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Page 9 (Pt2)- These are my City of Prescott Public Records Requests- (descending order)(Jeff Archer)

Author- Joy A. Collura

Views expressed to "the public at largeand "of public concern" DISCLAIMER: Please fully read the front page of the website (link below) before reading any of the posts ( ) The authors and the blog are not responsible for misuse, reuse, recycled and cited and/or uncited copies of content within this blog by others. The content even though we are presenting it public if being reused must get written permission in doing so due to copyrighted material. Thank you. If you just came here with revenge and hate in your mind and heart, then click off to another site-

This blog is for people who want to learn not take the data to gossip and cause harm.

There may be images below watermarked with hidden trace so that I may know where the image was saved. All my posts must have written permission to use any content. Get your PRR or FOIA or ask permission by us. I gave the sources so you can ask for your own. Mine are non-commercial so remember that is for people not making a cent-

I do it for the Public at Large. No "made-for-profit" book like others.

This is the link you will keep coming back to as I will keep loading this section with the City of Prescott Public Records Requests ( PRRs ) and eventually break them into Part One, Two, etc. as they increase in volume size so the posts are kept reasonable in size.


8:26 PM 8-5-20 I am going to eat some cucumbers and watch some raw footage of a shark attack so come back on later - pause - publish.

I ended up typing this to log out last night and was looking at Denai's Youtube to see if Keesha made it to BB All Stars (22) - it was rumored - I remember her Hooter days back when Jenn H. (Lena C.) days when we hung out so curiosity peak to see how she aged.

Never saw her footage because over 1600 people in town plus us lost power - APS outage. So I went to sleep. Never did see the shark attack footage either. Later today maybe. I threw up 8:45 PM after the cucumbers and my drink this morning as well. Fudge, it seems it is better to sleep than be awake. The pain sucks.

11 hours, 29 minutes sleeping time...47.86% of a 24 hour day. Let me see how today will go just uploading records and already having vomiting messes today. I am telling you the added sleep is the only thing saving my chest area. The awake time is painful.

It is like having the flu and cold on and off yet you are in sleep mode and clouded for sure. Also, it is like a sunburn peeling but on the inside versus my outer skin. Achy and stiff joints and bones hurt. Well, let's get this day going. Good morning, it is 8:54 AM 8/6/20...let's do some records in a bit - first I have to do some IT Administrative work first to see who tried to hack one of the images.


Gary posted on IM:

And I tried to reply on IM but it would not so here it was...we are making "head way" because when we do it seems we see comments like this from Gary and here is my reply that would not go on IM but I will not reply to the silly part of Oracle of Delphi and remember this is the same guy who use to be pals with guy who was alleged to shred stuff on the Dude Fire is making these out of the blue comments, my reply:

it is "hee hee" (soft giggles) if quoting me on hee hees

not Hehehe (to quote Joy)..

for the record.

I have been telling you what I know and as well "live" showing you the fluff that goes along with it to satisfy so many---


don't just skim.

I paid for my FOIAs and PRRs so I can place it out for free any way I please---I do not have to silver platter it because that is what Gary feels will show credibility.

I also know who is possibly behind this mess and I will place it out the safest most secure way that I know possible without losing the behind the scenes information. I am giving it to you just because it does not fit your way or others way---I do not see you putting in the others to review months and months of audio just to get a speck of gold. I know you mean well but I will carry forward my way as you will do it your way.

I have called out to the front more folks than you have on this fires and other fires-

I seen more political perspectives layered into IM which in reality I hope you  gave Situational Awareness to some by doing it. We all interpret events differently. Once you get that then you will learn to avoid my areas if you are looking for a silver spoon or platter on the YHF. I know I have given more clues than most.

If Trump is elected again, Gary- will you be at a point where you will be unable to handle it? Will something in your head break? Will you be devastated? At times, I wonder if we are in America the way the odd hatred that has increased in our Country. Some rather live in avoidance. Especially on the YHF. Not me. I could walk away and pretend it never happened except I know what we saw and since gathered.

I am not in this for "convincing" you or others just sharing my life story---you don't want to see it than avoid it....At least through my health challenges and limitations I refuse to be paralyzed from getting stuff to the front.

I hope you understand I know the voices of power in our World so I will do it my way even if you disagree,

Each person can grapple with their own ideas and thoughts on the YHF. I am sure each person has different strategies to resolve this. I am thinking of the heat as well as the heat that dies back down. I think of that reasoning to then the brutal insults and ALL who refuse to get involved because it seems like a drama they are unsure how to engage.

I will not speak for you or quote you - I am not showing suggestive evidence just to kill time. I am showing it because this YHF is very deeply layered in a way it is not as simple as you like it to be.

Are you just wanting the voice of power to win over the voice of reason---because for every piece of data shown there is the ones of harm who are crafty to debunk it.

I was told very early on in this from Dr Ted Putnam the skills and tools because he had an area happen to him so I make sure I am never over-confident in where I lay the seeds I gathered.

I am the voice of possibility not of avoidance.

there is no productivity in this back to releasing records---

Remember this- anytime you see me as uncertain - that is ok.

I am not in this for security growth who will like me or hate me-

you know that Christmas list you mention time to time...

I am in this for growth...

I am in this to restore respect and to call out certain ones in the best way I see fit.

What's really at stake for you in all this?

For a world to be imagined with no problems it takes people like us to do this- you in your manner and me in mine. We each reach different folks with different strokes.

I listen to you and your answers---and questions...but my only focus is the records so I did my best to delve your way some input...

I have no motivation to win nor claim fruit to my labor...but I want to harvest the best outcome to a very bad moment.

You and I talk or type Ballistics or even have behaved such ways at times...Our passion and strong opinions are just that...I am not in any debatable mode Gary so this is all I can offer,

Let us build an argument together that I accept you refuse to like me and my style of sharing. That is ok. You and thousands of others. You go learn this all and gather and I would like to see HOW you share it yourself especially when you know many of the folks---look how tough it is for an outsider but I am at least doing the work and doing...


Back to PRRs:

0113_Sender_Morgan,Dan - Subject_Historical File cabinet - 12-10-2014 -ATT00001.txt -IMG_0552.JPG


0114_Sender_Sventek,Jaimie FW_ PFD Christmas Party - December 3rd - 11-27-2017 - Prescott Fire Department Christmas Party 2017.pdf: (already on here)


0116_Sender_Archer,Jeffrey - Subject_FY18-19 Wildland Budget Request - 12-26-2017 - 2018-2019 Budget Submittal Form - Wildland.docx.pdf - FY 18-19 REQUEST.xlsx.dat:


Been resting and fixing the PC problems today. I did get to watch the shark attack footage today (crazy); snacked on a few raw shelled pistachios- brought me back to Seaside Height days- and my Wave Scare moment when I was 12. Anyways, then I thought to my husband and I at the Jersey Shore where we met and how time flies and even though this is a grainy vhs tape clip- still seems like yesterday we took that walk down that aisle happily and I am very happy for that. I never felt this darn yuk since the MRSA phase so it is nice to see images of yesteryears when I wore a smile. Awaiting the moments to getting well. Had some celery and cucumbers and a pinch of tuna and so far just a little vomit not a full blown kind so there is hope. (soft smile) . Gonna eat a fresh San Diego scallop for dinner and maybe fresh steamed broccoli.

remember this when I really wore a smile not a mask with a smile, mom:

Hey mom, finally got the mask- so I can always wear a smile sick or not during the COVID 19 phase. Thank you.


When I go through audios and documents I even go thru grainy VHS - if you have any from any Fire Fatality you want to send a copy...please do- it may help piece the puzzles- I mean, I look at old footage of Yarnell Hill Fire Jim Paxon from other Fire Fatalities and I look how he talked then to now- so you may not think your vhs matters but to me it does--even your drip torch grainy vhs ones because it teaches me the "old school" way - the drip torch method to today's UAV techniques would really be an eye awakening for some of you:

(pause 7:10 PM)

just ate scallops- no broccoli

back to searching videos for awhile...versus upload records-




Since this morning I have tried to log on here and it said:

still trying-


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