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"Live" Journal (Month of May 2022) Pt3

"Live" Journal (Month of May 2022) Pt3

Views expressed to "the public at large” and "of public concern."

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5-15-22 pm: my desert walk:

Saw 'Owliver' and 'Owlivia':

our front yard blooms:

backyard blooms:

bunny in front yard:


The blog here is at its final transition.

I, Joy A. Collura will explain below:

This is the only legal role Fred has to the blog are to answer your Legal Inquiries sent direct to him, help the general public, and at moments his share in Billing Manager --- the rest is up to my discretion. I would refrain from participating with this blog unless I could control my own content and he controls the ghost writers / contributing authors or his own. My goal is to keep areas in draft until I am done but he likes it "live" / "work in progress" so we are negotiating that as time unfolds.

Dr Ted Putnam, Keegan S, Norb S. were all at my home March 2018 when Fred J Schoeffler asked me to place my documents out and I stated "I live here- not interested --- then become more of the target - ??? - no, thank you" --- it was agreed upon that to keep my health area the main focus - contractual agreements were made over time to ensure my health was all of our focus and in a slow timely fashion the documents would go out on the blog then Fred can take the documents and create posts.



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