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I am weak folks, yet I want some of these recent Public Records Requests (PRRs) here in the "public eye" and some are redacted because its email addies and such

if you think I can word something better than let me know...I keep getting areas closed---

when I am not logged on:

it shows 139 unpublished Public Records Requests (PRRs) of mine missing from the portal:

then I log on it shows them:

why hide those 139 PRRs Public Records Requests (PRRs) to the Public at Large??? Why are they sealed / unpublished??? Why do I see others requests not signed in but not mine?




Ashby is law enforcement--- says will only release to law enforcement. Why don't they help me get released the unredacted footage from 6-30-13 BSR cameras--- so stupid that this is all that came back when April 2021 a "Special Event" took place at BSR and still no Special Event permit was issued to them--- ????

APPEALED: Request 22-720

You see me mention Don on my posts and how he supports the "10 and 18" --- I am checking records to see how many fires he was on so I can do a post of the "10 and 18" with the fires he has been on...

Keep coming back to this link because I am tired and this is all I can do for now- Maybe tomorrow or later in the week...I just was hoping the "public at large" can help me figure out why they keep saying broad because I am asking for any records tied to names so how does it make it broad when I said photos, documents electronic or paper and such ???

good night...I will work on the Caples RX links first to finish that, but I also wanted this out there to the public...9-11-22 11:56pm


Why is this one- one of the fastest PRR to be returned tome --- on Willis - of all people??? see:

So, for a man who was tied to the City of Prescott since the 1980's --- retired or not --- just a few emails in their entire of City of Prescott system

if you all want to do something special for the 10 year Anniversary- how about "speak up" and share how I almost died but 19 did die--- you ready after almost 10 years???

Is this the same Justin (Doce Fire / Winslow-Perryville- ) who was Russ Shumate's Deputy ICT4 trainee On YHF June 29th, 2013 and Eric Marsh was his Justin's Instructor...just wondering:

let us go back to those crucial time spots that lead to Fred and Scottie's land:

Billy Morris:

All the other names in email I am very familiar with so just wanted to know about those names for myself because I am threading areas as time goes by where the movement happens and the record:



RiP Tye Seets--- Always Remembering:



I strongly believe if a higher authority above FBI reached me, I could help them thread the YHF 2013 better than the people who fought the dang fire at this point.

I am willing to assist if that was to happen to do the difficult right thing and bring the truth and light to the front. I deserve it since I almost died on that fire to see this come to the final 18 minutes June 30, 2013 be brought to the light.

These records have been deleted per Arizona State Retention Schedule Number GS-1018 Rev. 5, RSN 10299.


I have always shown publicly that in a sense I was Don's "cheerleader" because of his stance on the 10 and 13 / 10 and 18.

In recent years, people who worked close to him showed me another side, so I am just fact checking and verifying and I redacted his pay but any current firefighter who make the bang / bucks right now --- this man started at the bottom and "earned" his way in a slow timely fashion.

I am going to delve into this because firsthand firefighters really refrain from reaching out the Yarnell Hill Fire 2013 eyewitness hikers- unless ... it is late night moments they get the urges ... so let me write about Don ...

Prescott, AZ Fire Department Division Head Supervisor - Deputy Chief- City of Prescott Human Resources - Communications Technician - is what is shown when you google the person who approved the paper for Don:


Fred said it is public record so the ones I redacted; I will leave it that way, but he wanted to see the pay rate so here it is:


It was a loooonnnnngggg journey for this man to finally get to this pay rate so I would sit with this man and listen vs. some of the ones who quickly went up the payrate chains

but usually researchers must pull the public records of those who were on fire fatalities to watch that area ...

really ... that is not a hint, hint ... go research it out and pull your own public records.

Begin with asking for Crew Time Reports (CTR), Master Records, Vehicle Records for the station(s), their Text/Emails from those firefighters, and the list goes on -

just reach me if you are researching to learn how I learned as much as I do about the fire, I almost died on but 19 did.

One of the whoahs in knowing Fred J. Schoeffler is he thinks I need to lead someone into what image is coming up next and explain it.


I only agreed to be the housewife hiker who does "live" journals and then he can find people to co-author or even himself and he can make posts doing just that.

With my brain tumors and other health issues, I will only agree to do a "live" journal for family and friends with adding some public records of mine

but nope - no reason for me to have to do that part of explaining things --- people make their own assessments anyways so why make the energy plus what Fred J. Schoeffler does not fully understand - he tossed the label "Research Specialist" for me

but I am just a small town - ghost town housewife hiker who walks 10 months out of the year who looking back historically I take 6-7 weeks off in extreme heat or cold times. I love our kids and elders. I am pretty simple yet pretty darn complex.

Why did I ask for the Public Records on Don?

I just watch and observe while I am Wildland Fire presentations / Fire related conferences / Fire Academies.

When I hear the firefighters sharing --- I fact check and verify. There is a number of firefighters who went through some bullshit - those are the quiet ones that I do what I do.

I do it for them because I know it is a generational / heritage thing for some areas.

I know it seems weird to say because there is one Executive Director who someone got in his ear because 7-20-21 thru 7-23-21 were some of the finest pure moments to my life and no one can take that away ---

but had no one got in his ears, I felt I found a solid pure friend for life outside the fire stuff. I got to share in things I never saw in my life. I just pray nobody tied to this Yarnell stuff messed that up - God is watching.

Some records with no explanations - don't need any and some records you scratch your head, why? --- the ones watching, know why...

I remember the days I was a sap and was Willis' cheerleading section until I pulled the Public Records on him and Steinbrink - that was when I learned possibly Willis never cared about me really or my back story on


At first, I thought/assumed he was feeling who is this lady wanting to know so much --- ( the lady who almost died on the same fire 19 did, sir.)

well, to this day I get people who troll online telling me nobody cares about my back story --- even today YouTuber Benhart stated it -see:

I had it deleted - the thread on YouTube - because it is sick to think someone would even want to say they want to hear the screams. I log it here in case something of mishap ever happened to me- the blog shows the naysayers and such over time in case something Criminal ever happened to me worse than

7-20-22 Boise, ID assault...

9-29-22 4:47pm: I am uploading the next few days Don's profile. So, keep coming back.

However, I am also away the next few days so I do not know a time I will be doing this so up late now doing it.