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"Who are those people?" - people questioned Assistant Chief- CA-OES Fire & Rescue Division, 4-12-23.

Let's take a peak back --- this a link off of my journal page so this still has a journal flow to it but explaining the past week as well.

Bill Bondshu, Assistant Chief CA-OES Fire & Rescue Division, sent me this email:

Bill stated they were "over capacity' on

4-6-23 -

1 day, 4 hours, 24 minutes later, FJS emailed me, and it showed a new ticket with my name on it ???

I was not planning to go because my energy and excitement was for SCAFFW

and I was limiting my activities due to health --- I went because God asked me to and I said nooooo, please no...all I could think about was May 2022 car ride home and I was like sighhhhh...sorry, but Fred picks on me and says he does because he wants to get me back --- ??? for times he has stated /claims was 'spiritual warfare' so it makes no sense. Anyways, I packed my backpack and went to Toni's 4-9-23 and borrowed her clothes- Yes, everything I wore was hers even my pjs due to my current size.

remember Bill said in email up above they met their capacity- hmmm--- I saw many missing that were there in prior years so that would be untrue that they met their capacity as I counted and that was sad to see but even sadder when FJS told me Bill finds my presence "unwelcomed" but Bill was always kind to me and so I found the attendance lower than prior times and can confirm they did not meet in person that max capacity.

Why would one jump out of their life purpose to do that to me? I forgive you. I think the wrong people must have entered your ears. Nothing good comes from folks who think or do negatives. No reason to block me from freedoms. I truly think you should question the people you hang with... 'just sayin' ...

My 4 10 23 Fred J Schoeffler (driver) on i-8 going to the above Safety Summit accident and I was the passenger photos:




I was supposed to be at this Cancer event, yet I transferred my paid ticket to another --lady all the way to the left:

I missed a great time



Going through emails: I keep getting a large thread of emails asking me to be an asst investigator at $125,000 annually and I have to laugh because I am possibly a better investigator than the professional ones (is that right, Brad?) so if an asst. makes $125,000- my thought is what's the main one making?

the tip of the iceberg...creeped out?...that my email inbox took my bold path and it is in my email inbox...scary online world, eh. ...on a lighter note ...go Ken:



Someday, I would love these 2 items:


From Tricia on Facebook.

long email, key points: old in soul, Old in heart, old in mind, Ancient souls, they understand the deep connections in life, they are extremely grateful, and they are examples of bravery.

'They walk the most painful roads of this life, and yet somehow, they find the courage to smile. Remain being selfless. And continue to Support others. Loving an old soul and being loved by them is the greatest a gift and blessing to receive in this life...'

Replying here to that email: My soul can never be replaced---my flesh it is what it is ( yoyo) ... my ancestors cloak me as well and peoples mind games goes back to the folks trying.

Recently, a woman who once knew a man that he died in a horrific way, and I know she was conflicted when I said the man was at a bar and it was taken in judgement ...

like "oh no" -that's terrible- which part... him sharing or me saying it ---as he possibly must have broken sobriety ??? who knows that but the Divine and yet I learned this man freely shares with me messages and I see why- I listen without judging ... I realized then that some think they can handle areas yet this time I am learning it is not that way possibly. Give it up to God- anything lacking clarity.



If I had the extra funds- I would maybe look into the above for the sports fitness part:



FJS stated in the past week I went to the conference, and he never told me about the conference is the email where the discussion began where he started it:

sorry FJS but you were the one who told me on the conference; see above email ... I was only going to the SCAFFW at that point. I had a hard time on going because I would miss RR adventure, ladies group and Toni's bday and medical and AZ State Archives library I cancelled.

As you see my ticket was cancelled immediately by Bill and in my humble opinion, my note taking, did not calculate 145 folks this past week at conference even including the name tags that laid untouched on that table--- I actually saw less in attendance. However, Bill and Fred talked and my ticket was back on ??? weird. ???




worked on helping Sonny with his accident thing...his family are such a blessing to our path.


So let's look at this-- CA ticket was cancelled then I get this above email and I have not had a "staycation" in Scottsdale since we saw NIMO, Bealle Monday, (July 1, 2019) (just that time- my bday) when FJS was telling Bealle Monday how I had a crazy concept that drones were a tool on wildland fires and Bealle said yeah Fred, we do use them.

after food bank - Sonny stopped by to work on his legal stuff---the very next day we were blessed with a gift from someone...


are you pulling your eyelashes out about now --- :)



happy close my throat day is what you mean---dang weeds :(


Watch what you feed ... remember what happened to Gizmo back in the 80's? (soft giggles)

Sunday, April 9th, 2023 at 8:48 PM



Life is gonna give you plenty of reasons to give up and lose Faith.

I just keep looking up.

Sure, I don't like someone to beat me up...

but I am here, and I can keep getting up

and I am keep moving forward.

Body of Christ in action

God is working in me and through me.

Where there is life, there is hope.

God is doing wonderful things-



thank you for sharing what I should have been doing had I not had this major vehicle accident:


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