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RG247-2 Non-Commercial Research Intent Only - Disc Two (c)

Legal team suggested to just place "draft" areas into published stating "work in progress" and just fill in the documents as I go through my files in 2024.

I am off organizing my emails in 2023.

[I did not use the pc in 2013 and I gave Jenn Ashcraft (how many times) and other Red Cross volunteers a list of missing people and they failed me, and if I had known about this site, I would have used the Evacuation PCs--- HUGE SIGH!!!!!]

a young girl said Daddy look at this cat in evacuation and they were our neighbors in evacuation and I said that is my missing cat---why is it on this site--- ???

so she wrote the guy to reach me and he told me his story that he took it off the wall on my street in Congress because it was so cute--

I said you do know you took Wyatt - Morgan and Virgil looked everywhere for Wyatt---why would you take the cat off a residential wall ??? -- I have your arms on my surveillance cameras images---

I cannot take Wyatt back because you have had the cat so long (my hubby felt different-he was upset) and I would never do that to Wyatt

but if you could visit so Wyatt can see his brothers- I would appreciate that.

Also, sorry if I feel you stole my kitty, but I like to create a positive to bad moments and I am glad Wyatt has given you such good memories. He never visited me after those communications.

When I saw that photo,

I wept deep. I just lost my Weaver Mountain wildlife in the fire that I had a special bond with then seeing the photo was a great sadness- I wept hard. I remember posting flyers everywhere and walking everywhere looking for Wyatt---see my cards/flyer:

I wanted my cat back---my heart heard the man's story though- it had been over 3 years since I had seen Wyatt and I trusted he would visit me if they found him, but it never happened...I should find out now whatever happened to Wyatt over ten years later...Glen(n) Taylor, did you ever get Wyatt back--- I pray he did not die in the fire?

I rather not reach him direct, but I did... and email came back to me...

because when I googled the name --- he is tied to people who are a part of who has not been straight forward on the YHF13' so that's a bummer...sad to see that. I would not know what is the right thing to do on the I gave it to God...We miss Wyatt though...

I use to play with my kitties--- we did Western skits in my backyard like this:

Horney toad just chillin'

Morgan loved catching snakes...

played army men with the critters too

Well, at least my Wyatt made it to the Yarnell Hill Fire - DFFM permanent records...right...always be there in the files.

Same PDF already in this post. Why give them more "air" time on my area when their executive director took the false info. that was fed to him about me and called the cops on me moments after I was brutally assaulted July 2022... rubbish.

Who needs people like that --- people that take info. from some folks and he couldn't recognize it as rubbish --- man, one time knowing me he should have been like that is horseshit... why are those people doing that to Joy? God is watching the non-sense.

I doubt I will ever see an apology for him taking it to that dramatic measure to get "high priority" cop call on me...non-sense...most likely some good ol' boy bullshit...

People who knew me 2013-2016

and as well later with Nov 5, 2019

& January 2021

with Scott E Briggs

they knew I wanted to know about WFF

and I always strongly felt certain Phoenix and Prescott entities /individuals / charities / media / papers with their purple ribbon never giving proper courtesy credit/respect to WFF...

I just deeply felt they were deserving of a public formal apology or even direct back channel but it got weird because I felt that way not really ever delving into who runs it--- until Holly Henderson Snyder Neill sent me WFF Gear ---???---what was her tie to this all with WFF---and I googled the place and it looked like some apple pie mom with layers of doing her best for WFs --- but so much one can do when we keep our area tight and low/limited -

I will always feel that if you are a firefighter...

of any kind...


it should be mandatory a "PAY FORWARD" deduction off payroll check once every Fire Season to your choice of Wildland Fire Charities. That gives big investors and the Government Agencies / IRS to know what entity they want to invest their energy in as well.

We all should have a "Pay Forward" option...