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March 2024 Journal

detox bath time:

looks like mud...yuk...ugh

the three names I wrote "0" in image below...just means need individual discussions with once I am healthier [ no group crap anymore - that was pure rubbish ] but nope while on antibiotics/sleep deprived...nope...just to clarify...

some think they can be in my presence and keep secrets/back chatter/create division--- that is crazy thinking as tight as I am with God --- ??? ... you really have to see how I came back to the group last Fall and it was off balance--- more gossip was shown about others - they came to me than it needed it to be addressed and I said it had to be addressed before Florida or I would do it myself / or bail out / or both and if I had to, I would be disappointed/frustrated and sure you may see a possible tone / cuss word from this gal-- TG disrespected me big time and gave my number out in a group text ??? and it caused an ugh moment and things just kept unraveling from there. Play dumb all you want --- God is watching ...

I just go forward in love ... This is the reality of my week, but I leave zero space for it into my daily like I heard it being done on me...I move from a loving heart. I stay away from the gossipers or the ones who tell me I will beat up anyone who messes with your healing [KL] but saw what I saw or all the folks who came to me or how about the one who said yeah that person is f'ing annoying---??? [MPP] is that a nice person to do that to MM---uhhh nope ... I am here folks in life to tie one another in oneness in an individualism way NOT Groupthinkers...Amen to that. You Groupthinkers can stay in your own tank filled of sharks or go be the next set of crash test dummies...I think for myself and no Groupthinking allowed here.

The "real" deal will prevail -- the truth will prevail --- all I have to do is sit back and watch and watch HOW MANY believe the lies and ran with it--- those lies...losing me is gonna be a big eye awakening for them all as time unfolds or if/when God is able to reach their hearts - you just lost out on one of the best [ the best is behind ya now ] ... if you believed the lies--- I am who I say I am --- I am the truth. Every single time the truth prevails. Remember that. You go have your fun ... because at one point it will not be fun when you sit before God and He will share I am with Him 100%.

I live my life thoroughly and the people will just see you as the hater and people will put the pieces together if they choose to do so and they will see I am really a good person who stays in my lane but I will have zero issue to call to the front the people who cause bs creating lies and omissions and I do it publicly because I do not want another to face what I have by you all. Your manners trying to destroy me, God is watching.

People may believe your lies for a second ... and then they will feel like clowns because I am the real deal... The people who started this hate train--- you already knew how good I was that was why you had to hide me...shit, I am shadow banned for speaking truth to Power and still hit the target high analytically. Go see their rankings without being shadow banned and then look at mine...I hold the strength even when they do their best to hide me.

I keep moving forward happy and with love. You... though... have to force it to people, your fake news and narratives--- it does not affect me. I only care about truth. Not your lies and omissions. If you out there calling me something... I do not gossip but I place out straight hard facts here--- real facts--- that's the difference... you spread lies and omissions--- I ain't covering up sh&!--- but you is...

Do you really think you deserve to be in my space acting so foolish telling others I called you a name I never did--- that is called "projecting" a narrative, sweetie ;) go to God...I am protected by the Highest and Almighty...God...

Listen, you can watch / stalk me... who cares ... as long as you are up in my business- I will place it to the world... I get up thanking God --- maybe time for you to do the same ... you do all kinds of talk but I show documented actions. Can you do the same? uhhhhh nope.

Groups and group of enemies --- different times - different goals of theirs--- I have not done anything to you all but be great :) Right?! Smiles. Light it off --- you won't destroy me. God will dismantle any area in His time. All I could ever do is hurt a person's feelings over time filled speaking direct vs the back chatter I heard with so many liars and snowflakes...I starve the can make up shit but no one can name a real thing as to "get me"...I do not like to pay much attention to folks who do not focus to God and SELF CARE first ...

head pain; yuk, yuk, yuk

: you can see it in my eyes:

Friday March 1: facial areas swelling up:

detox bath:

Time to shut off the other areas that were created - FJS inspired for me to appear a certain way to the world ??? God has the plan...just want you to know FJS...I do not have to have Academia or any other areas...I can be my authentic self ...just sayin'

with ten toes down---I stood with God firmly and with Faith that I am just fine as me.

Let the world judge and misperceive me...etc...that is on them...

So, let me go close off the ties that FJS was wanting me to promote as if I was this educated ??? person which I am in its own right ... I am just me ... like it or leave it ... right?

the online locations closing: ACADEMIA and RESEARCH GATE will be closed off ... so my family does not have to do it when I pass on...

My health is poor yet I am doing my part to keep going ... just got an added exercise to my already to increase endurance and stamina.

3:08pm account deleted.

Now on to cancelling RESEARCH GATE:


FREE FROM ONLINE AREAS... except Dan's page...I gotta get my contact off there...or just delete it all---let the people I made it for -- make their is only fair after the wife is telling lies and omissions and fabrications recently...I never called you what you are saying...tsk...tsk...God is watching...'Lauren M' will do all my Wix / online areas. Back to only being to be able to reach me in person; zero technology.

March 2: Sleep data: still sleep deprived...results:

ear updates:

RR- Neighbor's Sale ( gave up my petty cash so RR can have some fun over there) --- She made homemade carrot cake. 2 gas cans, carpet, table)

my favorite local kids :) this is Clint Eastwood:

thank you Dee for sharing:

March 3:

RR- coffee Windshield Theater time...

Spoke to MM/texted her data. Spoke to FJS/JT/GY...thank you GY:

March 4: POOL DAY :) filling it up so I can do cardio walks and ice cold plunges..we played a card game of WAR and Mae won ....must be her tank float ;)

I wear special Coolibar SPF gear for pool--history of skin cancer :( and 100SPF sunscreen

March 5:Pool/Walking...detox bath: yuk...

My legs are no longer purple black and swelling fluid retention is down:

March 6: Filibertos. Safeway. Ordered Cabana and cat tower. Pool/Walking

March 7: Rain ... played games and watched Dvds..(MM-L with TG)(Text/Talked)

March 8: Garage/Walking/Polar Plunge in pool (MM-Text/Talked)

we had a microburst come through garage and knocked off the wall this and landed on the back side of this: ... wonder if it had any other meaning... ???

You didn't know about my medical, TG, but you bought me this recently (photo below) ... hmmm ??? right?!

You treated that whole thing inappropriately and made me the designated scapegoat but God is is on never turns out good when you target a protected child of God...just saying...God is watching y'all.

TG gave me this...but did not know my health stuff...then why buy me this book for the trip ???

Medical log book... ??? yet you did not know my health matters? You were on the airport call with me ??? You can tell your bs to others as you wish but you not only knew but you got this book for me, so I kept important factors on me on the Florida trip...see:

THANK YOU for the text GY:


screen should be coming for pool soon:

I put 40-50 pounds of ice in pool every 72 hours

walking and pool plunging

March 9: My contact details are tied to this social media page (below) so I am removing the page and that person can create their own is terrible because once I do ...the rumors will fly for the negative even though I just want out of all areas tied to these folks that are spreading lies and omissions but hey I think they need to stop using my energy and do their own FB with their own contact information, right!?...let them do the work...I did that out of kindness for my long time friend DJ only and it is this area who is stating I called her a "W" when I never did that. Lies. Then you wonder why I dropped the mic on you and TG..."I'm out"...that is what I said and did...

All I am doing is closing out all areas tied to that area that has my contact information and IP connected to it. This would be one:


was unable to successfully get a code sent to MY cell

but did learn 928 258 02__ was on my profile page for my main area ??? and I called the number and the guy asked if I was a judge and I said why ---but no, I am Joy in Congress and this number is on my private online area as the backup number ??? why ???? and he said it was a rather new number so I kind toned asked HOW NEW--- he hung up---I called back and asked again HOW NEW and he hung up---am I illegally being hacked and why?...then guy asked me if I was a judge then in second call I stated the number will be notified as a hack so he knew as he hung up--I was pleasant in all communications...but this is a new burner cell issued November 2023 so how is it this took place??? who are you--- I googled the number ... I will report it after I secure all my areas. It is illegal what happened to my accounts. So never got to remove any social media accounts tied to my number. I no longer have my number- reset to factory-

some verbal updates from me:

my kind of fun woodsy kitchen: FB-JE:

my kind of kid bunk bed:

what tune is on my box:

Putting the fly screen up---helps my cameras also focus to a specific area of the yard even though all areas are covered even the mice can say hi...because we have been having an odd amount of folks all of a sudden using the trail outside my fence and they like to spend appx 5 minutes as they walk by, long pause, walk, look, long pause, walk---tonight there was a few walking fast before my property then way slow during their walk past my land then superfast again---it was folks who I cut out December 2021..hope it keeps the horse flies out and skeeters too; this new screen. I will see if we can look at the footage because we saw an owl dive in there and a Harris was cool to watch. The only thing it had a rodent in its talons so not cool to watch it dip through the water so the screen is up :)

surveillance cameras and pics from my cell:

March 10: RR dashboard/windshield theater ;)

Pedicure time and detox bath:

I am again stating it is inappropriate that both FJS and AHFE keep putting my name to all these presentations.

I will not be presenting Summer 2024 in Nice/Neece, France---

please refrain from adding me to any areas.

I am fully aware of what took place on the fire I almost died on--- we just have possible cowards out there who refuse to SPEAK UP and I almost lost my life and also was brutally assaulted and STILL recovering since Summer 2022...

so, I am uninterested in their circus arena - I will teach potential folks how to file a tort claim and what they need to know about the systems, but I am not interested in writing about YHF13' ... I already did my testimony and then some.

but I still have loads to place out in documentation when and only when I recover and that is that. I wish people would stop using me for their agendas and projects. For reals.

this is inappropriate to place my name on anything since 2019- I have last engaged with AHFE in 2019; nothing after that.

March 11:

thank you for the invite to listen to big band music but my focus is getting the weight off only phase...(MM 7:21am)


This is horrible news. :( FJS/Dozer Guy shared it to me)

no more black hued legs ;)

March 11: oh yeah MM- I had 7 of these that day 2-21-24 at art class so whiskey and 2 antibiotics and sleep deprived to their lies and omissions and projecting didn't help the matter...what a joke...all my health concerns --- they did the lies and omissions not me--- I am truth ... why would they even place any of it that my way anyways ??? weird.

peaking at my property surveillance cameras footage:

we did our 2024 Defensible Space WUI on our land for 2024...

my Cinderella story ... I scrub my patio on my hands and knees, and I refuse to buy a mop in my lifetime ... I am "get down and dirty" kind of cleaner ;), see:

March 12: I bought/reserved the names (ACC)

polar plunge---very very cold

thank u johnny g for what you did for me...

I appreciate you...

I was to be in Florida when this needed to be updated (below images) so I just did it now after I finally got back on PC and areas that were hacked and fixed...I won't be able to fix DJ/WMD FB page due to cell number is gone and DJ is too far away to work on it. I am sure KL will think I did it on purpose and if I had- they would have been notified to RL's FB but this was not me...just a hacker...but timing is funny.

I notified by text, call and email to FJS to pay his dues with ACC for GMHS but he failed so I grabbed it just to protect the blog and its content from the naysayers/haters. See,:

at least partial name is tied to FJS's active TRADE NAME:

Sunday I did my detox bath and my feet were baby soft smooth but been walking backyard in aetrex sandals and my feet/heels will be fixed Thursday but they hurt from all the walking the past few days..all cracked...

March 13: 10:45-3:38pm walk/polar plunge and still trying to get into my email area since being hacked...WIX got me finally back on blog...if anyone has one of these and want to toss it away---please send it to Walkman is on its last leg...I do not like new technology prefer the old technology...less alleged Government or unknown illegal opportunities to break into an old school Walkman ;)

cannot find my sunglasses so wore my dental xray safety ones...

Head pain in the afternoon but got my walk and pool time successfully in...I do feel it in my shoulders/spine/hips when I am walking even longer but doing the work:

got my pool outhouse up and outdoor shower:

Still HIGH on that Shadow Ban area:

my legs are weak, but I am walking and good to see they are not purple black anymore...

Finally, after all these years- it is blooming ;)

Brother-in-law and me doing defensible space/ yard work:

14: THANK YOU, JESUS...THANK YOU, LORD because You know what just took place was all Your doing- I have zero clue HOW yet you successfully recovered my accounts that were encrypted. Thank you sooo much.

successfully walked but no polar plunge:

cold grey day :):

March 15:

sprayed water repellent on cat scratcher:

draining again on face, leg/ buttocks ??? see:

Clint Eastwood headed to Sedona: love your smiles... y'all...

March 16: RR. walk

light-moderate swelling:

ointment helped, see: swelling down...resting

March 17: RR. walk- issue with FJS wanting me to be co-author and I am a firm no- even had it mediated.