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PRR 20-048:

PRR 20-048:

8-9-20 9:21 PM - I am going to read and skim each one and place any relevant one and place it here- so you may not see all of them here and I am not "hiding" any - you can always pull your own and see that for yourself.

I did like this thank you card they sent me a copy of- nice scripture:

0101_ Subject_Thank you - Darrell Willis - 04-16-2015 ... Thank you - Darrell Willis 4-1-15.pdf:

Truth at all costs. I am bewildered by all that is happening in the world. I have been burdened to stay in the Word of Jesus even more this Summer 2020 and less and less watching the Media. We need to see all the data and make practical decisions with all the Fire Information and as well in our World all the diverse challenges. We need to enhance our "discernment" meters. I read the Bible to ground myself. I am also saying as I share to you, it is to show you how the World works. Everything is being taken away in odd ways and that is why the Bible is more important right now. Get into His Word. Please refrain getting sucked into other peoples stuff. We need as many people as we can to do this truth sharing. People think or assume my blog is a place to be silver spoon fed and this is a place to start to bring all the records and information and begin to create posts to try and get it out for the World so you can make your own assessment. It takes great humility to do this blog. Learning the way of how to do this is also a layered learning process. I am hungry and desire what the Lord has to show us. It is so beautiful when you step into the Spirit and not the kind that you drink. I am talking "real deal" stuff. The more I do, the more I see the heightened "Spiritual Warfare" invasions. That is very real too.

A few days the blog was receiving the error messages even after Wix helped so let me try again - it is 8-12-20 10:08 AM. I had planned to be in Congress, Arizona today yet last night a Hotshot Crew wanted to stop by and they are currently here awaiting their Superintendent so we can do the Dude Fire Site Visit and to just talk Fire. I am wearing my mask because of that lingering cough. Respect. I am the one in March 2020 who refused to wear a mask. I felt it was infringing on my free will and rights. When I lost family member to COVID 19 and had one family member go through it- and my mom pleading for her kids to "respect" by wearing the mask then I did when around crowds or public. I will wear my mask indoors since we have folks larger in numbers than I expected and I would not want anyone to face what I have been through the past six weeks. I sterilized the place real good. It was rough. I have no clue what it was and I refuse to get sucked into the COVID 19 phase and testing yet whatever is happening to me is real and really sucks. I am just surfing through and placing out some of the records that I feel matter but may not explain why it matters here. Now on to PRRs:

0027_Sender_Kriwer,Eric - FirstRecipient_Light - Subject_RE_ Special Thanks - 07-02-2014:

There are quite a few "" and if anyone knows a safe way to open them- let me know...for now I am unable to open them. I need to know what program opens them. When I googled for it - the return was almost 60% of the current programs can be harmful to your PC.

0034_Sender_Ward,Wade - - Subject_FW_ 962 on Hyw 69 - 12-06-2014:

8-13-20 3:29 PM I was getting PH10 / waters today and present while someone was fixing a window and watched 411 Missing People and just unwinding from yesterday's Hotshot Crew visit (emotional) and the Film Crew doing some footage and in it the elk arrived as planned so some good footage. I will show you with me and a couple elk.

We have "good times" and sometimes a buck gets jealous...but we both address it and work through it.

Our "who blinks first" game..I won (I think):

I know I have edema swelling yet I learned by my lab / urinalysis results "why"...My liver is not working too good, renal concerns, intestinal bacteria in the duodenum, infection, intestine concern, hematuria, proteinuria, and the high bilirubin explains the chest pains, the abdominal swelling / pain, body swelling like a teletubby, the weakness, the nausea, the continuous vomiting, the lymphatic congestion, the gallstones, the kidney stones, the pain in the upper right chest area, it all makes sense. I know it would be unlikely I had COVID 19 because I have been quarantined this Summer 2020.

The above makes sense. Let's start on to the PRRs again. I had not planned to talk to Hot Shots yesterday and planned on going home. It was good to see Matt and Paul. I did not catch any other faces as to be familiar. With the swelling and hard to walk, just not an interest of mine to be around people especially with the COVID 19 phase bs...but I did.

I felt some of the Crew Members that have been around awhile got what I was sharing fully and more receptive. I think the newer group (rookie to 4 years) it was unfamiliar territory and not familiar with anything but the Movie and tidbits out there. Some looked like they were in junior high / high school when this took place in 2013. I am very open to share to all kinds of folks yet I always have to begin with mask because of my mom but I was socially distanced from them so I removed it after a bit and went over the board. After they left we went to film on the "10 and 18" importance.

I hope they take all we stated and do their homework and own research. I am open to hike it with them too. I am sorry some in the Fire Industry are intentionally misleading and doing a poor job in their leadership positions but I am doing my best to "call them out".

The fake PayPal email I received today and I know it is fake because I do not have a PayPal account nor do I have a credit card account at all. The fake email is being sent by cybercriminals to trick PayPal users into clicking on a link within them that goes to a fake or phishing PayPal web page. The fake webpage will then attempt to steal PayPal credentials and credit card information. So, it is important that PayPal users remember never to click on a link to sign into their PayPal accounts. They should instead, always go directly to Make sure you know this is going around..I just marked it as phishing. The link in the fake email message goes to a fake PayPal website that was designed by cyber criminals to trick their potential victims into entering their PayPal username, password and credit card information. If the requested information is submitted by the potential victims, it will be sent to the cybercriminals, who will use it to steal their money and use their accounts fraudulently.

If you are tricked into submitting your PayPal credentials and credit card information on the fake web page, please change your PayPal password and contact them for help immediately. Also, contact your bank and let them know that you have submitted your credit card information on a phishing website.

Remember, never click on a link to sign into your PayPal account, always go directly to and log in from there.

This week I was a part of the "Live" Cave Creek City Town Council Public 8-10-20 Meeting on the Ocotillo Fire and the LIVE CHAT is no longer publicly shown but here were some areas I wrote about:

Our 'Big Brother All Stars' - Gal Pal, Keesha, was first to be voted out. We all kinda figured that when we saw her but real good to see ya, Keesha. Metro Dee was sharing it on his YouTube tonight.

Let me get back to work---share the PRR: 0058_Sender_Ward,Wade - FirstRecipient_John Dougherty - Subject_RE_ Interview request - 07-21-2014 ... From JD.docx.pdf:

0059_Sender_Wilson,Julie - Subject_RE_ Calls Waiting to be Completed - 07-02-2014 ... Calls_to_BE_COMPLETED_Jan_Jun_2014.xlsx.dat:

Unable to open xlsx.dat.

When I do try- it shows:

0078_Sender_Ward,Wade - Subject_FW_ Prescott CFRA - 04-18-2014 ... img-140415113221.pdf ... image001.jpg:

0100_Subject_Undeliverable_ 962 on Hyw 69 - 12-06-2014 ... Attach 1 ... FW_ 962 on Hyw 69.pdf:

why show an undelivered email then redact the content attachment and who it was going to:

8-13-20 10:38 PM- I received the Blue Screen of Death so I had to go and google if my PC could turn back on???

0153_Subject_Planning Meeting Minutes - 04-21-2015 ... Planning Meeting Minutes 4-16-2015.pdf:

0165 Subject_FW_ CFRA and Amendment (updated wildland contract) - 08-08-2014 ... image001.jpg ... Prescott FD 2014 - 2016.pdf:

(pause - publish - time to sleep 11:27 PM - good night.)

same documents as shown above in 0078_Sender_Ward,Wade - Subject_FW_ Prescott CFRA - 04-18-2014 ... img-140415113221.pdf ... image001.jpg.

0224_Subject_Staff Meeting Minutes - 12-11-2014 ... Planning Meeting Minutes 12-9-2014.pdf:

0229_Sender_Sventek,Jaimie - Subject_Planning Meeting Minutes - 08-11-2014 ... Planning Meeting Minutes 7-29-2014.pdf:

0245_Sender_Kriwer,Eric - Subject_FW_ Tribute Hike Narration - 06-21-2014 ... GMH_HIKE_PGM_FULL_R3 - FINAL.pdf:

0307_Sender_Sventek,Jaimie - Subject_Chief Willis Celebration - March 28th - 03-17-2015 ... Celebration Invitation.pdf:

0004_Sender_Jerry Doerksen - FirstRecipient_Roger Nusbaum - Subject_RE_ Basin Ops Headcount (second request) - 03-26-2015.pdf:

The confusing part was "why" the heavy redactions so I placed a PRR in because if you read PRR 18-541 they requested I put a new PRR in- see 18-541 then 20-670 says the opposite saying go back to the original PRR:

7/8/2014 1:11:09 PM - Matt Reese Prescott Fire Department C-Shift Firefighter - “It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light." ~ Aristotle Onassis

So is Matt Reese ready to talk about those darkest moments he had as his "signature" to his emails July 2014? Did any of it pertain to June 30, 2013? You can reach me, we can talk about it- anonymously - you have me to reach, you are not alone.

(redacted for the blog)

I am referring to this email in above PRR add-on (highlighted with "red" box):

0011_Sender_John Dougherty - FirstRecipient_Ward,Wade - Subject_Re_ Interview request - 07-21-2014.pdf:

matches the "attachment" above - 0058_Sender_Ward,Wade - FirstRecipient_John Dougherty - Subject_RE_ Interview request - 07-21-2014 ... From JD.docx.pdf.

This also shows since "day one" was John Dougherty who kept at it documenting the facts and he is the only one to keep an "open to the public" forum to discuss this or any topic at InvestigativeMEDIA. There is only a select few who were ever blocked there.

When I was reading PRRs- I did note and felt it was "important" in some undertone way that the "then United States National Forest Service -Supervisor" (who did show audio evidence of the June 30, 2013 YHF on a YHF / GMHS staff ride to the group that attended) was next door neighbor to a City of Prescott Firefighter who use to be a GMHS who then became an advocate of this back burn talk privately and publicly on some table talk online discussion while his wife became extremely close to some of the GMHS loved ones. I will always find it "odd" that this man was able to do this all the while being employed by the City of Prescott---odd.

Especially when there is this Prescott Way of things and they never attempted to for litigation reason(s) stop him from doing it. Especially odd when I learned it was his Station who logged in the GPS Units and stored them at the YCSO evidence area and never touched during the SAIT SAIR investigation or ADOSH investigation...????

(pause- lunch time - 8-16-20 2:30 PM then review Douglas Fir post then back to PRRs)

As discussed in Yarnell Hill Fire Chapter VII - (Wtktt)

'The "All-Red" with white stripe truck with the RED light bar - Unit designator ‘C-81’ on the back.'

Larz Garcia's file has the photo above which is also found on IM. 'That is definitely Mark Sachara’s vehicle ahead of this vehicle. Yet we do not know for sure if it is Mark in that truck.

Travel Mode: AOV G541FG ( License plate ).

Mark Sachara is the Fire Chief of the Ponderosa Fire District and he was hired as yet another “Division Supervisor” ( DIVS ) that day. [emphasis added]

He is the one who will ‘take over’ DIVS Z from Rance Marquez following the deployment. [emphasis added]

Here is Mark Sachara’s actual ‘Resource order’ from the ‘J – Resource Orders’ document in the SAIT FOIA/FOIL release

( including the License Plate number of that RED truck he was driving in his ‘Travel Mode’ entry )…

Mark Sachara was actually ‘ordered up’ as yet another DIVISION SUPERVISOR ( DIVS/SUP ) and part of the Type 2 SHORT team about 8:20 PM on SATURDAY NIGHT…

…but apparently didn’t show up in Yarnell until about NOON on Sunday, June 30.

( That’s about a half hour after Rance Marquez showed up and was assigned DIVS Z ).

J – Resource Orders

PDF page 136 ( of 213 pages )…

Request Number: O-11 Ordered Date/Time: 06/29/13 – 2020 PNT

From: AZ-ADC (Dispatch) 800-309-7081 To: AZ-ADC Qty: 1

Resource Requested: DIVISION/GROUP SUPERVISOR (DIVS) (T-A) Needed Date/Time: 06/30/13 0600 PNT Deliver To: YARNELL HILL From Unit: AZ-ADC To Unit: AZ-ADC Assigned Date/Time: 06/30/130948 PNT

Resource Assigned Unit Id: AZ-PND ( Ponderosa Fire ) Resource Assigned: SACHARA, MARK (AZ-ADC) [EFF/AD] (T) M/D Ind: M Estimated Time of Departure: 06/30/13 1000 PNT Estimated Time of Arrival: 06/30/13 1200 PNT Released Date: (No entry) Released To: (No entry) Travel Mode: AOV G541FG ( License plate ) Financial Code: AZ-A1S-130688 Special Needs: MIDDLE CREEK Reporting Instructions: ( No entry )

Then… on Page 173… Order confirmation note is entered at 9:48 AM Sunday morning…

Request Number: O-11 Documentation: Request O-11 – DIVISION/GROUP SUPERVISOR (DIVS) – [AZ-A1S-130688] YARNELL HILL has been filled with SACHARA, MARK (AZ-ADC) by SUSAN BURGER (at) AZ-ADC ROSS. Entered By: SUSAN BURGER (AZADC) 06/30/2013 0948 PNT

Then… down on page 210 in the AZ-ADC WildCad printout… it gives a ‘Demob date/time’ of July 4 for Mark Sachara which means he was on the fire for 4 days and demobbed the morning of July 4.

Page 210…

Req Number: 0-11 Filled Catalog Item Code: DIVS Filled Catalog Item Name: DIVISION/GROUP SUPERVISOR Filled by Org Unit Code: AZ-ADC Res Prov Unit Code: AZ-PND ( Ponderosa Fire District ) Assignment Name: SACHARA, MARK ( AZ-ADC ) Mob ETA: June 30, 2013 – 12:00:00 PM Demob ETD: Jul 4, 2013 – 8:00:00 AM

I feel like I seen these pics on JD's page somewhere too but mine are from the Arizona State Forestry PRR when I was looking for a certain picture:

Joshua Hudson's file- has this ‘smoky’ photo of the vehicles at the intersection of ‘Model Creek Road’ and ‘Double Bar A (Hays) Ranch Road with City of Prescott Fire Department Truck.

More pics from the file down below before I head to sleep by 11 PM 8-16-20. (file:///H:/ADOSH%20YHF%20Public%20Records%201-16-14/ADOSH%20Yarnell%20Fire%20Investigation/Photos-Video/ASFD%20Photos/Misc%20Photos/593%20photos.pdf)

Clay Templin --- Roy Hall ---- Governor Jan Brewer (Mike Reichling File)

Kevin Boness, a District Forester out of the Flagstaff District with the Arizona State Forestry Division

Can anyone tell me the true individual "who" decided to place the flagpole there? Heard way too many rumors. Like to know the real facts there.


bed time. good night.

David Kelley wanted his 15 minutes so what better way to place him forever here in case he deletes his YouTube comments.

I get you have a First Amendment right and I am not dissing you on that just your content is horseshit to say "We know what happened." Yet you refrain from following through and share to the World what happened since some are still seeking and I will call you out on it especially if you make judgments and "never met me" in the manner you have-

This is what I was alerted to last night - the above message from David Kelley ( Engineer at Sun City Fire and Medical Department ) when I have not even been on that page so I find it interesting he did the same thing the year before - ??? Who is David Kelley? Was he there June 30, 2013?! Can he shed more light to the Helms to Shrine and Spur Road areas?!

What I find interesting about David and his timing of posting a new comment on Youtube is that when I was going to log off last night and I got alerted of this---The very next thing I was adding here was the PRR record of the very man who sits on David Kelley's Social Media page, Ric Picard- see Picard:

and so if David is not into Wildland Fire Area - then why even make a public comment as he does each year on the John Dougherty YouTube Yarnell Hiker videos? Why? Does David Kelley have the "same" FOIAs and Public Records as I do and is he willing to show you the rest of L3419 File- or does he know the missing data of that Demographics because remember I did request records and was denied them from that areas.

Or is he just some guy who knows people who were on the Yarnell Hill fire and they told him their perception / perspectives so he wants to public "cheer" them? Either way, you are on my blog now because you kept placing the comments out there.

Maybe someone else can make sense of your actions. David M. Kelley may think he is the new "Marshall" in town...I am wondering David- did you live eight miles from me in Jackson, NJ? Your name seems too familiar and this whole aftermath of the YHF has been "small world" - did you ever live near Lakehurst Ave? If so, back then you liked me so what happened? Just too weird.

This is my formal public invite to an informal interview with you and I will email ya the same...God Bless you sir but I am not going back to that hole you mentioned...

I will pray for you and your pals though as I keep peeling the layers to the Yarnell Hill Fire. Keep talking public and I will store it right here for future Fire Fatality Investigators and Forensic Weather folks showing the people who speak "ill" of the YHF hikers but never met me...or maybe we do know another from Jersey- but back then you liked me. ???

Just a reminder- you publicly trash me - you will end up here.

It is these folks along with Firefighters and GMHS Loved Ones and the world who deserve the facts about June 30. 2013.

and maybe someday these folks below will open up more ...

I want Steele's picture here on the blog because historically he did go direct like John Dougherty and I appreciate folks who do that. It will take folks like that to get this out there. I will circle him in red who he should be recognized for digging for the Truths.

(pause - 8/17/20 1:04 PM)

I am back even though there is some out there saying / typing ( taking 15 minutes of their time to do it ) that I am around for 15 minutes of fame...I should have a time card- I think I am way past that 15 minutes mark, sir.

I refuse to apologize for those folks who think I am hurting their friends by sharing on here the documents.

They for sure are refusing to recognize reality and simply rejecting the truth about what happened and why.

Like what the heck Scott Hunt - you are there to see what happened to 19 men - no wonder Jeff Whitney took your spot (besides the facts of the Dude Fire omissions and they got away with it this long so ideal replacement for you ).

But if PIO Mike Reichling's file has folks hanging in the garage of a Yarnell / Glen Ilah property owner and Koile exiting as you Hunt have your head under the hood of old cars versus out there talking to locals getting fire information.

You tick me off that you never did anything of substance, Hunt. Any of you. Such a great disappointment. Then some structure FF has you all in his ears and he just believes you. ??? You got me, sir. Let's do a round table talk in person to go over how you come to your perception(s).

Let's talk about how come Scott Hunt's Career file was so early on was destroyed? Maybe because this is how he works on G-time when 19 people died and more folks also almost died on June 30, 2013:

this is what he was staring at:

Then we have people who are Public Information Officers that have to have that "selfie" moment with a GMHS tee. Come on people. How many have to die before you all "cheese and cracker" wake up?

David Kelley- it is your perception but I just want to know was it someone in your ear, were you there June 30, 2013 or are you adult enough to share how you think I would want this kind of bullshit attention? That is just nuts.

While all the "fluff" above was happening - this man below on the right best represents that 19 men just died and one was your best friend. That was why it always floored me that you ever tied into any book deal team.

I had faith you were in this "just for the facts" and maybe you are doing the art of war to obtain more data but it is pretty clear when I tried to give data to your team, they both stated they had a different research styles and let me share, sir, that it leads to a "made-for-profit" book.

Reach me, sir. I think we need a round table talk too. Especially on you as IC on some of these UAV style fires. Let me show you a cleaner way. Otherwise, you will fall if you keep allowing your name to be in that leadership position under the style that happened in 2020. Really. Let's talk. It matters. You matter. You have come so far since June 30, 2013.

I am proud of some areas but very disappointed when it comes to other areas but you know it if you go here or to InvestigativeMEDIA. The middle guy (Clay) and the guy on the left (Kevin) , we know them to be "Kool-Aid" folks but you sir, I have much more faith in you to do the very very difficult right thing...I do. You see your face below. That is my face, sir. This is no joking matter. God has determined as He said in Luke 12:2-3, that the secrets will be uncovered, the truth will come forth, and God's thought about every behavior and action will be vindicated. What's done in the dark will come to light, and thank God he has created it to operate so! (Clarion Ledger - Ronnie Crudup)

Then we have the many politicians that were there in Yarnell / Prescott, Arizona - I feel they failed us. They could have made it mandatory any person who was on the YHF were directed to give the GPS data of their day and if a politician still wants to do that- let's roll before the Google History destroys all data past 18 months. You can still make that difference. It is election year during a weird plannedemic.

(RIP - Senator McCain)

I mean come on people - just one of the hired-on SME investigators for the Wildland Fire Industry saw this invoice paid for them so I do expect MORE from YOU when 19 people died even if you have to do it long after the product deadline...yet they were faced with the Touhy rule---???


Than there is times I get upset with Google Location History, Garmin or even Global Forensic Weather folks ... I mean if ADOSH asked NOAA Federal for the Satellite and Radar Data and even had a fee then is it YOU certain folks trained me for free? FOR FREE.

I mean, I get you have your reasons but I am like wake up people- wake up...really WAKE UP...there is so many technology and non-technology tools that even these Public Information Officers had NO CLUE when I shared about it on the Polles Fire- Really, wake up. I am at the point I am reaching Legal Folks to find out certain stuff with the evidence I have and believe you me I am feeling out the "bias" areas...

People like David Kelley haven't a clue what I have gathered for over seven years to make his bullshit comment from the hip unless he has some knowledge then "Speak Up"...or stay off the YouTube channel about us spewing your dumbass comment that I know "nothing" and go to my hole and etc (all unproductive abuse)...unless you can share how you come to that conclusion...I will no longer pay you any attention so you got your 15 minutes here.

I have for sure told more about the YHF publicly than you document forms too. I would like the people who can help stop concerning themselves to the dollar and tell us the loop data and if ADOSH got it all- where is it?

Thank you bunches to my mother-in-law for the package of neat memories- I remember that day when I hid in this tub and no one found me because everyone was looking in closed spaces and I tucked myself in the tub and tada there I was- good ol' 'hide n seek' days...

I sure miss all our "good times" and just the pranks and fun times. I needed to see my pregnant pics too - thank you for all the great stuff. I get so tied into my days loading PRRs so it was a nice break during the thunder and lightning to watch a few movies and spend time doing nostalgia 8-18-20-

Thank you bunches and I also do remember when none of you could find me when I hid behind these pillows below and you all passed by me how many times...that was a funny day. I sure miss those times. So much laughing, it hurt my jaw.

...I rarely do pranks anymore...really just today (8-18-20) started to walk again...Hugs to you virtually...miss you much...I appreciate all you did this week.

I have been vomiting so much and the odd part all the good eating at the Academies and Conferences I went from 179 to 252 "superfast" so to walk it was like ??? what ??? me?? Ow. No. Walk? Eek. Yeah, the one who use to run, bike, walk etc...Yet I did the Yarnell and Dude Site Visit hikes in 2020 on the Anniversary date but other than that with the edema and GI concerns I have not done much. It hurts to walk on edema and with systemic edema but I now am.

So this is day one Hike and at this time I weighed in at 225.5 and could only do 20 minutes , 13 seconds - chest pain way too much:

day two weighing in at 222.5 with alot of right knee to thigh edema and right armpit area edema lymphatic congestion -I was only able to do 30 minutes , 20 seconds 8-19-20 --- chest pain way too much-this time you can "hear" me and how hard it is to breathe (not as harsh as Gary L Olson though - right Gary...) as I did the "10 and 18" and click half way through to hear what I said about you to your boss, David Kelley - I am an open book, see:

Yesterday we had yet another moment of Electric going out- how many times does my PC go "poof" in one month, APS...had one even today 8-19-20???, see:

We had the outage so I missed out on your recent comment David Kelley that did not show up to me but someone came to me and showed me it and I actually had to hit "newest" comments to see it-

I am not wasting my energy too much your way.

Does your job do random drug testing with your zip code, 85420? They should.

Again, if I was looking for attention I would have taken the profitable moves I was offered of tv shows, books and movies like others have but I did not-

There is no pretending or fakeness about me, sir. I am as real as it gets. I am pulling your records to see if you were even on this fire or what is your interest to make yearly public abusive comments but never met me nor know me. I am willing to research it out or sit down with you for a round table discussion vs. your annual online only "roast" moments. I began my research, David, see:

Are you ready to get real yourself who never met me nor spent time with me but can spew I am "masquerading as Christians"- (you never met me) you remind me Manchion's book-

'A courtroom like no other.

It is Heaven's Courtroom.

The Judge is the Most High God.

The Prosecuting Attorney is the devil. The defendant is YOU.'

And then there is as well David Kelley as some online abusive "alleged" eyewitness that claims to "knows what happened" but never takes the time for the loved ones and friends and the World to what does he actually know...

Just because I am not your traditional one you find at a Church does not mean I am fake...I have real concerns and as well much Spiritual Warfare but I am for reals.

Round Table discussion time.

Ready to meet? I am ready to cease your bullshit. I am reaching your job to alert them of this horseshit. You are a public servant. If you want to be randomly abusive then back it up. Or stay off. Show me the proof to your allegations and you kow what happened June 30, 2013, sir.

I was going home this week but not yet with my hacking- been wearing the Chin strap to avoid opening my mouth to hack--- something I am sure you would love, David mouth shut.

I will finish another time- logging off for 8/19/20 7:45 PM

8-20-20 11:33AM - I went to walk and I was toughing it out but by 5 minutes 45 seconds I had to go back and use the G5 on neck, T1-T5 and right groin area to just be able to walk then went back out and increased my elevation and could only did 36 minutes 45 seconds and 33% humidity. My breathing is hard and chest pain still hurts and present. When I talked to Danielle last night - more than ever- I felt I need to get well- I need to be there and spend time with them. I miss them all. If I just pass on- one takeaway I want to be remembered by that when I make the decision to do something I do it fully and exercise must be a daily essential to our days even if you are in a rough spot as I have been feeling since that dog bite May 2019. I just lost the "joy" of walking because it is painful but yeah no other way- just have to get up and move and your body will tell ya but try each day a little more than the last day. Remember David Kelley- I set him to my Google Alerts and any online comments and here is how he writes when he is not bashing me- see:

first his recent bash...

then when you read the other stuff - it makes no sense "why" he bashes me ??? David ???? see:

My hubby learned I am having delays this month - he sent me this:

I agree.

What people like David really fail to realize - Sonny and I (as eyewitnesses) have to do our parts to gather as much as possible not just for the kids and the loved ones and the homeowners and WFs/FFs but because God placed us on the Weavers that weekend and two weeks before that weekend I had alerted Wisconsin and Wyoming professors turned Congress gold prospectors that as the temps heat up they need to camp up in certain ridges of the Weavers ("cold spots") to get through the day time temps. Look for the gold at certain times of the day but get to those higher elevations during certain times of the day ( Summer 2013 ).

When we asked YFD for permission on the 29th to go up there - they said it was all under control and okay. I alerted the man I was going to alert certain prospectors of the fire so they knew I was doing this action. It was just too late in the day on Saturday so went on up again on the 30th to do this- so this guy David fails to read and learn about why we were even up there. He also fails to get that we watched the activities that day. It was when Sonny saw them doing what they were doing and I asked Sonny why is it wherever those two walk fire follows their trail. That is when Sonny said they turned this into a controlled burn. I watched the two go towards Harper Canyon then veer North and out of my view but I said to Sonny that FF by the old grader is in danger. Sonny begged me to leave and I had my boots off and edema set in so I was not going. He left me and came back for me because he felt if the fire changed directions there was enough washes and chutes and drainages that it would have killed me. He felt a responsibility to make me move out of the area. "Common Sense", David is us...we ain't clowns nor deceivers or faking any area. Since June 30, 2013 it has been about "Community Awareness" made comments (Freedom of Speech) but can you back them up with documentation?

I can on what I stated about you. I will continue on ... as you will too. I just pray that you get better educated of the old ways of Wildland Firefighting to how it is today- the advanced technology -such a great tool, can be dangerous in the wrong or inexperienced hands, sir.

Washington DC folks watch me. Do they you? I know what I say and as some come here with PhDs that even want to be silver spoon fed the perfect articles- yes, PhD folks want me to simplify a very organized layered situation so I am not relying on those piled higher and deeper folks but the kids of today.

They got it going on. Indeed they do. They are one of the most brilliant generations I am seeing born today even with all the poisons out there. You can label me as "spreading the poison" all day long until you pass on but I know with the depth and all my heart I did right by my community. I know that. You are an extension of my community, sir. I did right by you.

By the way, the comments David Kelley left on us hikers - you had to search hard to make them because that was almost 7 years ago that video that lay in archive old stuff so he had to "hunt / stalk" us out to make those comments. It is not fresh videos. You have to be calculated and looking for us. We know that- see in chronological order on Yarnell where we lay way back when:

then the next video that has any YHF content was Holly's where Sam Amato- Fire Technology Specialist, Wildland Fire Management RD&A, USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station commented:

  1. Sam Amato / Holly

  2. Matt Oss

3. Prayers from Minister Paul to the loved ones on June 30, 2013:

4. ABC 15 News - The media outlet that was mentioned by Pete the Miner. I hope they one day share more photos / videos about the YHF - this is one of the Media outlets I feel owes us more information.

By the way I have PDFs over the years to "prove" the comment walls over time are manipulated and deleted and etc. so remember if you are learning the YHF track and save PDFs of the site you are on to keep track of the numbers and content because they do and have vanished.

This video deserves from ABC 15 the person who took the video to explain where he took the video and photographs- I mean 19 men died...the hikers almost did and HOW MANY have since that day have died? Yeah, they owe us an explanation the areas they took the footage on this video:


number 6 above-

7. 357,816 views above on his other video and this one has 22,847 views.

(pause- publish - 8/20/20 4:03 PM)




Come talk with me David not type on YouTube- talk with me...I tried to contact you first privately before I went public but did you ever show me that respect- nope?

Yet we will get to "why" you sought out the hikers to do what you do it seems on the same month annually- ???

Really, it's all good. I have a very specific woman who likes to "stir" things up just as she did today as she did in January thru June - maybe getting you both together can really orchestrate "the end" or maybe for you both it will "feel" like 'happily ever after' ... until you do the difficult right thing besides some comment as you will never get my position until you spend time with me- your words here:

I will keep doing what I am doing...even when others spread falsehoods.



13. Here in this video he is identified as an ex GMHS yet so far not seeing it or overlooked it.

So are you catching it yet???- gotta crash/sleep but remember to "pay attention" to the comments - if you see zer0 comments that means it has been manipulated because over the years many people have made comments so this post will become the archive areas for just that thanks to David Kelley. Good night 8/20/20 11:02 PM and to the 'naysayers' - God Bless you and I forgive you.

Keep in mind as you begin to be a YHF online "tracker" of information that even the videos above may or may not vanish for good too- that has happened. Or I have seen in one evening a video have a few hundred clicks then into the millions 12 hours later so YES omissions and manipulation happens.

Where I am at - I was cleaning leaves and pine needles earlier today (defensible space time versus walking - too humid - walk later)

(8-21-20 9:33AM) learning there is "how many" fires near my home again-

My husband ran into Avondale and Sun City FD FF / WFs this week and he may of ran into you David if you are WF and out by the Congress/ Wickenburg area. Anyways, my husband reported the separate fires and eyewitnessed the lightning storm between 4 AM and 5AM yesterday.

I see much fire activity by Constellation ( Latitude: 34.066

Longitude: -112.553 ) but nothing in Congress, Arizona. It is 15.09 miles SE of my home.

There was a very Low Probability Fire Activity at Latitude: 34.145168 Longitude: -112.779526 which that one is under 4 miles from my home. I would like to do a round table discussions with my Forensic Weather pals because what I am seeing is not "clean" looking especially the SE corners of that area. As well as the distance between each point of origin. Each point of origin? Right, each. You gotta love our quasi- Government organizations. We need to address so many areas. Let me go pull up and see who is on this fire.

This all I saw:

as we alert the millionaire and billionaire of that area of that fire- here is what shows online but some areas I will not put public but documenting it-

Ranchers, Kimmy/Jimmy/kids and all the wealthy people I met that live in that area, your desert walker is now tracking this fire based on the unusual activity that just was witnessed. Thank you for the alert.

400 acres 8-20-20 05:59 to now we see this:

Watchout Situation for me is Russ Shumate is on this fire- I am not a fan of a guy who was a part of the initial attack of YHF 2013....Sorry, just not. Prove me wrong, Russ. Suppress this fire.

The only good thing is Schinstock is also on the fire and I trust that man. He is a good man. He is not a Kool-Aid man and I enjoy his confidence and abilities and honesty.






19. I would like to see more FOOTAGE of this photographer's - A VIEW OF THE YOUTH CAMP NOT THE GROTTO:

Also "note" ABC NEWS comments- save this as a PDF and watch if it over the years stays at 182 or more or if they remove any but as you see above on the others- they seem to drop them back to zero comments ??? Why, I do not know...

20. Remember Don, just five more ways...Your email is forever a message carried forward what the 10 and 18 meant to you (10 & 13). I know living and working in that community that it was hard to have this event happen but thank you for your honesty since then sir- really, thank you:

It is Jim Paxon not Patton...funny misspell:


Former FF as well:


23. Worked with GMHS on the Doce Fire (Steve Neff of Idaho - Clearwater)( Forestry Technician








31. Carl Schwope:

Pastor Ralph and Miss Ollie are the best- they really have been serving the Lord and I feel they were placed in Yarnell even through the dark Politics of it all to be there for so many of us:

thank you to Pastor Ralph and Miss Ollie and one of our favorite Mayors- Stacy Pizzirusso...sorry Politics took over and things changed...sorry we all live so far away from another...yet you are all always in my heart and mind...

After this video looped- Only the Brave clip came on of this area - fire shelter clip and I wept.




if you noticed the comments were not wiped clean from Wendy Miller's video like you seen with the Media:


who took this photo and where:



8-22-20 11:57 AM - Went for my 30 minute walk. Did the G5 machine. Now online to do the YouTube videos so we have an archived area as they continue to well as the comments.



and then there you see Scott Hunt in the left background- come on, Scott...share what you know and let us know why some of your files that should be archived and permanent - why were they destroyed? why? Scott:

40. - Lady in video did not lose her home. It had smoke damage and they relocated to another area of Yarnell. Juanita Anna Marie Gaines (almost 79 not what the media said) and her daughter Neatie Yates Hillman O'Sullivan (52- get her age right too media) and pets lived near Sonny's cabin when he lived there. The media did not tell their story in the way it needed to be told. These ladies rented/lived at the Grotto property on Shrine Rd. and these ladies account should have been in the SAIT-SAIR and ADOSH Investigation Interviews along with Doug and Mark Danielson and forever in th permanent records.

  1. Been watching Pacino's Hunter series- 8-22-20 4:05PM so be on here for 1 hour then off for the rest of the day-

  2. 41. below Zennie Abraham / Zennie62 - Zennie is a pioneer video blogger, YouTube Partner, social media practitioner, game developer, and pundit. Note: news aggregator content does not reflect the personal views of Mr. Abraham.

I met him at Jersey Lily's ---42.:

43. This video below has this photo that I snipped but that photo is HUGE to the start of learning of the omissions, the lies...the person who took that photo was never given the respect and proper photo credit plus they took his phone and never gave it back- that is wrong. You owe him his photos and phone and you know who you are and if I ever come into a lawyer who cares about this- I would sue you as an are a sick person. You deserve jail time in my way of thinking.


I know I commented on this video- my comment vanished:




The McCrackens have been my angels through this entire journey- here he is when they got home:

And I strongly believe Bryant and Linda Buschman needed to have their account permanent in the SAIT SAIR and ADOSH investigation reports. Their backyard was the Grotto- Sesame to Shrine Corridor areas.


Good night. Someone is celebrating a Birthday- Happy Bday, sir.

8-23-20 5 PM I have been watching the Pacino series Hunter today- the storm and thunder kept me offline today... and then went back to another episode and it is now 7:03 PM...did my 30 minutes walk today and yesterday.












60. I am "blanking"- who is the man with his back to us with Palm, Paxon and Boness:

  1. 61.We have finally reached the chronological order section where John Dougherty's videos are and watch people at his comment wall---they are not zero like the others-see:

I ended up going to sleep a few hours ago but awoke in pure clammy sweat - it is 8-24-20 2:42 AM - I figured I could keep at this until I fall asleep again- I did note the clicks since I went to sleep on above video was 56 more, see:





I have much empathy for Willis and others yet we ALL have to do the difficult right thing for not just the 19 but for all prior Fire Fatalities and our communities that have diminished due to Wildland Fires-

Our fortunate moment to walk with Mando- few words but much said - Mando has a way where he can be a man of few words but his face shows much:


67. I know I received a letter this year from the Keehner family about that one post and they prefer to be out of the topics on my blog yet this video was next in chronological order plus there is much more to be revealed to June 30, 2013 tied to this family:







Pause - Publish 8-24-20 5:26 AM - I have to go for my run. I added what I could. Try to get back on later today.


8-24-20 thru 8-27-20 I have been off this page and need to begin a new page in the next day or so-

I am hurting---

Dewey Rebbe, Gila IHC Superintendent - RIP

this broke my heart.

I don't get it.

I really do not get it.

RIP - Dave Larsen and RIP - Pete Masiel.

This truly saddens me.

I am still offline- it was to be some time off for me but these current wildfires have me doing some Private Sector stuff and believe you me it is keeping me way busy. I have not been on the blog in days...just documenting their milked moments and mismanagement actions. When is it gonna be time people wake up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!?

Happy September to all. ( 9/1/20 2:39PM )

I have been quiet and yet busy off here. Did my labs. They are being reviewed.

I want to share some elk photos:


(above) Mama (left) and Buddy #1 (on top of Buddy #3) and Buddy #3 - What happen was I was heading to the garage and Buddy #3 went full force towards me and Buddy #1 set him straight "fast" by jumping on Buddy #3 and I am thankful because I did not even see him racing at me. My game trail cameras come in handy not just with seeing what people come around but documenting the moment.

A few weeks back I was on the patio when a random female elk raced down the mountain and went way up in the air like a Stallion

and it startled me and I went back (like passing out motion) (my head broke the double pane window then I fell forward and cut myself from the broken glass from window - still hurts.)

I attended the Virtual Memorial Service for Dewey (RIP) today at 11AM our time. When: Sep 1, 2020 01:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada) NOTE: 11AM Pacific Time Topic: My Webinar Please click the link below to join the webinar:

I sent some FFs the forward of the link and one man who had been attacking me on the YouTube and some dangerously peculiar correspondence (which could be taken as "threatening") back channel that I kept his email "just in case" moments but he got the forwarded link to Memorial Service. Eek. His content was "dark" so I stated if he places "okay" in the email subject than I would open the email but there was never any sort of discussion of "cease and desist" between us just me stating he was going too dark for my comfort level- There was never this agreement as he says-His reply unneeded and it was Tuesday, September 1, 2020 10:17 AM - I will just pray for him. I refuse to be disrespect to that degree and just leave it be.

The David Kelley area is confirmed that it is not the Sun City FD one. I will soon look more into that area. That must have been a "set-up" to distract me. David Kelley who is enjoying placing public comments that are unfounded, cruel, disrespectful and unprofessional will be formally addressed to narrow down which David Kelley he is and what is his ties to YHF.

6-22-13 1:29pm Chris MacKenzie IMG_0869 

Source: Yavapai County Records/SAIT Report/Documents.

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