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Part 2 - "Who are those people?" - people questioned Assistant Chief- CA-OES Fire & Rescue Division

"Who are those people?" - people questioned Assistant Chief- CA-OES Fire & Rescue Division, 4-12-23 journal - part 2.

Let's take a peak back --- this a link off of my journal page so this still has a journal flow to it but explaining the past week as well.

I originally was planning and paid to attend SCAFFW 2023- the above was a last-minute decision which I missed two special days with my ladies group 4-11-23 & 4-13-23 and that is really a bummer--- I apologized to them both




was in near fatal collision then after dinner it ended up being a major vehicle collision:

2.2 miles after leaving Anthony's Fish Grotto, I was a passenger in a major collision.

Ambulance took me to:


then to room...the below photos were in chronological order and it went out of order when I logged on 4-22-23 11pm--I am too tired to fix the glitch...

then to conference:

Thank you, Toni, for letting me wear your clothes this week--- I dry cleaned them and pick them up next week- I am back to 4-5 times a week to do my medical appointments.

Thank you Elaney K / Becky for your warmth and kindness this past week---

AGAIN...D I S C L A I M E R...refrain from scrolling if site Disclaimer again on front page...but it is locals like this I do this for...

Summer 2022 - Yarnell Hill Fire Revelations Posts in Chronological Order Making It Simpler To View-




at breakfast, Firefighter shared how much snow he was going home to:

ugh moment- he went to his car to take call and I went walking:


they all arrived 4-15-23 3:50pm:

in much pain...

they all talk to FJS before we left as I sat in car:


look at all those darn investigator bogus spam offers:

the more I "unsubscribe" - the more bogus job offers I get...


Looking for Alaska (TV Mini Series 2019) - IMDb - I am watching this as I go through medical stuff.


I was asked to scan into PDF for people I (and others) had faith in 2022 but near the 10th Anniversary over a year + later they resurface ---??? ---- that paper from azcentral --- one of those folks --- ??? --- one of those folks who did hotshot stories early on who has advanced to the WA post - yeah, let them do their own homework and I am no longer others tool in this --- I got my own path and the media ain't a part of it ...I requested the FBI to help out and that is the path I am on... not helping ex city lawyer and political publicist and ex azcentral reporter near the 10th Anniversary...yeah, like someone I know would say ---

W H A T E V E R ---


pics from my cell began mainly after the first incident - but that was because cells were in trunk for the first part of trip.

"P A I N"

Began @ accident 5:49pm 4-10-23 and then through the week I experienced disrespect twice...sigh


I gave all of me to this fire over the ten years... I demand respect on the tenth year anniversary of when I almost died but 19 did die ... if I want zero involvement so I can heal from brutal harm done my way - that is just how it is gonna roll --- for Fred to ask me to scan into a PDF just is not happening ... especially the dumb way he did --- grab my dolls and what ???

let me go check my emails...



4-22-23: I been having odd was I knocked on DJ's door- and she was so kind to me...another was I was out to dinner with John Marsh going over old times with Jane. Another was a lawyer reached me that Boulder Springs Trail land was left to me and I thought it was Fred's area and it was not- it was the Helm land and I said this has to be a dream..."oh my"---could you imagine that the Helm land was left to me...I think I would just preserve it as the "Helm" land and use it for a B&B if it was allowed for GMHS family and friends and veterans but leave it intact because I really think I would add on a sleeping area as the B&B and keep it like a museum.



Sunday April 23, 2023, 1:11pm: Happy Anniversary Tyler--- John's and mine is tomorrow---30 years married, 35 years together...32 years since when we started dating...I slept good ---still having the crystallization of the bilateral ear lobes and left cheek. Woozy. Head pain. eyes crusty. midback, tailbone, bilateral hips, knees, ankles, feet hurt---lower left quadrant pain to pubic bone.

Praying for all involved in accident...Alejandro, Teofilo, Don, Vincente, Jacob, and JB....etc. and anyone who had to watch it happen.


For those stalking, "trash talking" me, spreading falsehoods- remember God knows and is watching...

Truth(s) always unveils in His timing...secrets that were kept hidden will come out.

The states of delusions are no more ... the veil is in midst of lifting...I am for reals...I am generous. Very authentic.

Please stop creating fakeness and spread lies and sabotage because God is watching ... your sneakiness against me, why? ... I feel it, but I am Divinely guided.

We all can have His Love. I am sorry you are trying to defame my name...slander...spreading lies...and I just ignore it even when someone whisper it my way to see "how" I will react... the evil intent will fail in the end... I stay away from it because I know the end

"V I C TO R Y" in that because my path was chosen and I know where I am headed.

Too may wanted me to pick a side and not needed --- just gotta be me. That's it.


I feel someone has some ugh folks near them and they are gravitating to me in thoughts. I want them to know --- that is because of the sophistication of our emotional magnetic ways- that more to you than what one knows feel - I never want to provoke insecurities and I am unassuming and being me and I know that possibly triggers some because I am so confident on who I am --- I look to Heaven --- but our journeys are supposed to be knowing another --- teaching "love" and "freedom" --- we have a higher understanding --- life is alluring - it is what we allow and react to --- I am unlike anyone else you met. I know it keeps you guessing like a mystery. It' s okay. Shocking effects. I don't beat to anyone else's drum and I go within and let my life be guided...who are you supposed to be? that intimidates you because I do know...I do not feel lost...I feel guided. How could you possibly think ... and so you are having a hard time grasping --- but I activated something within you --- so let it roll and I know you have loads of friends and are usually the center of attention and talkative but with me ... you get that I saw the trap and old wounds and you never truly healed from that old wound before I met ya --- that deeply in love person you had --- and you need to remember now --- you have become critical to love and now more than ever you need to go within...that dream you had ... we need to go over it ... and you can by just speaking it --- I will hear it --- and the birds and butterflies will tell me too.

For those who wronged me and had ill on their lips,

I forgive you (all). Because I say the words, keep in mind 2023 is my healing year and you can write PO Box 572 Congress AZ 85332. I made it through that maze and I am in and at peace.

Just make sure from the lesson you learn to build your relationship with Heaven and Above and God will handle the rest. You did mess with a person who only was born to bring love and peace here and had so much external folks want harm my way and God holds me in high regard. I lead a life how it looks and feels --- I am far from a social media influencer.



My legal representation on 4-10-23 accident with FJS as driver:

Top San Diego Car Accident Lawyer: Get the Compensation You Deserve (

Thank you, Dr Chou and others at ER:


Interesting, this came on my Kirk speaking about when Fred raised his hand when Brad Mayhew asked if anyone had comments/feedback/smart remarks and I asked Brad how come he never interviewed me ---

then Fred raised his hand then Bill cut in? I did not see any manners at that conference that needed to be spearheaded. ?? Are people out there projecting again last-ditch efforts of lies and omissions??? Interesting.

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