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14 days...until the day I almost died, but 19 did...preparing for a "legendary" 10th Anniversary

May each and everyone have a peaceful and loving remembrance in however you spend your June 28-30/July 1-10, 2023...

I will refrain from attending any 10th Anniversary events.

The things God and I are doing - "legendary"...

and it will free so many from all those lies and omissions.

In regard to that fateful day, we will keep bringing out the documented facts and if any person really spent time on this blog --- it has already begun to be threaded within the pages of these posts.

My mission is to build a better community ...

with a cup of love,

with a cup of a friendship

and with truth and integrity.

God Bless...


it only takes ONE

who has faith to build a better world.

We aim to equip young leaders,

early in their careers

with the skills and knowledge needed

to be an effectively safe leader

committed to the common good,

no matter what their career choice path is...

and no matter the political layers within it.

I was just a housewife hiker June 30, 2013...

Yet, based off research...

building knowledge and analytics...

and much training...

something miraculous is happening.

Be the change we need...

Thank you for those who spoke up.

For the ones who still have not ... there is still ample time.







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