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Page 11- These are my City of Prescott Public Records Requests- (descending order)(20-048)-B

Author- Joy A. Collura

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8-20-20 11:33AM - I went to walk and I was toughing it out but by 5 minutes 45 seconds I had to go back and use the G5 on neck, T1-T5 and right groin area to just be able to walk then went back out and increased my elevation and could only did 36 minutes 45 seconds and 33% humidity. My breathing is hard and chest pain still hurts and present. When I talked to Danielle last night - more than ever- I felt I need to get well- I need to be there and spend time with them. I miss them all. If I just pass on- one takeaway I want to be remembered by that when I make the decision to do something I do it fully and exercise must be a daily essential to our days even if you are in a rough spot as I have been feeling since that dog bite May 2019. I just lost the "joy" of walking because it is painful but yeah no other way- just have to get up and move and your body will tell ya but try each day a little more than the last day. Remember David Kelley- I set him to my Google Alerts and any online comments and here is how he writes when he is not bashing me- see:

first his recent bash...

then when you read the other stuff - it makes no sense "why" he bashes me ??? David ???? see:


My hubby learned I am having delays this month - he sent me this:

I agree.

What people like David really fail to realize - Sonny and I (as eyewitnesses) have to do our parts to gather as much as possible not just for the kids and the loved ones and the homeowners and WFs/FFs but because God placed us on the Weavers that weekend and two weeks before that weekend I had alerted Wisconsin and Wyoming professors turned Congress gold prospectors that as the temps heat up they need to camp up in certain ridges of the Weavers ("cold spots") to get through the day time temps. Look for the gold at certain times of the day but get to those higher elevations during certain times of the day ( Summer 2013 ).

When we asked YFD for permission on the 29th to go up there - they said it was all under control and okay. I alerted the man I was going to alert certain prospectors of the fire so they knew I was doing this action. It was just too late in the day on Saturday so went on up again on the 30th to do this- so this guy David fails to read and learn about why we were even up there. He also fails to get that we watched the activities that day. It was when Sonny saw them doing what they were doing and I asked Sonny why is it wherever those two walk fire follows their trail. That is when Sonny said they turned this into a controlled burn. I watched the two go towards Harper Canyon then veer North and out of my view but I said to Sonny that FF by the old grader is in danger. Sonny begged me to leave and I had my boots off and edema set in so I was not going. He left me and came back for me because he felt if the fire changed directions there was enough washes and chutes and drainages that it would have killed me. He felt a responsibility to make me move out of the area. "Common Sense", David is us...we ain't clowns nor deceivers or faking any area. Since June 30, 2013 it has been about "Community Awareness" made comments (Freedom of Speech) but can you back them up with documentation?

I can on what I stated about you. I will continue on ... as you will too. I just pray that you get better educated of the old ways of Wildland Firefighting to how it is today- the advanced technology -such a great tool, can be dangerous in the wrong or inexperienced hands, sir.

Washington DC folks watch me. Do they you? I know what I say and as some come here with PhDs that even want to be silver spoon fed the perfect articles- yes, PhD folks want me to simplify a very organized layered situation so I am not relying on those piled higher and deeper folks but the kids of today.

They got it going on. Indeed they do. They are one of the most brilliant generations I am seeing born today even with all the poisons out there. You can label me as "spreading the poison" all day long until you pass on but I know with the depth and all my heart I did right by my community. I know that. You are an extension of my community, sir. I did right by you.


By the way, the comments David Kelley left on us hikers - you had to search hard to make them because that was almost 7 years ago that video that lay in archive old stuff so he had to "hunt / stalk" us out to make those comments. It is not fresh videos. You have to be calculated and looking for us. We know that- see in chronological order on Yarnell where we lay way back when:

then the next video that has any YHF content was Holly's where Sam Amato- Fire Technology Specialist, Wildland Fire Management RD&A, USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station commented:

  1. Sam Amato / Holly

  2. Matt Oss


3. Prayers from Minister Paul to the loved ones on June 30, 2013:


4. ABC 15 News - The media outlet that was mentioned by Pete the Miner. I hope they one day share more photos / videos about the YHF - this is one of the Media outlets I feel owes us more information.


By the way I have PDFs over the years to "prove" the comment walls over time are manipulated and deleted and etc. so remember if you are learning the YHF track and save PDFs of the site you are on to keep track of the numbers and content because they do and have vanished.


This video deserves from ABC 15 the person who took the video to explain where he took the video and photographs- I mean 19 men died...the hikers almost did and HOW MANY have since that day have died? Yeah, they owe us an explanation the areas they took the footage on this video:



number 6 above-


7. 357,816 views above on his other video and this one has 22,847 views.


(pause- publish - 8/20/20 4:03 PM)







Come talk with me David not type on YouTube- talk with me...I tried to contact you first privately before I went public but did you ever show me that respect- nope?

Yet we will get to "why" you sought out the hikers to do what you do it seems on the same month annually- ???

Really, it's all good. I have a very specific woman who likes to "stir" things up just as she did today as she did in January thru June - maybe getting you both together can really orchestrate "the end" or maybe for you both it will "feel" like 'happily ever after' ... until you do the difficult right thing besides some comment as you will never get my position until you spend time with me- your words here:

I will keep doing what I am doing...even when others spread falsehoods.





13. Here in this video he is identified as an ex GMHS yet so far not seeing it or overlooked it.


So are you catching it yet???- gotta crash/sleep but remember to "pay attention" to the comments - if you see zer0 comments that means it has been manipulated because over the years many people have made comments so this post will become the archive areas for just that thanks to David Kelley. Good night 8/20/20 11:02 PM and to the 'naysayers' - God Bless you and I forgive you.

Keep in mind as you begin to be a YHF online "tracker" of information that even the videos above may or may not vanish for good too- that has happened. Or I have seen in one evening a video have a few hundred clicks then into the millions 12 hours later so YES omissions and manipulation happens.

Where I am at - I was cleaning leaves and pine needles earlier today (defensible space time versus walking - too humid - walk later)

(8-21-20 9:33AM) learning there is "how many" fires near my home again-

My husband ran into Avondale and Sun City FD FF / WFs this week and he may of ran into you David if you are WF and out by the Congress/ Wickenburg area. Anyways, my husband reported the separate fires and eyewitnessed the lightning storm between 4 AM and 5AM yesterday.

I see much fire activity by Constellation ( Latitude: 34.066

Longitude: -112.553 ) but nothing in Congress, Arizona. It is 15.09 miles SE of my home.

There was a very Low Probability Fire Activity at Latitude: 34.145168 Longitude: -112.779526 which that one is under 4 miles from my home. I would like to do a round table discussions with my Forensic Weather pals because what I am seeing is not "clean" looking especially the SE corners of that area. As well as the distance between each point of origin. Each point of origin? Right, each. You gotta love our quasi- Government organizations. We need to address so many areas. Let me go pull up and see who is on this fire.

This all I saw:

as we alert the millionaire and billionaire of that area of that fire- here is what shows online but some areas I will not put public but documenting it-

Ranchers, Kimmy/Jimmy/kids and all the wealthy people I met that live in that area, your desert walker is now tracking this fire based on the unusual activity that just was witnessed. Thank you for the alert.

400 acres 8-20-20 05:59 to now we see this:

Watchout Situation for me is Russ Shumate is on this fire- I am not a fan of a guy who was a part of the initial attack of YHF 2013....Sorry, just not. Prove me wrong, Russ. Suppress this fire.

The only good thing is Schinstock is also on the fire and I trust that man. He is a good man. He is not a Kool-Aid man and I enjoy his confidence and abilities and honesty.











19. I would like to see more FOOTAGE of this photographer's - A VIEW OF THE YOUTH CAMP NOT THE GROTTO:

Also "note" ABC NEWS comments- save this as a PDF and watch if it over the years stays at 182 or more or if they remove any but as you see above on the others- they seem to drop them back to zero comments ??? Why, I do not know...


20. Remember Don, just five more ways...Your email is forever a message carried forward what the 10 and 18 meant to you (10 & 13). I know living and working in that community that it was hard to have this event happen but thank you for your honesty since then sir- really, thank you:

It is Jim Paxon not Patton...funny misspell:



Former FF as well:




23. Worked with GMHS on the Doce Fire (Steve Neff of Idaho - Clearwater)( Forestry Technician
















31. Carl Schwope:

Pastor Ralph and Miss Ollie are the best- they really have been serving the Lord and I feel they were placed in Yarnell even through the dark Politics of it all to be there for so many of us:

thank you to Pastor Ralph and Miss Ollie and one of our favorite Mayors- Stacy Pizzirusso...sorry Politics took over and things changed...sorry we all live so far away from another...yet you are all always in my heart and mind...

After this video looped- Only the Brave clip came on of this area - fire shelter clip and I wept.







if you noticed the comments were not wiped clean from Wendy Miller's video like you seen with the Media: