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Part 2-Will the City of Prescott Public Records Request #20-450 be addressed or quickly "closed"?

Author: Joy A. Collura


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When I placed my City of Prescott Public Records Request #20-450 it had as a "point of contact - Michelle Shaw." So as you read this post you will begin to see how thankful I am that there is now a new person to replace her, because it was getting messy from my point of view with "Shaw" working on my Public Records Requests.

I pray she is removed from processing my Public records Requests, because her recent actions have forced me to be focused on those annoyances and distractions instead of on my AHFE presentation and Dude Fire Site Visit post. In other words, I prefer to avoid dealing with the City of Prescott Public Records Request area wrongful ways towards me when I paid for a memory stick with attachments, they sent me that memory stick but it lacked some attachments and no reason for such redactions.

Michelle Shaw gets "full credit" and should be recognized for making the City of Prescott fully transparent because I am now making sure that "the world" gets to view each of my requests instead of just the index logs.

Here, in descending order, are my most recent PRRs for City of Prescott Public Records Request #20-450:


Here is what changed since Saturday - "Point of Contact"

And so, I had to pause my other areas. Because at times it is a 'full time' spot to be in my position with all these Public Records Requests to the Public entities, because they can change areas and close areas like "boom" - and never even give an explanation for anything. Or have the "Point of Contact" fail to even be the one working on your request. Or as I am seeing with the Federal FOIA area - they closed the request with no further contact letting me know they went and closed it. That's bad.

What follows is / are the the change(s) in two days to this request but as you see they changed the "Point of Contact" to Jaimie Sventek from "Michelle Shaw." And yet in the right messaging area it was still "Michelle Shaw." So then, which one is it?

My original request was way back in the year 2016 in paper form where I requested all documents on the June 30, 2013, Yarnell Hill Fire and the GMHS - It is for sure a shell game and 'tug of war' trying to obtain Public Records Requests from so many entities.

Here is the full thread of City of Prescott Public Records Request #19-538 - a whopping 353 days before they decided to let me know they 'transferred' it to Arizona State Forestry. And yet they failed to show me this itemized and dated "transfer" form, and so I explained that I would open a new one until we narrowed it down. My intention was to receive some form of document leading me to this 'proof of certification' document that the Granite Mountain Hotshots were, in fact, a legitimate Type 1 Crew. I also wanted the Arizona State Forestry to explain their claim that I received "everything" they had. And so, I really am confused about what the City of Prescott is talking about. And I am confident that we will eventually narrow it down.

Please consider now my clearly scripted and very specific City of Prescott Public Records Request #19-538. And yet, to them - the trained professionals and public servants - it is confusing and repeatedly closed with them telling me to refile or open a new one on the same subject. It sure is frustrating. And to top it off - ALL of them are labeled as "Unpublished" (until now) that is:

And here it is seven years later and not one public person - not even the media, the authors, the movie directors - have seen this actual "official" document. That "official" required 'proof of certification' that they were even legitimately a Type 1 Crew. I have yet to receive it after patiently and respectfully requesting it so many times repeatedly asking for these required documents (Public Records) in so many ways.

Does it even exist? Who really is the true "Custodian of Records" at this point?

Tell us the Truth - Show me the records!

June 9, 2020, 11:48am by the requester to City of Prescott - City of Prescott has a copy of what DFFM stated - time to show us the records City of Prescott.

Will there be Disciplinary Action or Criminal Sanctions for the fabrications made by "???" stating "-No Responsive Records- Per Fire - All material or documents that were requested were transferred to the Department of State Forestry. I would recommend checking with them to see if they have this record." 

June 6, 2020, 11:27am" on mu #19-538 PRR????


Updated the above image 6-9-20 12:43PM

Updated the above image 6-9-20 1:00PM

Updated the above image 6-10-20 8:00AM

For God will bring every deed into judgment, with every secret thing, whether good or evil. - Ecclesiastes 12:14


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