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"Remembering June 30th, 2013" - I will refrain from attending any 2023 10th Anniversary events.

GOOGLE ALERT - MAY 27, 2023, 7:50PM:

Appx: 33 days, 20 hours, 53 minutes and 27 seconds until the 10th Anniversary when I almost died but 19 did...this email shows up in my inbox:


I am unaffiliated with Granite Mountain Hotshots --- GMHS / GMIHC

I am also unaffiliated to the "other 19" group they call themselves.

I am just in it for documented truths to why I almost died June 30, 2013, but 19 did.

I get Google alerts based on I was the eyewitness along with the other eyewitness - Tex Harold Eldon Gilligan (Sonny) when we were on the Weaver Mountains that fateful day, June 30, 2013 - we almost died but 19 did - the GMHS.

We saw many lies and omissions from the beginning until now from others.

I just want the trusted authority folks ( example and hopeful: F B I ) to know when you watch this video, think about these redacted documents I place in this post and reach me what is under the redaction if you are of a trusted authority ... and understand/comprehend I lived (Sonny lived) - 19 died -

we all were on the same mountains near another...

I deserve the truths out to the Public at Large and so does so many more ...

and why I question how the media works on the fire I almost died on over the past 10 years.

What is their mission(s) or angle(s)?

I was third/fourth party reached this Spring 2023 that WASHINGTON POST journalist wanted the unredacted document from me to be given to another person to give to them.

That woman was an avid journalist after the Yarnell Hill fire ... I know her articles.

and I am greatly disappointed in the Media so ...

no, they can go get their own public records.

They are supposed to be the professionals then show us.

They did not even reach me directly.

Get your own records.

I will not provide a document that can be created into their narratives / political plays / spins / falsehoods and their most likely 'sound bites of heroism'...saw enough of that in almost ten years...

I am finito on that.


I along with the Lord have shown my documentation.

Who else has gone to these great lengths?

Two, who tied in with me (in person) in 2018/2019, have not even did all I did back channel in the bold ways I have done.

That I know. I know more than I speak.

I did all those brave actions, because I almost died then later learned 19 did die while we were in evacuation.

I am not into made for profit organizations especially ones tied to retardant companies, I rebuke made for profit books, I rebuke made for profit movies and I rebuke to help donate to a cause of "statues"---nor do I support those areas on any of them at all.

Soley, in it to document the truths to why I almost died but 19 did die.

God Bless those who do though ...

I just refuse to be in this for made for profit areas- I just want the fire I almost died on showed in pure form.

No monies.

Spent my life savings though to figure out how this is layered and boy, it is layered...

Fred J Schoeffler and Scott E Briggs ( other credits ) also spent a big chunk of their own funds to find out the documented facts and others unnamed in their own ways and style.







Help assist in this project if you feel drawn to:

From YouTube:

Roberts & Carver, PLLC law firm:



I have the truths, but I am not the person to place it out and that is why I reached out December 2022 to the F B I because this is about why I almost died but 19 did --- "heart wrenching"

Shame on you ... and you know who you are ...

more than one...

can anyone let me know if certain charities are intertwined or not?

Reach me...I have data.

This year I am ready to "speak up" and working with my legal team on "how"... because who they are ...


Let's take the video above and listen to the content and know that I know this:

When certain folks showed harmful manners towards me and even towards Fred and Scott- defamation about me and them -

I researched the ones doing it ...

and just one simple google search showed the person who inventoried the items at Yavapai County Sheriff's Office (YCSO) gave the items to the man above, whose name is redacted who is named a possible association to _____. Sad. Real sad.

There is more data I would offer if someone of Authority.

('trusted' F B I or higher authority is for getting the facts out vs locking in on "sound bite" topics. )

the photo right above here... matches the name YCSO FB gave to the name above and signed the 2013 YCSO inventoried items from the box canyon (Yarnell 6-30 thru 7-7-13) sheet (below) and the break of chain in evidence transfer stops there --- ??? why? Also it goes deeper but unable to place here because I want the right trusted person of authority to come to me and NOT YCSO of course --- unsure who is even the right authority at this point ... right?



look at the people speaking ...

look at their backgrounds ...

I am T R U T H.

Most, so far, I have seen --- talking on the fire I almost died on---

they are most likely "storytellers" - aka: distractions.

aka: "please donate to some 'cause'" versus the documented truth.


Again, I refuse to attend any 10th Anniversary events.

"Heart Wrenching" -

to think some rather live with omissions.


pay attention--- look at who comes out on the tenth anniversary ... a Yellowstone actor ...shoot, we had one Yellowstone actor earlier this year tied to Scott's project here: Compassion Spreads Like Wildfire (Short 2022) - IMDb:

I put the above NET WORTH because I am just a housewife hiker placing out the documents for free with zero NET WORTH ---- people who have cash like above --- be nice they learn about fires like I know them --- not just as the eyewitness but every year I wanted to get on the YHF13' Staff Ride and heard many ways to got on them...I did my part, but never been on one yet--- don't you find that peculiar being I was one of the last to see those men alive - we were on the same mountain area -and I almost died that day is some of my background on fire:

the only thing above that is no longer is July 2022 I resigned from Wildland Firefighter Foundation (WFF) -


also in one of the links they mention CO fire---not 18, 14:


Those folks above...have their cause ---- donate ... funds...

all I ask is donate your documented truths ---

that is free, my friend.

Why not do that now-

here ya go:

my email is <> - PO BOX 572 Congress AZ 85332.

Thanking you in advance.

For those who refrain from "speaking up"...I pray for you because 'I know there are two parts to the brain ... the left and the right. In the left side...there is nothing right and in the right side there is nothing left...' (Youtube Short - MaestroZiikos)

or biblically speaking...get right or get left :)

Without the bread of life, you are toast.

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