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Part 2 - "Who are those people?" - people questioned Assistant Chief- CA-OES Fire & Rescue Division

"Who are those people?" - people questioned Assistant Chief- CA-OES Fire & Rescue Division, 4-12-23 journal - part 2.

Let's take a peak back --- this a link off of my journal page so this still has a journal flow to it but explaining the past week as well.

I originally was planning and paid to attend SCAFFW 2023- the above was a last-minute decision which I missed two special days with my ladies group 4-11-23 & 4-13-23 and that is really a bummer--- I apologized to them both




was in near fatal collision then after dinner it ended up being a major vehicle collision:

2.2 miles after leaving Anthony's Fish Grotto, I was a passenger in a major collision.

Ambulance took me to:


then to room...the below photos were in chronological order and it went out of order when I logged on 4-22-23 11pm--I am too tired to fix the glitch...

then to conference:

Thank you, Toni, for letting me wear your clothes this week--- I dry cleaned them and pick them up next week- I am back to 4-5 times a week to do my medical appointments.

Thank you Elaney K / Becky for your warmth and kindness this past week---

AGAIN...D I S C L A I M E R...refrain from scrolling if site Disclaimer again on front page...but it is locals like this I do this for...




at breakfast, Firefighter shared how much snow he was going home to:

ugh moment- he went to his car to take call and I went walking:


they all arrived 4-15-23 3:50pm:

in much pain...

they all talk to FJS before we left as I sat in car:


look at all those darn investigator bogus spam offers:

the more I "unsubscribe" - the more bogus job offers I get...


Looking for Alaska (TV Mini Series 2019) - IMDb - I am watching this as I go through medical stuff.


I was asked to scan into PDF for people I (and others) had faith in 2022 but near the 10th Anniversary over a year + later they resurface ---??? ---- that paper from azcentral --- one of those folks --- ??? --- one of those folks who did hotshot stories early on who has advanced to the WA post - yeah, let them do their own homework and I am no longer others tool in this --- I got my own path and the media ain't a part of it ...I requested the FBI to help out and that is the path I am on... not helping ex city lawyer and political publicist and ex azcentral reporter near the 10th Anniversary...yeah, like someone I know would say ---

W H A T E V E R ---


pics from my cell began mainly after the first incident - but that was because cells were in trunk for the first part of trip.