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I am weak folks, yet I want some of these recent Public Records Requests (PRRs) here in the "public eye" and some are redacted because its email addies and such

if you think I can word something better than let me know...I keep getting areas closed---

when I am not logged on:

it shows 139 unpublished Public Records Requests (PRRs) of mine missing from the portal:

then I log on it shows them:

why hide those 139 PRRs Public Records Requests (PRRs) to the Public at Large??? Why are they sealed / unpublished??? Why do I see others requests not signed in but not mine?




Ashby is law enforcement--- says will only release to law enforcement. Why don't they help me get released the unredacted footage from 6-30-13 BSR cameras--- so stupid that this is all that came back when April 2021 a "Special Event" took place at BSR and still no Special Event permit was issued to them--- ????

APPEALED: Request 22-720

You see me mention Don on my posts and how he supports the "10 and 18" --- I am checking records to see how many fires he was on so I can do a post of the "10 and 18" with the fires he has been on...

Keep coming back to this link because I am tired and this is all I can do for now- Maybe tomorrow or later in the week...I just was hoping the "public at large" can help me figure out why they keep saying broad because I am asking for any records tied to names so how does it make it broad when I said photos, documents electronic or paper and such ???

good night...I will work on the Caples RX links first to finish that, but I also wanted this out there to the public...9-11-22 11:56pm