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Page 11- These are my City of Prescott Public Records Requests- (descending order)(20-048)

Author- Joy A. Collura

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This is the link you will keep coming back to as I will keep loading this section with the City of Prescott Public Records Requests ( PRRs ) and eventually break them into Part One, Two, etc. as they increase in volume size so the posts are kept reasonable in size.


PRR 20-048:


PRR 20-048:


8-9-20 9:21 PM - I am going to read and skim each one and place any relevant one and place it here- so you may not see all of them here and I am not "hiding" any - you can always pull your own and see that for yourself.

I did like this thank you card they sent me a copy of- nice scripture:

0101_ Subject_Thank you - Darrell Willis - 04-16-2015 ... Thank you - Darrell Willis 4-1-15.pdf:


Truth at all costs. I am bewildered by all that is happening in the world. I have been burdened to stay in the Word of Jesus even more this Summer 2020 and less and less watching the Media. We need to see all the data and make practical decisions with all the Fire Information and as well in our World all the diverse challenges. We need to enhance our "discernment" meters. I read the Bible to ground myself. I am also saying as I share to you, it is to show you how the World works. Everything is being taken away in odd ways and that is why the Bible is more important right now. Get into His Word. Please refrain getting sucked into other peoples stuff. We need as many people as we can to do this truth sharing. People think or assume my blog is a place to be silver spoon fed and this is a place to start to bring all the records and information and begin to create posts to try and get it out for the World so you can make your own assessment. It takes great humility to do this blog. Learning the way of how to do this is also a layered learning process. I am hungry and desire what the Lord has to show us. It is so beautiful when you step into the Spirit and not the kind that you drink. I am talking "real deal" stuff. The more I do, the more I see the heightened "Spiritual Warfare" invasions. That is very real too.


A few days the blog was receiving the error messages even after Wix helped so let me try again - it is 8-12-20 10:08 AM. I had planned to be in Congress, Arizona today yet last night a Hotshot Crew wanted to stop by and they are currently here awaiting their Superintendent so we can do the Dude Fire Site Visit and to just talk Fire. I am wearing my mask because of that lingering cough. Respect. I am the one in March 2020 who refused to wear a mask. I felt it was infringing on my free will and rights. When I lost family member to COVID 19 and had one family member go through it- and my mom pleading for her kids to "respect" by wearing the mask then I did when around crowds or public. I will wear my mask indoors since we have folks larger in numbers than I expected and I would not want anyone to face what I have been through the past six weeks. I sterilized the place real good. It was rough. I have no clue what it was and I refuse to get sucked into the COVID 19 phase and testing yet whatever is happening to me is real and really sucks. I am just surfing through and placing out some of the records that I feel matter but may not explain why it matters here. Now on to PRRs:

0027_Sender_Kriwer,Eric - FirstRecipient_Light - Subject_RE_ Special Thanks - 07-02-2014:


There are quite a few "" and if anyone knows a safe way to open them- let me know...for now I am unable to open them. I need to know what program opens them. When I googled for it - the return was almost 60% of the current programs can be harmful to your PC.

0034_Sender_Ward,Wade - - Subject_FW_ 962 on Hyw 69 - 12-06-2014:


8-13-20 3:29 PM I was getting PH10 / waters today and present while someone was fixing a window and watched 411 Missing People and just unwinding from yesterday's Hotshot Crew visit (emotional) and the Film Crew doing some footage and in it the elk arrived as planned so some good footage. I will show you with me and a couple elk.

We have "good times" and sometimes a buck gets jealous...but we both address it and work through it.

Our "who blinks first" game..I won (I think):

I know I have edema swelling yet I learned by my lab / urinalysis results "why"...My liver is not working too good, renal concerns, intestinal bacteria in the duodenum, infection, intestine concern, hematuria, proteinuria, and the high bilirubin explains the chest pains, the abdominal swelling / pain, body swelling like a teletubby, the weakness, the nausea, the continuous vomiting, the lymphatic congestion, the gallstones, the kidney stones, the pain in the upper right chest area, it all makes sense. I know it would be unlikely I had COVID 19 because I have been quarantined this Summer 2020.

The above makes sense. Let's start on to the PRRs again. I had not planned to talk to Hot Shots yesterday and planned on going home. It was good to see Matt and Paul. I did not catch any other faces as to be familiar. With the swelling and hard to walk, just not an interest of mine to be around people especially with the COVID 19 phase bs...but I did.

I felt some of the Crew Members that have been around awhile got what I was sharing fully and more receptive. I think the newer group (rookie to 4 years) it was unfamiliar territory and not familiar with anything but the Movie and tidbits out there. Some looked like they were in junior high / high school when this took place in 2013. I am very open to share to all kinds of folks yet I always have to begin with mask because of my mom but I was socially distanced from them so I removed it after a bit and went over the board. After they left we went to film on the "10 and 18" importance.

I hope they take all we stated and do their homework and own research. I am open to hike it with them too. I am sorry some in the Fire Industry are intentionally misleading and doing a poor job in their leadership positions but I am doing my best to "call them out".

The fake PayPal email I received today and I know it is fake because I do not have a PayPal account nor do I have a credit card account at all. The fake email is being sent by cybercriminals to trick PayPal users into clicking on a link within them that goes to a fake or phishing PayPal web page. The fake webpage will then attempt to steal PayPal credentials and credit card information. So, it is important that PayPal users remember never to click on a link to sign into their PayPal accounts. They should instead, always go directly to Make sure you know this is going around..I just marked it as phishing. The link in the fake email message goes to a fake PayPal website that was designed by cyber criminals to trick their potential victims into entering their PayPal username, password and credit card information. If the requested information is submitted by the potential victims, it will be sent to the cybercriminals, who will use it to steal their money and use their accounts fraudulently.

If you are tricked into submitting your PayPal credentials and credit card information on the fake web page, please change your PayPal password and contact them for help immediately. Also, contact your bank and let them know that you have submitted your credit card information on a phishing website.

Remember, never click on a link to sign into your PayPal account, always go directly to and log in from there.


This week I was a part of the "Live" Cave Creek City Town Council Public 8-10-20 Meeting on the Ocotillo Fire and the LIVE CHAT is no longer publicly shown but here were some areas I wrote about:


Our 'Big Brother All Stars' - Gal Pal, Keesha, was first to be voted out. We all kinda figured that when we saw her but real good to see ya, Keesha. Metro Dee was sharing it on his YouTube tonight.


Let me get back to work---share the PRR: 0058_Sender_Ward,Wade - FirstRecipient_John Dougherty - Subject_RE_ Interview request - 07-21-2014 ... From JD.docx.pdf:


0059_Sender_Wilson,Julie - Subject_RE_ Calls Waiting to be Completed - 07-02-2014 ... Calls_to_BE_COMPLETED_Jan_Jun_2014.xlsx.dat:

Unable to open xlsx.dat.

When I do try- it shows:


0078_Sender_Ward,Wade - Subject_FW_ Prescott CFRA - 04-18-2014 ... img-140415113221.pdf ... image001.jpg:


0100_Subject_Undeliverable_ 962 on Hyw 69 - 12-06-2014 ... Attach 1 ... FW_ 962 on Hyw 69.pdf:

why show an undelivered email then redact the content attachment and who it was going to:


8-13-20 10:38 PM- I received the Blue Screen of Death so I had to go and google if my PC could turn back on???


0153_Subject_Planning Meeting Minutes - 04-21-2015 ... Planning Meeting Minutes 4-16-2015.pdf:


0165 Subject_FW_ CFRA and Amendment (updated wildland contract) - 08-08-2014 ... image001.jpg ... Prescott FD 2014 - 2016.pdf:

(pause - publish - time to sleep 11:27 PM - good night.)

same documents as shown above in 0078_Sender_Ward,Wade - Subject_FW_ Prescott CFRA - 04-18-2014 ... img-140415113221.pdf ... image001.jpg.


0224_Subject_Staff Meeting Minutes - 12-11-2014 ... Planning Meeting Minutes 12-9-2014.pdf:


0229_Sender_Sventek,Jaimie - Subject_Planning Meeting Minutes - 08-11-2014 ... Planning Meeting Minutes 7-29-2014.pdf:


0245_Sender_Kriwer,Eric - Subject_FW_ Tribute Hike Narration - 06-21-2014 ... GMH_HIKE_PGM_FULL_R3 - FINAL.pdf:


0307_Sender_Sventek,Jaimie - Subject_Chief Willis Celebration - March 28th - 03-17-2015 ... Celebration Invitation.pdf:


0004_Sender_Jerry Doerksen - FirstRecipient_Roger Nusbaum - Subject_RE_ Basin Ops Headcount (second request) - 03-26-2015.pdf:

The confusing part was "why" the heavy redactions so I placed a PRR in because if you read PRR 18-541 they requested I put a new PRR in- see 18-541 then 20-670 says the opposite saying go back to the original PRR:


7/8/2014 1:11:09 PM - Matt Reese Prescott Fire Department C-Shift Firefighter - “It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light." ~ Aristotle Onassis

So is Matt Reese ready to talk about those darkest moments he had as his "signature" to his emails July 2014? Did any of it pertain to June 30, 2013? You can reach me, we can talk about it- anonymously - you have me to reach, you are not alone.


(redacted for the blog)


I am referring to this email in above PRR add-on (highlighted with "red" box):


0011_Sender_John Dougherty - FirstRecipient_Ward,Wade - Subject_Re_ Interview request - 07-21-2014.pdf: