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May 2024 Journal Part 2 (May 1-19)

my long-time medical massager is staying around for a bit ;) her big move is paused...

online mapping has shifted in 2024 especially in our County...but thankfully I have resources even though some vanished. ???

thumbs up SS - glad you got God's Love finally your way

sent to locals who were affected by YHF13 that now live in this area...let them know what to look out for - thank you for letting me know tender was filled where it was filled and who it was..."situational awareness" is key...

May 12:Fenben off

RR coffee.. thank you RR

looking at what is new for 2024 on YHF topic online:

this underage Youtuber Camdin McDonald -10 months ago never had permission to be on the 10 and 18 land but after watching his video- he is just doing his best to educate the world in which is doing his part to lessen Wildland Firefighter Fatality Tragedies and I notified Fred... but for the record, he was officially illegally trespassing. The kid never apologized just hearted some comments.

at 4:04 you can see it is Fred's land with the Game and Fish markers / fencing.

let the kid know to check out:



I reached a lawyer who handled a very serious case here in AZ in recent years- keeping it back channel

but I want to speak to the lawyer or their client and to see if it has any unusual ties to this person speaking about __________ and if it has ANY ties to YHF13 and its aftermath due to the professional job they held ... need more data on this one ...

and this case, was it created to cause this man a very long prison sentence as a way to shut this person up possibly? Need more data.

I know KY RB spoke the name on a conference call with FJS today, but it awoke me to dig into my PRRs and to me it is a definite shelved "red flag" to not buy what one reads on a person...and to what degree this case ended at...

World, God knows I am good, but I have seen what others in the dark here on Earth can orchestrate for their narratives and agendas so there are real dark folks who would do things to cover up areas...we saw it July 2013 to an old man up in Prescott...there are real sickos in authority roles, folks.

I will explain this too ... recently I saw an ad to vote for Rhodes... he does not have my vote until he handles DONNA GORDON vs YCSO with me ... let him watch her last minutes and EXPLAIN that to me and how I am to buy into the Media reports and Investigation stuff they externally had done...

I want Rhodes to go to my YouTube and watch his YCSO folks and how they spoke about me when all along I never been the issue but boy YCSO really engaged vs. early on telling all these folks it was a civil matter on a land that I have no ownership---

they brought me to the front and the only reason it sits public because I lack trust what was that orchestrated plan as you listen to the body cam of Ashby and how she said this time failed on order of protection but keep documenting when all I did on that land was help in a surveyor concern and the surveillance camera(s) area- the rest was THEIR lies, creations and omissions... End of story


. Saturday:

But right now, MM and Jim asked me to help on their newly bought home and I thought about it with hubby and we decided to uninvolved ourselves to help water plants because WHY...because by going to a newly bought place and I have no idea who the neighbors currently are and I am in the third phase of my whistleblowing and what if I simply go water then someone can record us and I do not want my family involved in the insidious manners I was shown after the YHF13' for my documenting the truth and facts on a fire I almost died on but 19 did so yeah...but had the YCSO left me alone and not have had that bogus case they were building 2021-2022 then I would help water MM and Jim's land and all that...but not worth me to go over there to have cops be called because the neighbors see me over there and they only knew this other guy who lived there and sold it to Jim and MM...yeah, avoiding any possible bullshit created moments so I declined and hope they get by watching my YouTube channel as to reasons why...

out of nowhere one of my female medical massager texted me:


not taking calls today due to health-- I will play board games here and there and it is 96 degrees in my yard so go out later and just rest that foot that long thorn came out of this weekend.

I usually keep my cell off but was playing Scrabble and I saw the movement of putting a password in--- someone has remote attempts or possible access to all my technology and it is totally illegal...all I can do is pray and shut cell off when I see it happen... and take sim card out.

taken 5-9-24 images off cell-- this was my designated sleeping space/ room when I did all those East Arizona interviews 2018-2020. I have not been back since but my google area sends me "memory" shots:

Current Fires in AZ:

Help support small businesses-

she is just on here, the journal, like this to keep my timeline intact to who is in my daily...I did not search out to her- she came on my earbuds when walking --- sometimes videos stop and sometimes they go into the next unknown video...that is how our path crossed in recent times.

Remember folks --- I never tell others how to be, but many have tried to do that over time to me or do bs towards me--- but I am going to remain in my space authentic and have a healing pure love give and take...never gonna focus to the hate no matter how thick you try to muddle it, folks. I am God's Love. Go do your best to mess my credibility as you have--- God has my back...and at times He may have me speak on Y O U publicly for His is my path to just remain laying low and show pure may opt to not rock with me...but all that tells me you are not following God's Laws and Loving I just pray for you.

Remember this, I do not watch you like you do me. I pray for you. I feel bad for you. In my opinion, some of you at this point deserve to be exposed yet I follow God's plan...

I was lied about to the judicial system and God assures me He has my back for all you who falsely did that for whatever reason you felt was fine to do...oh no, very wrong and God is /has watching you all.

No FACE OF HORROR contest in 2024 --- that reminds me -- I have to ask ___how that connection to FOH is going...he knows them

download images off cell here:

backyard blooms:


Let us look at 2024's TRADENAME / NAME RESERVATION / ETC. and WHO currently has title to areas:




that is the new statue up in Prescott:

yes: all good

Daniel Clark Russell ? Where did JL go to???

Granite Mountain Hotshot Learning And Tribute Center had some changes...

Odd to see CG in this area and another area-- etc...-



Looks like Jason is no longer the agent--- we thank him for all the years he gave this area service so thank you for the time you did give this area your attention, sir.

Daniel advanced from director to Statutory Agent in 2024. That is one change.

Thank you to the years TOM HANEY, KAREN NORRIS, JAMES WREN offered as well as MARDI READ / CHARLES SHAW / DIANNE CLEVENGER / NANCY CHRISTIE and WELCOME BACK now on the roster of Members: DENNIS BUESCHEL was once the Treasurer [22'] and was not in roster for 23' but on 2024 as Director, John Heiney as he was not on 2023 roster but was in 2022 and WELCOME JEFF BAKER [10-4-23], GINA KESSEL [1-8-24], and in my opinion ODDLY because her thick ties / history to Wildland Firefighter Foundation and that was like hmmm knowing what I know "back-channel" seeing her name there --- I would want to know "how" that took place ... how Celest Gordon [10-4-24] is a Director Board Member in 2024 ...I would find it to be odd but who the heck am I but some small town gal who lays low...Something seems just like I would need to know more data on this one but have zero issue to share my emotions is my blog and my space and my personal thoughts...

face is soooo swelled up...


Wednesday, May 15th, 2024 at 9:10 AM -MM acknowledged she was in travel mode and understands why I decline watering plants now until September 24'- I am fully avoiding the possible orchestrated ways of YCSO [2021-2022, DONNA GORDON vs YCSO 22-23 and I turned it into the FBI ] and I should never be in that spot again being detained [ that was a waste of my time when it was already known I was okay by FJS--- pain in my a%% - the YCSO staff] and all that bogus area. They really do owe me an official apology for all the bogus moments and for falsely placing out DONNA GORDON's ending...saying she came out from behind vehicles when the video shows otherwise and that she has almost reached her vehicle...lies...God assures me all who participated in lies and omissions that He is watching them all...I am to just keep moving forward calling out in public the lies and liars -- not all have been called out yet ---

walking then swim...aka water exercises...Mae West chilling in her tank in the pool:

polar plunge time...



almost time for Mae to go swimming...she swims only in the Summer not in the Spring like me

SS- wearing your shirt design :)

May 17:FENBEN PHASE TWO 5 PAUSED FENBEN head pain soooo yucky feeling

May18:Fenben off

RR- water

I have few folks on my YouTube Subscription. see:

yet, my Professional Tools say remove all Subscriptions for the week so they can re-evaluate my channel for bots and such and how I was hacked and attacked:

I have the Name Reservation - GMHS and Fred has the Trademark so why do we keep being shadow banned on a name we legally have under our names ???