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Yavapai County Sheriff's Office (YCSO) Close Out Letter on Yarnell Hill Fire 2013 to JOY A COLLURA.

Monday, November 21st, 2022 at 4:09 PM


My prayers are that the certain legal team and political publicist carry this out to the Public at Large because there are also the eyewitness hikers whose interests should be considered as well --- it is more than the 19, YCSO---

not just us hikers ... much more... consider us all.

We matter.

God is watching.

I read:

"In this particular matter, the dignity and privacy interests of those brave heroes and their surviving family and loved ones outweighs the public interest that may be gained from releasing the information we hold. Preserving this privacy is in the best interests of the individuals named above as well as the public interest at large."

So, when did your entity get to decide for the family members and do the family members have a copy of the evidence I own that YCSO took into evidence for the State Forestry/United States Forest Service?


I came online to post this --- this is important, people.

Fred also got the same letter:

Protect and serve? Who? Themselves? and who / whom else?

I am greatly disappointed in this entity

and I pray every family member ask for the photographs --

- if I own what I do

than these documents should have been shown to the family members

and I call bullshit on any transfer of records because I asked for in one records request and why refuse me such the transfer letter ?????:

and Arizona State Forestry now DFFM Public Records Bill Boyd said "Interesting" May 19, 2022, when shown what I own

and he claims YCSO never gave that to him/them or that he seen it ever, but it was their entity I own these records not from YCSO so 'yeah, interesting'...

Yavapai County Sheriff's Office in my opinion owe the Public at Large more information public especially the hikers who almost died on the YHF 13'

I am asking the Public at Large to make this a priority and you will be satisfied if you do because much more needs to be discussed about the fire, I almost died on...

much more

and these folks denying me access to these public records on a fire I almost died on but 19 did die on --- please tell me who of these 19 brave heroes families would refuse me the person who almost died on that same fire access to these public records?

It matters! Who?

If you do not believe me ---

ask Arizona DPS for YCSO vs DONNA GORDON all public records pertaining to 8-26-22 incident

and ask specifically for the EVIDENCE / "Live" footage of the moment she was struck by YCSO, they (DPS) received, and the preliminary report never mentions also dated the whole incident on the wrong date.


These are the current folks protecting and to serve us???

--- do you want these folks allowed to just brush what they want under a rug when they feel it fits...????

Please help me in prayer for TRUTH and INTEGRITY to happen...

We all deserve the TRUTHS!!!! and Donna deserves the truth as well and all of us who loved her.

Dear Jim Karel, in my research I have discovered "how" you became that person on the fire I almost died on

so my question to you ---

how come the GPS units sat in evidence and were not used in your investigations

and how come I own the stuff I do on that fire in public records,

yet I never saw an inclining of it in your report about what was gathered

and or I should say whose bones were gathered in a specified GPS coordinates area near the Boulder Springs Ranch

and why were they never spoken about in the report?

Were you aware of this?

I would like to know...

You failed me Jim Karel and Mike Dudley on a fire I almost died on

and I know how you both got your roles ... that, I know, and I am on contractual agreement to keep it back channel but I know.

You both disappoint me that you are in leadership roles.

Just letting you know that God is watching.


RiP --- In loving remembrance to Gene Kelly ... a man who inspired way past when he retired ... very much missed here on this here Earth... for you, Gene:


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