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PUBLIC RECORD REQUESTS-CITY OF PRESCOTT-Record(s) requesting: FISCAL RECORDS for 2007 thru2014-Pt 8h

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Be Strong in the Lord.

PUBLIC RECORD REQUESTS-CITY OF PRESCOTT-Record(s) requesting: FISCAL RECORDS for 2007 thru2014 This is a release of the PUBLIC RECORD REQUESTS-CITY OF PRESCOTT-Record(s) requesting: FISCAL RECORDS for 2007 thru 2014- continues on from: PUBLIC RECORD REQUESTS-CITY OF PRESCOTT-Record(s) requesting: FISCAL RECORDS for 2007 thru2014-Pt 8c ( RECORD REQUESTS-CITY OF PRESCOTT-Record(s) requesting: FISCAL RECORDS for 2007 thru2014-Pt 8b ( RECORD REQUESTS-CITY OF PRESCOTT-Record(s) requesting: FISCAL RECORDS for 2007 thru 2014-Pt 8 ( RECORD REQUESTS-CITY OF PRESCOTT-Record(s) requesting: FISCAL RECORDS for 2007 thru 2014-Pt 7 ( RECORD REQUESTS-CITY OF PRESCOTT-Record(s) requesting: FISCAL RECORDS for 2007 thru 2014-Pt 6 ( RECORD REQUESTS-CITY OF PRESCOTT-Record(s) requesting: FISCAL RECORDS for 2007 thru 2014-Pt 5 ( RECORD REQUESTS-CITY OF PRESCOTT-Record(s) requesting: FISCAL RECORDS for 2007 thru 2014-Pt 4 ( RECORD REQUESTS-CITY OF PRESCOTT-Record(s) requesting: FISCAL RECORDS for 2007 thru 2014-Pt 3 ( RECORD REQUESTS-CITY OF PRESCOTT-Record(s) requesting: FISCAL RECORDS for 2007 thru 2014-Pt 2 ( RECORD REQUESTS - CITY OF PRESCOTT - Record(s) requesting: FISCAL RECORDS for 2007 thru 2014 (

Joy A Collura "Live" Journal- the last post kept rebooting so start a new post. When will I get back to actually having the time to do City of Prescott records actual documents here?

Also, it is well known my life details/activities are my husband, family and friends and last Summer 2021 I, JOY A COLLURA, made a lifetime commitment to Wildland Firefighter Foundation - full well comprehending some select groups have done their best in almost a decade to create the labels that I am controversial or conspiracy theorists, but my blog proves

I am not ANY OF THAT and if you spend in person time with me and you will learn, I am not the lies you were told or if you were the ones who told the lies. It is wrong - not my bad manners - but theirs. God is watching.

I will always press forward in an untraditional authentic leadership way being "just me" - not what one wants me to be.

-- I have had people come to me with their views on Home - Wildland Firefighter Foundation ( and you can create your own delusions and illusions and perceptions all day long - I heard them -

I heard you yet I can counter that this organization maybe does not interact with me but on a rare basis if that and it is okay because if we are doing good and right then making efforts to "acknowledge" is not needed...As long as I stay the course to help lessen Wildland Firefighter fatalities,

that is my path.

I have seen a lack of ... at times... but I am guilty of that too.

I refuse the label that I am a victim to the 2013 Yarnell Fire--- rather like to think I am a victor... and surround with people who support that thought and to help bring to truths out so we can help lessen Wildland Firefighter fatalities.

I watched this organization up close. I can state with full purity my moment last Summer 2021 was organically spontaneous.

Prior to Summer 2021, I had zero connectiveness their way. All I knew was Holly Neill sent me some WFF gear back in 2014 and it sat on a shelf and one shirt I wore hiking a few times and I briefly googled the name in 2014 and thought some "apple pie" looking mom doing a good deed to help in her own way. Left it there.

I was too busy to learn more back then. I am busy now too, but God placed WFF in my lap, not me. I was told in January 2021 I would have a spontaneous moment happen and allow everything to flow without thought and refuse using my analytical parts to me when that moment happened.

Canadian FF sent an email and I watched the video and I made a comment 2:42 PM on the vintage voice tones from the video shared to me. I was very unwell. I was on that strict "Brain" - detox fast and weak too since May 2021.

7:38 PM, I got a professional with a slice of humor reply.

I called 9:06-12:50 AM 7-20-21/7-21-21 and then I was on the airplane hours later on a morning flight, but I was home by Friday, July 23rd, 2021 at 11:59 AM and headed to my medical massage and medical care. I just do not talk on the phone unless it for Conferences/Training or fire related areas. Ask anyone. I avoid it like the plague. I am a check in type person. CA Dozer guy I listened to Sept. 2021. I asked Scott if he would go but he had professional tasks he was doing. I really had not a clue who this person was and so I did the spontaneous travel and came home after doing the tour and it was really a heartfelt eye awakening moment to my life. There was an area I admit I am socially a nerd nowadays, so it was hard to process but I know looking back it was for my growth as a human being.

But in it, I observed. I looked at the wall of photos. I looked at them all hard at work awaiting to know when my flight was ... every one of them has a role and everyone takes it seriously. Boop wins the most interactive, inquisitive, 'find out who I am'- that week. I did get the feel they would do anything for their fellow firefighters/dispatchers and Aviation folks both professionally and personally.

I am terrible at communications with them. I asked for a new Lifetime Member pin when 9-24-21 the EMT hit my sternum and punctured me with that pin that the backing came off and it was then lost. I send flowers/thinking of you stuff individually and collectively as I jot those events on my "live" journal and I journal the process as I do all other areas.

I really want them to know I appreciate them all individually and collectively so that is why I do what I do. Zero hidden agendas. I am just silly ol' me. I care "BIG" ---

But for those (aka- 'gas lighters') not liking that I like these folks because I am considered "controversial" or whatever - if it is you that are reaching out to me to let me know about them or vice versa if you are reaching them about me... "let it be" -

I am not trying to be a part of their system internally and all I am doing is showing consistent love for their organization. Huge cheerleader for them. I am not a person they can have around really because my story is to be squashed and I know that just watching my training and how I have been treated and how a fellow friends who are high up in the Media/Government told me that my story will not be told unless I told it.

So, being my documented eyewitness story does not match the formal narratives. I go above and beyond and share realisms. I am one individual you will have a hard time blending to your Fire organizations mostly because a select group tarnished/lied/defamed me so early on and as of last Spring 2021 to Fall 2021, some still are.

Yet, when I share, it is with purity. I have zero agendas and zero end goals to network.

I am not making a "made-for-profit" movie or book in my lifetime like others. If I did a film, it would be on Tex Harold Eldon Gilligan and our pioneering times.

If anything, I have had very high up Officials share to me I am the one who can really make the changes that needs to happen ... the only thing is my interests are my health first then slowly getting the documents for the Public at Large, so I have zero time for any official roles currently.

Yet, training is important to me in case the time comes that I do take that opportunity, but I am more into the Law and Forensic Weather side of things.

I will always support financially and with heart towards Wildland Firefighter Foundation. There has been so much going on -

I will also state this--- I did not know of their concerns years ago but I can say this - it was truly beautiful what I saw, and I still think after all the decades they have dedicated to the organization; they have not been truly recognized in a grand deserving way yet --- I am strongly placing for the World to hear me --- "get involved"- it matters. You matter. We matter. Their mission matters.

One of my favorite Canadian FFs---love ya Rocksteady:

any chance I can say "be a member to Wildland Firefighter Foundation and Grassroots Wildland" --- I like the folks there ... Fred J Schoeffler introduced me to Grassroots by email last Spring 2021 and I attended early on meetings, and I did not know if I should be attending because back channel, I heard Donut / Pfingston / Marsh wanted to attend and those ladies and Donut have their organizations and I know historically I am considered "not welcomed" yet by the ladies --- those two are the main reasons I am using the "chain of command" chart to contact before the information comes out for the Public at Large on this whistle blowing event.

I want a heavy paper trail that I reached out to the people who should be telling these GMIHC family members, not me. However, it is the evidence I own that makes me very curious if this was a main factor in how I was treated over time. Hmmm. I do not know if they even know what I own- my door is open to build a relation with all people even the naysayers.

I feel sad for all those who harbor resentments and anger. We have tools to work through stuff, ya know. Use them versus peaking at my pages and posts and playing the Victim card to Authorities like I saw in 2014 and 2021.

I am allowed to tell my story. It gets old seeing the same old people trying to squash me from doing that. I never attempt you from being you so let me be me. If you do not like what I say or write, don't show up here. I show up in life to LIVE it with happiness, joy, love and laughter.

Bill Gabbert of Wildfire Today shared about WFF over time in both good and not so good topics.

I would do a more in depth look before placing this article out, Bill, right??? I know you are reporting a story but to me go there and see it for yourself before writing ever on it:

One day I will buy a pair of these and have them customized with Arizona Desert Walker and "WFF Lifetime Member"---just waiting to see what is going on with my feet if it is staying a certain size or not--- the edema and fluid buildup sucks!

I also would hope to one day be an influence not an influencer by my actions and discussions that more people donate to their foundation.

You can give with confidence, see:





December 3rd, 2021, they placed a new study in- but WHY if the first one looks normal to me??? If any of you get why they marked this, I would like to know 2.1 is OSA, anyone let me know--it is a foreign area to me but a heavy topic in my genetic background on father side:

on 12-3-21 they wanted it approved by 12-10 yet it never took place part two yet in 2021 and 2022- I am left confused by all this.

The Epworth Sleepiness Scale is widely used in the field of sleep medicine as a subjective measure of a patient's sleepiness. The test is a list of eight situations in which you rate your tendency to become sleepy on a scale of 0, no chance of dozing.

The apnea-hypopnea index (AHI) is a scale that tells whether you have a sleep disorder called apnea and, if so, how serious it is. Sleep apnea is when you stop breathing for 10 seconds or more while you’re asleep. A similar disorder, hypopnea, is a partial loss of breath for 10 seconds or longer.

What is AHI?

Apnea-Hypopnea Index (AHI) is a term used to illustrate the average number of hypopneas and apneas per hour during sleep for an allotted time frame. An AHI measurement is determined during a sleep study. It is the number of times per hour of sleep that your upper airway partially or entirely collapses, which results in brief awakening or arousal from sleep and a possible drop in blood oxygen levels. This number is used by doctors to identify how severe your sleep apnea is and how well CPAP treatment is working.

  • Hypopnea: A partial collapse of your airway.

  • Apnea: The complete absence of airflow through your nose and mouth.

Below you’ll find the standard ratings for AHI measurements ranging from normal to severe. Your doctor will base any forms of treatment on these findings and will have the end goal of lowering your AHI measurement. Reducing your AHI measurement with treatment options such as CPAP or positional therapy will help improve your sleep quality as fewer hypopneas and apneas are likely to occur throughout the night.

AHI Measurement in a Sleep Study

If your doctor suspects you may have sleep apnea, it’s likely that you’ll be asked to participate in a polysomnogram or sleep study to further determine. For your sleep study appointment, you’ll be asked to complete an overnight stay at a sleep clinic where sleep technologists will monitor you while you sleep to gather data and observe what happens in your brain and body. Several sensors are utilized to track your breathing patterns:

  • Nasal Cannula

  • Respiratory Effort Belts

  • Oximeter Clip

AHIRating <5Normal

That makes Nov 14th, 2021, a normal study for me, right? Mine was AHI 2.1hr. So now then my questions are varied but specific---then why was more studies ordered because the MSLT was suggested? If so, watch this. The appt was "solid" December 28th, 2021, at 8pm, so had the Sleep Studies just allowed it to naturally flow then they would have seen I met the deductible and could have done that appt. yet they wanted part two to be approved vs pending so now I am responsible to meet a new deductible. ??? I am frustrated with all this. I have a huge family history tied to people dying in their sleep and sleep apnea/cpap so not an area to be discussing my way unless you have documented proof to lead to such conclusions but right now I have what appears to be a normal study so now I need answers why more was requested because it was done routine to Stat to routine to Stat to denied to "Peer to Peer" to approved the second portion in new year and never got an appt until last week for Feb 14, 2022 and so when I was awoken at 5am 2-14-22 to the sleep tech removing the sensors. I was bewildered because the Dr requested "Peer to Peer" to have the other portion completed so now what just happened is I am out large amount of funds when all this could have been done 12-28-21 ----I left a message with the Dr to hopefully break down why more studies if first one was okay - ??? - why not pay more attention to this head pain that no human being should be facing and it shows I have stuff going on, see:

I have labs set to be done soon and today I officially found and made an appt with a new PCP. Smiles. Same name as one of the GMHS loved ones. You cannot make that up. I am excited to finally have that part done and now we can move forward and HOPEFULLY get that precertification and referrals from Nov 19 to see the rare disease Specialist and the Seizure Specialist and physical therapy.

The results showed: increased slow-wave sleep.

During slow-wave sleep, there is a significant decline in cerebral metabolic rate and cerebral blood flow. The activity falls to about 75 percent of the normal wakefulness level. The regions of the brain that are most active when awake have the highest level of delta waves during slow-wave sleep. This indicates that rest is geographical. The “shutting down” of the brain accounts for the grogginess and confusion if someone is awakened during deep sleep, since it takes the cerebral cortex time to resume its normal functions.

I slept 467.5 of the 493.5 in the sleep study. I received a 94.7% for sleep efficiency.

Sleep latency — also called sleep onset latency — is the amount of time it takes you to go from being fully awake to sleeping.

Your sleep latency and how quickly you reach rapid eye movement (REM) sleep can be indicators of the amount and quality of sleep you’re getting. Mine was 67.5. Six times I awoke. 179 stage shifts. Number of awakenings- 8.


Special "Thank You" to Sharlene and Evelyn who have been helping with all the medical stuff in recent times - I never want to be an issue but really looking at the file - answers are warranted, right ... I should not have to wait THIS long for the rare disease Specialist or the Seizure Specialist and Physical Therapy and so on.


I still have my custom Barbie...and his autographed dvd

I just turned down free VIP tickets because I had no way to get to the location of the concert - his song "Angel Eyes" was my wedding song ... I would have liked to see him but no one I know likes his music and the concert is out of state. Oh well.


2-17-22 6pm: Thank you Terry for the call- I will do my best to get to you all sooner than March - that was tough news - I figured I was "good" after seeing the first studies. This week studies I need to see PCP to see Cardio and go from there and my Specialist will figure a plan for me.

I find these products very successful for my teeth pain:


2-18-22 5pm: Today was suppose to be "whistleblowing" day--- it was postponed from other side--- meanwhile my second study showed as follow:

I did the SAME type of study I did in November 2021 ---I did not wear a Cpap. They ordered this:

I did this and the results:

November 2021 showed AHI 2.1 and I know I was in worse sleep deprived back then --- so that was odd.


2-21-22 6:15pm:

these snapchats

thank you, Abby, for my annual anti-aging spray down tan 2-18-22:

My dozer boss Instructor is retiring this year and so we went to his invited party last weekend.

2-19-22 United States Forest Service Retirement Party- Thomas Morgan:

the video made my nose thinner or vanish---that is not my nose in real time:

end of night---crowd cleared out:

our last song:

Remember folks, Coors helps the Wildland Firefighter Foundation --- please share ---

I came on to do taxes and post pics and DWS sent me a message - it was brief and back to studying- Hi Darryl..sorry for the lasagna humor and your loss...nice to visit shortly with ya but sorry you are on the path you are on...God speed you will be outdoors soon and less online:


Yarnell property visitors:


If it ends up my time is 2022 - please remember not one of the medical folks but ENT focused attention to my heart area and in the works to do that. I am doing my best to get stronger. I am. Know more by the 8th of March.


2-22-22 9:05pm Update: Just got in.

filmed here:

took a pic of a pic from a cell phone so some areas grainy:

visible orbs:

missing one sign:

skieshad weird "orb and other" stuff in the air:

still nothing up yet like Lee said he was doing to this area: