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Part 1- Will City of Prescott Public Records Request #20-450 be addressed or quickly "closed" again?

Author: Joy A. Collura


Views expressed to "the public at largeand "of public concern"

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I am taking a "pause" from my Dude Fire Site Visit Blog Post because I have to get my presentation "Credible evidence continues to come in..." that we had planned to present in Palm Springs, CA this July 2020 but due to COVID 19 Phase we are doing it another way for the AHFE 2020 Virtual Conference ( 2020 International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics ).

My apologies, world, but I will be placing the City of Prescott and Arizona State Forestry and Fire Management Public Records Requests (PRR) in descending reverse order (e.g. letters Z to A, numbers 9 to 0), newest to oldest, because I want you all to "pay attention" to the recent actions of COP Deputy Clerk Staff Michelle Shaw and other staff shutting down my PRRs super-fast. And so, I want you all to see "why" I decided to "pause" my 2020 AHFE Deadline and Presentation and My Dude Fire Post because Ms. Shaw and the others deserve this "special" attention for their "odd" mannerisms.

I think the Public at Large deserves to see it for themselves.

Plus maybe walking through all the requests, the Arizona Governor and Arizona State Ombudsman can finally make sense of "WHY" six years later I am not getting all the documents from City of Prescott and Arizona State Forestry and Fire Management. Nor am I getting this "transfer of ownership" form that I requested, with the itemized list of what was transferred and "when".


Let me start with this ... if you go right now to "Next Request Public Records" webpage, you will be unable to see the same number of requests as shown on my page when I am logged in because for some "odd" reason they have kept mine "Unpublished." ALL other PRRs are "Published" except for Joy A. Collura's PRR.

I hope that you find that as odd as I do.

Please consider below, a sample of what you would see "today." As you see below, it says "72" - then scroll down below and see how mine looks today ( "159" ) - see below:

However, if you see any redactions/erasing on any images below, my strong suggestion to you is to Request the Public Records using the Request Number that is contained in the Index Log. If you are able to "lift" the redactions here and are savvy that way, then I have zero concern if you obtain what I requested. I only redact areas that I feel would cause a legal concern, such as personal emails or phone numbers or 'privacy interest' concerns. I redacted those concerns for this post.

I would encourage the world to learn to request and pull your own records. Yet most know that once you do, especially on a 'controversial' sensitive area, then you will need to be prepared to be blacklisted, disparaged, discounted, etc.

In this post I will refrain from using the conventional caption, (i.e. "Figure 1. - Content - Source: ****") beneath an image and will instead do my best to lead you into the image content I posted due to my limited time.

The Following are my Current "digital" City of Prescott "Next Request Public Records Requests." These are all listed as "unpublished" in their system, therefore, the public is unable to view them publicly. The "Status" check marks below are "closed" and the blue folders are "open."

But now - here below - is a first ever Public View of these up til now, "unpublished" PRRs here on this post for the world to see:

It could mean "zip" or it could be a causal factor of the Public Records - and how they have been handling my PRRs. All I know I became "situationally aware" that this exists. I would have never known this information exist because I refrain from Social Media ( S.M. ). All I know, it could be as simple as this - they work in the same Public Department and they are on each other's S.M.

I live in a small town called Congress, so I do not know "who is who" that would be out to cause me ill in another's town, almost one hour away. I have been encouraged to slow down the "incoming" PRRs yet anytime I have 'down time' I look at my FOIAs and PRRs, and so when I do that, then I see something new I have to file a Public Records Request for it. Last time I waited to do one - it became too large of a scope that caused too much confusion. So then, as I see an area needing to be "fact checked", I request it.

Jaime Sventek ( seen on this S.M. page below ) is one of the ones in charge of my PRRs- I have requested records on this man in photo below to have them redundantly close them pretty fast too. Was there a bias there? I am left wondering.

When I get to my City of Prescott and Arizona State Forestry and Fire Management "paper" request(s) - at a later time I will place it here. I am away from my PRR / FOIA storage area, so it will be have to be another time.

City of Prescott Public Records Request #20-450 in descending order (newest one first) will be in the next post.

I wanted the world's opinion if I am seeing it differently, because the name "Shaw" ( Ed Hollenshead / Willis / Shaw connection ) "red-flagged" me, because as I advance in my Fire and Law Investigator - Forensic Weather training, I now know more of the "behind the scenes" information, yet you all may see it another way when you read the PRRs.

I want you all to get familiar with these "names" and avatars.

For example, Gary L. Olson, Woodsman, RTS, and WantsToKnowTheTruth wrote on InvestigativeMEDIA. They give insight into "Shaw" and "Hollenshead" and "Willis":

( Note: "Shaw" and "Hollenshead" are the identified Fire Bosses referred to above)


to be continued....

"Pt. 2-Will City of Prescott Public Records Request Request
#20-450 be addressed or quickly "closed"?"

Nothing is covered up that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known. -Luke 12:2


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