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Simple Mistake? Coors sponsors one of the longest running Wildland Firefighter Foundations-

Was it a simple mistake on a widow's social media page this week?

Who knows ... not my energy to waste.

Well, let me state the facts for you here.

I asked them to have her retract it to all her social media areas:

Coors sponsors one of the longest running Wildland Firefighter Foundations-

Wildland Firefighter Foundation -WFF.

Not this widow's foundation and it should be stated it as such for the Public Records.

I have zero social media to challenge it publicly, so I am doing it here.

Plus, if I attempted it on there --- I would be blocked is all.

There is not a chance I would ever buy that 'Coors was donating to EMF'. I had to really think what just happened there.

Anybody who is anybody knows that. That is common knowledge. Coors sponsors WFF. End of story.

(update: 6-8-23):

Or is it?

I have a feeling Coors won't want bad publicity and will probably allow it to slide ... if I find out that Coors actually did donate funds ---

what a disrespect to Wildland Firefighter Foundation- WFF.

I am so sorry to see that knowing what I know back channel.

So undeserving to Wildland Firefighter Foundation.

---- right now the only public data shows the check was from Canyon Distributing. I do not see Coors that signed that check yet.

Makes me want to vomit (???),

that a person who runs an entity and follows

the 12 step program but allows funds in from a beer company---ain't that weird?

What next...

Phoenix bar raising money for Granite Mountain Hotshots ( a bar raising funds for this widow's entity ??? wow.

Also, to see the long running relations with Coors and WFF --- I hope people stand in unity with WFF

and comprehend Coors sponsors WFF a very long time and seeing all the public records I own

and the life stories I was shared,

I am bewildered---

I am going to go out on a limb and say

this was all a nightmare and I am going to wake up.

So, I know some are like can't they share the incoming funds ... ???

I am gonna say heck no.

It is funny because New Year's Eve 2023 when I publish my journals, I was just writing about how the media did WFF wrong long ago and was explaining how....

and then I got the news on this.

I was gonna let it ride / ignore it

because I resigned my Lifetime Membership to WFF July 2022 based on that Govt entity who helped fund them

and I cannot be tied to any area with that slurry drop at all--- really, if you see the kinds of deaths, we have had... a real true case studies should have been done on YHF13'.

Anyways, I stand that Coors should have that officially removed off that social media and who cares if it is bad publicity. --- it is the right thing to do.

Coors, reach me and I will show you some documented facts that will help you if that happens to support you doing the right thing for WFF.

Thank you.

(end of 6-8-23 update)


Commentary: 6-7-23 9:18am ---

I had incoming communications the past 12 hours asking why I would stand up and speak up for the person tied to the entity who called the cops on me last Summer 22'.

Especially when I am away from the fire arena in 2023.

I am an unbiased independent person. That I know.

I think misinformation fed to that entity's staff created that whole "vibe" towards me.

Also, me seeing the slurry drop images on the expansion triggered me badly as that was my first year without Dr. Leroy.

Plus, those blows to my ab / liver have been a hard recovery - yes, still recovering ...

I am taking one time out to explain that situation very quickly here.

Because that had zero to do with Burk Minor the person tied to WFF

but it had to do with off WFF time -Burk Minor the guy I showed Dr Leroy's path, and I was seeking assistance on his back patio, but he asked, and I shared.

He said he didn't know how he can help because Dr Leroy was a retired hybrid structure/wildland firefighter, but he would look into it.

I was more concerned about his wife Carol - she was stranded. That was a hard phase for both Carol and me.

When it never happened, I was still showing much support as my journal proves that for WFF.

It was so hard to have Dr Leroy tell me to take care of my brain tumors and he did his path to show me it was gonna be okay --- it was far from okay.

It was difficult to watch Dr. Leroy smile and thank the Lord to the path I was watching for him all in the hopes I would do my areas like he did his areas is what Dr Leroy wanted for me to do. Nope. I would not do it.

I was at the tail end of my brain detox program when I met Burk July 2021. Excellent person.

I was shown something so unique to my life.

I never even thought about stuff like that to life what Burk showed to my life-

nor will I again.

It has always been my cacti / flora, walks / calisthenics, elders, and kids...

still is...

I mean if someone gave me a choice ...

chicken wing dinner? or spend the same amount at Star Valley Nursery and get my Dr. Q's products?...

my cacti and flora wins hands down always :)

I remember when July 2022 happened, and I was going to medical appointments nonstop after the assault ...

as I am still today going to medical appointments nonstop...

and when I went to put my earbuds on, I would put a song on to walk to...

and when I would get zoned in on the cardio aspect of my walk and not pay attention to my youtube music I picked out ...

I cannot tell you "how many" times a Bryan Adams song came on

and I never listened to him even in the 80's but it was persistent to come on in my ear buds day in and out.

Even if I clicked, I am not interested in that channel - it kept coming in.

I would put my password in my cell and make the effort to change the melody to some happy song.

Bryan Adams songs are mushy and sappy and yet it kept coming on my cell --- it was making the aftermath of getting hit in the liver and all the medical appointments even more "ugh"

I began hanging out with folks my father knew decades ago October 2022-Spring 2023 until I had to stop and make my health my only focus after the major vehicle collision.

Still consistently regularly involved with Toni and workouts with her twice a week and twice a month ladies discussion times.

I love my life, folks.

I just wish I was healthier.

I do the work.

I watch a fit body become a body I am like ???

I do the work, I know that...

so sorry if it seems vain that my attention always is focused to my walks and exercise, but I would hate to see what my plate would look like had I never do/did the work...

When this song ( would come on I never listened to the words/content just the melody, but I would think to that dog of Burk's ... I felt for that dog.

Still do.

That dog never deserved that road trip he saw.

If I had loads of funds, I would possibly want to sit with Ray Maione and Amanda Leigh Beno Marsh Lohman and share to them all the ten years I educated myself to that fire industry --- I think if I dropped in front of them what I own and know maybe then they would lessen the thoughts that their entities are possibly the only ones we should buy direct from them???

We all matter.

Yet, I know me if I had loads of funds ...

I would focus here:

not to those two (Ray Maione and Amanda Leigh Beno Marsh)

who I feel owe many apologies...

I am better off with the fertilizer---

at least I can see maturity and growth from that stuff.


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