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What does InvestigativeMEDIA mean to Joy A. Collura? Part Three ---

What does InvestigativeMEDIA mean to Joy A. Collura? Why did she first venture to IM Chapter One? Part Three ---

I will do this in an ongoing journal style and keep going through InvestigativeMEDIA (IM) - and writing down my takeaways as the Yarnell Hill Fire 2013 eyewitness so keep coming back until it says "too large - start new post" --- then I will make part four and keep it flowing and going until I went through all IM chapters.

I, Joy A Collura, will in bold green add some comments below:

calvin says

"It looks like the fire was pretty close to the grader and even closer to Sesame and GM Supt truck and buggies. Yes. We, the eyewitnesses, always felt Brendan McDonough (Donut) had too many voices in his ears early on --- we also felt he is entrapped in some way that he probably is unsure how he can speak but we can and "YES" --- we always felt he was more in danger as we saw the firefighters lighting up near his area he was at - here is where he was in comparison to what we saw as fire being laid down on the ground to how far Donut was:

Back to the second Mackenzie video. Steed says he believes the fire has almost made it to the two track they walked in on. We saw Eric S. Marsh get on the two track from a different area from the rest of the crew. This is location where we first saw Eric coming out of a wash right here moments before our first interaction 6-30-13 8:09am:

A similar event is noted in the SAIR (p24) but DIV A says the fire is almost as far as the GM vehicles. Also in both videos there appear to be 10 hotshots plus the cameraman (Mackenzie.) Eight others didn’t make the video plus Marsh." ---


( pause- sleep time 1144pm 4-26-22)


I am back for one hour or so--- 4-27-22 7:52pm ---


I confirm that I read the comment above by WTKTT ---


"The fire has obviously advanced on the ground itself between

the time of the 1550 photo and the start of the first video clip."

I, Joy A Collura, will in bold green add some comments below:

Which fire(s)? The one they put on the ground or the spotted ones smoldering by the old mine --- the main one that was about done and burned out? The ones laid down in those spur roads down below us?

no further comment --- I read it fully versus skimming as I use to do when going to I.M. --- [4-27-22 8:36pm- going to sleep- be back Monday 5-2-22 evening- have a good weekend- I will be hanging with the Celebrities VIP style]---


4-29-22 1:23am: I have to do something for one hour so I choose here --- doing laundry ---


Robert the Second still has this stance:


I have information "back channel" on this area --- these comments. Reach me.

Maybe the news that I have been waiting to share to Arizona State Forestry since

12-31-21 can help shed light if

Yavapai County Sheriff's Office would like to share what they collected and inventoried the week of June 30, 2013-July 8, 2013 by ________. That would be nice. Right fellas-


Not ALL the facts are out yet, WTKTT---just waiting for YCSO and Arizona State Forestry to do the difficult right thing ---- for the families of the GMHS first then to the Public at Large especially the Mormon Youth Groups who listen year after year on a certain topic - they need to know...



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