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10-2-22 8pm: Sorry, but I never got back to this area this weekend I can upload for 1 hour tonight then crash --- busy medical week...







I noticed the pay on this was similar to another, so I am showing the actual pay to match it up:-


I skipped a few redundancy files--



due to bad weather- attempt this later tonight = to upload more ... just not able to with the near by lightning and thunder





10-5-22 10PM: I am back to the PRR on Don:

I am going to start from last to first for now just because I have head pain and I am in no mood to go see where I last posted out of the 81.


10-5-22 11:44pm--- time for sleep ---good night




Finally made it here--- 10-9-22 8pm:

interesting...let me scroll up --- so Essex was exposed with another

"only a small portion of the information contained in the records was withheld, as it was determined that release of such information would have a harmful effect by chilling an employee from filing complaints against management personnel. " --- "Thus, it is in the best interest of the City to encourage employees to file legitimate grievances that can be addressed by the City. Allowing the name of complainants would chill future disciplinary investigations. Employees may be dissuaded from filing complaints if their veracity is challenged or if they know they may have to relive difficult parts of their employment history with members of the public. The complaining parties were “rank and file” employees of the Prescott Fire Department and have compelling privacy interests in the redacted information."

So do they even read their own material they shared to me? Essex was also a “rank and file” employee of the Prescott Fire Department so why expose his name and not others??? Just sayin'...

So, now that we know what he earned in the 80's up until 2016- and I hear in that one disciplinary action file some wording that matches 6-30-13 the last hours before the men died, and I heard what Duane Steinbrink / Marty Cole / Darrell Willis close friends have shared to me --- I decided the person I have "cheer leaded" because his stance on the "10 and 18" --- I better go back and fact check and verify some areas on him and check out some areas.

Good night for now (10-9-22 9:40pm)


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