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Summer Journal - June 2023

June 1: Worked out. Rest. Lymphatic congestive drainage, and nausea, vomiting, GI concerns.

June 2:


It is this woman above and this woman below I live my life in the images they have shown over the decades---their selfies are much like the ones I do... RiP Maureen O'Hara and Veronica Lake

so if you ever see my selfies...and I am like a "ham" is because I try to imitate these ladies' poses:

I adored these two women all my life since young and as well Shirley Temple / Pippi Longstocking...

first night for "Rootie" the plant (Toni's plant visiting me) and the area that was draining is finally scabbing up.

Much golden yellow liquid draining from my pores.


Speaking of missing ...In loving memory and thinking of you Tye Seets... R i P ...

and you too Mark Fowl...


Another Blessing from God happened today. Thank you to the person who sent the envelope/card

5-31-23, received 6-2-23.

Thank you to TG for allowing me to take her plant home and watch over it ...

June 3:

It was an annoying day dealing with "*" over a call to "*"--

heavier drainage hole happening now:

day two for "Rootie" the plant:

3rd...hmmm...I was told the 3rd and it happened:

GIVE TO YOURSELF FIRST and if any time left then that is for others...that is how I roll.

DRUM TIME---I missed out:

I did not attend - I just am not into the concept of full moon walk with ladies- that would be a solo path for me.

TG made a walking path for us:

June 4:

still healing up and no ML, not a spider bite- loads of fluids drained from many areas:

wrote legal team. blocked *"*".

Sometimes, it seems when I am sick or tired someone likes to orchestrate unnecessary moments when it is not needed. Watched a few Christmas Hallmark movies and back to good and sappy happy me.

this man viewed my profile ??? --->


100+ miles kind of day...left home at 6:55 AM, gassed up at 7:12 AM - 7:16 AM ($4.49),

8:28 AM - 9:09 AM BEGINS WITHIN (had twists and issues- Thank You Dr Nelson for your help today -saw "Hoka" guy who always seems to be in a good mood...wishing you all the best in your recovery, sir.


busy May of medical appointments amd medical massages.

Medical Massage 9:17 AM - 10:31 AM,

Job Interview 10:39 AM - 11:02 AM - job orientation will be 6-8-23, home by 1:11 PM -

(11 11 in the house) and rested until 1:49 PM, worked out at Toni's 1:56 PM - 5:07 PM-

bull snake at Toni's:

home by 5:12pm. Spoke to "*" about J. W. --- and how I remembered all these years later him from Embry Riddle course we did.

June 6:

Emergency Room- one of a few pending bills

TG made:

June 7:

still draining much golden liquid all through the day...

June 8: hoping this 3-5 times a week medical moments slow down soon--- as a housewife not a frequent driver or passenger to the roads ... I truly dislike traffic and how people in Arizona drive...

park time while hubby looks for work in Scottsdale...I took the pets to the park:

Mae happy to see Johnny..ran to him:+-

I was going to add this to the above link (image below) but placing it here from those nasty orchestrators on this topic so --- it will lay in journal section only)

I am going to run it by my doc - I would like to attend this next week...would be beneficial to my resume...thank you for the welcome aboard notification too...made me smile, see:

I was offered a remote job opportunity from one of my doctor's front desk staff today. I did not stay for the whole thing - uninterested.:

I am shining light with documented facts.

June 9:

June 10:

Hi Lathe :)

"Rootie" beginning to blossom:

TG got me a set of earrings (lymphatic drainage) but we ended up giving everyone a pair at the discussion - so this is the one I kept out of the 3:

one side of my face/jaw normal---other side pocket of fluid...and yes I did the ol push face in to make it look real full in below photo...

took photo from hip up to show you how an angle of a photo can make me look different ways--- the swelling in person is there but not as bad as image shows:

TG showing MM the walkabout that TG made in 20 days (5-6 through 5-26):

Ladies Group with everyone present even MM drove over 1500 miles to get there.

Hubby dropped me off. Went to desert 7:13pm to help redo "_____"'s kitchen area.

June 11: I relocated this scorpion:

the fella was in "____" beer storage area.

I do my best to refrain from killing anything, but I do have in 2023 a mosquito / fly / no see-ums zappper. Why did the Noah's Arc have those and gnats?

It was so good to see Patton- Charlie's dog. Worked more on that kitchen area and made lunch. Hubby got me at 7pm. Soaked and crashed.

"_____" rudely made comment and I was assured that God will handle that person and stay away from that person. I have zero tolerance engaging with ill mouthed folks. Let God work on them.

Charlie's dog...

Patton and me saying goodbye for now:

<<<<< OWIE- hit head on corner cabinet with nail :( yes, I wept- hit it hard.

June 12: I was going to AZSAL and Dr Nelson but because hubby had shift, I moved it to Wednesday. Did long walk.

goes to dead links so I passed on submitting my chance to win:

"____" stopped a few hours 6pm - we watched Library dvd--- ate food bank food. Left by 8ish pm- cleaned out emails until 11pm.

June 13: 6am. Noon - Ladies gathering to TG's for June/July birthdays. Give MC some clothes out of my closet.