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Page 7- These are my City of Prescott Public Records Requests- (descending order)(Finish DP PRR)-B

Author- Joy A. Collura


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Good Morning 9-18-20 9:35AM - Finishing uploading the document from PDF to JPG

Thank you for the "Friday, September 18, 2020 12:42 AM" confirmation, sir. I want to get documents out yet on this one I had to back channel if this was okay to do so- and this is the reply:

'This is an IMPORTANT document and people have the right to read ALL of it.' [emphasis added] ...

"Deboarah Pfingston's own description of this document to Doug Harwood is correct. "The questions and people they are directed at are priceless".

There is a LOT talk about in this document.

Whoever put this "list of questions" together was obviously doing a helluva job following ALL the emerging evidence. Almost their own complete "investigation". This person was TOTALLY familiar with the SAIT, ADOSH, Mike Dudley's public speech just

before the first anniversary and YES... John Dougherty's InvestigativeMEDIA Yarnell forum.

What's fascinating is that some of the "questions" come straight from the IM Forum itself, and

this person was obviously following everything WE were doing and talking about VERY carefully.

This person KNEW we were not "conspiracy theorists".

This person KNEW we were all finding "clues" in the evidence record that no one else was noticing,

and he ( I'm assuming it's a man ) included a LOT of what we were talking about in HIS document

that he sent to Deborah Pfingston.

It's also obvious that his document was intended to go to the lawyers that were handling the

wrongful death lawsuits, in order to give them "questions" that SHOULD be asked/answered.

Example: He even includes some paragraphs that begin with "TO THE LAWYERS".

Just one ( there are many ) of the "proofs" that this person was taking a LOT of their research and

information direct from the IM Forum is where he talks about the "dozer operator" and lists him as "Justin Hernandez".

That name is something that was ONLY appearing on the IM Forum back in July of 2014.

IM poster Calvin started calling him "Justin Hernandez" at first... and for a time we were just assuming that was probably his name.

YOU [ JOY A COLLURA ] are the one who eventually PROVED that was incorrect... and it was actually "Paul Morin".

But the fact that this person left the name "Justin Hernandez" in HIS document to Pfingston is just proof that he was, in fact, reading the IM Yarnell Forum VERY carefully. He just missed the part where YOU proved the dozer operator's name was actually "Paul Morin".

So yea... I would publish the WHOLE THING... and then we can all start "discussing" it publicly." [emphasis added]


This is Joy here- if any person willingly identifies this Forest Service employee PLEASE reach me and we can get this going in the right direction.

Pfingston will keep it anonymous as she stated in the email yet there is others that by reading the content would be able to narrow it down.

Thank you to the people in the email to have this available to us through the Open Public Records methods. Your podcast failed to go over some of this content so it is important to have it now as "public" information. We cannot help one another unless we share-

YHF Top Ten.docx.pdf:


The elk have been visiting lately and my dwarf set of them visited---it is funny to see him growing up---his rack grew faster than his body has - I known him since they were born:


0259_Sender_Sventek,Jaimie - FirstRecipient_ - Subject_Prescott GMH Education Meeting October 21st - 10-06-2016


0313_Sender_Deborah Pfingston - FirstRecipient_Holly Neill - Subject_Leonard Hunter yhf account (11-20-14 4_41-still here) - 11-21-2014

A careful listener will start to notice that something is missing.

In 2013-2014, Holly was sharing not just to me but others 'you give me what you got and I will give you what I got' lingo-

As soon as I heard it from Leonard Hunter so that I had a first time "time stamp" ("live as it was happening" - I emailed in case they wanted to call and talk direct to him right then) It was a "live" time stamp of Hunter's account and their emails came up first in "recently" contacted emails and all I did was type them: 'You are the first to get photos than jd than ted Putnam then Fernanda...then the rest. Leonard Hunter was in library when I was writing on JD's page And still talking about the fire So cant type because here live.'

Pfingston's smile email to Holly came off like (my perception) they already had been talking "off" about me by saying the above content was odd attached the Fire Behavior photos and Hunter was with Moser and Willis and all them in that area June 30, 2013 so I just do not understand for this email seems Pfingston had it in for me long before her husband's email which will come out where he wanted to most hike with the ... and then that bs became part of the court room dramatics as hearsay on another loved one.

Why did these women so early on create this kind of platform towards number one, the YHF eyewitness and secondly, - a person Pfingston never talked to nor met me yet because of Holly was CC'd content to 'keep in the loop' because Pfingston was doing her own research outside the Adosh / Sait Sair...and to then have Pfingston send me the email she did late 2014--- ???? it just does not add up. I have to say for a lady who says she wants the facts then it will take us ALL discussing it publicly, Pfingston. I have said that on IM and I say that firmly here.

You want to do whatever you ladies are doing...that's on you and God will handle that with you all---

I am right here pulling the records to business and personal texts and emails tied to business and peeling this ugly onion...I have been treated poorly by this woman and I never met her

but I have every right myself as the eyewitness to YHF to document why Sonny and I lived and 19 men did not and we all were on the Weavers that day-

I have more of that right than it seems to be readily apparent that Holly, who has been given extreme special privileges through the entire aftermath of the YHF and all for some made-for-profit book with Sinclair and MacLean. ????

I, so far, have given more public YHF documents than that team has or even Pfingston...I am not tied to any outfit that has a LLC making funds to do this or that. I have out of my own pocket done stuff like the WFGI did without any private or public acknowledgment nor funding and I will keep doing that.

All the equipment replacement in the world will not help - it takes good ol' common sense to follow the rules and if you see a messed up system then do your part to do the difficult right thing. Don't mouse me with all your squeaks and squeals people of harm and hurt...bring it on and let us get the stuff public...or I will keep peeling these layers. It is all about Human Factors and the elements within not equipment.


0398_Sender_Deborah Pfingston - FirstRecipient_Holly Neill - Subject_Deborah - Mediation Changes - 08-23-2015 - FirstRecipient_Blair - Subject_Wildfire Learning Center_GMIHC Tribute Center Development Meeting - 09-08-2017


0409_Sender_Tim Carter - - Subject_Hotshots Foundation Board -- Agenda - 03-15-2016 - FirstRecipient_Rush,Michelle - Subject_Undeliverable_ Canceled_ Discuss Wildland Firefighter Guardian Institute - 04-02-2018


0418_Sender_Lamar,Michael - FirstRecipient_Oberg - Subject_Deborah Pfingston's Letter Regarding Station #7 - 06-14-2017


0432_Sender_Harwood,Doug - FirstRecipient_Deborah Pfingston - Subject_Wildland Firefighter Guardian Institute - First Official Meeting - 07-20-2015