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Why did a "Housewife Hiker" take a Heavy Equipment Dozer Boss Wildland Course?

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March 20, 2022 3:33pm

There is no right way to do this --- I am "uncoached"

nor am I out there seeking attention even though Dave Basden's attempts to have a continued belief system in almost a full year as he said it on the YCSO body cams

yet I am in this for "truth connection".

I think from day one to now I am still the same old Joy just adding more knowledge. I am living my life and using tools that bring me to quality living with much determination.

Remember, it is how we handle the journey ... the chapters in our lives ... it has its struggles ... and somehow, we get through it.

It is the peace in our souls I want for those who had to omit on the Yarnell Hill Fire --- even though Sonny and I almost died June 30, 2013.

I forgive you -

anyone omitting right now still about the Yarnell Hill Fire 2013 / 2016.

Yet, my only prayer is exactly what one of my mentors feels -

" I just want the truth and to put it in written form for posterity and history and maybe we can make a difference in the next one that won't happen."

So, how come I - a housewife - signed up to the 2022 Heavy Equipment Dozer Boss Course?

In 2020, out at dinner with some Arizona Wildland Incident Management Academy (AWIMA) Instructors, two instructors shared how when they facilitate, they use the "10 and 18" in how they do their entire class plus the students had to write the "10 and 18" out. It perked my interest. My blog partner said I should attend the course. I was very impressed in how they did the 2022 Heavy Equipment Dozer Boss course with using the ten standard firefighting orders and 18 watchout situations.

I had plan to do a weather course with Mike in Cloudcroft NM but never made it over---next year.

My instructors were Tom Morgan and Mike Watson:

My Happy St Patty's Day Wildland RT-130 Annual Fireline Safety Refresher NWCG Training Course Completion Certificate:

My Facilitative Instructor was an Engine Boss from:

Blacktimber Wildland Services | Facebook Ted Hebrard and his wife was a helper -


My AWIMA week filled of experiences March 10-March 18th, 2022:

almost time to be picked up- chillin' in the driveway waiting for my ride

since 12-31-21 ---look at those greys --- never had it that bad in all my years...maybe the YCSO omissions and redactions and the whole Basden / Sandifur / Helms bogus crap is affecting my hair color

Mountain tracks, hair and scat on the "Project 10 and 18" land:

Lots of feet tracks here:

Future home to a Game and Fish desert tortoise:

where the house is going (Did you hear that Basden ... let me spell it out for you ... H O U S E ...not the crap you tell YCSO deputies and dispatchers. Eventually your crying wolf will not fly and you will be shown to the Public at Large for the lies you are telling) see,:

septic area completed:

entrance to the house and soon to have a gate on it:

on the YCSO body cam Lee Helm said he was going to fence off the squirrely section but still looks the same with no fencing:

down below, there is that boulder rock where Helms are documenting the "10 and 18" land with their game trail camera with ZERO signs saying they are recording our land like we show a perfect example to them on the front portion to the land so note that if you are ever on the land that Basden/Sandifur/Helms have this "Big Brother" way about them, and they are nosy to see who is on our land. We do not need to hire Security outside our own set of cameras because Basden does a nice job making sure he knows who goes on our land even recently some who have legal permission on the land, Basden keeps getting involved. If you are legally allowed on the land- you do not have to answer to Dave at all. I think it is going to be a year soon of this continued manner and the landowners for sure have a documented case that will win in a court setting. I have kept the documents for the Public at Large to show the odd ways. I mean who else out there is building a home and has been treated the same like us ???? Let us know.

see the camera:

their game trail camera:

what is that orange thing---saw many of them on the land:

Basden placed the old fence/gate materials that use to be on Fred's land and if he bought the land then Fred/Scott would own those gate and fencing, 6 feet away from the land's boundary, and he told one of our workers that if we have a bunch of firefighters there that he will lock the gate and call the sheriff. If he does that, we can legally cut it off and immediately take him to court even if YCSO has shown some odd manners of "coaching" as you see on the YCSO body cams. You cannot lock a gate on an ingress/egress, sir, unless you give the landowners keys to that lock. Duh. Get some brains on the laws, Basden.

this is 6 feet away and 16 feet across but never was asked neighboring permission to place it up with a lock---we never seen any keys to this gate:

It is coming along:

Wildland Firefighter Foundation is sponsored by Coors but they would not condone trash on the land --- and Sonny would lecture one drinking out of an aluminum can.

where the can was found when walking the land:

Fred and I walked the land then met with Gordi Acri and Max DuPuy to do the locations of the gate and fence.

leach line:

mountain lion hairs all through the land but heavily over by Basden's place:

You cannot make this shit up- we publicly decide to eat at the Ranch House Restaurant for their Taco Thursday and Basden/Sandifur and another had to follow and eat there the same time. Talk about strange. We were kidding saying how we were going to build a helipad spot and air strip spot just to see if he would be a mole and leak that piece of bullshit since he wanted to be "right there" when we were doing fencing stuff...One day Basden will wake up and be like what a fool I was ...

Cleared to go to the Academy:

the edema was rough this past week--- I better measure--- before I leave this week ---

did a mauve color with splash of gold manicure:

Still broken--- so broken ---- but doing my best staying the course while all I think about are those men and the recent documents I found---so freaking sad --- within weeks my hair is turning grey at the roots for the first time in my life--- stress factor indeed:

We ate some Italian then headed here:

I went a couple times that week for massage and I will be back there again---great ladies. Time for school:

My Heavy Equipment Dozer Boss Class:

My Takeaways From My Dozer class: Sinners Act, Hard to think when your thunk, know your 10 and 18s, we are you you are you, if you are not willing to disagree with a decision than stay home and watch tv, ask your operator if they have their medication, glow sticks, flagging, tool with flagging, transport, role play serious with humor, Red Card, IQ Card, Task Books, Timber Wars, Breathing, Stretches, Tactics, Communications, MOSHA, Moses- Monument Fire, mindful, psychology, etc...

Have a safe Fire Season: Laura Aker- Hassayampa, Madalyn Kilber, Hank Banegas-Viejas, Lane Bentley-Apache Sitegreaves, Josh Massey-Pima, Josh Craddock-Viejas, Thomas David-R5, Thomas Heil-Prescott, Christiam Ibarra-Black Mesa, Brennan Johnston-Prescott, George Mas, Nelson Polato-Chumash, Eric McKenna-Mt Taylor, Tanner Purtill-Black Mesa, Daniel Raccio-Black Mesa, Morgane Rigney, Frank Rodriguez-Chumash, Chris Pond-Prescott

my eyes were this cool color green this week:

snap chat fun:

I went to YCSO and received some PRR disks, and I will look at them soon---but learned I have to sue to get a court order to lift redactions and get my refund --- wtf ???? and much more ... I have reached a weird dead end. Court? What the heck. If someone wants to financially support that area- I will but I wasted ENOUGH funds their way to get nowhere but if you are a loved one of the GMHS then I can share to you HOW CRUCIAL YCSO is for the Yarnell Hill Fire 2013 and its aftermath of OMISSIONS- that I do own and can show you if you have the belief this fire was avoidable and not an accident some microburst bullshit articles we saw this past week---probably orchestrated from some of the people who been orchestrating all along---just tell the truth---stop with the narratives.

from Facebook for our class:

Thank you Al and Bob and Eric and Seth from Road Machinery.

awaiting photos from event from the photographer:

I went to the Prescott Courts to file a lawsuit on YCSO for the redactions and such and see what it all entails:

My heart is deeply broken, and it has been so difficult to wrap my mind that there are even people who would omit to this extent. Just so very sad.

and this whole bogus last year with this woman and what she did my way behind my back- so sad- she owes me an apology along with others including Sgt Ashby---the document is already circling to the loved ones---this woman below owes me the biggest apology for her poor manners:

has been odd---made no sense until I located this document that will be for the Public at Large after YCSO and State Forestry tell the loved ones of the GMHS ---I found the document looking for the bully moment from Sgt Ashby Dec 1, 2014--- huge losses --- why all these weird omissions all these years that this document leads close to this couple's home then we need to have them answer to these documents found. When I saw the documents, all I kept seeing was this photo in my head and that maybe Clay or Alan or Kevin or EP can help fill in the Swiss cheese that is at the plate. How about it men---ready to share??? can you share?

Remember folks, the bully moment was already confirmed on YCSO body cam by the Sgt. herself- she states how she was to me. Then I get this less than a month later on a lady I met for 30 seconds in a gas station and said a comment on some blog--- ???? Makes zero sense.

come on people --- add it up---why go to those lengths to cause problems my way --- why have they never treated me properly like hello I am one of the last to be with the GMHS and I have provided the world more documents than any report or books or anyone so you can properly make YOUR OWN ASSESSMENT with the items I provided versus buying into a report or the bullshit microburst that this was an accident when it clearly was avoidable. Serious--- how can they even go there when I was with the GMHS and I am alive--- we saw fire whirls and odd looking fire behavior but we lived to tell you that weather is a causal factor --- it was not where one can say with integrity that it was an accident June 30, 2013 and some microburst ????

I still want to know why so many boulders were removed out of the box canyon areas June 30, 2013, evening...why??? please share that to me, see: