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Part 2-End of Spring 2023- Summer Journal 2023

it is 9-27-23 and I am publishing the date MAY 14 2023 today so it can be closer to time it would have gone out...but held on to it...

I will use this symbol "*" in this post in replacement of the actual name(s) / dates.

God knows the name(s) / dates of that symbol which will vary time to time below on "who it is /date" - not needed for public to display names --- if you been following God in all this --- your heart knows the names /dates.

"*" stated he had loads to tell me when he was out of state --- it is over a week+ since he stated all that--- who knows --- tried to call him this week - he possibly was with someone and normally he would state that he was present with someone and also state who -

so that's; that--- I got weird vibes on his questions and replies though. I will always be cordial, yet it is peculiar how he used to interact and what it is today. ???

Just so weird. He always says he never knows when to call due to our schedule, but one barely works anymore so ??? what's the reason nowadays?

Something just ain't sitting right. Why tell me you got exciting things to share but I hear crickets waiting weeks later. right?

"Hey, Joy. The sun is shining." ... at this point, I would open my own door to see if that sun was really shining ... shows you my trust level at this time.

I trust God though, so in that I hope connectivity happens vs. gossip and negativity made my way as I saw for almost ten years.

Could be what some of you told me back-channel data too - so could be that ...

Saturday the 20th---I am ill and hung out in driveway---bbq with "*"---always my top memories this year --- always filled with joy --- made steaks and kind of roasted potatoes than in dill butter...caramelized the onion for steaks---and spinach and garlic bread.

spontaneous and quickly made it --- he didn't stay too long ... but I appreciate the visit.

Sunday May 21: cleaned garage ...kinda ... partially ... soft giggles.

Monday May 22: I am gaining much fluid retention- 20#s more on right side vs. my left side Doc says...yellow crystallization coming out of my skin and eyes:

I am up in the air on this *___* service ---I liked the FITNESS analysis yet unsure on some stuff they said they went over but never did- (recorded) ... the report did not match my recorded visit as well so I am not sure I would use them again.

my eyes keep running golden liquid out of my eyes yet feel dry--- using this:

Tuesday May 23:

traffic, traffic, traffic... sigh...

Wednesday May 24:

I have genetics - Cirrhosis ... dealing with my fatty liver currently.

I work out 5 times a week and look at my poor results ... sigh:

5-24 "*" 8:09 went over post stuff and he is gonna be unavailable a bit

5-24 "*" 12m50s 7:20pm on his way somewhere- he sounded pretty "preoccupied"/busy...I felt like that one moment when I was in truck going to see "*" to NM when ____ asked me to keep quiet and a call was taken and the person said "are you alone?" and ____ said yep and then I was party to third party incoming information--- I felt I just became THAT "other" person on this call and it felt yucky...

Thursday May 25:

water heater broke. alot to do there. drained. tummy really bloated. draining fluid out of my skin.

Friday May 26: "*" stopped by and took the broken heater and showed me a rock.

working on garage. spoke to "*" 10m52s 12:04pm- she is spending the Summer with her guy :)

caught up with "*". "*" stopping by 1ish to pick up old water heater. we talked 8m36s 12:29pm

Saturday May 27: 9:36-7:20pm "*"'s Tree of Life walkabout/jacuzzi/ no exercise- sigh/ ate potato salad and chicken/played "oh shit"cards- lost twice.

"*"'s Western Hawaiin shirt. Neat:

"*"'s walkabout she made in 20 days after "*"'s walkabout 5-6-23:

I went because it was ladies group day, yet I still fail to comprehend the walkabout when we got the whole desert for that :)


"*", "*", "*", "*":


no exercise today just jacuzzi time---big sigh.

Sunday May 28:

Sunday, May 28th, 2023 at 9:39 AM

who searched me:

was voting for you this year:

thinking about you "*"- I miss you. Never had better health care than what shared to me.



Happy Birthday to a fine man - Happy 94th Bday "*" - miss you bunches ...



the one reply just circles but it was "*" countering "*"...


Are these trolls or real folks with nasty hearts and attitudes on the comment wall of this video???

the above comments that led to no source and was misinformation from "*" and "*" - YouTube removed most of it immediately.


How are Y O U remembering June 30, 2013?


maybe this man (below in image) can shed some light this year for us all ... or "*" .... since "*" (RiP) already shown truths ... why don't the rest of you ...

In God's time is all I can say ... and God is watching this all unfold ... like the below video ... sigh:

sitting next to "*" at a meeting:

12 million dollars ...

yet remember ...

THE TRUTH IS FREE, so share it...

It was the NUMBERS early on and what I knew back channel that I asked "*" to learn more about who Holly Henderson Snyder Neill who mailed all those items to me from the Wildland Firefighter Foundation (WFF) in 2014 - learn those people; the WFF ... the apple pie Mom and her kid ---

find out HOW COME one of the longest running organizations was only getting what they did (small amount in comparison) while the others received millions of dollars- sounded too fishy for my liking.

And why did they allow "*"'s comment to say he guarantees three charities --- why wouldn't the media state the same for WFF in that segment that WFF guarantees too just was misleading in my humble opinion--- I know many that were paying attention found it odd as well---???

I re-reminded "*" as "*" and I were very ill that in January 2021 to reach out to Vicki in 2021 (I possibly still have that recording where I ask him to reach out to Vicki, but he claims a new version - that is was the "*" that led him to Vicki/WFF) --- ??? --- God is watching and He would know all that ...

"*" says once I spoke on it, he remembered us going over that, but he said I tell him so much info. that he simply forgot --- hmmm, forgot that list? forgot the areas I wanted covered for the fillum? hmmm...

I mean "*", 2019, in front of my family and friends and a GMHS Alumni he did say he wanted to tell the hikers story in an excitable (speech/tone different) voice, and I said we all matter, ( we tell our truths -all of us - it is all our stories and in that, we connect - we must speak truths of then, now to make history right - the reason I share all about me here on the blog- ) and I bridged him as a housewife to more areas than one of the longest running United States Forest Service bosses (Sup) did. That I know. That I still find strange to this date. I feel God had much to do with that.

when that year unfolded and as it did --- divisions happened during when I was so ill --- in March 2021 "*" / "*" / "*" / "*" they all helped me get to Costa Mesa, CA for my brain health assessment (brain tumors) both in action and taking care of it all. I just showed up.

By April 21, 2021, I was in the ER and I did not think I would live another day ... the head pain was unbearable.

I offered to pay them back --- it was shared it was a gift. When I got the funds from my grandma's inheritance (paid huge medical debt mainly) - because of how the WFF made me feel warm and cozy and cared for those few days in July 2021, I placed it their way over that year never thinking on the one-year Anniversary the cops were called on me for just asking for a public records form. Bewilderment, I was left with...

"*" assertively with warmth/kindness shared to my family she will care for me until he is off work in a few days- he had those (4) 12 hour shifts; stay in her she-shed

do I look happy and healthy to hear all that chaos from "*" on the Helm/Wassson matter and was it appropriate when I felt/looked like this to get that text from "*"??? Yes, I felt the division when doped up and "*" did that and I said with frustration "the f word" you. Because I am thinking who does that to a person ill? Plus, other stuff "*" asked when I was ill- that week people who care for me donated to "*" cause because I kept hearing it that week while I was weak...just was odd. I would never do that to an ill weak person ... then to cut me off - that was odd ...

--- I had "*" visit me at their place but I only asked "*" the next day after "*"'s visit to come so he could take me home that next morning and give "*" a break that night --- that is the week the Helm family had high officials/law enforcement and locals at their home discussing me as many came to me and told me I was the "target" even though it was "*" and "*" who bought the land.

I am trying to recover so it BLEW ME AWAY that "*" had to make sure to alert me about Ma"*"-Lu"*" and all that area. THAT HURT! I am already hurting health-wise pretty bad and that hurt bad. I wanted home. "*" was being uncool about making sure I got home ASAP- fixated on some pie in Prescott he was---

days later - it did not matter how the tone was meant (jokingly or not or both)--- it was because it was done in a group text vs. direct to me and "*" asked if there was any truth to the witch / seance topic ... I am way ill and doped up from ER meds and I reply ---

"Cheese and cracker" you... [ you know what I mean ]

... my response possibly divided the 10 and 18 project as well as the "*" emailed to not email them- their closure email.

That put a damper on the mission for that land.

Instead of "*" recognizing her content and timing and type of inquiry ... and how she delivered it as a group text--- inappropriate in my humble opinion.

May 2021 to June 2021 "*" spent much time with the "*"s and "*" says it was that piece of time that led him to WFF to meet Vicki ...

but it took a long time after that we would discuss this all because I was hearing from others, he was saying he knew WFF through "*" and I was like "huh" ... I am the one who gave him a list and talked to him Nov 5, 2019 - January 2021 so what is all this about ... they told him about WFF ?plus he was told over time since 11.5.19 dinner by me and I have witnesses... I would tell "*" and "*" that I call bullshit on that when I heard that...

and I learned "*" was in Idaho from "*" so that was like ??? Really? June 2021??? ...

never in my mind, did I ever think I would be sitting in front of them (B"*" and V"*") as ill as I was feeling doing that nasty brain detox diet July 2021...never...that was for sure God led or ???... unexplainable.

and I think B"*" did it ...maybe... possibly ....curious - we had a long nonprofessional informative authentic nice talk and maybe ...possibly ....curious like how do I know this S"*" fella because I put S"*" on that call too --- who knows ... he was the one willing to pay for S"*" and I to get on the next flight and boy do I love spontaneous moments ... S"*" had to get his other work done. I called family to see who can take me to the airport. You have to remember that year I spent more time at the hospital and medical appointments. I also was losing a longtime friend ( was once my own Dr ) in a horrific manner (Dr Leroy). Anything different would be nice.

but all I know is I felt WFF was treated poorly in the aftermath of this YHF13' and it was possibly leading back to this "*" fella's footage is all I know on back channel data...I firmly feel the charities are all not showing the Public at Large the whole important factors ...

like look at Dr Leroy and so many others' closing of their lives ---

Sonny feels the slurry drop should be a main focus / discussed topic and a case study should be done.

Look at where slurry was dropped on YHF13' on 'live' fire than go look at who is ill or died... and look at the types of the deaths - some very zombie-like endings.

We feel it needs a deeper study vs. being disregarded which I was by WFF's B"*".

By the way, ever since this transition of doing the movie telling the YHF13' and it took a long pause to do the Vicki Minor story --- "*" and I are kind and cordial, yet that April 2021 shifted our daily all through the day close knowing to not much at all nowadays.

I don't know "*" 100% like we use to - I do know he comes from a solid fine upbringing --- I adore his family - he allowed in certain folks over time that did not have "*"'s best interests. I have done the same in gathering data after the YHF13'.

I saw the fillums he has in regard to the YHF13' and it is his project, yet it failed to share who were those eyewitnesses up on the Weavers that weekend and why were they even up there which was always the goal "*"-2019 with incorporating everyone because we all matter.

He was stoked and said you need your story told and he with excited voice stated: let me do it ... let me tell the hikers' story ... people need to know about you two like how I see and care about ya. I explained areas that needed to be shared and so far, I have not seen that.

I hope he shares about R"*" M. in his timeline fillums of the aftermath of the YHF13' to see if he will shed more light for us there.

Or even about other charities like W"*" and the funding from slurry drops? or what he knows on E"*"F... pray an unbiased look is done on all those charities ... versus what I felt (my humble opinion) was a biased look done by media for Ray and his charities here in Arizona ...

it can be left open to question why the media allowed the statements that what was it that R"*" can account/guarantee for 3 of the 4 charities and not allow WFF to speak on theirs vs. some quick blurry paper with the media highlighting what they want us to know...

if the media only knew all the back-channel information, I would like to possibly think that segment would have played out differently.


It was this statement below that bothered many of us locals: