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March 24, 2024 "Live" Journaling (fjs)

DISCLAIMER; avoid scrolling ---

sensitive material.

I want to have this post "live" vs. draft to REMIND me to go back to this post

and I will come back to this post when I find the files for FJS sometime in 2025.

My 2024 is fully scheduled and unable to look for that specific file that needs to be added to this post




Peeking into a public record file from Arizona State Archive Library ( gathered these records June 2023) - original source: transferred from Department of Fire and Forestry Management (DFFM) to archives....

I am doing this because FJS stated he was told last night to talk to a certain firefighter and I said I "know" that name, FJS, and he was on Yarnell Hill Fire 2013. I just have to find which file, so I am hunting that file in 2025 as I am on the cell with Tex Harold Eldon Gilligan (Sonny) catching up on how life is treating him. Not near the data in 2024.

Evidence Technician Katie Waldock of the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office (YCSO) took these photos of the deployment site on July 3. The YCSO provided them to the Tony Petrilli, member of the Accident Investigation Team.

Arizona Archives State Library- I have this note there I left by error- (image below) there was NOTES TO SELF that I do not see with items I took home so this may be there --- to explain WHY the files were missing was no shade just that is sometimes how fire is done is what I was shared --- some that are obviously THERE, are not on resource orders or on payroll --- etc--- just a "I showed up" or possibly side kick to Shumate ???? Which is probably not good to be performing on a fire if you are not resourced on it or on payroll stubs on those dates but learned since that is how fires happen... ??? I would think that breaks a fire safety rule... ??? I would think you would want to get paid for it but yes his files were missing at the archives library for those dates but he was there and his images are in reports. I met Dean at AWIMA- great essence he shows- I never interviewed him ... but if I did, I would do it in a room (recorded) with Rance Marquez, Prison Crew, Blue Ridge, Central Yavapai, Paul Morin, Donut and specific property owners, etc.

So let me go find these files that are already published and place the above for 6-28 thru 7-1-13.

looking at who some GMHS family members did a formal notice of claim and to WHO is interesting to me the eyewitness to that fire???

I would agree with that amount, but I would hope the ones who are firsthand folks holding on to the data would just "speak up" -

posting for now but not yet completed...


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