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My "Dear John" letter to the W__ and 6

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Okay Ryan, here is more of your glitches that you saw and sectioning it out for ya here:

for bandwidth reasons I am copy and pasting data to here so to see original then go to post one.

Bandwidth will not allow me to go further for this month

just when you are on post one, remember some see the "<" and some do not -

it is a Wix glitch, but all the TITLES have collapsible lists with more content. I need to lay down. It has been a terrible connection day but did my best to fix it with limited access and bandwidth

Since 1997, we have been shown the blessings of you - play these songs to the one laying in a coma from the recent accident that we all love so dearly... from post one through six play the songs while in the hospital room. Music can bring us all out of the deepest spots. Let's get our loved one fully out of this coma phase and back to getting well.


I was emailed this today and resharing: