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August 26, 2023, into September 2023 Journal

August 26 5pm- everything I put on here for today vanished so it is what it is--- that sucks--


August 27 so painful- very ill

August 28


almost time Clint...

August 29: No Bandwidth today

August 30: unwell


Because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here....

Black Lagoon Creature- environmental undertones in fillum and yet ever since I gathered documents after I almost died but 19 did. I feel people judge me as the "creature" when all I am doing is getting the documents to lead to a conclusion vs. the glazed narratives. I also feel like the highway folks or drive in folks in that 1968 fillum TARGETS. Because it seems like I am someone's target --- "

August 31 drain...

drain... unwell


owning my just woke up look ...hee hee:

cut almost 8 inches off with hubby's clippers:

this is unusual for me to see- most my family had white hair as they age so I will have to wait and see but it is not looking white:


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