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Why did I have to resort to the "Court of Public Opinion" to reveal the truths about June 30, 2013?

Author- Joy A. Collura


Views expressed to "the public at largeand "of public concern"

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Public Opinion Matters


Will Make A Positive Impact!

This will be the "set" area for my many years worth of City of Prescott Public Records Requests that are currently all marked "unpublished." Soon you all will get to see what I requested.


Please consider the following research articles on the topic of "Court of Public Opinion."


After I have posted on the website about the Dude Fire Site Visit, I will use this area to post my voluminous City of Prescott Public Records Requests for the PUBLIC AT LARGE in order to assist them in forming their own opinions and assessments.

Maybe the world can help me rephrase certain Public Records Request and or FOIAs to get them fulfilled legally and fully. It has been a long learning process as a "housewife hiker" to even know what Freedom of Information Act (FOIAs) Requests and Public Records Requests (PRRs) are - and the differences between the two.

If people only knew me more "behind the scenes", then I think they would applaud my many efforts to do the difficult "right" thing. It is by far a tedious and time-consuming endeavor. And it must be done. Because who else is going to do it?

Did the Serious Accident Investigation Team ( SAIT ) accomplish this? They may have thought they did. However, the Wildland Firefighters' ( WFs ) and Firefighters' ( FFs ) - "Court of Public Opinion" reveals otherwise.

In the future, I will return here. It will be more detailed then there more lengthy because it requires me to legally redact "privacy interest data" areas.

Again, a most special thank you to Elizabeth Nowicki ( Law Professor ) for the "Situational Awareness" back in 2013 that this world exists for us tax-paying citizens; FOIAs and PRRs so I can "fact check" versus having all the faith in the alleged "Factual" Investigation Reports and their sycophant spoon-fed Media.





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