materials and select more specific records for copying.




Remember, I love my town and all us old school folks and newbies here and this is just to show hey, let's watch how 2023 Fire Season is planned to go ... let them do their thing ... I just will do my part to document our community when it comes to Wildland Fire...I wish I knew what I know now back in 2013.

all my other apps and tools in my tool box that I do not place public- I am documenting -

just prefer certain folks not know my tools at this point ...

it would show what level of knowledge I am in knowing nowadays and I prefer to stay with the local label "housewife hiker"

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