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Hello. I was made aware that desktop and laptops are doing okay seeing the blog yet cellphones time to time get this:

To remedy it, on your cell.

top right corner,

you see three dots up and down,

click on it

and scroll to "Desktop Site"

and that remedies the concern.

To view the site,

you must swipe to the right to "True"

and what that allows us to know that you read Disclaimers/Etc. and you are ready to view the posts

and to protect us from the ones who orchestrate/create harm...

It is a free site to the viewers to view

(not at all free for us - quite pricey - but it is important facts are out for the Public at Large)

yet I keep tight log /analytics to keep an eye on who after ten years even shows an interest in the eyewitness hikers' testimony and journals or Fred's posts.

So, please comprehend any actions you do of copy and paste, screenshots, or saving image is kept in a video log

in case someone used my material in a harmful way without my permission.

John Dougherty and Scottie Briggs do not need any written permission for their educational purposes of theirs...


You may copy the links without permission only.

I have won almost two dozen cases on the matter so please understand my position to ask permission always first.

Thank you.

right now,

it is almost the same between desktop and cells in visits on this post ...recently no laptops and just 2 tablets.

I went to look how you all are clicking on to the links...see:

the red is the "hot spot" where you all click and I am seeing that issue of the button being hidden.

See down below, the numbers---none of that area will take you to the blog.

I just want people to always know that when you are reviewing my journals and records ... I not only know who you are but your entire experience including saving anything to your pc is kept in a video log and that is more for my protection to know where my material travels to outside my area here. It's a protection layer based on prior incidents. Increased security. No different than having a camera on my home. All my areas I have to document. Keep a log for harassing, harmful folks out there. Remember I know more than I speak in all this.

I even know by how you move your cursor if it has any heat in it...they notify me as "rage clicks"


The following has happened in my lifetime and the reasons I am very protective to my in person and online professional and personal spaces and why I document almost everything:

  • people have done harm my way when I did not even engage with anyone -I just do/did medical appointments. Uninvolved.

  • someone pretended to be me- imposter both online and in person.

  • incited violence on me on purpose - with intent

  • mentally ill folks are still creating divisions posing as healthy folks.

  • some have said I am unhealthy mentally - "crazy" and I showed all the legal medical records on that area here on this blog as what they said is untrue and how disgusting that has been done to me.

  • a group has facilitated such falsehoods about me, and I just let God handle that.

  • people have with intent enraged complete strangers against me for their own agendas even with death threat made my way and I have been brutally assaulted.

  • people have created divisions and it is not needed

  • people have done and said things that they would never want done to them. Bad stuff.

  • a group have done their best to destroy / damage my image and credibility, but I am God's and He protects me. When you hear anyone talk about me - look at that person ... I am an open book, and most all my life is shared here publicly in my journals. Question why are they speaking about me at all ... right.

  • some people make it their life effort for others to have a different view to me and no one ever questions or challenges the people. It is sick.They did a good job of it too.

  • Some tried to affect me financially.

  • someone spun an entire web, and it cannot be undone. They were once close to me, when others spoke about me, they did not do the difficult right thing and just went along with it, and I know why, but that shifted me knowing them---

  • some have engaged in illegal activities and are okay with that ???

  • some said enough mean stuff to ensure others would never reach me

  • very manipulative manners I saw of this group

  • serious questionable behaviors people have had to make sure truths stay hidden

  • when you hear I did something so bad from someone, if you come to me to tell me I am a person who can handle the news and keep you out of it all but the more I know data --- the more I know how I can protect my areas.

  • some are inspired by hatred and rage, and I am given and loving and call out falsehoods --- if I am wrong, let me know and I will correct it.

  • HUGE slander and defamation has been done to my life for telling the documented truths.

  • some believe they are entitled to be an authority above me when they are not, and I refuse to bow down to that kind of person --- bullies.

  • I am a "no bones about it" person - I am firm and fair --- if you block me from back-channel communication, I will use my platform here to get the message across especially when I see untruths happening.

  • people are failing to be transparent, and they just like to state lies about me when I own the documented facts.

  • seems others perceive I struck a nerve in them, so they manufacture narratives to fit their agendas.

  • some think I should be abused for the rest of my life

  • some start arguments just to see how I react--- gaslighting.

  • some have placed out to others their opinions of my sexual behaviors even heard them say I was promiscuous- those are lies. A moment to my life ... and my family and friends know and so do you all here and, in that moment, I was far from promiscuous too in that situation and it was an influenced moment during a serious brain detox diet regimen. Nor was there any intercourse --- in my way of living though it was highly inappropriate. There was a real doozy one in Summer 2020 during the Polles Fire that someone said to an authority I seduced someone for their funds- what a gem-- or the one Marty Cole called me Fred's girlfriend--- shew ---the shit I seen ---and yet I kept at it ... My world is my elders and kids and making my yard manicured - that is it besides my walks / medical appointments / ladies group / RR visits and time to time talk to Scottie Briggs / Fred J. Schoeffler and others...I keep to a limited short social lifestyle. And everyone knows my favorite person since the YHF13' is always gonna be SETP. Purest soul in this all. Also, even though I occasionally have a visit with Sonny (Tex Harold Eldon Gilligan) --- we are cool with the label we created during all that rumor phase--- it stuck and it stays- --- the ol' married couple; he's old. she's was humor during a time people were spreading sick crap.

  • people even falsely reached my family and friends over time.

  • If you see any social media areas with my name -- reach me so I can say if it is mine --- imposters out there.


  • truth being they wanted me to tolerate their continuous mistreatment and abuse as they remained nontransparent and always behind the scenes doing their manufactured lies so always reach me before you buy into their lies. Just because they said it does not make it facts / truths.

  • some start a fight and if I was sick or tired and reacted then it was look at her ... never the origin them orchestrating the fight in the first place

  • people worked together to waste energy to spin illusions about me\

  • there are ring leaders to all this.

  • some just do not like me but make the time to hurt and harm me when I mind my own business --- and if I see people being bullied, I do at times take the energy and call them out ... I detest people who control / create narratives / create divisions, etc.

  • I choose me and that is why my "glow-up" just bothers some...the dark cannot stand the light ...

  • Some are bitter resentful my way, but they are the ones who are taking it out on me---not my problem. I pray for you though.

  • I have had people tell me WHO has gossiped about me ... so when you do, just know the people you told, they told me.

  • some hate me because they feel it is impossible, I could ever like them with my light so bright and they live in their dark ways...

  • Some prefer to live life in a toxic chaotic mess so that they do not have to have the responsibility to let someone care and give to them because they have been hurt so bad in prior relationships to their lives, so they take it out on me by ghosting me but also trash talking me to others. Sorry someone did you dirty- I know I never once did you dirty ever. I only speak fair and firm with truth and integrity.

  • someone questioned my faith and loyalty --- based on an isolated moment when I am with the same person living day in and out doing pretty much the same thing day in and out year after year decade after decade since 1988 when I just turned 16 so that has to account for something...because I turn 51 July 1st so that is a lot of time with the same person and NO, there is no option to an "open" marriage, period. That is 35 years with same person for the record. I do still have time to time catch up with my elementary and high school peeps and my first knowing of a guy in high school; ELJH.

  • people who crave to hurt others are usually hurting inside themselves...

  • some were hurt by women in dating and so now they choose women to orchestrate a moment just to "ghost" them --- those people are not welcome in my world at all. Date, date, date then becomes a new vendetta to avoid healing and avoid creating real true friendships. Or they project women are promiscuous when they are not ---

  • also one of the whoppers I heard that I am a "gold digger" or look at all the old men she hangs with--- never adding all the old women I hang out with too...I have walked the desert and been with miners so I have dug for real gold but not the ill label someone projected.

  • Another whopper was a friend of mine lied and omitted and gave poor advice and they even offered lies and omissions yet I am out in the cold and that person is praised like extended family ??? that was weird.

  • one escapes their life in numbing in the way they do and bad mouth me once influenced??? hmmm....

  • some gather many friends just to vent about me --- yet they never can forget me --- they weep late nights how they treated me in person and back channel ... love/hate scenario.

  • some have zero desire to have anything real and serious in their life so they feel they can trash talk me but God is watching and He will handle them in His time.

  • I had someone tell me one swore off dating --- no desire to have anyone --- scope the online dating scenario --- and go on dates just so they can avoid getting real in life because they really want to just be free - rotate people --- in and out --- but they end up going back to why did I ever enter their life and regrets it as well that they ever met me. Sad.

  • creates narratives and tells them over and over to anyone who will that I become the background vs the foreground.

  • heavily manipulates information wrongly.

  • some said bippity boppity to the moon and tells people I do seances and in reality, they most likely do...

  • they mischaracterize events and deny me telling my documented truth testimony.

  • bunch of brainwashers out there so they do not have to take accountability on their own lives...lies and omissions.

  • deep rooted offensive folks out there

  • someone did their darndest to make me out to be stupid.

  • Some feel I am unqualified to even exist in my own body

  • people gave distorted views about my testimony on YHF13'

  • silence the victim is what they did attempt to do but I don't play the victim cards like them.

  • when I hear them, I hear blah, blah, blah

  • some like to believe they can exert power and I know God is watching them.

  • someone out there lies alot on me- why? seems odd. To deflect from them? to distract?

  • In closing, one of the HUGEST lies told was that I am witch and do seances. God will handle all those folks who spoke it and those who listened to it and carried the thread on. It is a full blown lie.

  • 6-12-23 6:51am add-on: I was on my long walk this morning and I want to go over some areas that fit in this section...when I got home from helping out in the desert and "____" appalled me and said "help" by prostituting yourself. That does not fit me at all so floored it was jokingly said except to get a reaction is what I think. Wow, and that person's pastor is not doing his Spiritual job if this person could even say it to be masculine comedic...Wow! Wow! God said ignore it - this is a person who is being influenced. I use to wonder how this person spoke behind my back and I had to just let that person go and let God take over. I also sent a prayer request to your Pastor today- I mean the Pastor is the sheep herder so he either needs the prayer or the person who even muttered the words. Very twisted minds out there. Anyone who has a mind like that--- makes you wonder about this world. Then you wonder how come some are fearful or listen to a person--- what if this person shares like that behind my back --- he is the people God warns us about; "gossip" is tsk tsk. Facts and documented truths all the way. If I say it, I can back it up. Can they? I'm not a Jezi and my hubby is only into me --- those lies about him - for sure, God will handle those folks. Not worth my energy to react. Our household are very independent folks. We do not tell another how to live their/our days... there is a person who has been through the ringer and encountered a lot of bad people and that person would be okay to be in our area --- his willingness to want to get out of his toxic environment and they know we would be more a family for him than his own large family because we are so independent and freedom.So, we keep limited people numbers of folks in our "heart space". Yet, we know we all got each other's back.

  • 6-12-23 7:01am add-on: if you hear people out there --- making me to seem like a joke or called me "crazy" / "witch" --- God will have that last laugh and make those accountable for labelling me such way ... 'just sayin' ---

  • 6-12-23 7:24am add-on: For those who tried to lead and mislead about JOY A COLLURA: you, corrupt unethical folks and ignorant ones listening to these folks...God has been watching...some who are stuck in the fog of these lies and may have thought you created a new cult / cultural to get people to hate me (go against my speaking truths) (distract from facts) but God will handle each and everyone of you individually and collectively. Especially the ones who spend their time going to church / volunteering, God sees how you do that activity but on the side done what you did to one of His...ME. You, who are ignorantly listening to the ring leaders... tsk tsk. The plotting and planning will be dealt with by God. I am only focused to the people who show PURE unconditional caring and sharing (give and receive) I am not going to focus to you and your bad manners. Your attacks will not lessen my current path of being excited and enthused. I am at peace. RED FLAGS to watch out for folks- PEOPLE WHO SPEAK NEGATIVE OR CAUSE FALSEHOODS ABOUT JOY A COLLURA OR EVEN ABOUT YOU! A whole cult was created to show hate towards me --- and I am TRUTH! Just remember you ILL FOLKS who spew and project but refuse or do not back up with DOCUMENTED REAL FACTS- the more people want to hurt or harm the stronger you make me.

  • 6-12-23 9:16am: You know who you are to me ... you know my natural confidence ... you seen my changes on this blog and you seen the harm done to me ... you know they lied to you ... staying by yourself you gained clarity ... get away from that toxicity. I am telling you when they bring me up, refrain from reaction. You said things and I forgive you. You have to let those folks go. Start your life fresh. Make that positive change. I understand. No one should feel in bondage. Never feel afraid to contact me. Fear is rubbish. Burying yourself in external stuff is not needed. Others did you wrong. You do not have to please others. No regret. No shame. It's okay. Healing begins within you. Your healing begins the more you share to God not others. I know if you release that abandonment stuff --- you will see golden moments. You do not need others advice - you will only see what those folks were trying to do to you. Bottled up feelings towards your folks...let it move on out. Praying for you. I get your battles. Others fail to see you for you and I do. Life has challenges but it is our opportunity to do what we do with it. Live in the light.

  • 6-12-23 8:12am add-on: "______" lied to Burk and Vicki Minor, yet I am out in the cold. ??? That makes zero sense. That needed to be said. It was more than one who did this to them. Not once have I lied to either one of you, remember that.

  • ''Watch Wag the Dog.' Filmed in 1996/97 by Barry Levinson. What exactly does Wag the Dog mean? To 'wag the dog' means to purposely divert attention from what would otherwise be of greater importance, to something else of lesser significance. ... The expression comes from the saying that 'a dog is smarter than its tail', but if the tail were smarter, then the tail would 'wag the dog' - Witnessing Playing in the Political Structure are merely just Puppetry putting on a Show. They are Not the Ones Calling the Shots. It is just another Grand Illusion being Manufactured to keep you entrained & Trapped in the illusion itself.From my Heart to each of Yours 💖💕'Sunday, June 11th, 2023 at 10:23 AM lady sent me --- I agree.

  • God Bless everyone and access denied to the bullshit.

  • TG in a maternal way likes to nudge that I stated no more fire for me and I need everyone to know for the record ... I requested the F B I to get involved December 2022 to review and evaluate some areas for me. In that, for 2023 I did one conference and Wildland Course and nothing else and I will re-evaluate in 2024. In that time, I will pay attention my medical, health and exercise then RR / ladies group / family life and then when I have a chance, I will organize old fire areas (overwhelming amount of data)

  • For the record, Locations/Dates heavily watched/observed for me, "JOY A COLLURA": PASCO, WA on 12/21/22, Karachi, Pakistan on 12/21/2022, LEXINGTON, KY on 12/21/2022, Pompano Beach, FL on 12/20/2022, Sydney, Australia on 12/20/2022, Waynesville, NC on 12/20/2022, Corbin, KY on 12/19/2022, Orlando, FL on 12/19/2022, FONTANA, CA on 12/19/2022, Little Rock, AR on 12/17/2022, JEFFERSON, SC on 12/16/2022, Hemet, CA on 12/16/2022, Myrtle Beach, SC on 12/16/2022, SEATTLE, WA on 12/15/2022, Bluffton, SC on 12/15/2022, OZARK, MO on 12/15/2022, DULUTH, GA on 12/14/2022, Roseville, CA on 12/14/2022, Greenwich, CT on 12/13/2022, HANOVER, PA on 12/12/2022, Karachi, Pakistan on 12/12/2022, Loganville, GA on 12/7/2022, London, United Kingdom on 12/5/2022, Gresham, OR on 12/4/2022, Valencia, CA on 12/3/2022, La Jolla, CA on 12/2/2022, Peru, MA on 12/1/2022, OROVILLE, CA on 12/1/2022, Delhi, India on 12/1/2022, Karachi, Pakistan on 11/30/2022, Scottsdale, AZ on 11/30/2022, Long Beach, NY on 11/30/2022, London, United Kingdom on 11/28/2022, Anderson, SC on 11/28/2022, Phoenix, AZ on 11/26/2022, Matteson, IL on 11/24/2022, Chicago, IL on 11/23/2022, Hebron, IL on 11/23/2022, Accra, Ghana on 11/22/2022, New York, NY on 11/22/2022, Opa Locka, FL on 11/20/2022, Hayward, WI on 11/20/2022, VANCOUVER, WA on 11/18/2022, Jessup, MD on 11/17/2022, Tempe, AZ on 11/16/2022, `Rocklin, CA on 11/16/2022, MEXICO, MO on 11/15/2022, HESSMER, LA on 11/15/2022, MILPITAS, CA on 11/15/2022, Lawrence, MA on 11/14/2022, GLEN COVE, NY on 11/14/2022, Aurora, CO on 11/12/2022, Kalamazoo, MI on 11/12/2022, Japan on 11/11/2022, Rancho Cucamonga, CA on 11/10/2022, Brampton, Canada on 11/9/2022, Miami, FL on 11/9/2022, Saint Albans, WV on 11/9/2022, CANTON, TX on 11/6/2022, Shelbyville, TN on 11/6/2022, Gardena, CA on 11/5/2022, Fairfax, VA on 11/2/2022, Jackson, MS on 11/2/2022, Las Vegas, NV on 11/2/2022, Renton, WA on 10/30/2022, The Villages, FL on 10/27/2022, Pocatello, ID on 10/23/2022, etc...3018 more...

  • I will ride with you until the end if you are fully comprehending "Spiritual Warfare" is so real. If you only seen what we seen. I am telling you what I know. We are here to change the world. I ride with integrity and truth and hope you join me and "Speak Up"...

  • your soul is not your parents. your soul does not like the lies and omissions. your soul is not your father's. your soul is not your mother's. 10 * 10

  • I am not Chicken Little saying the "sky is falling" --- I am about breaking things down to show layered lies and omissions --- others unresolved traumas are blocked from entering my space--- zero gang stalking allowed in my space -- -any person who tried to deride / disgrace / harass / degrade / diminish / discredit / see how far they can take it; their abuse / lie and omit about me ... God is watching. You can do your best to defend your lies, but I know who is watching this all. It is time you take your unhealed self and take it to God versus out on me who only placed the documented facts out. You can utilize gossip malicious slander lies so far in this lifetime ... eventually people will see through the bullshit. Whatever your goal was --- if it was to erode my credibility ... in the end it will not work. Your toxic manners my way --- it is done. Your "body count and divide" methods to have me "isolated" will be shown as God wants it to be. I will just keep being me living in His Grace and my "glow-up". I have every right to have frustrating days - I am human ...yet what you all orchestrated and did --- I forgive you. Most were lied to about me.

  • Secret vendettas --- all your rage and all those you dragged into this--- God is watching your hate campaign. Many hateful lies were spread ... sad. You will realize it when you see God.

  • One lie I heard is I manipulate documents, yet ANY person can go get the same exact records and check for yourself - I am not special --- I learned from lawyer Elizabeth Nowicki how to get records by just listening to her as we talked in 2013/2014 - you tell me the document and I will tell you where to obtain it --- stop listening to the liars. You will see if I redact any document, it is personal contact info. or stuff that requires a higher authority to tell it because I ain't---not my role, especially when I almost died on that fire...that belongs to the folks like Frank and Mike to tell why I own what I resilience is so honorable and commendable and that is all I am guilty tenacity...I am very confident. I go toe to toe with adversity and I crush it like a warrior. We all can. The stuff I have put to the front on this blog is truth.

  • Those people who cannot see pass the fog or are too shallow or they know I see your true colors---I can tell you this ...I compromised much through this decade but now it is my time to make sure I push more to the front because someone out there does not like to hear the if someone says I am falling apart or crazy---I am ten steps ahead and protecting me and all the information I gathered in this decade. My intentions are to gather to get documents to lead to truth and today TG feels I have to give up at some point the fire and until the ones speak up that I know should have---until they do---I will pause at times but I am staying with me stubborn because I don't go along to get along and I am not phased by your eyes rolling...that's all toxicity of yours ---to think how calculated people went to the degree they harm me...sigh. Hard lessons and I want my closure. I put the effort - do you? Sorry if you allowed yourself to feel intimidated by me. I am unafraid of the toxic ones. God is watching. You may want me to give up---but I am not going to ... we matter.

  • stop blaming me for what you did to me --- I have not done a thing to you but pray for you. I have called out to the front T R U T H S- that's all...

  • remember the folks who cannot back up with reality and sources and documents--- to tell you how unimportant I am just to make them seem important--- God is watching. That is a fact.

I hope this was enough reasons why I protect my areas... good night.






God's Love is the most powerful force

Relying on that trust with God

Doing the chain of command -

seeing the corruption though ...

calling it out for the Public at Large



I will not make changes on the COOR post. The check could have came from CANYON DISTRUBUTING with some addendum using COORS and I have every right until COORS reaches me to have my humble opinions and if you feel they are wrong- comment below - it is an open forum and I give full freedom to express your views.

I will report any orchestrated / harmful / abusive/ etc. type comments but always accept intelligent challenging comments.

I am allowed to feel ill that someone who preaches publicly about the

12 step program but then takes funds in from a beer company and now a bar fundraiser for her entity...??? That's weird to me.

Disrespectful to the 12 Step Program too.



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