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"Live" Journal (Month of May 2022) Pt4

Views expressed to "the public at large” and "of public concern"

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This is area I speak about Fred J Schoeffler / SB/ BM/ BA---Let me explain more the transition:

there you have it. One tuckered out --- burned out person --- NEXTTTTTT ---- I will always be disappointed with the Investigators --- the Media and for people who fail to remember to say their PLEASE and THANK YOUs in life when someone shares a gift directly with you ---- and it is not always about blogs or films or books or parties or conferences and presentations or some hot chick on Bumble whatever bullshit thing they have there for an app for picking up the latest 'no substance' chick --- sometimes it is being under the moonlit sky on a lake...which is where I am headed next away from another Spring of people I know talking behind my back except this time to kids ???? What is this world coming to and I am sure both charmers will share their charming versions, but did they get a concerned kid calling them filling them in --- no because I am direct and say it to your face...I let you know how I feel and that's a wrap. I am out. God Bless all ...


Super Dave place gets a visitor and they share it public on FB --- the OTHER desert walker ;) --- the mountain lion.

I am one of the longest running desert walker/dweller to the areas around here and I can state I have not once had any issues to lions and or bears and my opinion matters because I have spent probably the most time out there in the desert and in my communities.

Just be MORE CAUTIOUS of the person reporting it because they like to stir people up--- right Max...I can say they have tried with me but will not succeed...They are just people who rather cause division then help us all come to solutions---Sad folks.


Correction--- in one video I said YCSO gathered 6-30-13 and I was to say YCSO gathered 6-30-13 week. I failed to stated week--- this is my statement correcting it.


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