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"Tools to my toolbox"...March 12, 2023, RT-130 Refresher Course- Embry Riddle University- AWIMA

Back to the mountains for I come Santa Maria :)

what a nice place to be ... near a campfire under the moonlit stars ... return to my normalcy of "desert walking"...


Time to head out to class ... beautiful views on the way up:

Briefing 3-12-23: - I attended in my classroom via YouTube:

Today, March 13, 2013, Jim Stout, Safety Officer, (in video above) stated two areas he wants to challenge us AWIMA Students- asked us to question the 10 and 18 and why they matter.

His second challenge, to say something nice to a random person because it might be what they need to hear today.

I will focus to my 2023 AWIMA Instructor(s) to say something genuine and nice in this post.

AWIMA Incident Commander, PJ Lingley, challenged us to look at the history of them and I encourage that too.

so, Google it:

However, I think asking direct to all firefighters, dispatchers, aviation folks, etc is another solid route to get their feedback and get them to talk about it because it has become a fading trend I am watching.

Our class barely knew them, if at all. Hope the 25 today in Ted's class had a better handle on them.

It is sad that since 2018 at AWIMA, actually since the ughs of Bob Powers and Fred J Schoeffler at InvestigativeMEDIA since July 2013 on the topic of "10 and 18"- that I, a small town - housewife hiker - student of fire after almost dying on a fire but 19 did - I know them by heart yet the ones in the industry on the fireline, many don't. The numbers of them knowing are getting less and less. Sad. Plus dangerous.

So, let me make the time to cover the latter since the blog covers a lot on my take on the 10 and 18.

Which they do matter.

My March 12th, 2023, RT-130 Annual Fireline Safety Refresher Training course has been completed.

Black Timber (Private Contractor-EngB)/AWIMA Instructor, Ted Hebard, and his wife were consistent as I had them last year, professional, highly recommend their class, impactful, very informative, would make an excellent Safety Officer, followed all NWCG guidelines and allowed all students to interact vs. it being a lecture style setting.

This is my evaluation to the Public at Large and pleased with this specific instructor.

It went well. I know someone said he was 'redundant' and

I disagree. I felt he saw many rookies in that room

and he may not have said this is Fire Order Seven or Watchout Situation number 16

but he spoke the 10 and 18 all throughout his classroom teaching and I jotted notes and I will share them down below.

Boy, do I greatly dislike the Fire Shelter training part of the course.

Some of the most crucial messages where I went and gathered the documents / public records on Yarnell Hill Fire 2013- YHF13' were based on those times in those fire shelter training at AWIMA 2019-2023.

I had a Granite Mountain Hotshot loved one clarify and confirm the message I received was personal to just them

and it was something only him and his son engaged on, and no one would ever know those kinds of details.

Yet, those messages came when I was in those AWIMA fire shelters 2019-2023, so I never will like that part of the course especially after lunch on a full stomach or having the longest running USFS Hotshot Sup.when he retired, Fred J Schoeffler, as my fire shelter partner to fold them back into the bag - who allowed me to do most the work.

Thanks pal.

They should have a Yarnell Staff Ride Wildland Fire Course at AWIMA with the eyewitness hikers and those who were on that fire as well and position all the willing individuals that were there that day, June 30, 2013, to share their different position/perception/angles of that experience--

I was offered more classes but declined last Fall 2022 due to prior / current health status since I was assaulted in Boise Idaho- all fire related - and it's been a slow recovery. Gained over 70 pounds since last Summer 2022 each week doing NTE with Toni twice and my desert walks too. I really measure I deserve some of it but not that much weight for I am doing my walks and work. All I can do is keep doing. Poor liver / gallbladder / spleen. Shame on the people who have harmed me for just gathering and sharing the documents to figure out why I almost died but 19 did.

Since 2018, I was shared quite a few of the Wildland Fire facilitative instructors at Arizona Wildfire and Incident Management Academy (AWIMA) were on the fire I almost died on- Yarnell Hill Fire 2013.

One of the longest running Hotshot Sup bosses in

United States Forest Service history when he retired funded my courses 2018-2023 to help me with co-authoring with him on the blog here (barder/trade) so I got to learn the Wildland Fire positions and the people and terminology from another person(s) vs. biased perception by him and others.

Learn it for myself was his desire.

I did just that.

Sometimes with resistance and getting my hands dirty or struggled and worked hard all the while I knew people were lying on my name and were "trash talking" me.

Some have said the opposite of who I am ...right Bob Brandon ... he has done that ... "oh well"

I can hold it together like a pair of brass bookends ... soft smiles.

Now, they watch and study me as my analytics prove that--- well, now I can show all of them, I am on the yellow brick road with the tin man...people want to silence me or label me a loser but hard to do when I am on a "glow-up" all the while I am unhealthy physically. I just "show up" and let God do the rest.

I just keep focusing on getting the documents which makes these others have to eat their words. Right?! Yeah. Yep.

God will show them the truth in His time.

You may think Fred is huge on Fire Weather like a nerd

( I will insert some of his 3-12-23 sharing in class down below) but he is just as much to Human Factors like retired smokejumper and lead fire investigator Dr Ted Putnam and many others.

Some of Fred's Fire Weather talk 3-12-23:

If I attend in 2024, it will be on my dollar.

That five-year run at AWIMA was accepted as a learning process tool for my toolbox for the educational purpose of this blog. (barder/trade)

I went at learning / researching much longer than

New York Times reporter we hiked with more than once who has a YHF13' book out

and I guarantee one Wildland Fire course will never get one to comprehend what is going on and what took place on the fire I eye witnessed.

It takes taking that certificate to an agency and getting red carded and getting out on real fires for a minimum of seven seasons in many Wildland regions not just R3 which in my opinion will show one, the red flags needing to be addressed. Right, Jim Downey? Just sayin'. I am not a fan to Jim - never met him but he is one I would like to know how he came up with some of his decisions making in his career---looking at the public records.

I would definitely buy a book Tom Story made ... for sure.

He dedicated much passion and his photographs tell a story in itself.

It used to be Risk vs Gain ... nowadays...actually for a long time now, the reality is more than likely it appears to be Production vs Safety just by watching the public records, my tools in my toolbox and listening to the many Regions, Fire and Aviation and Climate Change people.

and I knew I was more than likely never gonna see such training any other way.

The reason I will not accept it any further is I am unsure how I will be accepted because I have introduced in recent times a legal team, political publicist and some information that are ready to be processed through the FBI.

More than likely some may not understand that for almost a decade I did the long journey of documentation why I almost died but 19 did.

Some may be even examined from the very area that I learned from over this past decade in a way to ensure there are bonafide changes to the Wildland Fire and Aviation / Dispatch and Climate Change current system. Did you like how I threw the political layer in there?

Well, learn like I have and know much of it is political or pencil whipped in candidates in leadership spots.

Some need to be retrained or have more time on the line before they accept their role or not even be there, but it has not worked that way and that comes from some of the leaders' own mouths.

I had a hard time with that idea that this individual would pay for this education for me yet appreciative and reluctant at the same time. (pride)

but I told myself you will never get an opportunity like this to learn terminology of the Wildland Fire arena as a housewife from a tiny ghost town, so I told myself this man was one of the longest running Sup. Hotshot bosses when he retired tied to the federal government...

so, take it like his funds are from the feds and it softened my acceptance because I truly feel the federal staff in all my public records not only failed me and my communities and folks in Fire and Aviation...also his personal life would be unaffected if he helped me was another factor of me being okay with it.

One of my hardest challenges through the process from this financially generous individual was being in his space because I didn't know his role / placement in this all on the aftermath of the fire I almost died on except the 10 and 18 has always been his stance...

and because I wanted to draft form my stuff until I was finished and solely collaborate with retired smokejumper ex CIA and attorney RiP Charley *Moses" Moseley and retired smokejumper lead fire investigator Dr Ted Putnam but a high ranked military man showed me the basic documentation of fires over 500 degrees and to know the different firing incinerates and how to GPS origin, progression and burn scars and store them into a legal document file.

I own Fred's professional and personal profile since the seventies. I watched the historically significant fires he was on.

I always kept him at a distance on crucial documentation because of his joy/passion for the Wildland Hotshot Community sharing.

I felt he wanted to unravel what happened.

I, Joy A Collura, own the documents as well almost thirteen hundred interviews and testimonies.

Not him or even Scottie Briggs.

I am the most documented on this fire.

I want this last phase carried out to ensure change happens in Wildland Fire---less pencil whipping, less productivity vs safety, and more education given to those out on the lines including EMTs and Dispatchers and Public Information Officers.

Scott wanted to get the pure stuff out on YHF13 and on Vicki Minor

but I know more back channel and I did not appreciate some mechanisms and manners especially how some areas happened. I think if Burk knew what I know, he would not be sharing what has come back to me right from Scott's own mouth... ???

In 2019, a man named Scottie Ernest Briggs entered the platform desiring to do a documentary on Yarnell Hill Fire 2013 and he said share your story Joy

and I replied I can bridge you to GMHS related folks, firefighters, and my local community residents but I refuse to support any product that is a made for profit and/or shifts from the origin we first discussed. Any area asking one to buy or donate, I want zero affiliations.

When I finally last Fall 2022 separated Scott and that longest running boss from my immediate space, that is exactly when some shared the true events that took place 6-30-13 and I thank some from Prescott area for doing that. That was hard. I know it was.

I believe this does not belong with Scott's documentary that I feel was not what was originally shown to me and discussed --- right now, I have zero clue where he is headed with it... he was awarded for his Short Film ---

my public comment will firmly remain there even if they take it off, it is here:

10-26-22, shifted fully my ties to Scott Ernest Briggs and when I say he is a good man, he is ...

yet he does not follow through to what was the original plan (open / flexible / etc with something called communications- I was hoodwinked ) and the only time he would be allowed in my space if we had some conference calls with some especially Vicki and Burk Minor....of Wildland Firefighter Foundation....

Classmate said JK Boots (Tempe AZ) has a deal for Students this week at AWIMA --- go check it out.

I heard the name and thought --- is Burk here? The classmate said the guy's name was Nick...


key points from my day:

when I left-

Time to see Mike W. , Daniel R. Tom M and wife and FJS at El Gat Azul's and wait for my ride---then home:

I got the medical precerts in today but again done wrong so I will not call until Thursday---heading to mountains.

Relax time

before I see brain docs/neurologists this week.


Everyone, have a safe Fire Season 2023

Special thank you to Fred J Schoeffler, Dr Ted Putnam for all you have done and still do - it is because of you both I keep at it and special acknowledgement to RiP Charlie "Moses" Moseley, Marti Reed, JD/WTKTT/GL/BP, Dave Larsen, Dan, RiP Dr Leroy Anderson, Pie, Dewey, Pete Masiel, Nate, Grant Scott McKee, Scottie Briggs, Bill Gabbert, Burk Minor...and a few more anonymously but they know who they are -you all helped along the way...

Thank you!


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