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Who is the "bonafide" Records Custodian for the GMHS Type One Crew -'Proof of Certification' ?

Author- Joy A Collura


This post is the Arizona Forestry and Fire Management Records and City of Prescott Records Department Shell Game and 'Tug of War' on My Public Records Requests For the 'Proof of Certification' on the Granite Mountain Hotshots Type One Crew Status.


Figure 1. Image of "Light" sparing through with "Lady Justice" present.

Figure 2. Disclaimer. Source: PowerPoint Template

Figure 3. Old Time Post Intro- Source: PowerPoint Template

Figure 4. "OPEN" Public Records Request with the City of Prescott. Source: PowerPoint Template

Figure 5. "OPEN" Public Records Request with the Arizona State Forestry and Fire Management. Source: Email to Bill Boyd June 6, 2020.

Figure 6. "CLOSED" Source: City of Prescott Public Records Request (PRR)

Figure 5. "Opened" Source: City of Prescott Public Records Request (PRR)

My original request was way back in paper form in the year 2016 where I requested all documents on Yarnell Hill Fire and GMHS- It is for sure a shell game and 'tug of war' trying to obtain Public Records from many entities. Arizona State Forestry continually insists they gave me all they had on the Yarnell Hill Fire and that they are not the Custodian Records holder to GMHS yet City of Prescott claims and alleges they transferred these documents so I asked for the 'Transfer of Ownership' form that will identify the items transferred as well as the date. If it falls in between the 353 days of this specific request and or the "original" request in 2016-

I ask you all, is that even legal?

additional communications to City of Prescott providing them the Bill Boyd email above and to give them this link:

The only "Shaw" I ever knew about or spoke to was when old man 'Brownie' died in my town of Congress and the daughters tried to lease to buy the land and I told them Gil Shaw is also on the Assessor Note for Brownie's place. I was told by locals stay away from the Shaw Family but I always adored Marvin Shaw in Yarnell, Arizona- they are great and they were always good to Tommy the Snakeman.

Then after the Yarnell Hill Fire, I for sure heard multiple times about "Walter Shaw" who was with Ed Hollenshead so let me go see online where it was said. Be right back. Oh, it is somewhere on InvestigativeMEDIA.

You know how many chapters are over there- too many to waste time grabbing it but it would be RTS talking about Fire Bosses shredding Dude Fire (fire package) documents.

I will share just one example from over there naming "Shaw":

Anyways, point I want "on the record"- Walter was alleged to be a part of shredding of records after the Dude Fire and prior to the arrival of the Investigation Team and "TB" explained -the Investigation Team would need those, they disregarded "TB".

So then, it would be interesting because wasn't it Walter Shaw who had a wife/daughter (???) named "Michelle Shaw" so it would be ironic if "this" Michelle is the same kid/wife to Walter who alleged shredded records to the Dude Fire. Because all of a sudden in 2020 when Michelle Shaw kept being on my PRRs for the City of Prescott, it became an "odd" mess and she is the sole reason I involved the Arizona State to "get involved" both the Ombudsman and Governor. She gets all the credit for these recent posts too.

Something is not adding up.


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