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7-31-20 5:22 PM I am just making a link to later come back then post 8 (Showing what I pulled) then post 9 (Jeff Archer PRR)

September 13th 2020 10AM- I finally made it back to Wix- I will do the Dude Fire Resource orders when I get done with some D.C. data and other areas but for today God led me to do this area here which is a "fact check and verify" the old podcast ( "Penny University Pre'Cents

Our Investigation, Our Truth" ) that Deborah Pfingston, Andrew Ashcraft's Mom, and Doug Harwood, Granite Mountain Hotshot Alumni / PFD made for the World. ( ).

It has much information in this link above. I just have to fact check with FOIAs and Public Records (PRRs) because I found it "odd" the very Fire Station Doug Harwood belong to was involved in the removal of the GPS Units and other items that ended up being stored at YCSO evidence storage unit through both Fire Investigations and even a year later before they even looked at those GPS Units - why is he doing the podcast?

I also found it a "red flag" that the "Prescott Way" allowed Doug Harwood to work for the City of Prescott while doing this Podcast with some of the content that is shared on this podcast.

I also wonder how come Curtis Heaton called Holly Neill so early on to pick up a specific Firefighter to be brought to the area and so I will document, document, document until we get the areas out to the public.

Yes, some crucial spots stay in locked areas and not public to ensure these people wanting harm for me for trying to gain truths, I have my solid data sealed and secure.

I learned early on from Moses and Stuart to refrain from keeping any evidence near me and my residing areas and I have been successful for the most part there. Some areas did vanish but I keep pushing forward.

I also found it a "red flag" that Doug's wife is/was very close knit with the very widow who really did not want anyone to speak about the YHF and the GMHS unless she had this "stamp of approval" of what was being said. It was just not meshing so I began to pull the records.

This envelope was mailed to me and I received it 7-31-20 5:22 PM:

My health has been my top priority this Summer 2020 yet during the times I could, I spent the time creating the pages to prepare to what records I received and I would come back and post them at a later time. I am relieved that City of Prescott held off on releasing ones the stated they were ready to send me back in the start of August- see:

I am glad I made it thus far and this crap did not zap me all together yet it has been difficult with much rest and away from the PC to heal. I feel if every loved one told their story public and every FF / WF / Homeowners told theirs and like we the "eyewitness hikers" have been doing from the start- without any incoming funds or made for profit bs and we speak what we saw and what came in and "who" reached us- it my also help future Wildland Fire Fatalities if we all did our parts to "speak up"

And I am curious how much Doug Harwood knows that has not yet been shown on that podcast. Why would a City of Prescott even be allowed to participate in this??? Especially with a wife who is so deeply connected to one of the widows who is careful who is given the freedom to speak their perceptions of their takeaway of the YHF. I know I have received much heat as the eyewitness and so have others so why not Doug for doing this?

This release is PRR# 19-438 that took City of Prescott to get to me in appx. 440 days, 17 hours:

(my online look of my original request)-

and in the white padded envelope I received 7-31-20 was this content:

be right back - lunch break 9-13-20 1:54PM

I am back - lunch break 9-13-20 3:30PM

City of Prescott did the following blacked out redactions on the below pages:

When "hate" happens please make sure you report it and even if you have to ---take it to this site:

One of the Yarnell Hikers has received a death threat recently. Address the toxicity of others because perceptions are okay but "death threats" are not-

Please remember any attacks online or in person -may be a person just in pain or does not have all the information at hand so I tried to be a person to recognize that but even then it was a very dangerous attack so please know there are folks who exist for harm and paper trailing is the only way to deal with those folks. I also get venting but there is people out there with their own dark agendas so be careful. Remember,

Avoid allowing others to attack you or bully you. If you have Spiritual the name of Jesus Christ, rebuke it.

9-13-20 4:07PM- Now on to the content and I have less than one hour this day to work on this- so here is what I opened up and saw:

itemized as follows:

If you have Spiritual the name of Jesus Christ, rebuke it. That is all I can share. I remember the days Sonny would talk about this stuff and I was like ??? but it is real. Some area of ill intent does not want me to release these records. I have been 'distracted' so many times. Even distractions to the distractions so back at it. Good morning. 9/14/20 10:18AM:

Yesterday I opened an email from a "RG" and then my pc went into blue pc crash mode so I never made it back on last night yet it was a hard night that I wrote all my final areas I needed to address and where I needed the person here to know where I am to go once I passed on for my burial but I am having a "full" autopsy out of state first before that. That autopsy was a mandatory before the YHF. I made it thus far. I want my family and friends to have full knowledge of what/why took my final moment of breathe. Mainly because I never followed the traditional path in my healing and relied on God's hands on it.

I called the number from that email that went into blue pc crash mode last night to see if it was legit and it was a real person with real questions. The cell said I spent 50:05 minutes at 10:30AM and I feel confident that it was a God-led moment for both to engage in that topics he had. The call faded out because of the tracfone minutes ended.

"RG" (Memphis TN) is not a fan of how this site is set up like many millions of others yet like I told him and others. My health is just that. I do what I can when I can to upload the records here and try to make articles with contributing authors time to time on "Human Factors" and "Safety" but it seems my site comes back when people google "ministry, miracles, signs, supernatural, and wonders."

Yet, I am just the "housewife hiker" - I have zero professional background. I can do what I can for each day and if God leads me to someone outside John Dougherty and Scottie Briggs because those two people are the only people legally allowed to use my content on this blog as I share it without any contract. Everyone else requires my written permission and my blog is copyrighted. Anyways, if God leads someone to reach me to take the content to make it more organized ... we will do that when the time comes but for now it is just this:

pause - 9/14/20 2:34PM - break

Note there is clearly NOT over 5,000 emails or pages as COP reported there was-


Looking most likely doubtful just looking at the thumb nail images before so after the break I will get into the "meat" of the records request. Any blocked out areas above was emails showing the email addy so if you want it- pull it.

9/14/20 2:46PM - I was using the G5 machine every hour and half today- grey skies out - so let's get to the content now of this PRR:

once I clicked on the folder I saw a blank gif (???) - nice start huh:



So again, why is it "Holly Neill" was shown such special privileges from the beginning- and when they said she was unable to be present for certain meetings - just makes you wonder if her questions were entertained and answered as it follows below in the images.

Why her and not me who was up there on the Weavers the same day as the GMHS and as the eyewitness as well- why??? Why not answer my questions- Odd. This is weird that I was there June 28-30, 2013 but I am unable to get my questions out there without flack...

This also shows that the lady who came to many of us and said 'you give me what you got and I will give you what I got'--Did any of us get these questions she had? Right? Right. Weird.



so tried it on another system and I got this:

So I will not open it. You want to read it then you get the PRR. I am not opening it.

I emailed it to someone who has areas I use to be able to open but this one Dat File was "protected"

Someone else opened it on their laptop and it showed this but I redacted the dollar amount area:

In this next one (0028_Sender_Sventek,Jaimie - FirstRecipient_ - Subject_Wildfire GMIHC Learning and Tribute Center - Second Stakeholder Meeting 9-28-17 - 09-07-2017)... I have asked in so many ways about the Wildfire/GMIHC Learning and Tribute Center Development and Ownership so it was nice to see some type of documentation there finally. It has been a long time coming where I asked for records and received nothing so good to see this for me.



I noticed -

did you?

The title of this file folder above was "0043_Sender_Rebecca Thomas - - Subject_Media Request - 05-20-2014" so where is 0043_Sender_Rebecca Thomas - - Subject_Media Request - 05-20-2014 email? Right. This is the kind of stuff I get when pulling records. Games. Go look up above again and you tell me-

There is only what you see above in 0043_Sender_Rebecca Thomas - - Subject_Media Request - 05-20-2014 file folder.

Yet remember that letter earlier I posted first - COP claims zero responsibility in any event I am unable to open an attachment, find blank or missing areas or empty file folders- they claim it is HOW they received it but I ask by whom did they receive it that way- the legal team or IT????? Right. Something odd there.


I will end here as I am one hour plus past my daily cut off time and I have to get my walk in - I said I would spend on here five days a week Monday thru Friday 9 to 5.

Good Night. 9/14/20 6:06PM

Good Afternoon - 9/15/20 12:05PM -

I was able to go further today in my walk and I stopped my walk for a couple weeks - but I went today after reading Psalms 26-27 (praying on my bad head pain went away after reading His Word and thanks "RG" for your prayers- they worked)- see my walk today:

Next: Continue to the 0060_Sender_Holly Neill - - Subject_IMPORTANT FOIA RED CARDS - 06-04-2017 file:

0093_Sender_Sventek,Jaimie - FirstRecipient_ - Subject_Prescott GMH Education Meeting March 29th - 03-23-2017 (I redacted the under 18 minor full names below)

0086_Sender_Deborah Pfingston - FirstRecipient_ - Station #7 - 06-13-2017.pdf

0093_Sender_Sventek,Jaimie - FirstRecipient_ - Subject_Prescott GMH Education Meeting March 29th - 03-23-2017.pdf

This email above was redacted by City of Prescott not me. Seems the attachments must be the ones above-

0067_Sender_Deborah Pfingston - FirstRecipient_Willis - Subject_Invitation - 03-15-2015

0071_Sender_Fousek,Melissa - FirstRecipient_McGroder - Subject_ASRS Contributions - City of Prescott - 04-09-2015

0079_Sender_Deborah Pfingston - FirstRecipient_Darrell Willis - Subject_Final Edited History of the GMIHC article - 09-18-2016

Ready for posting - Complete Final Edited Draft GMIHCHistory.docx.pdf:

0107_Sender_Deborah Pfingston - FirstRecipient_ - Subject_#266 REV - 11-11-2014

0113_Sender_glen hopkinson - FirstRecipient_Willis - Subject_Memorial Design Sub-Committee - 02-16-2015:

0118_Sender_Markel,Laura - FirstRecipient_Sventek - Subject_BIRTHDAYS - 06-20-2014

Agenda 2017-05-04.pdf:

PAWUIC Minutes April 2017.pdf:

Blank gif:

0121_Sender_Deborah Pfingston - FirstRecipient_Joe Woyjeck - Subject_271 - 11-09-2014

the transcript is up above with 0107_Sender_Deborah Pfingston - FirstRecipient_ - Subject_#266 REV - 11-11-2014.

0124_Sender_Deborah Pfingston - FirstRecipient_Darrell Willis - Subject_Wildfire Museum and Tribute to GMIHC - 07-18-2017

0125_Sender_Harwood,Doug - FirstRecipient_Jess & Doug - Subject_Thank you - Deborah Pfingston - 02-26-2018

the man above is the man who was our Staff Ride guide for Little Venus ( GMHS Dustin's Brother)

Willis (above)

Good night - that was all I was able to load for today. I did stay focused without distractions.

I wrote one BM ecard. Broccoli time - 9/15/20 7:17PM - Be back after my hike tomorrow.

Good Morning 9-16-20 10:19AM - Been back from hike awhile and just reading weather and current events and now here -

0126_Sender_Deborah Pfingston - FirstRecipient_Harwood,Doug - Subject_Photos and Video - Deborah Pfingston #1 - 08-04-2014

0147_Sender_Deborah Pfingston - FirstRecipient_Darrell Willis - Subject_Wildland Firefighter Guardian Institute - 08-27-2015

If you want the 'Board Member Booklet.pdf' then pull your own PRR because I am not uploading 37 pages of this booklet that has to do with:

If you want the 'By Laws.pdf' then pull your own PRR because I am not uploading it:

0148_Sender_Vicki Boswell - FirstRecipient_Holly Neill - Subject_Financial Report thru 08 23 17 - 08-23-2017

I see no need to post their two page itemized financial report but it was a part of the public records so I snipped it and the redaction was City of Prescott not me:

Lunch - Broccoli with a roasted red potato / caramelized onion / and roasted garlic 9-16-20 11:50AM

1:33PM - I am back-

0166_Sender_Deborah Pfingston - FirstRecipient_Harwood,Doug - Subject_3 photos - 11-20-2014

9/17/20 5:20PM - Please note today I started loading wood and by 1:30PM I have been on the PC but just have not got to this area until now. I was making a homemade Sympathy card for Lisa as she lost her mom and I think Sympathy cards out there stink to purchase...I also spent time on the Staff Ride / OMNA area so here I finally am. Sent sympathies to someone else too. Remembering "JT" always.

0183_Sender_Markel,Laura - FirstRecipient_Fousek - Subject_Widow's Birthdays - 06-23-2014

another blank gif:

0195_Sender_Roxanne Lopez - FirstRecipient_Deborah Pfingston - Subject_WFGI Brochure - 02-12-2016:

0204_Sender_Deborah Pfingston - FirstRecipient_Harwood,Doug - Subject_Mirador fire records request - 08-14-2017

Why the Mirador fire records request? I will snippet it but if you all want it- pull it. I am looking for podcast or stuff related to Yarnell.

0206_Sender_Deborah Pfingston - FirstRecipient_Roxanne Lopez - Subject_Wildland Firefighters Guardian Institute Agenda - Wednesday 9_15_15 - 09-14-2015

0219_Sender_Deborah Pfingston - FirstRecipient_McGroder, Patrick J. - Subject_Yarnell Fire - 01-26-2015

0221_Sender_Deborah Pfingston - FirstRecipient_Laura Berbusse - Subject_Equipment list for fuels reduction crew - 04-13-2017

0252_Sender_Deborah Pfingston - FirstRecipient_ - Subject_Top Ten - 09-25-2014

I have to go to bed but this next one is 30 something pages and all Yarnell related so I will turn it from a PDF to a Jpeg and place it here but it has no way to see who this was meant to read it in this specific file-

I went ahead into the PRR to see WHO this email went to and it was emailed to Doug Harwood and others who are redacted in the TO part possibly:

9-17-20 11PM - Good Night.

Good Morning 9-18-20 9:35AM - Finishing uploading the document from PDF to JPG

Thank you for the "Friday, September 18, 2020 12:42 AM" confirmation, sir. I want to get documents out yet on this one I had to back channel if this was okay to do so- and this is the reply:

'This is an IMPORTANT document and people have the right to read ALL of it.' [emphasis added] ...

"Deboarah Pfingston's own description of this document to Doug Harwood is correct. "The questions and people they are directed at are priceless".

There is a LOT talk about in this document.

Whoever put this "list of questions" together was obviously doing a helluva job following ALL the emerging evidence. Almost their own complete "investigation". This person was TOTALLY familiar with the SAIT, ADOSH, Mike Dudley's public speech just

before the first anniversary and YES... John Dougherty's InvestigativeMEDIA Yarnell forum.

What's fascinating is that some of the "questions" come straight from the IM Forum itself, and

this person was obviously following everything WE were doing and talking about VERY carefully.

This person KNEW we were not "conspiracy theorists".

This person KNEW we were all finding "clues" in the evidence record that no one else was noticing,

and he ( I'm assuming it's a man ) included a LOT of what we were talking about in HIS document

that he sent to Deborah Pfingston.

It's also obvious that his document was intended to go to the lawyers that were handling the

wrongful death lawsuits, in order to give them "questions" that SHOULD be asked/answered.

Example: He even includes some paragraphs that begin with "TO THE LAWYERS".

Just one ( there are many ) of the "proofs" that this person was taking a LOT of their research and

information direct from the IM Forum is where he talks about the "dozer operator" and lists him as "Justin Hernandez".

That name is something that was ONLY appearing on the IM Forum back in July of 2014.

IM poster Calvin started calling him "Justin Hernandez" at first... and for a time we were just assuming that was probably his name.

YOU [ JOY A COLLURA ] are the one who eventually PROVED that was incorrect... and it was actually "Paul Morin".

But the fact that this person left the name "Justin Hernandez" in HIS document to Pfingston is just proof that he was, in fact, reading the IM Yarnell Forum VERY carefully. He just missed the part where YOU proved the dozer operator's name was actually "Paul Morin".

So yea... I would publish the WHOLE THING... and then we can all start "discussing" it publicly." [emphasis added]

This is Joy here- if any person willingly identifies this Forest Service employee PLEASE reach me and we can get this going in the right direction.

Pfingston will keep it anonymous as she stated in the email yet there is others that by reading the content would be able to narrow it down.

Thank you to the people in the email to have this available to us through the Open Public Records methods. Your podcast failed to go over some of this content so it is important to have it now as "public" information. We cannot help one another unless we share-

YHF Top Ten.docx.pdf:

The elk have been visiting lately and my dwarf set of them visited---it is funny to see him growing up---his rack grew faster than his body has - I known him since they were born:

0259_Sender_Sventek,Jaimie - FirstRecipient_ - Subject_Prescott GMH Education Meeting October 21st - 10-06-2016

0313_Sender_Deborah Pfingston - FirstRecipient_Holly Neill - Subject_Leonard Hunter yhf account (11-20-14 4_41-still here) - 11-21-2014

A careful listener will start to notice that something is missing.

In 2013-2014, Holly was sharing not just to me but others 'you give me what you got and I will give you what I got' lingo-

As soon as I heard it from Leonard Hunter so that I had a first time "time stamp" ("live as it was happening" - I emailed in case they wanted to call and talk direct to him right then) It was a "live" time stamp of Hunter's account and their emails came up first in "recently" contacted emails and all I did was type them: 'You are the first to get photos than jd than ted Putnam then Fernanda...then the rest. Leonard Hunter was in library when I was writing on JD's page And still talking about the fire So cant type because here live.'

Pfingston's smile email to Holly came off like (my perception) they already had been talking "off" about me by saying the above content was odd attached the Fire Behavior photos and Hunter was with Moser and Willis and all them in that area June 30, 2013 so I just do not understand for this email seems Pfingston had it in for me long before her husband's email which will come out where he wanted to most hike with the ... and then that bs became part of the court room dramatics as hearsay on another loved one.

Why did these women so early on create this kind of platform towards number one, the YHF eyewitness and secondly, - a person Pfingston never talked to nor met me yet because of Holly was CC'd content to 'keep in the loop' because Pfingston was doing her own research outside the Adosh / Sait Sair...and to then have Pfingston send me the email she did late 2014--- ???? it just does not add up. I have to say for a lady who says she wants the facts then it will take us ALL discussing it publicly, Pfingston. I have said that on IM and I say that firmly here.

You want to do whatever you ladies are doing...that's on you and God will handle that with you all---

I am right here pulling the records to business and personal texts and emails tied to business and peeling this ugly onion...I have been treated poorly by this woman and I never met her

but I have every right myself as the eyewitness to YHF to document why Sonny and I lived and 19 men did not and we all were on the Weavers that day-

I have more of that right than it seems to be readily apparent that Holly, who has been given extreme special privileges through the entire aftermath of the YHF and all for some made-for-profit book with Sinclair and MacLean. ????

I, so far, have given more public YHF documents than that team has or even Pfingston...I am not tied to any outfit that has a LLC making funds to do this or that. I have out of my own pocket done stuff like the WFGI did without any private or public acknowledgment nor funding and I will keep doing that.

All the equipment replacement in the world will not help - it takes good ol' common sense to follow the rules and if you see a messed up system then do your part to do the difficult right thing. Don't mouse me with all your squeaks and squeals people of harm and hurt...bring it on and let us get the stuff public...or I will keep peeling these layers. It is all about Human Factors and the elements within not equipment.

0398_Sender_Deborah Pfingston - FirstRecipient_Holly Neill - Subject_Deborah - Mediation Changes - 08-23-2015 - FirstRecipient_Blair - Subject_Wildfire Learning Center_GMIHC Tribute Center Development Meeting - 09-08-2017

0409_Sender_Tim Carter - - Subject_Hotshots Foundation Board -- Agenda - 03-15-2016 - FirstRecipient_Rush,Michelle - Subject_Undeliverable_ Canceled_ Discuss Wildland Firefighter Guardian Institute - 04-02-2018

0418_Sender_Lamar,Michael - FirstRecipient_Oberg - Subject_Deborah Pfingston's Letter Regarding Station #7 - 06-14-2017

0432_Sender_Harwood,Doug - FirstRecipient_Deborah Pfingston - Subject_Wildland Firefighter Guardian Institute - First Official Meeting - 07-20-2015

Harwood fails to put in his Bio above how it was HIS STATION that not only was the Fire Station that logged, inventoried, stored the GMHS GPS Units and other items at YCSO Evidence area 2013-2014 and kept it there way past both Fire Fatality Investigations were being done and processed and finalized...

GPS Units that could have helped immensely to figure out what happened June 30, 2013. Why did they fail to bring it up - those GPS Units - when the reports were completed when they lacked in the Investigation Reports? Why keep it quiet all these years until I presented the records here. Why?

Other Prescott FFs have honored the code of silence yet Pat and Harwood and Willis can freely share on this podcast of theirs without those special attacks we others always see publicly from those "specific folks"

and City of Prescott and the Prescott Way are ok with him talking about these burn outs? Hmmm...

You fail to see in his Bio that there is a widow who watches closely who can speak about the YHF and the GMHS (most people attacked by this widow strongly and wrongly) yet Harwood's wife all that time was this same widow's bestie ???? Just all did not add up.

The same man that I question if his recent personal life transition that other FFs share about him is exactly what you see or if there is more to it-

I as the YHF eyewitness feel this area is too vague for me but open to sit down and hash some areas out there. Meanwhile, I will keep peeling the layers of this onion that makes me weep that those who should "Speak Up"- refrain from doing it. Why?

I would like to also fact check and verify with Pfingston who and what data was fed to her so early on about us YHF eyewitness hikers? I am a very straight forward person to share with her if she has been told facts or lies. Reach me, Pfingston. Or take the time to really read the blog because I lay it out here and on InvestigativeMEDIA.

0447_Sender_Harwood,Doug - FirstRecipient_Jess & Doug - Subject_Deborah - Mediation Changes - 08-24-2015

Today has been "Youtube Donut Listening" for me too while uploading:

Be interested in knowing who gave it a "thumbs down"...

0451_Sender_Deborah Pfingston - FirstRecipient_Harwood,Doug - Subject_A 100 Club Event in Prescott June 27th - 06-10-2015

0456_Sender_Postmaster - FirstRecipient_Harwood,Doug - Subject_Undeliverable_ Deborah Pfingston - State Memorial - 05-08-2015

0461_Sender_Deborah Pfingston - FirstRecipient_Harwood,Doug - Subject_Deborah Pfingston - 06-08-2015 - - Subject_[Forwarded from RazorSafe] [Fri Jul 18 18_27_25 2014] Widow'sBirthdays - 06-23-2014

0505_Sender_Harwood,Doug - - Subject_Episode Notes - 12-29-2018

0506_Sender_Deborah Pfingston - FirstRecipient_Roxanne Lopez - Subject_Rueben Orozco's Work - WFGI - 06-03-2016

Sorry Paul but Yarnell was an area that lacked Timber and thousand-hour fuels so I think you did "over-think" when doing this letter and I am one who challenges this area, sir:

Letter to Yarnell communities #1.docx.pdf:

Part Two - Rueben's Group.pdf


0519_Sender_Waldock, William D - FirstRecipient_Darrell Willis - Subject_WFGI - 05-06-2016

If you want the 30+ pages then pull the PRR:

0523_Sender_Deborah Pfingston - FirstRecipient_Roxanne Warneke - Subject_Thank you - Deborah Pfingston - 02-26-2018

Good night- 9-18-20 8PM- Logging off - Epsom Salt Foot Soak time. Have a good one. Remember before I log off to watch those podcast episodes of Pfingston / Harwood then come here and see the real time documents. There is no comparison that InvestigativeMEDIA and here have given MORE documents than Holly and all them to date. We all are waiting for that "made for profit" book of yours...when is it?

9-20-20 11:07AM - I just got on to the PC -

yesterday I was ill way too much to "pay attention" to any technology. It took me three hours to upload one pic today (below) so I will be on here one hour then that is it for a day or so to get better and try to walk more to get the swelling down but here is a recent elk photo where we both surprised another:

0547_Sender_Sventek,Jaimie - FirstRecipient_Claire Caldwell ( - Subject_AZ State Parks Letter July 2016 - 08-23-2016

This PC is way too slow today (9/20/20 12:20PM) folks so I am getting off for the day. I will not be on the next few days to be there for neighboring folks - we just lost a good man this month:

Paul Sterling Pulsifer, 85, peacefully passed away on Saturday, Sept. 5, 2020.

 A celebration of Paul’s life will be held at the Pulsifer residence on Oct. 10, 2020, at 11:30 a.m., 22641 Weaver Valley Drive, Congress. All of Paul’s friends are invited to join the family for lunch, storytelling, and to honor the wonderful life of our beloved patriarch.

  In lieu of flowers, the family is grateful for donations to Mayo Clinic Cancer Research: Phone number is (855) 852-8129. Mail should be sent to Mayo Clinic, Department of Development, 200 First St. SW, Rochester, MN 55905.

By the way, Paul's YHF Testimony is but a very unique one and when I come across that interview I had of him I will post it. His testimony involves the where and who's was at the YFD taking documents. It is pretty astonishing.

I skimmed through to 0831_Sender_Deborah Pfingston - FirstRecipient_Harwood,Doug - Subject_Attached Image - 07-10-2015.pdf and I passed alot of files but I want this out here as soon as possible before I shut PC down:

0831_Sender_Deborah Pfingston - FirstRecipient_Harwood,Doug - Subject_Attached Image - 07-10-2015.pdf

So then world, guess what was attached to this email LONG BEFORE ANY public podcast - ???

Yes, the GMHS items found on them or near them at the Fatality Site- this is the inventoried log list that Harwood's Station completed- the same GMHS Alumini /PFD FF WF Harwood as you see above received the same email as others listed above.

Is my public sharing of documents outside the confines of "Our Investigation, Our Truth"?

I know when the children have grown - they will have a place to freely go for the public records for the Yarnell Hill Fire and as well see the unethical and immoral grown-ups in all this.

In 2020, I know I was the first to tell some GMHS loved ones and friends about the GPS and Location History data so wait until they see above this email and learn these folks in that email knew for five years about it at minimum. I can see sharing among your own set of folks but to hide the GPS unit data from the world was wrong especially for the two Investigation phases they excluded this from both reports.

You had the perfect platform to be upfront to the Public at Large.

Why did you squander that opportunity?

I am clueless what they have up their sleeves, World. Yet I do know this. One of the people tied to Willis, told me enough, that I would want to know all Prescott Fire Dept.'s FFs / WFs location history for June 30, 2013. I think it matters! I mean look at the podcast Harwood in his own words:

Just checking - did this Final YHF PDF (above) make it in completion to their "Our Investigation, Our Truth" podcast?

Just so you know the source of the document (above) came from here:

You know what I find difficult to comprehend ... if we are all seeking documented facts and truths then why all the animosity? We are on parallel paths, right? Why hide those emails all these years about the GPS Units? They had the document showing the GPS Units. They had the platform to do the difficult right thing but never in all my "alert" system did I get such an alert that those names above did just that - expose that fully and deeper. Sad.

Here is an email from the Mayor to the Governor on behalf of WFGI:

Did Chacon (Dude Fire 1990) and his family get this type of treatment when the father tried to do the difficult right thing?

Why is one fatality fire event favored so much versus others? Why on the biggest one where 19 men died were the two eyewitnesses treated so poorly for trying to share their accounts? Bewilders me to this day.

It really blows me away when I begin to show the dollars that flowed to some areas but not to other areas -

Since 9/20/20 12:20PM, I have not been on the blog. I came on here tonight and hopefully tomorrow to add some pics but I doubt I will have time to add records but I wanted people to get an opportunity to get the first chapter of Gary's book. It is 10-2-20 6:50PM right now.

and then go about half way down the page and click on the “add to cart” button on the Chapter 1 line.

This is what I have been doing--- just trying to walk and drop some of the pounds and fluid congestion. Nice to be home visiting family, friends and neighbors. I came back fully negative for COVID-19 and as well negative on the antibodies- have not had it nor have the antibodies.

taking my supplements:

drinking my teas:

Looking at my cat tossing the bull-snake around and it reminded me that my husband asked me to relocate a snake in the yard so went in back to see if it was still there-

then out for one of the walks:

Because of the odd symptoms Summer 2020 I did not want to leave the zip code / County I was in until my results came in - I am not concerned but I also wanted to know when I came home I was fully checked out plus I will be in "gathering" travel mode soon so checked for that too.

Since coming home, I did get to spend quality time with Dan, Danielle and the girls. It was one of the hardest visits to date. I feel like I was gone just too long. I did spend time with SB / SP. Now, my time for the next phase is arriving and I did all I could to reduce the weight but not enough. The swelling went down.

6-22-13 1:29pm Chris MacKenzie IMG_0869 

Source: Yavapai County Records/SAIT Report/Documents.

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