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Okay Ryan, here is more of your glitches that you saw and sectioning it out for ya here:

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Since 1997, we have been shown the blessings of you - play these songs to the one laying in a coma from the recent accident that we all love so dearly... from post one through six play the songs while in the hospital room. Music can bring us all out of the deepest spots. Let's get our loved one fully out of this coma phase and back to getting well.


I was emailed this today and resharing:

Unsure why I was sent this email but there it is... I am not on that platform- my stance is on a local level only to show what happens to us here locally.

I can state I do self-care and I do have many high elements they mentioned in my system currently and has been reported on my blog those results.

I was not given "why" it was sent to me but there it is...prefer to see an email from Burk saying sorry I called the cops, yet we all are all good - but ok, this email was sent to me from someone retired from the USFS...hmmm....

I hope everyone had a good time this weekend in Boise Idaho and sorry I had to pass on the Smokejumper event but healing...trying to at least...catch up next event. Boise is one of the last places I wanted to return that quickly back to...yeah know.


thanks Mom.

The story of fire retardant (



8-15-22 11pm: Last week, Ryan and I read part 1-3 of Donut's book--- tsk tsk tsk, Donut. I will one day break down the embellishments and falsehoods with the actual documents, Donut.

Tonight, when we got to chapter 4 and into 5---we paused to take a call from two firefighters. Since they are lengthy talking, and I am listening ...I want to show you Ryan the actual documents when Brendan McDonough "Donut" on page 47 --- My Lost Brothers / Granite Mountain book --- clerical thing, Donut. Bullshit.

Here is my proof that your application shows zero "one semester" / "one year" but you did claim to have two years of college...let me show the Public at Large who reads your book, the documented facts...

Thank you, Ryan for disciplining me to READ versus skim this book so we can help another and now help the world to always fact check and verify, folks.

First your book said in 3 months you'd be out on the line killing fires together.

Facts are people that the documents show Donut applied Dec 2, 2010, the confirmed stamped it, Dec 14, 2010, Called 1-27-11,

and then Reinstated 4-9-13 but my documents and my talk with Maldo on our hike Dec 2013 know all too well who in 2013 applied to be a Maintenance Worker for the Garbage Worker job position and Donut applied so what was this LOVE for fire you claim, Donut ??? Come on, people.

you claim clerical in you book---I state read your application and I state "bullshit"-

Time to show some proof that I own here that I can call "bullshit":