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Page 3- These are my City of Prescott Public Records Requests- (descending order)

Author- Joy A. Collura


Views expressed to "the public at largeand "of public concern"

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This is the link you will keep coming back to as I will keep loading this section with the City of Prescott Public Records Requests ( PRRs ) and eventually break them into Part One, Two, etc. as they increase in volume size so the posts are kept reasonable in size.

Page two was 97 pages when saving to PDF area so time for new page- page three here.


(returned for a couple hours- 7/24/20 4:05 PM)

PRR 19-438 opening the request "live" with you the next two hours until 6-7ish PM, 7/24/20.

The next item in the PRR request is 0043_Sender_Rebecca Thomas - - Subject_Media Request - 05-20-2014 then click on it and shows image001.jpg-image004.jpg and 0100_Sender_Deborah Pfingston - FirstRecipient_Rush,Michelle - Subject_Deborah Pfingston - 06-14-2017.pdf:

The content is not worth saving the PDF to convert to JPG and load it but give a 'Snippet' view- it is in regards to the Station 7 and its content in 2017.

You can pull your own if you want to see it.

Anything I see that ties into the Sesame to Shrine content was why I pulled the PRR and to "fact check and verify" their podcast I will present public otherwise it will be just a skim and give you at least the file and property names to documents so you can do your own look.

I am not in this to present all data public just anything pertaining to YHF and Sesame to Shrine Corridor.


PRR 19-438 - The next item in the PRR request is 0060_Sender_Holly Neill - - Subject_IMPORTANT FOIA RED CARDS - 06-04-2017 folder containing 0093_Sender_Sventek,Jaimie - FirstRecipient_ - Subject_Prescott GMH Education Meeting March 29th - 03-23-2017.pdf, 0086_Sender_Deborah Pfingston - FirstRecipient_ - Station #7 - 06-13-2017.pdf, ASFDRecords Request.pdf, 0086_Sender_Deborah Pfingston - FirstRecipient_ - Station #7 - 06-13-2017 then click on that and get the folder is empty.

when you click on 0086 it is empty, when you click on ASFD, it a blank fill-in Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management Public Records Form 2017, 0086 PDF shows Date: 6/13/2017 2:01:50 PM Subject: A Conversation with Prescott City Manager About Station #7, 0093 Heavily redacted "Prescott GMH Education Meeting March 29th" email


PRR 19-438 - The next item in the PRR request is 0067_Sender_Deborah Pfingston - FirstRecipient_Willis - Subject_Invitation - 03-15-2015 and when you click on file it shows this only, 2 images:


PRR 19-438 - The next item in the PRR request is 0071_Sender_Fousek,Melissa - FirstRecipient_McGroder - Subject_ASRS Contributions - City of Prescott - 04-09-2015 folder and when you click on it, only thing in there is this:

Same thing where I cannot open a xlsx.dat but looks like the same thing from earlier- See how bogus this PRR reviewing is---it's like bunch of garbage to get to something "ok" ever so often.


I had a bunch of raw broccoli today and my gallon of PH10 water and had too many vomiting moments. I stayed away from real meals today. I wanted to calm the stomach but even broccoli which is my daily staple has been rough for me today.

little side fun- (facebook humor)

take the year you were born (1972) and your age (48) and add them together= 2020. Every 1,000 years this happens. We all can take the year we were born and our age and then all come with 2020. (unless you cannot add)


PRR 19-438 - The next item in the PRR request is 0079_Sender_Deborah Pfingston - FirstRecipient_Darrell Willis - Subject_Final Edited History of the GMIHC article - 09-18-2016 and when you click on file folder you see "ready for..." and I will show it because it is revisiting history of the Granite Mountain Hotshots:


PRR 19-438 - The next item in the PRR request is 0107_Sender_Deborah Pfingston - FirstRecipient_ - Subject_#266 REV - 11-11-2014 and when you click on the file folder you see M2U00266R_HERO_VIDEO_TRANSCRIPT.docx.pdf:


PRR 19-438 - The next item in the PRR request is 0113_Sender_glen hopkinson - FirstRecipient_Willis - Subject_Memorial Design Sub-Committee - 02-16-2015 Yarnell-Committee-Minutes.pdf

Do you see this WTKTT and world- the infamous "one" meeting they wanted to assure the hikers were not there in attendance and to make sure I was slapped with a Injunction for Harassment that strictly mentioned this meeting...interesting to finally see the minutes that were never posted back in the day, remember...I am in upload mood so I will read it another time.

Joy A Collura says

wtktt- I am loading part 3 I am about to put the Minute Meetings that laid hidden all these years for the Board- that one meeting they did not want the hikers at— I have no time to really read it because I am trying to just load the records until 9PM but I will upload then publish it so you can see it in 10 minutes…ok

  • WantsToKnowTheTruth says JULY 25, 2020 AT 11:26 AMReply to Joy A Collura post on July 24, 2020 at 7:51 pm NOTE: Second attempt to post this. First attempt went into ‘moderation’. Having trouble again posting anything with more than 1 live link it. >> Joy A Collura said… >> >> wtktt- >> >> I am loading part 3 >> >> I am bout to put the Minute Meetings that laid hidden all >> these years for the Board- that one meeting they did not >> want the hikers at— You are talking about what is half-way down at this link, right?… h t t p s :// The January 6, 2015 of the Yarnell Hill Memorial Site Committee/Board? Those minutes have actually never been “hidden” at all. Unlike many other meetings of that Board, they actually published ( publicly ) the minutes of that particular meeting in a timely way, shortly after the meeting took place. The minutes of that January 6, 2015 meeting of the Yarnell Hill Memorial Site Board were originally published on the special website established by Arizona State Parks for this committee… h t t p :// That link is no longer valid, but the Internet Archive ( Wayback Machine ) preserved a copy of what was there and the minutes can still be publicly viewed at the following link… h t t p s :// There was a post to Chapter 11 of this ongoing InvestigativeMEDIA forum about it when the minutes were first published… From that posting back on January 20, 2015… ===================================================================================== On January 20, 2015 at 4:31 pm WantsToKnowTheTruth said… ** DRAFT MINUTES OF JAN 6, 2015 YARNELL HILL MEMORIAL BOARD MEETING The minutes from the last Yarnell Hill Memorial Board meeting were NOT made available within 3 business days following the last meeting of this PUBLIC board ( as required by law )… but unlike the last minutes published… this time they have NOT waited until the next meeting before publishing the minutes of the previous one. The DRAFT minutes ( complete with spelling mistakes ) of the January 6, 2015 meeting are now available online via the Arizona State Parks website. The PDF document is here… h t t p :// Here are some things that are now clear which were NOT really made clear in any of the media articles that reported about this January 6 meeting. 1) The VOTE that was taken ( which was unanimous ) that authorizes the Arizona Parks Department to begin the due-diligence process involved with purchasing the land was NOT the ‘final vote’ about whether the Board will actually purchase the land. The due-diligence process will be reported back to this Yarnell Hill Memorial Site Board as it goes along… along with an actual dollar amount for the land they intend to purchase. Only THEN will this Board vote on whether or not to actually make the purchase. From the January 6, 2015 meeting ‘draft’ minutes… ———————————————————————————————- State Representative (Karen) Fann wanted to refocus a moment on sole purpose and intent of bill was to preserve the site and keep it from being developed. It may be that the board opts to only purchases the site and not even build a memorial or just erecting a single cross. The number one purpose was to preserve the site. Mr. Martyn agreed that that is the committee’s number one priority—to preserve the land. Miss Nelson asked if that was what was just voted on.Mr. Martyn replied that the committee decided that State Parks should handle due dilligence of the process and that the vote for the actual purchase will be brought back to the committee once we are given a dollar amount. ———–—————————————————————————- 2) An ‘access’ sub-committee WAS officially formed at this meeting… and Board Director Martyn did put out a call to the PUBLIC hoping that ANYONE who has ANY ‘knowledge or expertise’ of the local area would volunteer to serve on this PUBLIC sub-committee. From the January 6, 2015 meeting ‘draft’ minutes… ————————–—————————————————————————- 3. Access and right of ways to the Yarnell Hill Memorial Site – Discussion of motorized, non-motorized access, parking, trail or road size and distance, feasibility, cost, eminent domain and consideration for adjacent land owners and whether to form a sub-committee. Mr. Martyn stated that in addition to preserving the site the Board must decide on access options to get to the site. This sub-committee will research the potential to access the site and recommends they work closely with State Trust Land Department and local property owners such as Mr. Rex Maughan and the local community. Mr. Martyn asked the Board members to volunteer to serve on the access subcommittee. Chief Ben Palm volunteered as well as Ms. Lenora Nelson.Mr. Martyn asked for PUBLIC involvement for ANYONE that has knowledge or expertise in this area. ——————————————————————————————————– This was also the meeting where the widow of Eric Marsh, Amanda Marsh ( who was actually ON the Board itself ) volunteered to be on the newly-established Yarnell Memorial Site Fundraising Committee, since ( as State Rep Karen Fann pointed out in the meeting ) there were NO FUNDS ALLOCATED by Fann’s bill for ANY kind of ‘memorial’. Karen Fann’s bill that passed in the Arizona State Legislature was ONLY allocating money to BUY THE LAND and lock down access to it. That was all the bill was for. Any ‘memorials’ erected there would have to be funded by donations. This was also the meeting where the mother of deceased Hotshot Andrew Ashcraft ( Deborah Pfingston ) spoke to the committee during the public comment session and said she wants to see 19 full-size BRONZE STATUES erected on the site once the land is purchased. Pfingston’s public comments about what she wanted to see erected at the site earned her an invitation from committee chairman Bruan Martin, right then and there, to be on the sub-committee that was going to decide what ( if anything ) would eventually be ‘erected’ at the site if/when the land was purchased by the state. Pfingston accepted, and she remained an integral part of the design-making decisions for the memorial site. ===================================================================================== ** AARON GREEN WAS AT THAT MEETING One of the interesting things about these ‘minutes’ is that Aaron Green was actually there and was, at that time, the ACTING ‘Arizona State Forester’, since Scott Hunt had retired and Jeff Whitney wasn’t appointed State Forester yet. From the top of the meeting minutes… ————————————————————————————– MINUTES OF THE MEETING YARNELL HILL MEMORIAL SITE BOARD January 6, 2015 The Chairman called the meeting to order at 3:02 PM, Tuesday, January 6, 2015 at the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors’ Hearing Room, First Floor Yavapai County Administrative Services Building 1015 Fair Street, Prescott, Arizona . Board Members Present Bryan Martyn, Chairman; Representative Karen Fann; Senator Steve Pierce; Dan Fraijo; Aaron Green; Amanda Marsh; Lenora Nelson; Rowle Simmons; Chuck Tidey; Darrell Willis Board Members Absent Mayor Marlin Kuykendall; John Flynn; Glen Hopkinson; Brendan McDonough; Ben Palm Attorney General’s Office Brian Luse, Assistant Attorney General A. INTRODUCTIONS OF BOARD MEMBERS Each Board Member introduced themselves to the public and stated how they came to be a member of the Yarnell Hill Memorial Site Board.Chairman Martyn stated that Mr. Scott Hunt, Former State Forester has retired and Aaron Green will be the State Forester designee. —————————————————————————- Yes… this is the same Aaron Green who we have just recently learned was the ‘GPS Expert’ designated by Arizona Forestry to accompany YCSO Detective J. McDormett to the YCSO evidence storage room on July 22, 2014, to ( apparently ) perform the very FIRST examination of ALL ( SEVEN ) Granite Mountain GPS units, more than a YEAR after the original tragedy. So circa July, 2014, when the Arizona State Attorney General’s office was working with Yarnell OPS 2 Paul Musser to help build their defense against the wrongful death lawsuits… and the attorneys for Arizona Forestry apparently didn’t believe Mike Duldey when he told Musser no data was recovered from any GM GPS Unit… Aaron Green’s name didn’t just fall out of a hat. He had already been the transitional Arizona State Forester between Scott Hunt and Jeff Whitney.

  • You. Just. Can’t. Make. This. Stuff. Up.


I was playing this in the background as I loaded these tonight:

( paused - published - 7/24/20 8:12 PM)


Current Thumbnail I see:

Had to get up and dance the happy dance- the meeting minutes are finally out there...just have to take the time and read them and see why it was such a big deal I was not at that meeting.

PRR 19-438 - The next item in the PRR request is 0118_Sender_Markel,Laura - FirstRecipient_Sventek - Subject_BIRTHDAYS - 06-20-2014 file folder and when you click on it you see 0119_Sender_PAW UIC - FirstRecipient_ - Subject_PAWUIC Meeting Reminder May 4th - 04-26-2017 and image001.gif:

when you click on folder 0119_Sender_PAW UIC - FirstRecipient_ - Subject_PAWUIC Meeting Reminder May 4th - 04-26-2017, you see:


PRR 19-438 - The next item in the PRR request is


( paused - published - 7/24/20 9:40 PM- Good night)

World, you can pull my PRR 19-438...I skimmed the thumb drive and there is over 5,000 they said in my PRR message reply and if that is facts-- there is no way I am sitting here to do each individual on some that are so silly. I will review each one and pull any related to YHF stuff. I hope you understand but I mean why would I put personal photos of Deborah, Willis, Harwood and their DZ "clean up"- seems no reason but I will if there is ANY pertaining to YHF not their WFGI minutes and misc. areas- okay.


7/25/20 9:42 AM- I awoke late feeling rough but I went to bed late looking for a rattlesnake in the home until late because the doors were wide open all day and I thought I saw one go hide in the wood pile for the wood burning stove.

We are placing Public Records for the Public At Large because some of the content complements what this blog is about.

It really matters all accounts and especially people who seek the truth - it should be public so we can have more information come in. I have learned some people will refuse to speak to me but gave it all to my contributing authors and vice versa.

This may be the case that placing this public here - these records - people may not come to us but they may to the ones in the Public Records.

It's okay as long as it is getting discussed. We are not looking to be the person you tell.

The ultimate goal is to reduce Wildland Firefighter deaths.

God is the leader to who knows what information and who is the gatherer and who is the speakers and so on.


7/25/20 9:58 AM- Okay, my head is foggy today. Whoah. I want the forest to be open again so I can have some visitors come up from the Valley.

PRR 19-438 - I skipped ahead because contributing author left notes by my PC that in the PRR request 0506 is Interview Notes - samples of Reuben Paul Orroco's long but telling correspondence - six pages - and 0569 which is what is going to be below is 0569 because that is what I already pulled and converted from PDF to JPG to add here. It is rather long so after that is done- I will see "how many" pages this post is and may have to begin a post 4 already.

PRR 19-438 - The next item in the PRR request is 0569_Sender_Deborah Pfingston - FirstRecipient_Harwood,Doug - Subject_Shumate - 01-04-2019 which when you click on the folder file shows Russ Shumate Interview 10-18-13.pdf, Russ Shumate Interview 8-15-13.pdf, and ShumateSAIRInterview.pdf which are shown below:

Russ Shumate Interview 10-18-13.pdf:


(pause to have toast- 5:32PM)

Russ Shumate Interview 8-15-13.pdf: