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11-7-22 5:33am: Hey Sonny, good catching up with you yesterday on cell- glad NM has its good weather there for you...Fred had snow he said last week in Pine, AZ...not here in Congress...

how you do what you do, amazes me...but that's the Irish in ya...

or is the American made Come Along chain ;) ... nice helper in life :)

Happy Veteran's Day this week to you Sonny and all Veterans- (including those who have since died - RiP)

Well, this desert walker ... has quick update on the BOULDER SPRINGS TRL LAND -

some of it for the Public at Large and for you Sonny as you are out travelling about...

soothing Fall 2022 background music as you read this post:


Sonny, we know it ... it is our Irish backgrounds that make us keep on trucking on ... but I do have some Lakota Sioux ancestral too ...

you and I both know we are the little servant to the big servant, but we also know are Ancestors are watching over us ...


Deputy Rozell: I like to get to the documented origin of things to life---the above shows what part of my DNA ties me not only to being Irish but what DNA disease - the origin - began for me, my family and my ancestors ... I am doing the same for the diseased layers to why I almost died June 30, 2013, but 19 did die...Respect that! I feel you did not when you did not allow me the time to speak with my lawyer and you brushed me off saying I am not on the title of the land and or I live in a different town and for sure if you read all the alleged reports than you would know my role there is the "No Trespassing / Surveillance Camera" Rep so why place that content in your email in regards to JOY A COLLURA?


We all have our heritages but to use that as a reason to omit (diminish your integrity- why do that to yourself, your family, your ancestors) on the aftermath of the YHF 2013 ---it will not fly for me as I go forward in my whistleblowing phase. Those people know who they are - they need to "Speak Up" ...


I will always feel the neighboring lands made me JOY A COLLURA their target and as more information surfaces --- it may begin to make one understand better, why ----sad, it is people - I am praying for you all. Remember, God is watching you ...

and as well as BM over in ID... 'just sayin' --- unresolved areas awaiting that public records form still since 7-20-22 or the records as I got a lawyer to ask if my email served as an official request in the state of Idaho. My mailing address, sir, is PO BOX 572 Congress AZ 85332. Currently,

112 days now and nothing yet - no records fulfilled...keep watching...

11-7-22 11pm: I dropped my Civil Litigation for Boise ID. To me, too many allotted "grey" areas and I think my resignation to the entity is enough for me. I will allow God to help me vs. the court systems on that area but yeah if in 2021-2022 if any Phos-Chek outfits was affiliated in any fashion especially if they were a part of this entity's Fiscal records and yet a fallen firefighter's widow was left stranded and SB knew along with BM and none of this was rectified or helped--- I have a sour taste to people who looked at my evidence and not only disregarded me but disrespects me even up to recent weeks telling someone I know if he is affiliated to me or Fred- it will ruin his reputation--- and yet go look at the person spewing and how squeaky clean he leads his life ('nt)--- calling bullshit there, so it is confirmed due to health and the grey areas allowed I dropped my civil litigation to ID.


Still awaiting to hear from lawyer on the Land / Camera topic:


on to greener pastures to visit Gare and RR... take care ... figured I have zero clue what YCSO is doing but for sure they do not have any interest towards allowing me to respond with the lawyer's reply --- patience is not his virtue --- I said allow me a few days to get the answer to them. He jumped on to make it seem like I have no reason to even concern myself to that area but when the rest of the YHF 2013 facts come out--- indeed I have all the reasons to concern myself to that area --- Amen.



time to turn the table back on the ones who are a nuisance to me - at least I use my full name vs. claim to be anonymous like them - those cowards ...if you complain, then stand behind it full name..



You know what I find fascinating --- how many of you out there who never spent time with me yet disgustingly judge me ... and spread awful lies out to others.

or the ones who had spent tiny time with me "loved" it sooo much but just let it all go because someone else falsely led you to believe a false conclusion vs. seeing it was God who brought those moments to happen just for us or the fact that I am married, and you feel you cannot know me based on that factor. ???

Or the ones going insane doing their best to trick me. Not happening. Most those folks ended up getting ill or had their own tower moments happen when they aimed to hurt me, it actually ricocheted back on them.

Or the ones that want to "fix" something but behind my back being destructive to meet their agendas and needs of self and others.

I have fully seen a sword be placed in my back to then they act like I am here for ya Joy and slowly pull the knife out syrupy sweet and then use that same knife in another defensive (orchestrated) battle --- 'look how you act when I try to help' --- you would say but no more.

Trickery will get you so far as I am feverishly in prayer.

Something ain't right. Take ownership of what you have done to me and a fallen firefighter's widow. You all know who you are --- it is not just one or two... too many ... sadly.

I used to agree to repairing situations. No more.

Smooth on in, ain't happening ... no more blind eyes. Especially when the deception still exists when you are not around me.

Any person who fully takes ownership then I am more willing...

I say --- do you really?

Speaking in front of me - the ownership is not enough - it is when I see people gathering together and pulling together to make things right. I have zero interest in becoming a Priest and hearing one's confessions. Make it right, you got the details how to do that.

You want to do right then do so to the "Public at Large"- they deserve it too.

Your remorse and guilt - give it to God ... I don't want it.

Ownership is for sure not enough --- you want to make it better... do you really?

Have you seen that tumor and you knew the back story to that tumor and how I have the same kind ... and that group of folks know the evidence I showed, and they all just went on to disregard the matter.

Way too much time has passed... but you even want to share glistening smiles and joy over accolades and awards when someone suffered so deeply ...

God will handle it and God is watching.

I refuse to be sweet talked or bullshitted into anything.

I know where I am headed, and it is not any of your bogus rabbit holes.

"Why do you _______"

when your gaslight ass speaks to me all the whys and not realize what you did and that you can just do that to another ....

"Piece of sh*t" manners are no longer in my space, period.

No ride or dies --- Tired of the ride --- seems like I always die...

God's Love is far from what I have seen in 2021-2022, but I will state Betty Ashe was consistent with God's Love and she gets God's Love. That lady if I ever had won the lottery or got loads of money or if you are reading this now and you want to help a person in life- she is it. That lady gets it.

I pray for her and her family all through the day. Beautiful person.

Tired of hearing this from some:

"You are treating me like _____"

"You are not giving me a fair chance"

"Don't look at what I am doing"

You are avoiding it at all costs because I was in this to build a solid foundation. I was...key word...was...

No more in and out folks ... done with those flakey folks.

I know you are trying to be funny. No sympathy. You walked away so go enjoy your new journeys... leave me be and stop speaking the lies to others. Or keep at it but remember "God is watching"

I can guarantee hanging out with me does not equal ruining your rep --- if me calling areas to the front makes you feel that - that is on you --- might want to reflect on how you carry on in life ... I only call out areas to make sure those last 18 minutes are spoken from June 30, 2013. Those folks "speak up" ... I deserve that since I almost died on that fire.

So far, I never met finer folks than Dr Ted Putnam and Betty Ashe ... God broke the mold with those two.

Sure, RBB and his lady/mom have come in the running in the small months I known them and RR and Gare too---

I would have placed Scottie Briggs there ages ago, but once he got consumed on these projects when areas laid unresolved, and he was okay to just go with the flow and then say to me these people were excited to meet the Desert Walker but the two he said that about- I wrote them two- never heard a word so calling bullshit on any "excitement to meet the Desert Walker" - something did not add up when I had kid like times and yet someone he knew spoke bad about me ... things just ain't adding up...

and Fred will always be about God, Country, family, friends and loved ones -- the ten and eighteen --- human factors --- safety --- yet there was a huge shift for me in 2022 where less moments took place because why tell within the "triangle" to avoid telling Joy about KK...??? Made zero sense. One saying to me 10-26-22 after months of hiding the fact from me that this lady can't wait to meet me, the desert walker and the other hiding the very fact she exists within our triangle for how many months now?

Those are not organic moments folks - manipulated with intent calculations. God will handle it.

I can state all I have done is do my best to walk and been dealing with serious health concerns. I am only a part in Gare, Blister, Dusty and RR's world outside Family, the small group of ladies I met in October 2022 and my pets. I am very okay with it. I have struggles.

Yet we all do but now I rely solely on God to help me through it ...

Much fluid retention, see:

I look like Paul Giamatti from John Adams here:

Would I ever allow Burk Minor in my space? It would take a conference call with him and few on that line first so I could call out finally the bullshit. Otherwise, no. I forgive and I forgave but the people who spoke to him about me and he believed it --- God will handle that area.

I dropped that whole area that I resigned from Wildland Firefighter Foundation as a Lifetime Member based on the Phos Chek topic and how many I saw hit with slurry drop over time on "live" fires and how it affected their lives - our lives ... so no way would I be affiliated to any place tied to Phos-Chek until a full case study was completed with my assistance to make sure it was done right and zero political biased inserts.

I am gladly out of the land as a rep right now after all I seen from the neighboring folks. Disgusting manners. Such disrespect.

If in the end, any of these neighboring lands knew what I know about the last 18 minutes before the men died of

6-30-13 --- even more disgusting...

at least I am doing my best to get it to the forefront, so it does not happen again. I just learned when reviewing my public records 12-31-21 so if others knew since 6-30-13- shame on you. Really...

Happy Holidays!


11-11-22 1pm: Good talking with you earlier today, Sonny. Thank you for the good wishes --- I am so blessed by your continued example to my life because your doctor is mine for same concerns ... that helps me a lot seeing you are still trucking --- getting your hands dirty and being the little Servant to the big Servant.

Right now, I have cleaned out all old stagnant areas and now areas are so illuminated. I know someone is coming back around who was in their egos --- and thought they were better than us - a smugness --- but they had to have that right ear ringing to awake them ... they will blindly run to us. I think they realize they misjudged you and me.

Today is eleven month and eleventh day so hope your day has much angelic moments --- and anything toxic is gone from us and "exposed" in His time and ways---

Sonny, let's us keep standing in the light --- and all those who gossiped are being exposed by God ---- keep up the strength and courage. Have a beautiful Veteran's Day-

Focus on your happiness. Block out all the people who are not for your better good. All the emotions are done and let God know today what you are thankful for today... I am thankful that through all phases in our knowing another --- the sun shines on us --- I am saying enjoy the peace and be happy.

For those unwilling to let people 'live and let live' --- just go be stuck in your heads. Sonny and I have an innocent love in all this ... and we just wanted to make sure those families knew someone cared enough to gather the documents that almost led to our deaths but 19 did die...

God is watching you. We had zero bad intentions. We were very passionate for truths. When the dust settles, one will see it.

We are both done in helping external areas pertaining to the YHF 2013. We are unwilling to let folks so easily back in... no more wiping your boots on our door mats. The ones who spread the lies --- "grow up". You are no longer in our space and heads.

Thank you, Sonny, for your continued passion for life.

You are sooooo inspiring.

To the Irish--- Live Forever:

Sonny said this makes sense since he is half black- His mother's maiden name was "Black"---

No wonder we enjoyed the Cave life ;) hee hee ----

Here is to all the Trail Blazers out there ... with God all things are possible --- never thought before October 3, 2022 I would know RR and the desert critters...but yet it is here with God at the forefront. Slowly, getting back to the desert trail hikes...


I remember being in that WFF building July 18, 2022, it is still a haunting traumatic moment for me after all the deaths I have had to watch ... no one cared enough ... no one even asked --- it was just Joy had a meltdown and move along --- ??? months later dealing with serious health issues, none of those folks who were a part to that time ask how are you doing Joy? --- nah, instead I am told 10-26-22 that these supposed folks are excited to meet the desert walker ??? Yet, when I reached out ... crickets heard.

Injustice was done to me. No truths were breathed my way. I had to learn another way.

  1. Hurt Joy.

  2. The way they did it.

  3. for not making things right since then ( one did - she knows God like I do )

  4. their own foolish decisions

  5. their continued pride and ego ( financial layers involved too )

  6. everyone involved and knew the truths on the phos-chek / Fallen widow stranded are getting a dose from up Above...everyone involved...except for me because I was there for her...I am getting to see justice and it is sad. I will refuse to waste time on this area. It is broken. The only way any of them is allowed back in is a pow-wow conference call calling out the lies and bullshit. I got my clarity fully and I severed it. God stepped in and leveled up the areas. Anyone who hurt me - God watched and He is handling it. Many of you betrayed me.

  7. how much is that apology worth now --- me, ruin your reputation- ha, ha; serious?!....sigh....sad you are...I am very connected to all made your own choices. You all had time to fix it. The door closed. A new door opened for me.

  8. I am disconnected from all your heart breaks and total destructions...

  9. You had a choice. Free will. This was deeper than money as I see what is unfolding for you all- this was a soul was handed to you all by the hand of hung out doing nothing and trash talking me. Ignoring God's signs. Not so comfortable anymore, eh --- took your sweet time. Who is laying in bed thinking about all I am saying...right!?

  10. Gossip and back stabbers and laughed about it. When I showed kindness.

  11. All you had to do was be truthful --- you cannot think 10-26-22 was truth but a version of what one wanted me to know versus making it really right by all ---no matter how tough it was gonna be---trashed a person who is known to dedicate to healings --- one cannot be selective when God shows you the signs. When you ignore the signs...well, you see what is happening ...all you didn't do caused major destructions.

I am sad by the expansion of the WFF building and what I saw and I hope people see how many funerals I went to and how disturbing it was for me 7-18-22 and all I wanted to do was fact check and verify and learning it is a battle of grey areas if I want to pursue that area--- nah, walking away fully and resigned.

From the bread crumbers to now watching lives / technology crashing/crumbling ... pure sad. Selective caring is not the way to go. I really showed the evidence to these folks about a fallen firefighter's wife stranded...

and I was disregarded. I followed God to get her the assistance ... she is not garbage nor am I. God has seen enough and He is watching all this. You for sure do not mess with God. They saw the warnings signs from God and disregarded Him too...

No honesty from y'all, no clarity, no closure ... and some knew the truths and those folks --- God is taking care of it for me --- I see it happening. Justice has already happened.

God's Peace to You All-

May the sun keep exposing you all..."live in the light" caused so much unneeded bs. and God is here making sure this is handled...

In my humble opinion, WFF's new expansion of their building should include a "Walk of Shame" wall with ___ face up there for 7-20-22.

I can send them a list of what have seen since Yarnell Hill Fire 2013 as the eyewitness who almost died that day but 19 did die. However, my list goes beyond any walls...

Hopefully people see the great pretenders in all this as I listen to Gods loving firm ways each day.

So sad that a certain man lied to you Vicki and Burk Minor-

I have been the truth towards the both of you July 2021-

July 2022,

and I get that for political factors possibly that neither of you leveled up my way

but in the end, God is watching, and I never did anything to either one of you so would LOVE to know how I was told 10-26-22 that I can ruin one's rep hanging with me as it was stated you said it B___ M____.

Anytime, let me know. My in person door is closed but always in writing. Too much time passed for me ---

I know I did 100% good for you both individually, and collectively and your staff and W__ too---my "live" journals on this blog prove that.

My resignation was because I was disregarded, the phoschek concern and disrespected and hello, who calls "high priority" the cops...

what a bullshit.

Over asking for a public records form

in which in I____ holds much grey areas when it has or has not certain entities donating in --- it is still a 501c---Amanda would love to know what I learned...if I handed that to her, boy...I could only imagine.

If anything, what I am hearing--- it's not me trash talking --- I just have written and spoken exactly how my path has happened yet my "live" journal shows all that. If your manners towards me ruined your rep- well, then maybe take that to God. I know I did not do it. I just speak/write truths.

Hey, remember that stab to my back ... that sword ... how do you think I healed ... I pulled the sword out that many placed in.

I am armored up with God.

God is Love.

I am in my "glow-up" ... you know it too. No gossip on my end. How about that stupid comical shirt (knockers to your knees joke) you gave a few months back that caused your "pause" with the disruptive one as I name ___________.

That ___ is a temporary one and you can say "what have I done" over and over as you both have your roller coaster rides. The best I can tell you --- so much money is wasted on ____ and maybe one day you "wake up".

My posts are bringing people out of the forest and speaking/writing with me. I had a Li____ come to me on your behalf, sir. All you had to was apologize for the betrayals.

You feel like a fool because you been one. Duh.

I see what others cannot see they say. Well, I see my door is closed to the external people who felt that they took data from one entity to close down another is to enhance another not hurt or harm.

K___ K___, you would also want to reach me even though it is being told to me that you cannot wait to meet me and yet I hear crickets --- I think it is in your best interest to do that sooner than later.

God is watching.


I also want a certain entity who are a non-profit in Arizona know there are folks out there (not me- but I know) that plan to have you legally shut down for good. I also own evidence and have never done that to you. If you know who you are when I write this, reach me. I will help you bridge and mend it.

I have never been so sickened by a group of people who would allow a fallen firefighter's wife to be stranded and disregard me especially after the way her husband died.

Also, I am in a happy peaceful state. I am just speaking facts because my behind the scenes is juts medical and healing and gonna pioneer again like I did 2011-2017.

Yes, you can walk the desert ... and never be traced again...been there and done it. My days with the fire is on a huge pause. Many will never make it back to my space for they allowed too much time to fix and help this elderly woman who lost her husband in the manner she did.

God is watching.

I know your accolades and awards and laughter about Hollywood meant something to you - but to me, no movie or film will ever do it justice to what actually took place June 30-July 7, 2013. Right Fr__ko-

Right Mar__..

The AFUE is not the only area that can help piece the stories ... I know because the first hand firefighters came to me.

Two men, a lawyer and a political publicist have until December 31, 2022, to get to the Public at Large the truths as agreed upon at the meeting earlier this year...if they do not, I have free will to name all the people publicly who withheld the information for the year and did nothing with it but for some it was okay to gain accolades and awards and make sure to tell another's story vs. handle this area.

Choices. Free will. They all sometimes come with some serious consequences. I will name you because it has been a heart wrenching year and I am sickened that you all just disregarded the topic. I am calling the people out who say they are to help me...then I am challenging, in actions did you help in 2022? Look back and reflect...


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