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Did you know the YHF June 30, 2013, AFUE recordings were heavily modified and redacted? I noticed.-

Views expressed to "the public at large” and "of public concern"

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so let me upload these videos from file because I have been told my file is cleaner than ones out there publicly already.

Snippets from video:


Moore Air Study videos

minimal voices---mainly wind heard. Redactions.

All this time spent redacting ---could have been spent making a better Investigation Report. Right Brad?

Instead, Brad offers us this:

If he has time to write about the above, then he had time to tell the Public at Large the very areas that would not fit into the deadline of the SAIT-SAIR---just saying. Help fill in the Swiss Cheese, sir.

and I would if I was an Investigator have spent much time with Moore on his videos--- and asking him in depth questions.

WantsToKnowTheTruth says

Reply to Bob Powers post on May 12, 2014 at 2:43 pm

>> Mr. Powers wrote…

>>…If the Helicopters were dropping water in the same area trying to hold the fire

>> down, then they definitely would have commented on the tanker drop helping

>> them out at a critical location.

Mr. Powers…

In an effort here to try and figure out what is really going on with that now

known-to-be-bogus 162300 Air Study Video ( and to see if any of these ‘other’

Air Study videos are equally bogus )… I now have full transcripts of ALL of the

other USDA Air Study videos that were on fixed tripods and capturing ALL of

the Air-To-Air channel traffic which ‘overlaps’ with these Panebaker and Moore

Air Study videos.

I will post ALL of these transcripts at some point… but since this Chapter 6

is already bigger than it should be ( and failing to load already on mobile

devices )… I am going to wait a bit and see if a new Chapter 7 starts before

attempting to do that. They are not *small* transcripts.

In the meantime… I just thought I would point out that the helicopters

‘commenting’ on the ‘goodness’ of retardant drops ( if they were in a

position to see it ) appears to be *common practice* in that ‘other world’

of WFF Air Support and this is now perfectly evident in the full transcripts

of the Air-To-Air channel traffic that day.

In just ONE of the USDA Air Study videos capturing the complete Air-To-Air

traffic… EVERY TIME the pilot of Helicopter 5KA ( Five Kilo Alpha ) saw

a retardant drop… he IMMEDIATELY would add his own unsolicited comments

to the conversation like “That was spot on!” and “Right on! Perfect!” and

sometimes even lengthier ‘Attaboy!’ style comments.

And MOST of the time… these ‘confirming goodness’ transmits right after a

retardant drop would take place WITHOUT any ‘call signs’. They would just

come out of ‘nowhere’.

So YES… if ANY of the helicopters operating on the south side of the fire

circa 1633 ( we know there were at least TWO in the air there at that

time ) saw that 1633 SEAT drop that went right between the fireline and

a house… it is VERY likely one ( or both? ) of those helicopter pilots might have

been the ones offering the unsolicited. “That’s exactly what we want” and/or

“That’s exactly right” comment(s) over the radio following that drop and

Burfiend was simply mistaken to think those comments were coming

from DIVSA Eric Marsh.


Again… the KEY takeaway there is that THIS transmission was definitely Burfiend and it was definitely on the Air-To-Ground channel… so that means this Panebaker video WAS capturing ‘Air-To-Ground’ transmissions…

…but there is still nothing in the capture with anyone ever coming onto the A2G channel and saying anything resembling “That’s exactly what we want”.

This capture ENDS exactly at 1637… so if anyone said something like that circa 1637 over A2G channel… then it must have happened AFTER 1637.

Unfortunately… there is no Panebaker or Moore Air Study video that then goes on to capture the A2G traffic in the 1637 to 1639 timeframe.

The only NEXT ‘capture’ ( in the public record, anyway ) of the A2G channel after this Panebaker video is the Helmet-Cam video itself… which starts just prior to 1639 and begins with Burfiend on A2G talking to ?? someone ?? about how it’s going to be hard for them to hit some target being discussed because of the ‘smoke’. A moment later we hear Steed’s first “We are in front of the flaming front” MAYDAY transmit.


I believe this one capture was worth calling

Mr. Moore himself in for an interview… to see

if he ( perhaps ) heard this all in real time and

in more context and remembers what the

full ‘context’ was… but neither the Arizona

Forestry Commission or ADOSH bothered

to interview him ( Moore ), or ask anyone

else if they overheard THIS conversation.


my takeaway why was this person not interviewed further on this statement---was this the Sesame to Shrine Corridor to Peeples Valley spur roads areas? where?

(his photos have the GPS data on them) standing at 34°14’32.92″N 112°44’12.09″W; the powerline pole he’s holding in his photos for reference at 34°14’32.11″N 112°44’13.30″W; and the closest rockpile near/behind/kind of to the right of that powerline pole at 34°14’24.29″N 112°44’35.49″W.


I feel like I went down a rabbit hole --- Sorry. I am also very sorry about when people want to show support but back out and make crap up. That person has been "paused" from my life. I really have little tolerance for others' issues at this time in my life. You are either there or not. It says this post is too long so I have to publish it but it is a work in progress and I am heading to do some house chores so do this again next week. I am busy and be away from PC until next week.

Good night

4-6-22 11:23pm


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