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10-9-22 9:41pm: Heading off for today but when I return, I will come here because part two is too big now...





I will go through the records and snippet to here ---- but I am going to sleep early today

(10-11-12---Happy Birthday Diane)

Don, I notified you by social media I was doing this, and I also stated Willis and Steinbrinks are getting their posts too with documented truths.

It is about leaders out there --- retired or not.

This is my public announcement that I am requesting all kinds of records on leaders just trying to learn the ways.


10-12-22 2:09pm: I want to make a public announcement ... I almost died on the Yarnell Hill Fire 2013 ...

I am here to bridge areas but at times I have to shake some areas (I know much more than I speak) and as much as I know currently some are doing their current agendas,

I get it, but I also refuse to allow you back into my life because you told me ages ago you wanted to tell my story and I said it requires us all--- all our stories ...

but in recent weeks when you told a lady I seeked counseling to the entity who the call on me was a high priority police call vs being straight forward this was about getting Carol out of being stranded in WA and to Idaho

and you opted to speak in excitement that someone asked you about the desert walker ... like I told the ever so pleasant YCSO Public Records Supervisor today I am retraining my mind, body and Spiritual and I can only state I am doing my best but all I ever want it paper trail to lead us to a conclusion vs the predetermined glazed narratives I have seen.

I know City of Prescott is doing their best to fulfill my requests and much HARD WORK goes into all this ---

I appreciate ANYONE who has to do my FOIAs and PRRs--- it is hard work...

I also know what I know, and specifically certain people and stations do owe me and the families much more on the YHF 2013 yet almost 10 years later they lay stagnant and quiet. All I know is God is watching...

Remember that all through your days, weeks, months, years and soon to turn into who was on historical significant fires and see what is happening.

I know I am doing the difficult right thing and pray feverishly you join me and refrain from using technology in that because as much as Fred likes to claim anonymity --- I refuse to trust the technology...

Quietly walking and praying for City of Prescott Station 73 today ...


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