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My "Dear John" letter to the W__ and 6

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Okay Ryan, here is more of your glitches that you saw and sectioning it out for ya here:

for bandwidth reasons I am copy and pasting data to here so to see original then go to post one.

Bandwidth will not allow me to go further for this month

just when you are on post one, remember some see the "<" and some do not -

it is a Wix glitch, but all the TITLES have collapsible lists with more content. I need to lay down. It has been a terrible connection day but did my best to fix it with limited access and bandwidth


Since 1997, we have been shown the blessings of you - play these songs to the one laying in a coma from the recent accident that we all love so dearly... from post one through six play the songs while in the hospital room. Music can bring us all out of the deepest spots. Let's get our loved one fully out of this coma phase and back to getting well.


I was emailed this today and resharing:

Unsure why I was sent this email but there it is... I am not on that platform- my stance is on a local level only to show what happens to us here locally.

I can state I do self-care and I do have many high elements they mentioned in my system currently and has been reported on my blog those results.

I was not given "why" it was sent to me but there it is...prefer to see an email from Burk saying sorry I called the cops, yet we all are all good - but ok, this email was sent to me from someone retired from the USFS...hmmm....

I hope everyone had a good time this weekend in Boise Idaho and sorry I had to pass on the Smokejumper event but healing...trying to at least...catch up next event. Boise is one of the last places I wanted to return that quickly back to...yeah know.


thanks Mom.



8-15-22 11pm: Last week, Ryan and I read part 1-3 of Donut's book--- tsk tsk tsk, Donut. I will one day break down the embellishments and falsehoods with the actual documents, Donut.

Tonight, when we got to chapter 4 and into 5---we paused to take a call from two firefighters. Since they are lengthy talking, and I am listening ...I want to show you Ryan the actual documents when Brendan McDonough "Donut" on page 47 --- My Lost Brothers / Granite Mountain book --- clerical thing, Donut. Bullshit.

Here is my proof that your application shows zero "one semester" / "one year" but you did claim to have two years of college...let me show the Public at Large who reads your book, the documented facts...

Thank you, Ryan for disciplining me to READ versus skim this book so we can help another and now help the world to always fact check and verify, folks.

First your book said in 3 months you'd be out on the line killing fires together.

Facts are people that the documents show Donut applied Dec 2, 2010, the confirmed stamped it, Dec 14, 2010, Called 1-27-11,

and then Reinstated 4-9-13 but my documents and my talk with Maldo on our hike Dec 2013 know all too well who in 2013 applied to be a Maintenance Worker for the Garbage Worker job position and Donut applied so what was this LOVE for fire you claim, Donut ??? Come on, people.

you claim clerical in you book---I state read your application and I state "bullshit"-

Time to show some proof that I own here that I can call "bullshit":

here is where he claims it was clerical---but it actually states two years of college and I see zero mention ... :"one semester" / "one year" ??? Donut? Explain please.

Is below document referring to page 50 of your book, Donut, your odd jobs in landscaping equal your short time at Home Depot in the garden area?

In his file --- there are zero certificates proving his job-related roles and there is zero red card or master card or crew time reports just for the record from all entities in almost ten years of requesting records for Donut... ???

Also, there are zero proof/documentation that Donut did four full years with Fire Explorers Program and Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Corps for two years in the paper trail so I will go look at my digital trail on him, huh????

Proof to show what Maldo told me Dec 2013 on our hike for when he applied for this position in document below---Donut who claims to LOVE fire applied as well, see so stop with the stories and speak the truth:

You know what is BOGUS in all this--- I am the truth - I speak and type truths and yet I got assaulted and I,

Joy A Collura, have to dish out over 2 grand in medical bills thus far because of someone saying "don't go to that interview Friday" which days before Betty Ashe of Wildland Firefighter Foundation said the SAME dialect

so, please help me understand how glorified you all give these people lying and I speak/type truth and still take beatings in doing the difficult right thing and paying out of pocket for medical because of telling the truth-- this is tragic. Such disrespect. I have to figure HOW to come up with $1896 in eleven days for someone else harming me, but Fred said God will handle it and he is praying for me...

Okay, we will see. ???

So, I am going back to read the book...the great embellishments of how Donut even knows how Soldiers from Stalingrad would you know, Donut? Hey Google July 17, 1942---was that when Donut was there at Stalingrad? In your book, do you mean the Russian Soldiers? German Soldiers? or the Americans? If the Americans, should be nothing because you'd be pretty far away...and a survivor as well.


8-16-22 6:39pm: Ryan and I are about to delve into chapter 12 --- yet we want to figure out who Jack pause...I went to my digital PRRs vs paper and found this:

Course Number is INCORRRECT to the Incident Qualification.

You have to look at this document (below) this way- the dates on left are tied to COURSES and the Incident Qualifications are a right column only with zero dated qualifications.

Refrain from looking at below image like this "S-260 05 01 12 DIVS Division Supervisor"

How it could appear to someone who does not know fire --- one would be like did Donut got trained and signed off as a Division Supervisor?

You can take any course. Let us break down each course on that paper that was "signed off" for Donut, see what Donut is certified for and what he is qualified for on the signed off areas and what Wildfires:

The Firefighter Type 2 serves on a hand crew, engine crew, or helitack crew, performing fire suppression and fuels management duties in the most adverse climate, fuel, and terrain conditions. The FFT2 has no supervisory responsibilities and is supervised by the Firefighter Type 1 (FFT1) or one of the Single Resource Bosses (CRWB, HEQB, ENGB, FELB, FIRB, HMGB). The FFT2 works in the Operations functional area.

We can confirm now this signature/date is accurate on form as follows as the certificate is above:

The Firefighter Type 1 (FFT1) leads a small group (usually not more than seven members) and is responsible for their safety on wildland and prescribed fire incidents. The FFT1 supervises resources at the Firefighter Type 2 (FFT2) level and reports to a Single Resource Crew Boss [Crew Boss (CRWB), Heavy Equipment Boss (HEQB), Engine Boss (ENGB), Felling Boss (FELB), Firing Boss (FIRB), or Helicopter Manager (HMGB)]. or other assigned supervisor. The FFT1 works in the Operations functional area.

As you can see Donut did not have the RT-130 Refresher Course because his S-130 / S-190 were from Feb. 2011- 2012 and this fell under the year mark when he attended the Dec. 2011 S-131 Wildland Course so unsure if it is NWCG's rules if one has to wait a full year to get this certificate after this RT-130. I will email and confirm.

We can confirm now this signature/date is accurate on form as follows as the certificate is above:

We also can note that Lead Instructor for the S-131 Wildland Course, Granite Mountain Hotshot, Phillip "Mando" Maldonado, we have barely spoke about him on the blog so we will have to come back here with his profile to later confirm if as Lead Instructor he had these qualifications to teach the Wildland Course S-131---meanwhile I emailed NWCG this:


= Donut is Qualified with S-130 / S-190 certificates Feb 8-12, 2010, Cory Carlson as Wildland Instructor (reached Cory- no confirmation firsthand defined yet but was sent a fact check by online reach) for FF 2 and task book was filled for the following fires from 2011 and 2012:

6-12 thru 6-24 2011 Monument (Human caused fire burns through the Miller Peak Wilderness in the Huachuca Mountains and into Sierra Vista.)

, Whitewater( so how did Brendan do the Wildland Course S-131 Dec 2011 when his task book was not completed for his FFT2 yet as you now can see right here that the Whitewater Wildfire was in the 2012 Season. ???

, and Halstead (Again, Donut took the course for FFT1 December 2011, yet you can see he was still filling his task book as of September 2012. I thought Fred told me my FFT1 certification was just in a sense an audit class status for me because I did not have my FFT2 task book completed so I need more clarity here. Wouldn't that make Donut's attendance the same status? )

So let us look at this- a bunch of Region 3 and GMHS were told to go indirect because it was too hot and they went in "direct" and they burned up the ATV on that fire. They would take less than safe equipment on the fire line as acceptable. Is that the way to do things?

Fred J Schoeffler was the Safety Officer on Halstead. Fred drove into the camp and parked next to the GMHS and after the briefing he recalls Eric Shane Marsh chewing his crew in a belittling manner. Many F bombs used.


In 2011-2012, Donut's task book Wildland Fires- two of those notable fires above, see:


There is zero certification in his file for this S-211 Dozer Boss. There I go again. I was looking left to right. And those are two different columns. Duh.

Okay S-211 is:

Prior GMHS Captain, Aaron Lawson, signed Donut off for his certificate 6-30-11. Confirmed that there is a certificate and a signature but not defined if Aaron Lawson was qualified yet for being the Lead Instructor for the Wildland Course S-211. Note to self: an area to come back and place Aaron's master record here to fact check and verify.

Prior GMHS, Clayton Whitted, signed Donut off for his certificate Jan. 3-5, 2012. Confirmed that there is a certificate and a signature but not defined if Clayton Whitted was qualified yet for being the Lead Instructor for the Wildland Course S-212. Note to self: an area to come back and place Clayton's master record here to fact check and verify.

Clayton Whitted is now confirmed below as a Certified Instructor to sign off on above for Donut's certificate:

I have not yet confirmed Timothy McElwee ( uncle to GMHS Sean Misner ) was certified to sign off on Clayton's certificate, yet I have Tim's file somewhere so come back to this another time: