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Page 9 (Pt3)- These are my City of Prescott Public Records Requests- (descending order)(Jeff Archer)

Redoing part two or branching off to just a new post

it has been a hairy pc day- test test test

The one I was working on- just went bonkers- I am not even able to see the "published" version of Page 9 (Pt2) so starting this one part three.

Here is what I kept getting ALL day:

no it is not being edited anywhere else ...unless I have a ghost on my pc

Just me on a very clean PC - no open tabs - nada.

My co-author is having the same concerns on a much better newer system. Weird. So today was not a total waste- I took time to watch this:

Internet was fine but the Wix kept saying it was not-


10 hours, 29 minutes and 44 seconds - 43.73% of a 24 hour day- I slept. I awoke with that terrible hacking. Yesterday I had breathe easy tea and two stalks of celery for breakfast- it stayed down, I ate the normal 2 pinches of tuna with cucumber, slice of tomato and celery for lunch and it stayed down. I ate dry popcorn while I watched the film above- it stayed down. For dinner I had 1/4 cup of pasta with broccoli and 1/4 cp fresh Young, AZ ground beef and caramelized onion with no sauce but teaspoon of butter and teaspoon of parmesan- it stayed down so yesterday all foods and drinks stayed down and minimal hacking but making up for the hacking this past one hour. So much hacking it hurts. I am trying to pretend if I hack, I am dead but it just happens. No pretending allowed I reckon. It is 8-8-20 8:15 AM.

I attempted recklessly to slowly melt a piece of dark chocolate with some espresso but I vomited it up rough- sucked. I was going down Memory Lane today with Mario, Ant, Gustavo, Cristobal thinking of when Mario drank espresso and so for nostalgia but no go. Wix is down- if this publishes- it took many hours to make it happen- Wix outage:


8-9-20 10:28 AM - on phone with Wix-

8-9-20 215 PM - on phone with Wix-


I think we got the Wix glitch resolved. Hope so. I also think Sensajoy has been helping my insides heal. Let us roll on...I know this is Jeff Archer's PRRs but let me pause and open a new post for two new incoming PRRs so I remember to go back to it later too-


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