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My "Dear John" letter to the W__ and 5

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I am human. I get frustrated. Angered. but after good sleep...I greeted a new day just like we all do...

Okay Ryan, here is more of your glitches that you saw and sectioning it out for ya here:

I downloaded my recorder and found this recording on there. Thank you to my husband for sharing...cute surprise---have to tell ya I know you work 12-hour shift but you sounded sooo tired...

7-20-22 recorder 3 of 3 when battery was going low on other recorders:

another recorder- same event:

appx a little after 5 minutes- zipper noise- 3rd recorder was placed on due to low batteries on the two. Olympus recorder placed on. Around 7:30 FedEx comes in to get packages and quickly leaves. 10:52, zipper noise I got my ID out and checked battery, around 12:17, I ask for the lawyer's contact information to Burk's son and 13:04, he said his father wants to wait for Boise Police. 15:17 the pc screened out when recording so blank spot for split second then I moved mouse to get screen back on. Recording little, shorter because I shut it off once I left the building, but THIS also proves I did not harass anyone while at this building asking for a public record form.

awaiting bandwidth to get this one on here where Betty comes to me and stuns me what she states about what Burk is willing to do over asking for a simpe records request form:



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