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Pt 3-"Who are those people?" - people questioned Assistant Chief- CA-OES Fire & Rescue Division.

Part Three:


I have zero bad or ill intentions for/towards anyone and maybe one day people will see I am not doing books or movies nor an opportunist ...

I wish people who lied about me, and trashed / trash talked about me/my name --- you are unable to affect me ---

I choose to ignore it --- plus God is gonna make sure I am on my "glow-up" --- I tell the truth... and one day people who decided to place ill intent on their lips in regard to me--- God is watching.


I am recapping folks who write me even though I have said I am "off" in 2023,

and I am uninterested in talking "fire" unless I am in that mode but have zero plans to ---

My commitment for 2023 was only 1 Wildland Course and 1 Wildland Conference and those are completed.

I wanted to attend the SCAFFW- I last minute went to this Safety Summit and I was in a major collision so no SCAFFW in 2023.

To answer you Fred, I have not seen glitches in a while. Shut your PC down and maybe try something like walk or enjoy the outdoors...go back online and see if that was all it was...





Maybe if people see how many emails I am trying to sort through- they would email me less unless they have something important...just trying to get through the emails and 23.5 GB is a lot to sort through still:

First day back to work 4-28-23 since hubby lost job 4-13-23. 15 days without income but blessed with a long-time friend's family making sure my medical and home needs are met.

Toni loaned me her VHS player so I was looking at some VHS tapes are still at FJS because they are not in my box in which I brought over there in 2019 to use on his player. My wedding video is one that is not in there. But I often think of you Tina (video below) ... I am sorry you are no longer with me and this here life ... we giggled and laughed so much. I took snippets of your goof ups and I inserted Denise Austin in the start because Denise gave me my start in aerobics...I loved her outdoor was those videos that birthed me to want to always explore...just looking at old VHS 4-28-23.


Now time to get data off cell:

Happy Valley Rd Walmart - man parked next to us:

my 4-13-23 Happy Bday, Toni G.- Cacti gift given 4-22-23:

neighborhood cacti blooms:

You know what is NUTS- I am passenger in major collision 4-10-23 and to heal I have to be driven 3-5 days a week in this:

makes zero sense.

after we were at Scott's to watch YHF13 fillum, we stopped by our first home we had appx 14 years before coming to Congress AZ:

then we headed to see one of the GMHS loved ones relatives in hospital and hubby ordered sausage pizza and we got this as our order:


backyard bloom:

shows that there was an i8 accident for both Conferences for FJS--- one was his gal pal rollover on i8 then his car weeks apart:

the 1st i8 accident FJS sent rollover images then zip and poor comms --- very odd:

I am reviewing emails like I said and watching T I L L and I wonder how come there is zero outcries ( fillum breaks my heart )---

when I saw that mom watch and look over her son's dead body in the fillum and wants her son seen in truth ---

I guess that was what has always floored me in my aftermath of searching and researching for truths on the fire I almost died on.

How come I was the one person they told some of those family members to avoid immediately after the fire----one of the last people who saw those GMHS alive ... how come? That is telling.

Then I learned how close to home this was internal insidious.

This past week (4-25-23) I watched Scott Briggs YHF13 fillums and he wanted my feedback but even in part one he scaled me off as "just the desert walker" not even labelled when my video explained on my public records journey -- he labelled me the desert walker and refrained from stating "one of the last people who saw those GMHS - the Yarnell Hill Fire eyewitness who was there on those Weavers just like the GMHS on that fateful day and almost died that day herself"

I find it telling that my story still almost ten years later cannot be told in true form on that fire but slid in moments into a fillum like hope no one catches it ---"move along" ...

Disturbing, I found it because Summer 2019 Scott Briggs was re-introduced back into my life from them seeking out on a book he was doing on a local old-time disappearance of Ronnie Dee M. years back with a woman named Charla C.

Nov 5, 2019, Scott said in front of my family and friends and a GMHS alumni he was gonna tell my story - the hikers -

(I have that recording, and it was not about the YHF13 but he said specifically tell my story...the hikers in that recording as well as the struggles Fred saw over time and I did not see that in his fillum.)

...he was gonna delve into it. I said I am never doing a book or movie, yet I will limit my assistance in bridging him to others, so it does not appear a product of me but his own creation.

He replied my story matters. Does it? Let me know when you watch his fillum if you gathered such...

I said the movie should be about all of us and yet when I commented about his fillum, his reply was I will get to that (the hikers) in part three ...

and yet Sonny and I were a part of that entire weekend not just the day we almost died but 19 did die.

In that bridging process, I saw the uniqueness I had with Scott shift once it entailed certain family members and WFF in 2021.

Fred and I can give credit to Scottie Briggs for helping us alot over and over through sickness and Spiritual Welfare from December 2019 to now... that I saw and felt as my takeaway in my time in have knowing him.

Scott also has been a witness, to deep Spiritual attacks, with all of us present along with my medical massager and his family member.

Sure, we are exchanging once again but never the way it once was.

He even placed Sonny in the fillum like a glazed aftermath of the fire surrounded by Hotshots on Scott's land last Summer vs. our involvement / eyewitness account on the first two days. ???

We were present at the fire dept. Saturday 6-29-13. We had people calling me on Friday 6-28-13 since we normally are on the Weaver Mountains. We are a part of the entire story, like it or not.

John Dougherty captured the essence of the hikers and even though I thought John D. was only recording for his wife and it went out to the world --- that footage best tells and also CBS Morgan Loew's footage.

I can state I felt his fillum possibly falls under being at a training course as an alternative training video for Wildland Fire or even for PBS TV.

Scottie is good people. He just wants peace and to make sure people get to see history in the right way and he has much heart.

I can always feel it lacks certain stuff as I shared to him because I am the eyewitness. I saw it lacked documented facts especially about what we saw.

I also feel he was present for me over time and he still does, yet he did not really absorb the word to us hikers that we shared or he absorbed it but has lacked delivery in fillum one and two on eyewitness accounts-

we said the movie is about all of us --- eyewitness accounts of all of us there that weekend should be in fillum not perceptions but what was seen and documented by the people present in pure form.

yet when I saw the fillum I shared to Dr Ted Putnam 5-3-23 that Scottie in part one places me as the Desert Walker which my role on June 28, 2013 until now for Yarnell Hill Fire 2013 was one of the last people to see the Granite Mountain Hotshots alive as we were on the Weaver Mountains that entire weekend and especially that fateful day June 30, 2013- the eyewitness to the GMHS, vehicles, fire folks, aviation, fire behavior, weather. Right near the GMHS so we had the best spot ---

So, to me, I was bewildered I am a few seconds on chattering about how YCSO told me to find my records elsewhere in his fillum. Why place that in there so it is when one has not even introduced the two eyewitness and what we saw-

Let these links serve as that since the fillum failed to show us in true form June 28- June 30, 2013:

For example, those helicopters at low altitude in a hovering - observing manner or we would see firefighters then fire behind them so that always bewildered me. Reminded me of Drew Barrymore in the fillum 'Firestarter' ---

I never thought much about fire and the big world or the fire world before the Yarnell Hill fire.

It was just me and my husband & pets ...

and when I fell ill I pioneered with Sonny. I had my dabble with the limelight and govt folks in the 90's thru 2009 and I am glad that was shown to me to help me comprehend the aftermath of the fire.

Nonetheless, disturbing to see how people protect a lie and omissions.

Telling the truth, is and will always be the right thing to do.

If they were ever to do a fillum on my story ---

it would have to happen once those apologies were made to Sonny, Donut and myself for almost taking our lives on the possible decisions and tactics of another(s).

I watched APOLOGY fillum recently and the character asked the mother:

"what do you need to make you whole again."

and I think for me, simply, that the records and documents show the weekend I almost died but 19 did die and it is told in true form, so it ensures it lessens future fatalities not what it has been glazed to be.

I know I worked harder than most to get the facts to the front learning not all facts can easily come to the front.

I am owed and deserve much apologies from so many- that I know.


back to email and catching up what I missed the past few weeks:




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