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I just don't have it.

I was so pleased when last year we finally paid off an almost $100,000 medical debt that we were on a program for. Felt good.

The Boise Idaho assault placed me on a new over $14,000 medical debt.

Someone I know paid a recent event.

Now they want $3,000 for an immediate concern.

I am saving right now for a Summer procedure so this revelation, I don't have it.

Requesting prayers to God to help me figure this out.

They want $3,000 at time of service and they can get me right away, but I asked do they offer any discounts and they said if at time of service I was willing to pay it all minus 20% off. That would be $2,400.

Each year, I have been a financial burden to myself and those around me. I don't get it. I just don't, so prayers are requested for God to help me on what to do next.

Walk away fully from the medical world knowing they said today I have 19 times per hour where I stop breathing and need to get further studies to get the proper airflow.

I am feeling confused.

3-29-23 11am- Thank you for the prayers. Family friend is covering the above. Praise Jesus. God is good.

We are on the phone talking fire and about Mount Shasta:


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