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How to Start "Junk Journaling": A Beginner's Guide

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"Junk Journaling"

I, Joy A. Collura, need to make the time to explain something since a family member today felt I was busy because their email inbox received many notifications that posts when to publish-

Firstly, the "live" journals are just my "note taking" for many reasons like when I go to medical appts. that I can show my lymphatic congestion or drainage areas over time or lab results by the click of a link [ "live" journal] vs. storing data on my cell...

and well, to show family/friends my desert Spring 2024 botanical trail blooms and etc. ... a way for them to "check-in" since I am not on social media, and I am not a phone gal.

or to jot notes on a wildland fire--- it is a "brainstorming/chicken scratch" of what's happening in those calendar days.

It is far from every detail to my life...

remember this...

you came on your time to my space and my space is just that, my space not our space ...

if you got notified by email is because you signed up for it---

if you did not sign up, then let me know and I will learn how to remove your email address but contact me with email that it went to so I can learn in a timely fashion to get it removed.

I am not gonna make an extra fast step to get this action done yet it will be done if you never placed your email and signed up.

or you will not find me with this thought ...

"let me write to create or create an audience"...I am not a journalist nor reporter just a small-town housewife who wants to prevent another fatality as we saw 6-30-13

and I, for sure, want to keep the "politics of fire" out of my community since we have tied into another Fire coalition [entity] and no longer just Congress Fire District by placing out to the public how to do a tort claim

because if people have "situational awareness" versus counting how many broken crayons they have to still color or how many days left until fantasy football drafts...

or when is the next ladies' group to meetup and never get to the 'meat of the matter' and then discuss behind their backs horseshit gossip... ???

people should be aware of the local, county, state, national, international / Global politics to their zip code...

it is okay to burn in a safe healthy way yet in my opinion, it is not okay for so many reasons to create a Fiscal budget to make sure to burn acreage, so you keep being funded or what are currently seeing. I will call out the errors that I will do...

There is a better way.

How come a long-time contractor in fire is good with the Feds, but State, they want the contractor to up their insurance to appx. Two Million Dollars to "have at it" / participate in Fire Season 2024 ???

Hmmm.. what are the plans for Fire Season 2024???

The other fun one is how people state to my face they read my you don't and I can prove it to you..."back channel" so why waste your energy telling me you do, right?!


Archiving front page for SPRING SEASON 2024.

Thank you, Lauren --- I know you meant well - God handles THAT area so I "removed this section" --- at 7am 5-19-22, I removed any medical topic on front page. Thank you for all your help.

Lauren, my family and friends already put over one million prayers and dollars into my health and health care. I really am over it. I look at the genetics of who died already and who are still here, and I just do my actions to get well but this fluid retention and teeth and jaw and head pain gets old. I feel at this point if I was healed with atonement of the Lord --- would I be blinded by the regimen that has been to my life? I am way over the symptoms- they can leave ASAP...

So, no- I have not been busy making posts --- however, both FRED J SCHOEFFLER and I have had hacking attempts from others in April-May 2024, even on WIX,

and I have been formally asked this week to destroy a certain public record for agency safety concerns ??? hmmm.....

and I am just gathering and organizing.

Not much going on.

I am not here for anyone's entertainment even if you try/tried how many times...right!?

Stop the "sprinkle, sprinkle...twinkle, twinkle" bs...I am a whole different theme park then you ever been to--- I am not here for the entertaining moments for ya...

that is your lies...

I am hopeful and authentic. I am not here for an audition. I am not making any movie or book.

I am not for everyone, yet I am for truth. I recognize gratitude and hard lessons. Do you?

Keep playing what you tell others about me, "I never heard of you, Joy" or you tell others that I am trying to stay relevant as I heard your gossip--- yep, your gas came back to me...I pray for ya ... sorry you felt to project a falsehood too.

You thought to "run amuck" and I would lay out the red carpet for you...but what you put out ---may just circle back your way. God is watching.

I care zip about others' perceptions about me.

I see you all get there before I do- so you can gossip on me, kinda weak a%% folks...right?!

You all have to hold each other and pinch another's arms

I am for reals... I know there is THAT MANY against me... who cares ... it is your creation and orchestration done my way that has to face God one day with and it may be now versus when you go the pearly gates... just sayin' ... God may show you now. Words have a way of mattering so watch the gossip...

but remember folks, the common denominator is me and I stand on my own and I do not care what you feel about me.

That stank a%% manners is yours...I just keep moving forward, smiling...big ass smile too... :)

most live above their means as I follow what God has for me.

Heyyyy 'Mirage'..right?! You owe money / energy / time to who? I am free --- are you?

All the people who called me "crazy" to others, gotta wonder why are they making such efforts, eh ???

what are you hiding?

... you all do not even like yourself and others... I like me... even on my worst day.

Your actions are annoying is all...while you attempt to drag me down...I feel so sad for you.

I am embarrassed for you. You all made up sh%% that I was crazy for anything you could attach / grab for, but you could not back it up ... your opinions are just that ... I can back up every action to my life.

Negative as all hell, you all been ... you can say I am a weak link, but I broke the chains, baby ... no weak link here.

maybe you ain't doing "enough" if it took "how many" of you and I am still gathering and organizing to place this out in the best way it can be --- and I am shaking my head on those creating the soap box [back channel] because when it is all out then what are you gonna do ???

Won't be any victim roles left at that point...

I do care just not for the ones' manners "orchestrating" or acting shady... keep playing that "I am so smart" role, will ya ... and I will keep praying for you all ...

in God's time this will take place ... on a Global scale too.

It will be epic to see the faces of those who made it their personal claim to cause harm my way - taking those short cuts - you will be shown to the Public at Large for that too.

Shame on many of you who did that too.

for the naysayers, "Have a nice Spring/Summer 2024, you Pocket Watchers....hope you would lessen your dumb dumb manners...I will always outperform your "hate" ; with love :) ...gesture: soft smiling"

Just checked to make sure all the links and buttons work--- all good:


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